Ann M. Martin Books In Order

The Baby-Sitters Club Books In Publication Order

  1. Kristy’s Great Idea (1986)
  2. Claudia and the Phantom Phone Calls (1986)
  3. Mary Anne Saves the Day (1987)
  4. Dawn and the Impossible Three (1987)
  5. Kristy’s Big Day (1987)
  6. Boy-Crazy Stacey (1987)
  7. The Truth About Stacey (1988)
  8. The Ghost at Dawn’s House (1988)
  9. Logan Likes Mary Anne! (1988)
  10. Kristy and the Snobs (1988)
  11. Claudia and the New Girl (1988)
  12. Stacey’s Mistake (1988)
  13. Claudia and the Bad Joke (1988)
  14. Jessi Ramsey, Pet-sitter (1989)
  15. Kristy and the Mother’s Day Surprise (1989)
  16. Kristy and the Secret of Susan (1990)
  17. Mary Anne and Too Many Boys (1990)
  18. Jessi’s Baby-sitter (1990)
  19. Dawn and the Older Boy (1990)
  20. Dawn’s Family Feud (1990)
  21. Mary Anne and the Great Romance (1990)
  22. Jessi’s Secret Language (1991)
  23. Claudia and the Middle School Mystery (1991)
  24. Mary Anne vs. Logan (1991)
  25. Jessi and the Dance School Phantom (1991)
  26. Stacey’s Emergency (1991)
  27. Dawn and the Big Sleepover (1991)
  28. Kristy and the Baby Parade (1991)
  29. Mary Anne Misses Logan (1991)
  30. Claudia and the Genius of Elm Street (1991)
  31. Stacy’s Revenge (1991)
  32. Mary Anne and the Search for Tigger (1992)
  33. Claudia and the Sad Good-bye (1992)
  34. Jessi and the Superbrat (1992)
  35. Welcome Back, Stacey (1992)
  36. Mallory and the Mystery Diary (1992)
  37. Dawn’s Wicked Stepsister (1992)
  38. Dawn’s Big Date (1992)
  39. Stacey’s Ex-Best Friend (1992)
  40. Mary Anne + 2 Many Babies (1992)
  41. Kristy for President (1992)
  42. Mallory and the Dream Horse (1992)
  43. Jessi’s Gold Medal (1992)
  44. Dawn Saves the Planet (1992)
  45. Maid Mary Anne (1993)
  46. Dawn’s Big Move (1993)
  47. Jessi and the Bad Baby-sitter (1993)
  48. Get Well Soon, Mallory! (1993)
  49. Good-bye Stacey, Good-bye (1993)
  50. Hello, Mallory (1993)
  51. Little Miss Stoneybrook… and Dawn (1993)
  52. Mary Anne’s Bad-Luck Mystery (1993)
  53. Kristy and the Walking Disaster (1993)
  54. Stacey and the Mystery of Stoneybrook (1993)
  55. Kristy’s Mystery Admirer (1993)
  56. Poor Mallory! (1993)
  57. Keep Out, Claudia! (1993)
  58. Jessi and the Awful Secret (1993)
  59. Kristy and the Worst Kid Ever (1993)
  60. Claudia’s Friend (1993)
  61. Mallory on Strike (1994)
  62. Jessi’s Wish (1994)
  63. Claudia and the Perfect Boy (1994)
  64. Dawn and the We Love Kids Club (1994)
  65. Mary Anne and Miss Priss (1994)
  66. Stacey’s Lie (1994)
  67. Dawn and Whitney, Friends Forever (1994)
  68. Claudia and Crazy Peaches (1994)
  69. Mary Anne Breaks the Rules (1994)
  70. Mallory Pike, No.1 Fan (1994)
  71. Mallory and the Trouble With Twins (1994)
  72. Dawn on the Coast (1994)
  73. Claudia and the Great Search (1995)
  74. Stacey’s Choice (1995)
  75. Mallory Hates Boys (1995)
  76. Kristy and Mr. Mom (1995)
  77. Jessi and the Troublemaker (1995)
  78. Stacey vs. the BSC (1995)
  79. Dawn and the School Spirit War (1995)
  80. Claudia Kishi, Live From WSTO! (1995)
  81. Mary Anne and Camp BSC (1995)
  82. Stacey and the Bad Girls (1995)
  83. Farewell, Dawn (1995)
  84. Welcome to the BSC, Abby (1995)
  85. Claudia and the First Thanksgiving (1995)
  86. Mallory’s Christmas Wish (1995)
  87. Mary Anne and the Memory Garden (1995)
  88. Kristy and the Copycat (1996)
  89. Jessi’s Horrible Prank (1996)
  90. Stacey McGill, Super Sitter (1996)
  91. Kristy + Bart = ? (1996)
  92. Abby’s Lucky Thirteen (1996)
  93. Stacey’s Broken Heart (1996)
  94. Claudia Kishi, Middle School Dropout (1996)
  95. Happy Holidays, Jessi (1996)
  96. Stacey the Math Whiz (1997)
  97. Mind Your Own Business, Kristy! (1997)
  98. Don’t Give Up, Mallory (1997)
  99. Mary Anne to the Rescue (1997)
  100. Abby the Bad Sport (1997)
  101. Stacey’s Secret Friend (1997)
  102. Kristy and the Sister War (1997)
  103. Claudia Makes Up Her Mind (1997)
  104. The Secret Life of Mary Anne Spier (1997)
  105. Jessi’s Big Break (1998)
  106. Abby and the Best Kid Ever (1998)
  107. Claudia and the Terrible Truth (1998)
  108. Kristy Thomas, Dog Trainer (1998)
  109. Stacey’s Ex-Boyfriend (1998)
  110. Mary Anne and the Playground Fight (1998)
  111. Abby in Wonderland (1998)
  112. Kristy in Charge (1998)
  113. Claudia’s Big Party (1998)
  114. Stacey McGill… Matchmaker? (1998)
  115. Mary Anne in the Middle (1998)
  116. Mary Anne’s Makeover (1999)
  117. Stacey and the Cheerleaders (1999)
  118. Kristy and the Dirty Diapers (1999)
  119. Claudia and the World’s Cutest Baby (1999)
  120. Dawn and Too Many Sitters (1999)
  121. Mary Anne and the Little Princess (1999)
  122. Claudia, Queen of the Seventh Grade (1999)
  123. The All-New Mallory Pike (1999)
  124. Abby’s Un-Valentine (1999)
  125. Claudia and the Little Liar (1999)
  126. Kristy at Bat (1999)
  127. Stacey’s Movie (1999)
  128. The Fire at Mary Anne’s House (1999)
  129. Kristy’s Worst Idea (2000)
  130. Abby’s Twin (2000)
  131. Claudia and Mean Janine (With: Raina Telgemeier) (2007)
  132. The Summer Before (2010)

