Anne Herries Books In Order

English Civil War Books In Order

  1. Lovers and Enemies (2005)
  2. Love Lies Weeping (2006)
  3. The Seeds of Sin (2006)

Banewulf Dynasty Books In Order

  1. A Perfect Knight (2005)
  2. Her Knight Protector (2005)

Hellfire Mysteries Books In Order

  1. An Improper Companion (2006)
  2. A Wealthy Widow (2006)
  3. A Worthy Gentleman (2007)

Upstairs Downstairs Books In Order

  1. Love Is Not Enough (2007)
  2. Love and War (2008)

Melford Dynasty Books In Order

  1. Forbidden Lady (2007)
  2. The Lord’s Forced Bride (2008)
  3. Her Dark and Dangerous Lord (2011)
  4. Fugitive Countess (2010)
  5. The Pirate’s Willing Captive (2010)
  6. A Stranger’s Touch (2012)
  7. The Rebel Captain’s Royalist Bride (2014)

Season in Town Books In Order

  1. A Country Miss in Hanover Square (2009)
  2. An Innocent Debutante in Hanover Square (2009)
  3. The Mistress of Hanover Square (2009)

Secrets and Scandals Books In Order

  1. The Disappearing Duchess (2011)
  2. The Mysterious Lord Marlowe (2012)
  3. The Scandalous Lord Lanchester (2012)

Wishing Well Books In Order

  1. The Elusive Earl (2012)
  2. The Wicked and Wonderful Miss Merlin (2012)

Officers and Gentlemen Books In Order

  1. Courted by the Captain (2013)
  2. Protected by the Major (2014)
  3. Drawn to Lord Ravenscar (2014)

Regency Brides of Convenience Books In Order

  1. Rescued by the Viscount (2014)
  2. Chosen by the Lieutenant (2015)
  3. Reunited with the Major (2015)


  1. Devil’s Kin (1981)
  2. The Wolf of Alvar (1983)
  3. Beware the Conqueror (1985)
  4. Demon’s Woman (1985)
  5. Raphael (1986)
  6. The Wild Heart (1986)
  7. The Spanish Witch (1987)
  8. The Flame and the Sword (1987)
  9. The Sleeping Demon (1987)
  10. The Devil’s Mercenary (1988)
  11. For Love and Liberty (1988)
  12. Rosanna and the Rake (1988)
  13. The Marriage Chests (1993)
  14. Way of Alvar (1998)
  15. An Ideal Match (1998)
  16. Satan’s Mark (2000)
  17. A Matter of Honour (2000)
  18. The Most Precious Gift (2000)
  19. Racing Hearts (2000)
  20. Rosalyn and the Scoundrel (2001)
  21. Sara’s Secret (2001)
  22. The Abducted Bride (2001)
  23. A Spanish Practice (2001)
  24. Captive of the Harem (2002)
  25. The Sheikh (2002)
  26. A Damnable Rogue (2003)
  27. A Wicked Wench (2004)
  28. Milady’s Revenge (2004)
  29. My Lady, My Love (2005)
  30. A Knight of Honour (2005)
  31. Ransom Bride (2005)
  32. Marrying Captain Jack (2007)
  33. Marianne & the Marquis (2007)
  34. Married By Christmas (2007)
  35. The Unknown Heir (2008)
  36. The Homeless Heiress (2008)
  37. The Rake’s Rebellious Lady (2008)
  38. Forbidden Love (2008)
  39. Bought for the Harem (2010)
  40. Secret Heiress (2010)
  41. Bartered Bride (2011)
  42. Hostage Bride (2011)
  43. Make-Believe Wife (2011)
  44. His Unusual Governess (2013)
  45. Promised to the Crusader (2013)
  46. Outlaw in the Tudor Court (2014)
  47. Claiming the Chaperon’s Heart (2016)


