Anna Schmidt Books In Order

Nantucket Island Books In Order

  1. Seaside Cinderella (2008)
  2. Gift from the Sea (2009)

Women of Pinecraft Books In Order

  1. A Stranger’s Gift (2011)
  2. Sister’s Forgiveness (2012)
  3. A Mother’s Promise (2012)

Amish Brides of Celery Fields Books In Order

  1. Hannah’s Journey (2011)
  2. Family Blessings (2011)
  3. A Groom for Greta (2012)
  4. Second Chance Proposal (2013)

Peacemakers Books In Order

  1. All God’s Children (2013)
  2. Simple Faith (2014)
  3. Safe Haven (2014)

Last Chance Cowboys Books In Order

  1. The Drifter (2015)
  2. The Lawman (2016)
  3. The Outlaw (2017)
  4. The Rancher (2018)

Cowboys & Harvey Girls Books In Order

  1. Trailblazer (2019)
  2. Renegade (2019)
  3. Pathfinder (2019)


  1. Give and Take (1987)
  2. Caroline and the Preacher (1999)
  3. A Mother for Amanda (2000)
  4. The Doctor’s Miracle (2001)
  5. Love Next Door (2005)
  6. Matchmaker, Matchmaker… (2005)
  7. Lasso Her Heart (2006)
  8. This Side of Heaven (2007)
  9. Mistletoe Reunion (2008)
  10. Home at Last (2009)
  11. An Unexpected Suitor (2009)
  12. A Convenient Wife (2010)
  13. The Pastor Takes a Wife (2010)
  14. In Love with the Enemy (2019)
  15. The Winterkeeper (2019)
  16. High-Wire Heartbreak (2022)


  1. Mother for Amanda / Doctor’s Miracle (2007)
  2. Love Finds You in the City at Christmas (2013)
  3. Lasso Her Heart / Mistletoe Reunion (2013)
  4. The Oregon Trail Romance Collection (2015)
  5. A Plain and Sweet Christmas Romance Collection (2016)
  6. Plain Admirer / Second Chance Proposal (2016)
  7. The Doctor’s Blessing / Hannah’s Journey (2017)
  8. Christmas in a Cowboy’s Arms (2017)
  9. Loving Isaac / A Groom for Greta (2017)
  10. Christmas Under Western Skies / Her Healing Ways (2018)
  11. Longing for a Cowboy Christmas (2019)


  1. Christmas Under Western Skies (2010)
  2. Cowboy Christmas Homecoming (2016)
  3. An Amish Christmas / Family Blessings (2016)

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Anna Schmidt Books Overview

Seaside Cinderella

The tranquility of Nantucket Island offered poor but proud Lucie McNeil refuge, a place to dream about a better life. Her quiet existence as companion to an elderly couple was a blessing for the tragedy haunted Irish immigrant. But all that changed when her employers’ handsome, elegantly attired son stepped ashore. For she recognized him instantly as the owner of the Boston factory where a terrible fire had scarred her forever.

She knew she should hate Gabriel Hunter, yet she could not. She found herself drawn to the caring soul she sensed behind the ruthless facade he showed the world. And she could not help dreaming that such different people a poor servant girl and a wealthy merchant prince might somehow make a life together.

Gift from the Sea

A steadfast faith kept nurse Maggie Hunter going through the darkest days of the Great War. But her fianc ‘s death overseas shattered her trust in God and her heart. Now an injured man has washed up on the shores of her Nantucket home, and to save him, Maggie must put more than her skill and dedication on the line…
. Wartime tragedy cost Stefan Witte everything and converted him to the cause of peace. But to deliver vital information to American authorities, he must fight Maggie’s stubborn refusal to believe or forgive. Soon he will risk his life to win her trust and their heaven sent future together.

A Stranger’s Gift

You ll be swept away by the endearing characters created by award winning author Anna Schmidt. On the heels of a horrific hurricane, Hester Detlef, field director for the Mennonite Disaster Service, blows into the life of self made, shunned Amish man John Hafner. Will she find a way through his shield and into his heart? Although the hurricane has left John homeless and badly injured, the last thing he wants is some do gooder Mennonite woman intruding in his life. Will his impatience with her intention of restoring his faith and property keep him from accepting this beguiling stranger’s kindness? 20111101

Hannah’s Journey

What could bring an Amish widow and a wealthy circus owner together? Though Hannah Goodloe knew she’d violated countless unwritten laws, she had to visit the only man who could help find her runaway son. But when the enigmatic Levi Harmon agreed to take her on his train, the results were utterly unpredictable.