Baby-Sitters Little Sister Books In Publication Order

  1. Karen’s Witch (1988)
  2. Karen’s Roller Skates (1988)
  3. Karen’s Worst Day (1989)
  4. Karen’s Kittycat Club (1989)
  5. Karen’s Little Sister (1989)
  6. Karen’s Birthday (1990)
  7. Karen’s Haircut (1990)
  8. Karen’s Sleepover (1990)
  9. Karen’s Grandmothers (1990)
  10. Karen’s Ghost (1990)
  11. Karen’s New Year (1991)
  12. Secret Diary (1991)
  13. Karen’s in Love (1991)
  14. Karen’s Goldfish (1991)
  15. Karen’s Home Run (1991)
  16. Karen’s Good-bye (1991)
  17. Karen’s Carnival (1991)
  18. Karen’s New Teacher (1991)
  19. Karen’s Doll (1991)
  20. Karen’s School Picture (1992)
  21. Karen’s School Trip (1992)
  22. Karen’s Pen Pal (1992)
  23. Karen’s Ducklings (1992)
  24. Karen’s Kittens (1992)
  25. Karen’s Big Joke (1992)
  26. Karen’s Pumpkin Patch (1992)
  27. Karen’s Secret (1992)
  28. Karen’s Surprise (1993)
  29. Karen’s Prize (1993)
  30. Karen’s Snow Day (1993)
  31. Karen’s Doll Hospital (1993)
  32. Karen’s New Friend (1993)
  33. Karen’s Tuba (1993)
  34. Karen’s Big Lie (1993)
  35. Karen’s Wedding (1993)
  36. Karen’s Newspaper (1993)
  37. Karen’s School (1993)
  38. Karen’s Pizza Party (1993)
  39. Karen’s Toothache (1993)
  40. Karen’s Big Weekend (1993)
  41. Karen’s Brothers (1994)
  42. Karen’s Twin (1994)
  43. Karen’s Baby-sitter (1994)
  44. Karen’s Kite (1994)
  45. Karen’s Two Families (1994)
  46. Karen’s Stepmother (1994)
  47. Karen’s Big Top (1994)
  48. Karen’s Mermaid (1994)
  49. Karen’s School Bus (1994)
  50. Karen’s Magician (1994)
  51. Karen’s Little Witch (1995)
  52. Jump Rope Rhymes Pack (1995)
  53. Summer Fill-In Book (1995)
  54. Karen’s School Mystery (1995)
  55. Karen’s Ski Trip (1995)
  56. Karen’s Leprechaun (1995)
  57. Karen’s Tattletale (1995)
  58. Karen’s New Bike (1995)
  59. Karen’s Movie (1995)
  60. Karen’s Lemonade Stand (1995)
  61. Karen’s Toys (1995)
  62. Karen’s Monsters (1995)
  63. Karen’s Turkey Day (1995)
  64. Karen’s Angel (1995)
  65. Karen’s Big Sister (1995)
  66. Karen’s Tea Party (1996)
  67. Karen’s Cartwheel (1996)
  68. Playground Games (1996)
  69. Karen’s Grandad (1996)
  70. Karen’s Island Adventure (1996)
  71. Karen’s Dinosaur (1996)
  72. Karen’s Softball Mystery (1996)
  73. Karen’s County Fair (1996)
  74. Karen’s Magic Garden (1996)
  75. Karen’s School Surprise (1996)
  76. Karen’s Half Birthday (1996)
  77. Karen’s Big Fight (1996)
  78. Karen’s Christmas Tree (1996)
  79. Karen’s Candy (1997)
  80. Karen’s New Puppy (1997)
  81. Karen’s Accident (1997)
  82. Karen’s Secret Valentine (1997)
  83. Karen’s Bunny (1997)
  84. Karen’s Big Job (1997)
  85. Karen’s Bully (1997)
  86. Karen’s Treasure (1997)
  87. Karen’s Telephone Trouble (1997)
  88. Karen’s Pony Camp (1997)
  89. Karen’s Puppet Show (1997)
  90. Karen’s Unicorn (1997)
  91. Karen’s Haunted House (1997)
  92. Karen’s Pilgrim (1997)
  93. Karen’s Sleigh Ride (1997)
  94. Book of Laughs (1997)
  95. Karen’s Cooking Contest (1998)
  96. Karen’s Snow Princess (1998)
  97. Karen’s Promise (1998)
  98. Karen’s Big Move (1998)
  99. Karen’s Paper Route (1998)
  100. Karen’s Fishing Trip (1998)
  101. Karen’s Big City Mystery (1998)
  102. Karen’s Book (1998)
  103. Karen’s Chain Letter (1998)
  104. Karen’s Black Cat (1998)
  105. Karen’s Movie Star (1998)
  106. Karen’s Christmas Carol (1998)
  107. Karen’s Lucky Penny (1999)
  108. Karen’s Ice Skates (1999)
  109. Karen’s Pony (1999)
  110. Karen’s Nanny (1999)
  111. Karen’s President (1999)
  112. Karen’s Copycat (1999)
  113. Karen’s Field Day (1999)
  114. Karen’s Show and Share (1999)
  115. Karen’s Swim Meet (1999)
  116. Karen’s Spy Mystery (1999)
  117. Karen’s New Holiday (1999)
  118. Karen’s Hurricane (1999)
  119. Karen’s Chicken Pox (1999)
  120. Karen’s Runaway Turkey (1999)
  121. Karen’s Reindeer (1999)
  122. Karen’s Mistake (2000)
  123. Karen’s Figure Eight (2000)
  124. Karen’s Yo-Yo (2000)
  125. Karen’s Easter Parade (2000)
  126. Karen’s Gift (2000)
  127. Karen’s Cowboy (2000)

