Ann Major Books In Order

Men of the West Books In Order

  1. Wild Lady (1981)
  2. The Fairy Tale Girl (1984)
  3. Meant to Be (1982)
  4. Golden Man (1985)

Superstars with Secret Babies Books In Order

  1. Her Forbidden Bodyguard (2020)
  2. In Every Stranger’s Face (1986)

Texas: Children of Destiny Books In Order

  1. Passion’s Child (1988)
  2. Destiny’s Child (1988)
  3. Night Child (1988)
  4. Wilderness Child (1989)
  5. Scandal’s Child (1990)
  6. The Goodbye Child (1991)
  7. Nobody’s Child (1997)
  8. Secret Child (1998)
  9. I Will Find You (2016)

Wilds Books In Order

  1. Wild Honey (1993)
  2. Wild Midnight (1993)
  3. Wild Innocence (1994)

Girls with the Golden Love Books In Order

  1. The Girl with the Golden Spurs (2004)
  2. The Girl with the Golden Gun (2005)

Storm Books In Order

  1. The Throw-Away Bride (2008)
  2. The Bride Hunter (2009)

Lone Star Dynasty Books In Order

  1. Love with an Imperfect Cowboy (2016)
  2. Love with an Imperfect Maid (2019)
  3. Love with an Imperfect Bridegroom (2019)
  4. Love with an Imperfect Bride (2019)
  5. Love with an Imperfect Lawman (2019)


  1. Wild Enough for Willa (1980)
  2. A Touch of Fire (1982)
  3. Brand of Diamonds (1983)
  4. Love Me Again (1983)
  5. Seize the Moment (1984)
  6. Dazzle (1985)
  7. Beyond Love (1985)
  8. What This Passion Means (1987)
  9. Inseparable (1999)
  10. Marry a Man Who Will Dance (2002)
  11. The Hot Ladies Murder Club (2003)
  12. The Bride Tamer (2004)
  13. The Secret Lives Of Doctors’ Wives (2006)
  14. The Amalfi Bride (2007)
  15. Sold Into Marriage (2007)
  16. Mistress For A Month (2008)
  17. To Tame Her Tycoon Lover (2009)
  18. Marriage at the Cowboy’s Command (2011)
  19. Terms of Engagement (2012)
  20. Her Pregnancy Secret (2014)


  1. Silhouette Summer Sizzlers, 1992 (1992)
  2. Bad Boys (1993)
  3. Birds, Bees and Babies (1994)
  4. A Special Love (1995)
  5. Silhouette Summer Sizzlers (1995)
  6. A Baby? Maybe (1996)
  7. Lessons in Love (1997)
  8. The Father Factor (1998)
  9. The Man She Married (1999)
  10. Dangerous Liaisons (1999)
  11. Dazzled! (1999)
  12. Forget Me Not (2001)
  13. Matters of the Heart (2001)
  14. Summer Heat (2001)
  15. Made for Love (2002)
  16. Christmas Cowboys (2002)
  17. Winter Nights (2002)
  18. The Ultimate Treasure (2003)
  19. What the Heart Can’t Hide (2003)
  20. Cowboy and a Gentleman / Beckett’s Children (2003)
  21. Small Wonders (2004)
  22. Bride Tamer / Pretending with the Playboy (2004)
  23. Shameless / Desperado Dad (2004)
  24. Bride Tamer / Standing Outside the Fire (2005)
  25. Secret Admirer (2005)
  26. One-Click Buy: November Silhouette Desire (2007)
  27. Blackmailed in Bed / Amalfi Bride (2008)
  28. Captured by the Billionaire / Sold into Marriage (2008)
  29. His Mistress, His Rules (2008)
  30. Ready for Marriage? (2008)
  31. One-Click Buy: June 2009 Silhouette Desire (2009)
  32. CEO Takes a Wife / Throw-Away Bride (2009)
  33. Millionare in Command / Bride Hunter (2010)
  34. Millionaire in Command / The Bride Hunter (2010)
  35. The Tycoon’s Pregnant Mistress / To Tame Her Tycoon Lover (2010)
  36. His Cinderella Housekeeper (2010)
  37. Ultimatum: Marriage / For the Sake of the Secret Child (2011)
  38. A Perfect Husband / A Scandal So Sweet (2012)
  39. His for the Taking / His Instant Heir (2013)
  40. Her Pregnancy Secret / Matched to a Billionaire (2014)
  41. Harlequin Desire July 2014 – Bundle 1 of 2 (2014)
  42. The Best of Desire (2014)
  43. His Seductive Proposal (2016)
  44. Just Say Yes (2016)
  45. Secrets Of The Night (2016)
  46. Men In Uniform: Captivated By The Prince (2016)
  47. The Men In Uniform Collection (2017)
  48. The Best Kept Secrets… (2018)
  49. Royals: His Hidden Secret (2018)
  50. A Surprise Family: Against The Odds (2020)
  51. Scandalous Secrets: The Hidden Heir (2020)
  52. The Surprise Families And Billionaire Bosses Collection (2021)
  53. The Surprise Families Collection (2021)
  54. Dangerous Liaisons: Passion (2021)
  55. The Scandalous Secrets And Twins Collection (2021)
  56. The Scandalous Secrets Collection (2021)