  1. The Regency Rakes (2003)
  2. A Very Special Mother’s Day (2005)
  3. Wicked Lady / Perfect Knight / Knight of Honour (2005)
  4. Rosalyn and the Scoundrel / Lady Knightley’s Secret (2006)
  5. Damnable Rogue / Her Knight Protector / Ransom Bride (2006)
  6. Escape to Spanish Seduction (2006)
  7. Counterfeit Earl / Captain’s Return (2007)
  8. Exotic Past / Captive of the Harem / Pearl Beyond Price (2007)
  9. Chivalrous Rake / Matter of Honour (2008)
  10. Outrageous Debutante / Damnable Rogue (2009)
  11. Regency High Society Vol 5 (2010)
  12. A Wayward Woman (2011)
  13. Mischief & Marriage (2012)
  14. Candlelit Christmas Kisses (2012)
  15. Debutante in the Regency Ballroom (2013)
  16. Regency Collection 2013 Part 1 (2013)
  17. Harlequin Historical December 2013 – Bundle 1 of 2 (2013)
  18. Harlequin Historical January 2014 – Bundle 2 of 2 (2014)
  19. Harlequin Historical February 2014 – Bundle 2 of 2 (2014)
  20. Regency Society (2014)
  21. Proposals in Regency Society (2014)
  22. Regency Christmas Vows (2014)
  23. Harlequin Historical November 2014 – Box Set 1 of 2 (2014)
  24. Regency Society Collection Part 1 (2014)
  25. A Dream Christmas (2014)
  26. Harlequin Historical January 2015 – Box Set 2 of 2 (2015)
  27. Historical Romance – The Best of the Year (2015)
  28. Harlequin Historical March 2015 – Box Set 1 of 2 (2015)
  29. Regency Pride and Passions (2015)
  30. A Regency Lord’s Command (2015)
  31. Medieval Brides (2016)
  32. Harlequin Historical July 2016 – Box Set 1 of 2 (2016)
  33. Regency Surrender: Passion And Rebellion (2018)
  34. Regency Surrender: Defiant Lords: (2019)


  1. In the Tudor Court Collection (2014)
  2. Complete Regency Surrender Collection (2018)
  3. Christmas Collection – Part One (2019)

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Anne Herries Books Overview

Lovers and Enemies

A hugely poignant and emotional love story set in 1950s and 1960s England and Scotland In the early summer of 1954, young George West, qualified as an architect but completing his national service, meets 17 year old Josella Grace, daughter of a retired Colonel. He falls passionately in love with this reserved but beautiful girl ? a love that seems destined never to be fulfilled. Their story, and its dark secrets, alternates between George’s tale of first love in 1954 and Josella’s bittersweet perspective, a decade later in 1964, of the difficulties of her relationships. Their unique voices chart the anguish, tragedy and despair, as their lives are led apart, without hope of a happy reunion.

Love Lies Weeping

The latest novel in this exciting series set against the backdrop of the Civil War The night after the battle of Naseby, Elizabeth Bellingham finds a wounded Cavalier soldier in her garden. But Rupert Saunders falls in love with her beautiful cousin Sarah instead of Elizabeth. And when Sarah betrays Rupert, he also abandons the love Elizabeth offers and rejoins those fighting for the king. Elizabeth is faced with a choice. Should she marry a man she does not love, or wait for Rupert to return?

The Seeds of Sin

The final instalment of the English Civil War trilogy Harry Mortimer had two boys: Hal, by the gentle Mercy Harris, and Jared, his dark son, by the gypsy Rowena, a bitter woman who has raised Jared to hate his brother with a desperate vengeance…
Angelica Saunders has always had strong feelings for her cousin Hal. When her other cousin Claire rejects Hal’s proposal, Angelica hopes to win his heart. But will the seeds of Harry Mortimer’s mistakes destroy the two families or will Angelica find her happiness at last?

A Wealthy Widow

Her name was on everyone’s lips. They were agog to find out what Miss Elizabeth Harley had been doing down at the East India Docks. And in such shocking apparel! Why, her uncle’s generosity in giving her a London season had been thrown back in his face. Elizabeth had not meant to sully her good name. All she’d craved was a chance to travel. Andrew Melhurst had come to her rescue when she needed him most, but should she consider marrying him to save her reputation?

Love Is Not Enough

The first in a new series from this well loved author 1913. Beautiful Marianne Trenwith has everything her younger sister, Sarah, wants, including the dashing Troy Pelham. But in a fit of petulance Marianne breaks off her engagement. As Sarah and Troys friendship blossoms, Marianne warns her sister that a match will never be permitted and their parents will do anything to avoid a scandal. But with the war clouds gathering, Sarah senses time is precious…

Love and War

With war declared, life at Trenwith Hall will never be the same again.

The Lord’s Forced Bride

A dark and handsome stranger fighting in a town square mesmerizes youthful, innocent Catherine Melford. His shirt off, his skin glistening with sweat he’s all man! On meeting him again in the opulence of the royal court, Catherine finds her desire is more aroused than ever. But he is Andrew, Earl of Gifford, and bad blood runs between their families. And he is the lord she’ll be forced to wed!