The Baby-Sitters Club Super Special Books In Publication Order

  1. Baby-Sitters on Board! (1988)
  2. Baby-sitters’ Summer Vacation (1989)
  3. Baby-sitters’ Winter Vacation (1989)
  4. Babysitters’ Island Adventure (1990)
  5. California Girls! (1990)
  6. New York, New York! (1991)
  7. Snowbound (1991)
  8. Baby-sitters at Shadow Lake (1992)
  9. Starring the Baby-sitters Club! (1992)
  10. Sea City, Here We Come! (1993)
  11. The Babysitters Remember (1994)
  12. Aloha, Baby-sitters! (1996)
  13. Here Come the Bridesmaids! (1997)
  14. BSC in the USA (1997)
  15. Baby-sitters’ European Vacation (1998)

The Baby-Sitters Club Mysteries Books In Publication Order

  1. Stacey and the Missing Ring (1991)
  2. Beware, Dawn! (1991)
  3. Kristy and the Missing Child (1992)
  4. Mallory and the Ghost Cat (1992)
  5. Mary Anne and the Secret in the Attic (1992)
  6. The Mystery at Claudia’s House (1992)
  7. Jessi and the Jewel Thieves (1993)
  8. Kristy and the Haunted Mansion (1993)
  9. Stacey and the Mystery Money (1993)
  10. Claudia and the Mystery at the Museum (1993)
  11. Dawn and the Surfer Ghost (1993)
  12. Dawn and the Disappearing Dogs (1993)
  13. Stacey and the Mystery at the Mall (1994)
  14. Kristy and the Vampires (1994)
  15. Claudia and the Clue in the Photograph (1994)
  16. Dawn and the Halloween Mystery (1994)
  17. Stacey and the Mystery at the Empty House (1994)
  18. Mary Anne and the Library Mystery (1994)
  19. Mary Anne and the Zoo Mystery (1995)
  20. Claudia and the Recipe for Danger (1995)
  21. Stacey and the Haunted Masquerade (1995)
  22. Kristy and the Missing Fortune (1995)
  23. Abby and the Secret Society (1996)
  24. Mary Anne and the Silent Witness (1996)
  25. Kristy and the Middle School Vandal (1996)
  26. Dawn Schafer, Undercover Baby-sitter (1996)
  27. Claudia and the Lighthouse Ghost (1996)
  28. Abby and the Mystery Baby (1997)
  29. Stacey and the Fashion Victim (1997)
  30. Kristy and the Mystery Train (1997)
  31. Mary Anne and the Music Box Secret (1997)
  32. Claudia and the Mystery in the Painting (1997)
  33. Stacey and the Stolen Hearts (1998)
  34. Mary Anne and the Haunted Bookstore (1998)
  35. Abby and the Notorious Neighbor (1998)
  36. Kristy and the Cat Burglar (1998)

Baby-Sitters Little Sister Super Special Books In Publication Order

  1. Karen, Hannie and Nancy (1991)
  2. Karen’s Plane Trip (1991)
  3. Karen’s Baby (1992)
  4. Karen’s Wish (1993)
  5. Karen’s Campout (1993)
  6. Karen’s Mystery (1995)

Baby-Sitter’s Club Readers Request Books In Publication Order

  1. Logan Bruno, Boy Baby-Sitter (1991)
  2. Logan’s Story (1992)
  3. Shannon’s Story (1994)

The Baby-Sitters Club Portrait Collection Books In Publication Order

  1. Stacey’s Book (1994)
  2. Claudia’s Book (1995)
  3. Dawn’s Book (1995)
  4. Mary Anne’s Book (1996)
  5. Kristy’s Book (1996)
  6. Abby’s Book (1997)

Tonka Books In Publication Order

  1. Tonka Fire Truck to the Rescue (1994)
  2. Tonka (1995)

The Kids in Ms. Colman’s Class Books In Publication Order

  1. Teacher’s Pet (1995)
  2. Class Play (1996)
  3. Second Grade Baby (1996)
  4. Author Day (1996)
  5. Twin Trouble (1997)
  6. Snow War (1997)
  7. Science Fair (1997)
  8. Summer School (1997)
  9. Halloween Parade (1997)
  10. Holiday Time (1997)
  11. Spelling Bee (1998)
  12. Baby Animal Zoo (1998)