  1. Silhouette Christmas Stories 1990 (1990)
  2. Fantasy Lovers (2016)


  1. Santa’s Special Miracle (2015)
  2. The Baby Machine (2016)
  3. In Love With The Enemy (2016)

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Ann Major Books Overview

The Fairy Tale Girl

Amber Johnson had always led a pampered life. Then reality stepped in, and she began searching for something more self reliance and independence. Fleeing to the untamed landscape of Colorado, Amber sought a new life uncomplicated by men or money until Jake Kassidy appeared. The most eligible cowboy bachelor in the county made no secret of his desire for Amber.

The Girl with the Golden Spurs

From the cradle, Lizzy Kemble had the powerful sense that she didn’t belong in her family’s notorious Texas empire. Her desire for no good Cole Knight, embittered son of the neighboring rancher, proved her right. Her daddy had done everything possible to turn her into a proper Kemble all the way to leaving his vast Golden Spurs Ranch in her hands when he fell victim to a stroke.

But when her father’s death turns out to be murder, Lizzy knows someone is willing to kill to claim the Kemble wealth…
and she’s next on the hit list . With the Golden Spurs at risk, she’s fighting back…
but who is the enemy? The enigmatic Cole? Her cutthroat family? Caught in a high stakes game of win, lose or die, Lizzy is forced to gamble her ranch, her heart, her very life for the truth behind the Golden Spurs.

The Girl with the Golden Gun

Following a tragic plane crash, no one believed that Golden Spurs ranch heiress Mia Kemble could have survived. And no one is more surprised to find out she’s been languishing in a Mexican prison than loner cowboy Shanghai Knight. Mia’s former lover, Shanghai has fought hard to put the past behind him, and has finally become as successful as the stuck up Kembles. So why can’t he forget Mia, or their one night of passion? Suddenly Shanghai knows he needs a plan. When Shanghai arrives to save the day, Mia can’t help but wonder if the wild man from her past, the man who broke her heart, has finally been tamed. Or whether he would have come if he knew the truth behind her baby’s paternity. But she’s still in jeopardy now more than ever. And Shanghai may be the only one who can help. It isn’t over between them. Not even close.

The Throw-Away Bride

Abby Collins wasn’t in the habit of having one night stands. Especially with strong but staid ranchers like Leo Storm. Their night together had been wilder than she’d ever imagined, but it had consequences that Abby hadn’t bargained for. She was pregnant with Leo’s baby. He’d asked her to marry him said it would make things easier. And while marriage to a wealthy CEO would make some women swoon, Abby really only wanted for her and her baby to be loved. And that was the one thing Leo might not be capable of.

The Bride Hunter

Mr. June: Connor Storm, P.I., rancherHis Target: The elusive heiressHis Assignment: Pursue and recapture his brideHe’d made the mistake of falling for, lying to, then marrying Anna Barton, the woman he’d been hired to find. And then she fled. Now Connor would need more than money to bring back his runaway wife and their baby!His original plan hadn’t included a family, but once he lassoed Anna, he intended to keep her…
for better or worse. MAN OF THE MONTH: Love is bound to strike him on the infamous Golden Spurs ranch!