An Innocent Debutante in Hanover Square

Innocent Miss, Powerful Lord!Debutante Helene Henderson has been given a gift of one season in London if she is to save her impoverished family she must find a husband! Only unworldly Helene’s compassionate nature leads her into the path of a handsome rake with secrets of his own Lord Max Coleridge is intrigued by Helene s beguiling mix of shyness and spirit but with his life in danger, how can he put her at risk? Helene s courage shines through and Max intends to solve this mystery and make this innocent miss his bride!Debutantes enjoy the delights ofA Season in Town


HE PLAYED BY HIS OWN RULES Rule number one: never settle down. J. B. Hammock treated his women well, but with a no strings detachment they gladly accepted. Until sweet Tellie Maddox began hovering around, caring about him. And when Tellie lost her memory, she believed she was J.B.’s friend. Even he couldn’t be so heartless as to push Tellie aside, and so he played his role…
until friendship turned into something deeper than a heartbreaker like J.B. had ever intended. Then Tellie’s memory returned…

Satan’s Mark

A Most Attractive GuardianStrictly brought up by her Puritan uncle, Annelise Woodward is much too innocnet for the likes of Justin Rochefort, Marquis Saintjohn. When she discovers Justin is her true guardian, and that she must go live with his mother, Lady Emily, Annelise’s world turns upside down. Thrust from her modest life into the wicked court of Charles II, Annelise seeks guidance from her handsome new guardian. But Justin is too tormented by his past to help his beautiful ward. Can Annelise help him put aside his pain and look forward to their future together?

A Matter of Honour

Miss Cassandra Thornton is unaware that, before his death, her brother Jack made five of his friends promise that one of them would marry her! Lord Vincent Carlton, having drawn the short straw, requests his mother to invite Cassie for a visit. But Cassie knows she can wait for the right man to marry.

A Wicked Wench

Love and betrayal in eighteenth century London
Arabella and Nan Tucker arrive in London in 1756 to try and find husbands. But while Nan immediately sets her sights on an older but extremely wealthy bachelor, Arabella is not content to marry purely for money. She firmly believes in true love and is sure she can find a husband who will both provide for her financially and satisfy her romantic desires…

Milady’s Revenge

Corinna Knolls arrives in London after a year of mourning her much loved mother and immediately falls in love with Edward Fitzroy, the new Marquis of Lanchester. The marquis admires the lovely but na?ve young girl, though he has no wish to marry her ? or any woman. Swept away on a tide of passion one night, Corinna allows the marquis to seduce her, but she soon regrets her foolishness when she realizes she is with child. She contemplates taking her own life, but instead confesses her situation to her father who then forces her to marry the vile Sir Keith Miles. Too late, Corinna realizes that she ought to have kept her secret at all costs, for her husband is a brute who abuses her both mentally and physically. Corinna is saved from her life of misery only when Sir Keith dies, and, armed with a new name and a confidence that was never hers as a young girl, Corinna returns to London dreaming of revenge against the man who brought about her downfall. But she has reckoned without the devastating charm of a rake who lives life on the edge, his reckless manner masking a very different man. Can she learn to put the bitterness of the past behind her? Or will a hidden menace snatch away her happiness a second time?

My Lady, My Love

A tale of passion set at the start of the nineteenth centuryJustin St Arnaud arrives in New Orleans, where he meets Estelle Lebrun, the daughter of a French Creole gentleman. But Justin is out for revenge and the payment of a debt owed by Estelles father. In a fit of devilry, Justin offers her an infamous bargain: for one night in her arms, he will relinquish her fathers debt.

Marrying Captain Jack

On the verge of womanhood, Lucy Horne is excited and nervous about her first Season. Despite being the belle of every ball, she can’t seem to quell her feelings for a man she has met only once before the enigmatic and dashing Captain Jack. Captain Jack Harcourt is determined to put the bloody battlefields of France behind him and find a suitable wife. But secrets from Jack’s past threaten to confound his plans and he cannot offer a beautiful girl a tainted name…

The Homeless Heiress

From street pauper Runaway Georgie is disguised as a boy, and living life on the streets after fleeing her scheming aunt and uncle. Cold, hungry and desperate, she’s forced to pickpocket. But Georgie thieves from the wrong man the dashing Captain Richard Hernshaw! to captain s lady! The consummate Captain soon discovers the grubby boy is actually a pretty young woman from a highly respectable family! He s instantly attracted to The Homeless Heiress, but dark secrets of his own may prevent him from ever being able to make her his wife

The Rake’s Rebellious Lady

Rebel lady defiant bride Tomboy Miss Caroline Holbrook is used to running riot and can t imagine settling into a dull, respectable marriage. Undaunted, her aunt’s determined to see Caroline at all the best gatherings in town. Caroline s zest for life and alluring innocence draw the attention of Sir Frederick Rathbone who is far from dull! In fact, he s the most exciting man Caroline has ever met. But should she resist the attentions of this rakish and most sought after bachelor in town?

Forbidden Love

An Upstairs, Downstairs Novel Luke Trenwith is back at Trenwith Hall, relatively unscathed by the Great War. Keen to fulfil his promise to Jack Barlow, the Trenwiths former groom, he must tell Rose Barlow the not altogether truthful news that her brother died a hero. Despite his determination to resist her charms, Luke finds Rose as lovely as ever, but marriage to a former servant seems impossible, and Rose is not the kind of girl to settle for anything less…

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