The Baby-Sitters Club Super Mystery Books In Publication Order

  1. Baby-sitters’ Haunted House (1995)
  2. Baby-Sitters Beware (1995)
  3. Baby-sitters’ Fright Night (1996)
  4. Baby-sitters’ Christmas Chiller (1997)

California Diaries Books In Publication Order

  1. Sunny (1997)
  2. Dawn (1997)
  3. Maggie (1997)
  4. Amalia (1997)
  5. Sunny : Diary Two (1998)
  6. Dawn : Diary Two (1998)
  7. Maggie : Diary Two (1998)
  8. Ducky (1998)
  9. Amalia : Diary Two (1998)
  10. Ducky : Diary Two (1998)
  11. Dawn : Diary Three (1999)
  12. Sunny : Diary Three (1999)
  13. Amalia : Diary Three (1999)
  14. Maggie : Diary Three (1999)
  15. Ducky : Diary Three (2000)

Tara*Starr and Elizabeth (with Paula Danziger) Books In Publication Order

  1. P.S. Longer Letter Later (1998)
  2. Snail Mail, No More (2000)

Doll People Books In Publication Order

  1. The Doll People (2000)
  2. The Meanest Doll in the World (2003)
  3. The Runaway Dolls (With: Brian Selznick) (2008)
  4. The Doll People Set Sail (2014)
  5. The Doll People’s Christmas (2016)

The Baby-Sitters Club Friends Forever Super Special Books In Publication Order

  1. Everything Changes (1999)
  2. Graduation Day (2000)

The Baby-Sitters Club Friends Forever Books In Publication Order

  1. Kristy’s Big News (1999)
  2. Stacey vs. Claudia (1999)
  3. Mary Anne’s Big Breakup (1999)
  4. Claudia and the Friendship Feud (1999)
  5. Kristy Power! (1999)
  6. Stacey and the Boyfriend Trap (2000)
  7. Claudia Gets Her Guy (2000)
  8. Mary Anne’s Revenge (2000)
  9. Kristy and the Kidnapper (2000)
  10. Stacey’s Problem (2000)
  11. Welcome Home, Mary Anne (2000)
  12. Claudia and the Disaster Date (2000)

Main Street Books In Publication Order

  1. Welcome To Camden Falls (2007)
  2. Needle and Thread (2007)
  3. ‘Tis the Season (2007)
  4. Best Friends (2008)
  5. The Secret Book Club (2008)
  6. September Surprises (2008)
  7. Keeping Secrets (2009)
  8. Special Delivery (2009)
  9. Coming Apart (2010)
  10. Staying Together (2011)

Pearl and Lexie/Pearl Littlefield Books In Publication Order

  1. Ten Rules for Living with My Sister (2011)
  2. Ten Good and Bad Things About My Life (2012)

Family Tree Books In Publication Order

  1. The Long Way Home (2013)
  2. Better to Wish (2013)
  3. Best Kept Secret (2014)
  4. Home Is the Place (2014)

Missy Piggle-Wiggle Books In Publication Order

  1. Missy Piggle-Wiggle and the Whatever Cure (2016)
  2. Missy Piggle-Wiggle and the Won’t-Walk-The-Dog Cure (2017)
  3. Missy Piggle-Wiggle and the Sticky-Fingers Cure (2018)

A Dog’s Life Books In Publication Order

  1. A Dog’s Life (2005)
  2. Everything for a Dog (2009)

The Rosso Family Books In Publication Order

  1. Ten Kids, No Pets (1988)
  2. Eleven Kids, One Summer (1991)

Baby-Sitters Club Graphic Novels In Publication Order

  1. Dawn and the Impossible Three (1987)
  2. Kristy’s Great Idea (By:Raina Telgemeier) (2006)
  3. The Truth About Stacey (By:Raina Telgemeier) (2006)
  4. Mary Anne Saves the Day (By:Raina Telgemeier) (2007)
  5. Claudia and Mean Janine (With: Raina Telgemeier) (2007)
  6. Logan Likes Mary Anne! (2020)
  7. Good-bye Stacey, Good-bye (With: ) (2022)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Dear Babysitter… Letters from the Babysitters Club (1970)
  2. Inside Out (1983)
  3. Bummer Summer (1983)
  4. Stage Fright (1984)
  5. Me and Katie (1985)
  6. With You and Without You (1986)
  7. Missing Since Monday (1986)
  8. Punky Brewster and the Great Dog Escape (1986)
  9. Just a Summer Romance (1987)
  10. Slam Book (1987)
  11. Yours Turly, Shirley (1988)
  12. Moving Day in Feather Town (1988)
  13. Fancy Dance in Feather Town (1989)
  14. Ma and Pa Dracula (1989)
  15. Rachel Parker, Kindergarten Show Off (1992)
  16. Chain Letter (1993)
  17. Free Willy (1995)
  18. The Amazing True Story of Leo the Magnificant (1996)
  19. Girls 24/7 (1999)
  20. Belle Teale (2001)
  21. A Corner of the Universe (2002)
  22. Here Today (2004)
  23. On Christmas Eve (2006)
  24. Rain Reign (2014)
  25. How To Look For A Lost Dog (2016)

Picture Books In Publication Order

  1. Leo The Magnificat (1996)

Non-Fiction Books In Publication Order

  1. Seven Steps to an Award-Winning School Library Program (2005)
  2. Empowering Leadership (2013)
  3. Leadership (2019)

