Anna Adams Books In Order

Talbot Twins Books In Order

  1. Unexpected Babies (2001)
  2. Unexpected Marriage (2001)

Calvert Cousins Books In Order

  1. The Secret Father (2003)
  2. The Bride Ran Away (2003)
  3. The Prodigal Cousin (2004)

Welcome to Honesty Books In Order

  1. Temporary Father (2007)
  2. The Man From Her Past (2007)
  3. A Conflict of Interest (2009)

Smoky Mountains, Tennessee Books In Order

  1. Now She’s Back (2014)
  2. Owen’s Best Intentions (2015)
  3. A Christmas Miracle (2016)


  1. Her Daughter’s Father (2000)
  2. Another Woman’s Son (2005)


  1. Beekeeper’s Daughter / Another Woman’s Son (2005)
  2. Once Upon a Christmas (2006)
  3. The Baby Connection: Twins! (2008)
  4. The Bride Ran Away / The Christmas Wife (2012)
  5. Christmas, Actually (2014)
  6. Harlequin Heartwarming September 2015 Box Set (2015)
  7. A Heartwarming Holiday (2016)
  8. Harlequin Heartwarming November 2016 Box Set (2016)
  9. Heartwarming Holiday Wishes (2017)


  1. Be My Heartwarming Valentine (2020)
  2. Christmas Town Homecoming (2021)

Non fiction

  1. A Heartwarming Christmas Craft & Cookbook (2015)

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Anna Adams Books Overview

Temporary Father

For all his success, Aidan Nikolas couldn’t save his wife. And he couldn’t save himself from what followed. But maybe he can save Beth Tully, her troubled son and her struggling business in one single bound. Beth fears she’s failing her son. But it’s hard not to lean on the strong, handsome man who makes them feel so loved and protected. Except, the more she lets Aidan into her life and her heart the harder it’s going to be when he leaves. Welcome to Honesty Where people care and love changes everything.

The Man From Her Past

It’s taken five years for Cassie Warner to come to terms with the violent act that shattered her life and resulted in the end of her marriage to Van Haddon. Now, for the sake of her ailing father, she’s returned to Honesty…
bringing with her the secret that resulted from the fateful night. Cassie knows showing up with her daughter will make her the object of scandalized whispers, but she still hopes to avoid Van. Because even though their marriage has ended, it doesn’t mean their feelings for each other have.

A Conflict of Interest

In no time at all, Dr. Maria Keaton has accomplished what no one else ever could. She’s shaken Judge Jake Sloane’s dedication to his job and blurred his definitions of right and wrong. Worse, his attraction to her has made him lose focus in a trial one where she’s a key witness. The more Jake resists the sparks between him and Maria, the faster his professional life collides with the personal one. When Maria becomes the town pariah, Jake must choose between the woman he loves and protecting his reputation…
before it’s too late.

Once Upon a Christmas

In the spirit of Christmases past, present and future’Just Like the Ones We Used To Know’ by Brenda NovakAngela Forrester is determined her foster child will get the one thing she wants for Christmas: to meet her real father even though he doesn’t know he has a little girl.’The Night Before Christmas’ by Melinda CurtisSimon Castle’s on his way to a make or break meeting unseasonably scheduled for December 25 until the gorgeous redhead subbing for his limo driver takes him on a detour .’All the Christmases To Come’ by Anna AdamsSingle dad Andrew Durham had resigned himself to losing Rachel Ford. After all, she wants more kids, and he doesn’t. But the minute he finds out his second child is coming he goes after Rachel .

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