As children, identical twins Kara and Emma loved trading places for fun. They fooled everyone including their mother. But now that they’re adults, the game turns deadly when they both fall for the same man.

Marry a Man Who Will Dance

For the first time in his life, Roque Blackstone heard the music of love when he caught Ritz Keller trespassing on his father’s land spying on him as he swam naked in a sheltered pool underneath the live oaks. Despite their families’ long standing and bitter feud, Ritz captured his heart. But although they shared one night of passion, their love could have no future. Ritz paid an incredible price for loving Roque with the loss of her family’s respect, the life of her unborn child and loveless marriage to another man. Now, more than ten years later, Ritz is forced to admit that she still loves Roque. But will the tragedies of their past deny them the future they were destined to share?

The Secret Lives Of Doctors’ Wives

He always got what he wanted
Pierce Carver was one of Austin’s richest, most successful surgeons. And he was going to marry trauma nurse Rose Marie Castle and put her aching feet into glass slippers. Unfortunately, the doctor had a weakness for the allure of youth and feminine perfection. He jilted Rose Marie three years ago, and she’s still dreaming of revenge…

Until someone wanted him dead
And things are looking bad for Rose Marie. The night Pierce died she was inside his magnificent home, half naked and very willing to accept his apologies. Now she’s the prime suspect. Worse, her high school sweetheart is the investigating detective. But if Rose Marie didn’t kill the not-so-good doctor, who did? Between his ex-wives, his angry stepchildren and the deep, dirty secrets driving their lives, somebody resorted to murder. And it looks as if Dr. Carver kept the biggest, baddest secrets of all…

The Amalfi Bride

The beauty of Italy’s Amalfi Coast made Regina Tomei throw caution to the wind and spend the night in the arms of a gorgeous stranger. Except Nico Romano is actually a prince heir to a monarchy, destined to marry a woman of royal blood. Regina has no illusions that a working class American like herself could fit into his world of power, palazzos and paparazzi. Their passionate affair must end when her vacation does. But Regina leaves Italy with more than just memories she’s carrying Nico’s baby!

Sold Into Marriage

The Wrong Brother?Christmas Eve. Paris. Two strangers’ eyes meet. So romantic. Yet Josie didn’t know her encounter with Adam Ryder was far from accidental. She could not regret the passionate evening she and Adam had shared until she learned he was her boyfriend’s brother, sent to ruin their relationship. What was she to do now that she was pregnant? Adam was arrogantly insisting on marriage. But there would be no convenience in wedding a man she loathed…
and yet desperately desired…

Mistress For A Month

Amelia Weatherbee had inherited his family’s chateau, and Remy de Fournier vowed he’d buy it back…
at any cost. But Amelia’s price was high. She wanted the man from the tabloids the privileged comte, the celebrity lover to teach her the art of seduction…
for one month. And Remy was only too happy to oblige. But Amelia’s sweetness and her innocence struck something deep inside him. When their thirty days of passion ended, would he get more than he ever bargained for?

To Tame Her Tycoon Lover

As a girl from the wrong side of the bayou, Cici Bellefleur had loved one Claiborne brother…
and been romanced by the other. Foolishly, she’d given Logan her innocence only to learn his seduction was but a means to an end. It was a betrayal she’d never forget or forgive. Discovering Cici had returned caught Logan by surprise…
as did learning his desire for her had not diminished with time. Years before, he’d led her on to keep her away from his twin brother. Yet now the tycoon vowed to have Cici once again…
this time to please no one but himself.

Terms of Engagement

He’s set his plan into motion. Billionaire Quinn Sullivan is so close to taking over his enemy’s beloved company. He simply has to marry his rival’s youngest daughter. But when Kira Murray begs him not to seduce her sister, Quinn can’t help being intrigued. Here is a woman who dares to challenge him. A woman who ignites feelings far more exciting than those he holds for his intended bride. Now the tycoon has a new agenda. He’ll set aside his wedding plans but only for a price the lovely Kira must willingly pay.

Birds, Bees and Babies

In the fifth of a series, three stories of love and parenthood by three best selling writers in the genre include ”The Best Mistake” by Nora Roberts, ”The Baby Machine” by Ann Major, and ”Cullen’s Child” by Dallas Schulze.

Winter Nights

This book contains 5 stories of wealth, intridge, nature.

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