Anthologies In Publication Order

  1. Friends (2005)
  2. What You Wish For: A Book for Darfur (2011)
  3. Because of Shoe and Other Dog Stories (2012)

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Ann M. Martin Books Overview

Kristy’s Great Idea

Based on Ann M. Martin’s bestselling series, America’s favorite baby sitters are back this time, in a heart warming and hilarious graphic novel. In this new graphic novel edition of the very first BABY SITTERS CLUB book, Raina Telgemeier captures all the drama of the original in warm, spunky illustrations. Witness Kristy’s eureka moment, when she gets the idea for a ‘baby sitters club’ and enlists her best friends, shy Mary Anne and artistic Claudia, in an exciting new venture. But the baby sitting business isn’t the only thing absorbing their attention: Kristy is having a hard time accepting her stepdad to be, and the newest member of the gang, Stacey, seems to be hiding a secret.

Claudia and the Phantom Phone Calls

Being a good baby sitter isn’t always easy, and the vice president of the Baby Sitters Club, Claudia Kishi, is learning that the hard way. She and the other club members have started getting strange calls on the job. Is it the Phantom Caller, a jewel thief who’s been breaking into houses in the area? One thing is certain the Club has to take action to protect their kids!

Mary Anne Saves the Day

When a terrible fight breaks out among the four BABY SITTERS CLUB friends, Mary Anne is left to her own devices. She has to sit by herself at lunch, make new friends, and deal with her overprotective father without advice from the BSC gang. But the worst part is when she faces a terrible baby sitting predicament, and she can’t find any help. Luckily, Mary Anne rises to the occasion. Not only does she handle all her problems with aplomb, she also manages to get the BSC back together again.

Dawn and the Impossible Three

The megahit series returns to charm and inspire another generation of baby-sitters! Following a brand-new prequel in April 2010, the first seven BSC titles are back with a new look.

Can the Baby-sitters Club handle another member? Dawn hopes so — she’s the new girl, eager to make friends, and ready to show her talent as a baby-sitter. But when she’s assigned to the terrible Barrett kids, Dawn isn’t sure she’s up to this impossible task!

Kristy’s Big Day

The megahit series returns to charm and inspire another generation of baby sitters! Following a brand new prequel in April 2010, the original BSC titles are back with a new look. Kristy’s mom is getting married, and FOURTEEN little kids are coming to the wedding! Stacey, Claudia, Mary Anne, Dawn, and Kristy think they can handle it but that’s before they spend a week changing diapers, stopping fights, solving mix ups…
and getting sick and tired of baby sitting! But together, the BSC can do anything even keep things under control for Kristy’s Big Day!

Boy-Crazy Stacey

THIS EDITION IS INTENDED FOR USE IN SCHOOLS AND LIBRARIES ONLY. When the Alden children and their grandfather visit Everglades National Park in Florida to solve the mystery of a missing ranger, they discover that a panther provides a clue.

The Truth About Stacey

America’s favorite baby sitters come to life in a new graphic novel series!Poor Stacey. She’s moved to a new town. She’s still coming to terms with her diabetes. She’s facing baby sitting problems left and right. And her parents are no help. Luckily, Stacey has three new, true friends Kristy, Claudia, and Mary Anne. Together they’re the BSC and they will deal with whatever’s thrown their way…
even if it’s a rival baby sitting club!

The Ghost at Dawn’s House

Wondering at the spooky noises she hears whenever she is at home, Dawn becomes convinced that her house is haunted when she discovers a secret passage, and the baby sitters turn their attentions to ghost hunting. Reissue.

Logan Likes Mary Anne!

Mary Anne’s budding new relationship with adorable boy baby sitter Logan is complicated when she recommends him to the other members of the Baby sitters club for extraneous jobs. Reissue.

Kristy and the Snobs

Moving into a mansion of a house after her mother marries a millionaire, Kristy misses living next door to her best friends and clashes with the snobby local children, who make fun of Kristy and her old dog, Louie. Reissue.

Claudia and the New Girl

Befriending newcomer Ashley Wyeth, an artistic girl whose wacky creative tastes rival Claudia’s own, Claudia is tempted to spend less time with the Baby sitters Club in order to devote more energy to her art. Reissue.

Stacey’s Mistake

Thinking she made a mistake in inviting her fellow club members to a weekend in New York City, Stacey is dismayed by the fights that break out, but the trip proves successful during a gala evening at a Broadway show. Reissue.

Claudia and the Bad Joke

Even though Claudia’s baby sitting responsibility Betsy is known for her practical jokes, Claudia isn’t worried. After all, she is an experienced baby sitter. But, as a result of one of Betsy’s pranks, Claudia falls off a swing and breaks her leg. Could this be the end of Claudia’s career?

Jessi Ramsey, Pet-sitter

Receiving a desperate call from the Mancusi family, Jessi takes on an unusual sitting job caring for three dogs, five cats, two birds, a cage of hamsters, guinea pigs, fish, a snake, rabbits, and turtles. Reissue.

Kristy and the Mother’s Day Surprise

Devising a kid free day off for all the hardworking mothers in Stoneybrook, Kristy and the rest of the Baby sitters Club are pleased by the successful day, which concludes with a big surprise for Kristy. Reissue.

Kristy and the Secret of Susan

One of a series of stories that revolve around the babysitters club. Kristy’s newest babysitting charge is Susan Fielder, an eight year old autistic girl.

Mary Anne and Too Many Boys

Mary Anne and Stacey are in Sea City working as mother’s helpers for the Pike family. When each of the girls meets up with her boyfriend from last summer, things start to get complicated.

