Ann Shorey Books In Order

At Home in Beldon Grove Books In Order

  1. The Edge of Light (2009)
  2. The Promise of Morning (2010)
  3. The Dawn of a Dream (2011)

Sisters at Heart Books In Order

  1. Where Wildflowers Bloom (2012)
  2. When the Heart Heals (2013)
  3. Love’s Sweet Beginning (2014)


  1. Sincerely Yours (2014)
  2. Lessons in Love (2014)
  3. The Oregon Trail Romance Collection (2015)
  4. The Mail-Order Brides Collection (2018)

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Ann Shorey Books Overview

The Edge of Light

It is the summer of 1838 in St. Lawrenceville, Missouri, and Molly McGarvie’s life is about to change forever. When her beloved Samuel succumbs to cholera, Molly is heartbroken but determined to take care of herself and her children. But when Samuel’s unscrupulous brother takes over the family business and leaves Molly to fend for herself, she knows she must head out on her own. It is a dangerous journey and Molly has to leave her old life behind. Somehow she must find a way to make a living, keep her family together, and fend off some over eager suitors. Book one in the At Home in Beldon Grove series, The Edge of Light will captivate readers with the true to life emotions of one woman’s struggle to survive.

The Promise of Morning

Ellie Craig grieves the loss of three infant children, and when long hidden secrets are brought to light, she must find a way to contact the family of her long lost father. Meanwhile her husband, Matthew, faces controversy in his church and competition from a new arrival in Beldon Grove, who claims to be both a minister and the son of the town’s founder. Will Matthew find the courage to reclaim his church? And will his unexpected travel companion help Ellie’s heart mend? Book two in the AT HOME IN BELDON GROVE series, The Promise of Morning engages readers with themes of overcoming tragedy, finding strength to meet daunting challenges, and trusting your heart to love again.

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