Levi never expected to find the embodiment of all he wanted in a woman in the soft-spoken, plainly dressed Hannah. And for Hannah, to love an outsider was to be shunned. The simple pleasures of family, faith and place to belong seemed an impossible dream. Unless Levi unlocked his past and opened his heart to God’s plan.

Love Next Door

The last thing Detective Pete Fleming wanted was time with children. After a deadly mistake in the line of duty, he came to the lakeside rental looking for solitude and emotional healing. He hadn’t counted on dealing with a neighboring camp for troubled youth, or its cheerful leader, Amanda Hunter. But Amanda’s friendly manner began to draw him in…

Lasso Her Heart

She’d always lived a charmed life, so when Bethany Taft’s fianc was killed, she thought her chance for happiness was gone forever. But after her beloved aunt got engaged at sixty! Bethany found joy in her role as wedding planner. Spending time with Cody Dillard, the groom’s son, was a given the rancher flew Bethany to Chicago and back in his private plane. And between Cody’s charming nature and her aunt’s matchmaking attempts, Bethany found herself wondering if the God she’d turned her back on meant for her to be a bride, as well.

This Side of Heaven

In their almost forty years together, Zoe Wingfield and Spencer Andersen have experienced all the seasons of love. Yet when the rabble rousing East Coast hippie and the levelheaded Wisconsin farm boy first met, they couldn’t have been more wrong for each other. Nevertheless, the young lovers seized all the possibilities life had to offer and carved out a little slice of heaven on earth successful careers, service to the public, a beautiful family, a dream home. Even when the strength of their union was tested, they endured. Two people so different in so many ways, proving that true love can overcome anything.

Mistletoe Reunion

His former wife is on his flight home for the holidays? Divorced dad Tom Wallace knows their young daughter is behind this ‘coincidence.’ He also knows Norah Wallace still makes his heart skip a beat. When a snowstorm strands the trio in the airport for the weekend, Tom rediscovers how truly blessed he used to be. Once they’re finally in Wisconsin for Christmas, two sets of grandparents are suddenly generous with the mistletoe. One kiss leads to another. And soon the entire family has the same sweet Christmas wish.

Home at Last

There’s no place like Nantucket?

It couldn’t be home for a man like Daniel Armstrong. After all, he has a luxury hotel to run and a rebellious daughter to rein in. But his mother needs help on her cranberry farm, so he packs up his daughter and returns to his hometown temporarily.

But once there he finds his mother has hired another helper for the harvest. Jo Cooper is capable, smart and irresistible and she’s not about to let Daniel and his overindulged daughter get in her way. Besides, Daniel’s not there to fall in love. And he’s definitely not looking for a place to call home .

An Unexpected Suitor

After years of caring for others, Nola Burns is ready for her own dream running a Nantucket tearoom. And it will take more than charm for dashing entrepreneur Harrison Starbuck to buy her out. After all, what proper lady could trust a man who thinks the theater is a suitable venue for God’s word?

All Harry offers is a business proposition. So why should it bother him when Nola receives threatening notes? He has no reason to be concerned for the vivid, spirited woman does he? Yet as the threats escalate, Harry’s plans shift. Now this unexpected suitor only wants to keep Nola safe and cherished for a lifetime.

The Pastor Takes a Wife

Everyone in Singing Springs, Wisconsin, is talking about the handsome new pastor. Except single mother Megan Osbourne. With a checkered past, she knows not to speculate about others. Or think for one dreamy minute that Jeb Matthews would even notice her. Yet there she is, telling him about her life and not feeling judged. Soon she’s even helping him set up a church youth center and becoming more a part of the community than ever. And when Jeb slowly opens up to her about why he gave up his former life, she hopes the pastor will soon take a loving wife–her.

Mother for Amanda / Doctor’s Miracle

A MOTHER FOR AMANDARaising a child alone in the wilderness, widowed park ranger Greg Stone wanted no part of any big city schoolteacher. Yet Beth Baxter’s gentle faith and her kindness to his little girl made this bitter man long for the courage to open up his heart once more. THE DOCTOR’S MIRACLE Singer Rachel Duke was drawn to Paul McCoy, the doctor who treated her after she’d collapsed onstage. Could she truly find love with him and help the doctor heal a faith shaken by memories of war?

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