Jessi’s Baby-sitter

When Jessi’s mom goes back to work, Aunt Cecilia moves in with the Ramseys to help out. Jessi is mortified that she has a baby sitter and can’t stand her aunt’s bossy ways.

Dawn and the Older Boy

Dawn’s met an awesome boy. But he’s not just any boy he’s older, and he even drives! To Dawn, Travis is the perfect boyfriend, but the Baby sitters know he is no good. Kristy has even seen the smooth talking Travis with another girl. How will they ever tell Dawn?

Jessi’s Secret Language

Feeling isolated as the only African American in her sixth grade class, Jessi gains a sense of belonging by participating in the Baby sitters Club, learning sign language in order to communicate with a deaf child, and dancing in a ballet.

Claudia and the Middle School Mystery

Claudia has finally gotten an A on a math test. She’s thrilled…
until the teacher accuses her of cheating off Shawna’s test. CLaudia would never cheat! But is doesn’t make sense that Shawna who is a good student would need to copy from Claudia. Can the baby sitters help Caludia clear her name?

Mary Anne vs. Logan

Mary Anne feels she and Logan have been spending too much time together. They fight over silly things and Mary Anne never has any time to herself. Finally, she sadly realizes what she must do: break up with Logan. The Baby sitters are shocked!.

Stacey’s Emergency

Part of the ‘Babysitters’ series, this book features Stacey who has to face up to a problem when she babysits for some friends.

Claudia and the Genius of Elm Street

When Claudia first meets seven year old Rosie Wilder, she is impressed. Rosie can sing, act, dance, play piano and more. But Rosie is obsessed with practicing and showing off. It looks like baby sitting for a genius may be too much for Claudia to handle!

Mary Anne and the Search for Tigger

The members of the Baby sitters Club come to the rescue to help Mary Anne search for her beloved kitten, Tigger, who has suddenly vanished.

Claudia and the Sad Good-bye

Claudia has a hard time dealing with her beloved grandmother’s death and it isn’t until she pours out all her emotions to her sister that she feels able to smile again.

Jessi and the Superbrat

Derek, a young actor originally from Stoneybrook, is moving back! He’s one of the stars on the hot new TV sit com P.S. 162. But even stars need baby sitters, and Jessi is the lucky one to get the job.

Dawn’s Big Date

Dawn is finally going to meet Logan’s cousin, Lewis. But while Mary Anne is planning the perfect double date, Dawn is getting really nervous. She’s never had a boyfriend before. Then she decides the only way to impress Lewis is with a whole new image. Will Lewis and the baby sitters like the new Dawn?

Mary Anne + 2 Many Babies

Mary Anne and Logan play pretend parents to an egg ‘baby’ for their Modern Living class.

Mallory and the Dream Horse

Excited about the professional riding lessons her parents have agreed to pay for, horse loving Mallory begins neglecting her friends in the Baby sitters’ Club and soon learns that loving horses and caring for them are two different things.

Get Well Soon, Mallory!

When Mallory discovers that she has mono, she is crushed that she must stay in bed for a long time, and the baby sitters wonder what they will do without her.

Good-bye Stacey, Good-bye

Devastated by the news that Stacey will be leaving Stoneybrook and the Baby sitters Club to move back to New York, Claudia and the other club members plan a going away party and wonder how they will fill their friend’s position. Reissue.

Hello, Mallory

Recently enlisted by her former baby sitters as the newest member of their club, Mallory resents their overly critical appraisals of her first jobs and decides to form her own sitter service with her best friend, Jesse. Reissue.

Mary Anne’s Bad-Luck Mystery

Baby sitter Mary Anne experiences a string of bad luck that begins when she throws away a mysterious chain letter, and she wonders if the chain letter is causing her misfortune.

Kristy and the Walking Disaster

Kristy and the other club members gather together all the enthusiastic young kids in the neighborhood to form the Krushers softball team, which is complemented by the very klutzy Jackie and challenged by the Bashers team. Reissue.

Stacey and the Mystery of Stoneybrook

The Baby sitters Club investigates the terrible noises coming from the old Hennessey place, which is sitting on top of a graveyard and may be haunted.

Kristy’s Mystery Admirer

One of a series of stories that revolve around the babysitters club. Of all the babysitters, Kristy’s the last one anyone would expect to have a secret admirer. But someone is sending her mushy notes with hearts all over them.

Poor Mallory!

Illus. in full color. While taking a walk, three frogs discover what they believe to be a chicken egg and eagerly wait for it to hatch. When a scaly, four legged creature with a long snoutful of teeth emerges a few days later, the frogs are still convinced it’s a chicken and are thrilled to have a new friend. Soon the frogs and ‘chicken’ are inseparable, at least until the day ‘chicken’ finds and returns to her mother…
an enormous ‘hen’ who looks suspiciously like an alligator! ‘An eggs/rmtraordinary treat from a master storyteller.’ School Library Journal. ‘Just the thing to lighten up a picture book hour.’ Kirkus.

Claudia’s Friend

Claudia and Stacey aren’t speaking to each other. Why should Claudia make up with a ‘friend’ who steals her boyfriend? It’s the biggest feud in BSC history!

Mallory on Strike

Mallory loves baby sitting for her seven brothers and sisters. But now that she has an important writing project to do, she needs some quiet time…
. And no one will leave her alone! What’s a stressed out big sister to do? Go on strike!

Claudia and the Perfect Boy

When Claudia decides she needs a boy in her life, she wastes no time. She sets up a personal column in the school magazine, and waits for her dream guy to write in. But is it going to be so easy?

