Anne Baker Books In Order


  1. Morning Star (1972)
  2. Like Father, Like Daughter (1991)
  3. Paradise Parade (1992)
  4. Legacy of Sins (1993)
  5. Nobody’s Child (1994)
  6. Merseyside Girls (1995)
  7. Moonlight on the Mersey (1996)
  8. A Mersey Duet (1996)
  9. Mersey Maids (1997)
  10. A Liverpool Lullaby (1998)
  11. With a Little Luck (1999)
  12. The Price of Love (1999)
  13. Liverpool Lies (2000)
  14. Echoes Across the Mersey (2000)
  15. A Glimpse of the Mersey (2001)
  16. Goodbye Liverpool (2002)
  17. So Many Children (2002)
  18. A Mansion by the Mersey (2003)
  19. A Pocketful of Silver (2003)
  20. Keep the Home Fires Burning (2004)
  21. Let the Bells Ring (2005)
  22. Carousel of Secrets (2006)
  23. The Wild Child (2007)
  24. A Labour of Love (2007)
  25. The Best of Fathers (2008)
  26. All That Glistens (2009)
  27. Through Rose-coloured Glas*ses (2009)
  28. Nancy’s War (2010)
  29. Liverpool Love Song (2011)
  30. Love is Blind (2012)
  31. Daughters of the Mersey (2012)
  32. A Liverpool Legacy (2013)
  33. Wartime Girls (2014)
  34. Liverpool Gems (2016)
  35. A View Across the Mersey (2017)
  36. A Lucky Sixpence (2018)
  37. The Orphan’s Gift (2019)


  1. Liverpool Lullaby / Mersey Maids (2004)
  2. A Mother’s Joy (2015)

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Anne Baker Books Overview

Nobody’s Child

When Dorothy Mortimer finds herself pregnant, she is sent away to family friends the Benders to have the child. Dorothy wants nothing to do with her daughter Lizzie, so the Benders arrange for the child to be brought up by the O’Malley’s, a feckless family living on the estate. Lizzie is unaware of her parentage but her brother Joey is suspicious of the attention she receives from the Benders…
Eventually he takes Lizzie to Merseyside to claim what is rightfully hers. But Joey’s obsession to provide Lizzie with the riches she deserves leads to the destruction of their love, and Lizzie finds herself drawn to the family she has never known…

Merseyside Girls

Nancy, Amy and Katie Siddons are three of the prettiest nurses south of the Mersey. They’ve been brought up to respect their elders and uphold family honour at all times. Then sweet, naive Katie falls pregnant, bringing shame upon the family’s name. Alec Siddons, a local police constable, cannot and will not forgive his daughter for her immoral behaviour. But Katie isn’t the only one with troubles ahead. Amy is in love with her cousin Paul, but owing to a family feud the mere mention of his name is forbidden in her father’s presence; and Nancy is eager to wed her fiance Stan before the Second World War takes him away. With the outbreak of war, the three sisters offer each other comfort and support. Their mother, meanwhile, is battling with painful memories of the past, and their father lives in dread that his own dark secrets will be revealed. As the war takes its toll on the Merseyside Girls they learn that few things in life are more precious than honesty, love and forgiveness.

Moonlight on the Mersey

Returning to Merseyside to join her stepmother’s medical practice, Jill decides to uncover the truth behind her painful childhood memories. When Jill’s stoical stepgrandmother tells her the harrowing tale of her tragic past, Jill must learn the price of forgiveness and the power of love.

A Mersey Duet

When Elsa Gripper dies in childbirth on Christmas Eve, 1912, her grief stricken husband is unable to cope with his two newborn babies, Lucy and Patsy, so the twins are separated. Lucy is taken home with Elsa’s parents, who run a successful business, Mersey Antiques, and she grows up spoiled and pampered with no interest in the family firm. Patsy has a more down to earth upbringing, living with their father and other grandmother above the Railway Arms. And through further tragedy she learns to be responsible from an early age. Then Patsy is invited to work for her grandfather at Mersey Antiques, which she hopes will bring her closer to Lucy. But it is to take a series of dramatic events for the twins to be drawn together.

With a Little Luck

Alice Luckett is only nine years old when her father, Len, commits suicide. Her mother disappeared several months before, so Alice goes to live with her grandparents, Edith and Monty. They love her dearly but are often too preoccupied to have time for poor Alice. Her only real pleasure comes from the hours she spends next door with Nell Ainslie and her handsome son Eric. Slowly but surely, Alice comes to terms with her loss. But when Uncle Frank gets involved in the bakery business where she works, a chilling memory from the night of Len’s death comes back to haunt her. And a shocking revelation changes life for the whole family…

Echoes Across the Mersey

It’s August 1914, and the threat of war weighs heavily on the people of Liverpool, but not on Sarah Hoxton. For Toby Percival, the son of her employer, is in love with her. Her mother fears they’ll both lose their jobs when Toby’s father finds out, but Sarah’s prepared to risk everything for Toby’s love. Maurice Percival is furious when he discovers his son is involved with a factory girl. Determined to defy his father, Toby joins the army. Sarah is left facing what seem to be insurmountable obstacles, but with the help of her friends, family and a strength she never knew she possessed, she discovers there is a light at the end of the tunnel, though it shines from a different direction to the one she expected.

So Many Children

Beth Hubble has grown up in extreme poverty in Dock Cottages and although she loves training to become a nurse, problems at home are never far from her mind. Doctors have told her mother that, after fourteen pregnancies, she is too frail to survive another, but they will do nothing more. Beth is determined to help, but, in 1920, birth control is a taboo subject, and her quest for knowledge is thwarted at every turn. Meanwhile Beth has fallen for Andrew Langford, a hospital lab technician, who she hopes will take her away from the tenements for good. But will Beth ever find the love and happiness that she deserves?

Keep the Home Fires Burning

Lovely young Cathy is left pregnant with her first child when her husband is killed in the war. For a while she lives with her in laws, but she leaps at the chance to return as a maid to the household where she worked before her marriage. With the birth of her daughter she is compelled to return to her parents in law, a less than ideal situation, particularly when in due course Cathy is being courted by dear old friend. When Cathy marries again and sets up in the antiques business with her husband, it looks like at last she will find the happiness she deserves, but she has made an enemy who can’t bear to see Cathy enjoying her life…

Liverpool Love Song

The compelling new saga from The Sunday Times bestselling author. When Helen Redwood is tragically widowed, she and her daughter, Chloe, move to Liverpool to be closer to her family. But it is tending her beautiful garden with her handsome young gardener, Rex Kenwright, that ultimately saves Helen from grief. No stranger to bereavement himself, Rex finds comfort in Helen’s company but it is seventeen year old Chloe who steals his heart. It is the swinging sixties, however, and Chloe has dreams of her own. When she announces that she is pregnant and moving in with her boyfriend, Adam Livingstone, she has no idea of the effect this will have on those she loves. Nor does she anticipate the rocky road to happiness that lies ahead…

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