Anna Bradley Books In Order

Sutherland Scandals Books In Order

  1. A Wicked Way to Win an Earl (2015)
  2. A Season of Ruin (2016)

Sutherlands Books In Order

  1. Lady Eleanor’s Seventh Suitor (2017)
  2. Lady Charlotte’s First Love (2017)
  3. Twelfth Night with the Earl (2017)

Sumerset Sisters Books In Order

  1. More or Less a Marchioness (2018)
  2. More or Less a Countess (2018)
  3. More or Less a Temptress (2018)

Besotted Scots Books In Order

  1. The Wayward Bride (2019)
  2. To Wed a Wild Scot (2019)
  3. For the Sake of a Scottish Rake (2020)

Swooning Virgins Society Books In Order

  1. The Virgin Who Ruined Lord Gray (2020)
  2. The Virgin Who Vindicated Lord Darlington (2021)
  3. The Virgin Who Humbled Lord Haslemere (2021)
  4. The Virgin Who Bewitched Lord Lymington (2021)
  5. The VIrgin Who Captured a Viscount (2022)

Tainted Angels Books In Order

  1. Boughs of Folly (2021)
  2. Then in a Twinkling (2021)

Games Earls Play Books In Order

  1. Not Just Any Earl (2021)
  2. Odd Earl Out (2022)


  1. Yuletide Happily Ever Afters (2018)
  2. Duke the Halls (2021)


  1. Yuletide Happily Ever After II (2019)

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