Mallory Pike, No.1 Fan

Happily beginning her job as assistant to a local children’s book author, Mallory begins compiling research about the author for a class project, and is disturbed when she uncovers some troubling facts about her idol’s past.

Mallory and the Trouble With Twins

An expert with her triplet brothers, baby sitter Mallory thinks that identical twins Marilyn and Carolyn will be a breeze until the mischievous duo prove more troublesome than she expected. Reissue.

Dawn on the Coast

Visiting her father on the west coast, Dawn is tempted to stay with him when she enjoys the beach, Disneyland, and a wealth of healthy restaurants, but the homesick baby sitter fears leaving her mother and all of her friends. Reissue.

Claudia and the Great Search

One of a series of stories that revolve around the babysitter’s club. Claudia is so unlike her sister, Janine, and she doesn’t take after either of her parents. She begins to wonder, is she really who she thinks she is? Or has she been adopted?

Mallory Hates Boys

Being a ‘total spaz’ in gym is bad enough, but now Mallory’s worst nightmare has come true. Gym class has gone co ed! Pre teen girls are sure to relate to this latest book in the phenomenally popular Baby sitters Club series.

Kristy and Mr. Mom

Worried about her stepfather Watson after he has a heart attack, Kristi finds her life thrown into turmoil when Watson decides to reduce the stress in his life by quitting his job and becoming a househusband, in a multivoice dramatization.

Stacey vs. the BSC

Stacy finds herself caught between loyalty to old friends who suddenly seem immature and her boyfriend Robert and new friends and forced to make a choice that could mean quitting the Baby sitters Club.

Dawn and the School Spirit War

When School Spirit month at Stoneybrook Middle School begins to get out of hand, Dawn openly refuses to participate despite the rejection she endures from her classmates, and only her fellow Baby sitters can lend support.

Claudia Kishi, Live From WSTO!

Nursing her wounded feelings after a big fight with Stacey, Claudia enters a contest to host a kids’ radio show for one month and is delighted when she wins until she learns that she will be working with a rival art student.

Stacey and the Bad Girls

Separating from the Baby sitters Club after a big fight, Stacey gets a part time job at a department store, where she befriends a group of fun loving, music crazy girls whom Stacey fears may hang a bit too close to the wild side.

Claudia Kishi, Middle School Dropout

When her troubles in school culminate in her being dropped back to the seventh grade, Claudia struggles with feelings of failure while adjusting to classmates outside of the Baby sitters Club.

Mind Your Own Business, Kristy!

Asking her older brother Charlie to train her softball team over spring break, Kristy is satisfied that Charlie is a great coach, until he meets Angelica and is no longer able to keep his attention on the kids.

Don’t Give Up, Mallory

Mallory is delighted when the subject of the new Short Takes class turns out to be children’s literature, but she is bitterly disappointed by the new young teacher, Mr. Cobb, who unintentionally favors the boys in the class, until Mallory decides to stand up for her rights.

Abby the Bad Sport

When soccer season comes to Stoneybrook, Abby joins a Special Olympics Unified Sports soccer team but develops a fierce rivalry with another player.’

Kristy and the Sister War

When baby sitting at Shannon Kilbourne’s house, Kristy must manage to stop the ‘war’ between Shannon and her sisters, Tiffany and Maria.

Claudia and the Terrible Truth

In one of the strongest Babysitters Club books ever, the club must deal with a client who is abusive toward his children. Ann M. Martin addresses a difficult and important topic in her characteristic sensitive and informed style. Digest .

Stacey’s Ex-Boyfriend

Stacey and Robert had a stormy breakup. Months later, Robert is moody and depressed, and the only person he’ll talk to about it is Stacey.

Mary Anne and the Playground Fight

Stoneybrook is going to have its own playground camp this summer, and six counseling jobs are up for grabs. When nine BSC members apply, the competition heats up to the boiling point! .

Abby in Wonderland

When Abby spends a week with her grandparents at their summer house, she learns wonderful things about her family for the first time, as well as one piece of unhappy news.

Claudia’s Big Party

Claudia’s loving the October weather and her many friends, both in school and in the BSC. But when she throws a party to bring her two groups of pals together, she creates more problems than she solves.

Stacey McGill… Matchmaker?

When Stacey sits for the two Brooke kids, she can’t help noticing that their dad is a very cute single father, and the perfect match for her single mom.

Mary Anne’s Makeover

The rest of the Baby sitters are shocked when Mary Anne, tired of being a plain Jane, gets a chic new haircut and a new wardrobe, and their reaction enrages the excited Mary Anne.

Kristy and the Dirty Diapers

The Baby sitters are in double trouble when the sponsor for Kristy’s softball team, a diaper company, wants to re name the team ”The Davis Diapers,” and overbooking on the business end of things makes the club swear in a new member.

Dawn and Too Many Sitters

Summertime in Stoneybrook find the members of the Baby sitters Club overwhelmed by client demands and a forthcoming trip to Hawaii, a situation that results in the enlistment of three unlikely sitters in training.

Mary Anne and the Little Princess

Hired as the temporary companion to young Victoria Kent, who is distantly in line for the British throne, Mary Anne has trouble getting the girl, who has experienced too many partings, to open up to her.

Claudia, Queen of the Seventh Grade

Having adjusted to the seventh grade with flying colors, Claudia becomes so popular that she is elected Queen of the class, but her efforts to be a good representative are complicated by Mark, the unmotivated class king.

Abby’s Un-Valentine

Valentine’s Day is Abby’s least favorite holiday. Mushy stuff like valentines, red hearts, and a school dance turn her into a Valentine’s Scrooge. When Ross Brown, a perfectly nice guy in Abby’s English class, invites her to the dance, Abby tries to set him up with her twin sister, Anna.

Kristy at Bat

Kristy’s up for the best spring vacation ever a week of baseball with famous major leaguers at Bill Bain’s Dream Camp. Together with her stepdad, Kristy enjoys the all star week of a lifetime.

Stacey’s Movie

As part of her exciting film course, Stacey is making a documentary about teen life in Stoneybrook. The movie creates a conflict with friendships when Stacey pursues tell all interviews with her friends and enemies.

The Fire at Mary Anne’s House

In one of the most dramatic BSC storylines to date, Mary Anne and her family survive a raging fire that completely destroys their beloved old farmhouse.

Abby’s Twin

Trying to cheer up her twin Anna, who has been diagnosed with scoliosis, Abby fears that the condition is driving them apart when Anna seems to not want Abby’s help and begins to do things on her own.

Claudia and Mean Janine (With: Raina Telgemeier)

Claudia and her sister, Janine, may as well be from two different planets. Claudia, who pays more attention to her art than her grades, feels she can’t compete with her perfect sister. Janine studies nonstop, makes straight As, and even takes college level courses. The girls are nothing alike, and they can’t agree on anything. While Janine devotes all her time to working on her Web site, The Baby sitters Club is busy with their new summer play group. But when something terrible happens to their grandmother, Mimi, the two sisters discover they’re more alike than they originally thought.

The Summer Before

Before there was the Baby Sitters Club, there were four girls named Kristy Thomas, Mary Anne Spier, Claudia Kishi, and Stacey McGill. As they start The Summer Before seventh grade also before they start the BSC, each of them is on the cusp of a big change. Kristy is still hung up on hoping that her father will return to her family. Mary Anne has to prove to her father that she’s no longer a little girl who needs hundreds of rules. Claudia is navigating her first major crush on a boy. And Stacey is leaving her entire New York City life behind…

in order to find new friends in Stoneybrook, Connecticut.

The Summer Before
is a sweet, moving novel about four girls on the edge of something big not just the Club that will change their lives, but also all the joys and tribulations of being twelve and thirteen.

Karen’s Witch

The first book in the bestselling series for younger readers. The series follows the exploits of Karen Brewer, the spunky, bespeckled younger step sister of Baby sitters Club member Kristy.

Karen’s Roller Skates

Six year old Karen breaks her wrist while showing off her roller skating expertise and then creates a little excitement by getting everybody to sign her cast.

Karen’s Worst Day

Everyone has a bad day once in a while but no one can top Karen’s Worst Day ever.

Karen’s Kittycat Club

Karen has always been envious of her big sister Kristy’s Baby sitters Club so when her best friend Hannie gets a kitten, Karen starts a Kittycat Club!.

Karen’s Little Sister

When Karen’s family adopts a baby girl, Karen is dismayed that she’s no longer the baby of the family. Then she finds that it’s not so bad being the middle sister.

Karen’s Birthday

It’s Karen’s Birthday! She can’t wait for all those presents. Karen is even having two parties one at Daddy’s house and one at Mommy’s. But what Karen really wants for her birthday is one party, with her whole family together.

Karen’s Haircut

Poor Karen is feeling ugly. Not only does she have glas*ses, but now her two front adult teeth have grown in and they look like ‘rabbit teeth.’ Karen and her mother go to the beauty shop for a makeover. But Gloriana snips away madly and Karen is left with a punk haircut she hates. What will she do about school tomorrow?

Karen’s Sleepover

Karen is so excited. Her father is allowing her to have her first sleepover and all the girls in her class are invited. Even Pamela, the popular new girl, is coming. But Pamela turns out to be a real drag. She doesn’t like pizza, and she refuses to sleep on the floor. She’s going to ruin the whole party!

Karen’s Grandmothers

When Karen’s class ‘adopts’ grandparents, Karen eagerly signs up for the program. Now she has five grandmothers and that’s a lot of work!.

Karen’s Ghost

Karen thinks the ghost of Ben Brewer lives in her house but she’s never really seen him until now. Karen and her stepsister have found out that Ben and his spooky friends are going to have a party in her attic.

Karen’s Home Run

Karen is playing on her stepsister Kristy’s softball team. Karen is so excited, because she’s been playing great! Suddenly ‘Homerun Karen’ can’t hit at all. Will Karen break out of her slump and help win the game?.

Karen’s Good-bye

Karen says good bye to her best friend Amanda who is moving away. And as Amanda’s moving van is pulling away, another one is heading for the driveway. Good bye Amanda, hello Melody.

Karen’s New Teacher

Karen really likes her second grade teacher, Ms. Colman, so she’s pretty disappointed when she hears Ms. Colman must take some time off from school. The substitute teacher, Miss Hoffman, is unfriendly and has all kinds of awful rules. Karen doesn’t like her at all. Will they ever get along?

Karen’s Doll

Karen loves the expensive English baby doll Grandma and Grandpa Packett brought back from London. When Karen’s friend Nancy is hospitalized, Karen lends her doll to Nancy. Now Nancy thinks Karen is giving her the doll to keep. How can Karen get her doll back without losing a friend?

Karen’s School Picture

Karen, who’s just found out that she needs glas*ses, has to decide whether or not to wear them in the school pictures.

Karen’s School Trip

Karen’s class is studying wild animals. First everyone in the class picks one to do a report on; then they get to make a sculpture of their animal. But the best project is the class field trip, where Karen discovers that a trip is lots more fun than a regular school day especially when your class goes to the zoo!

Karen’s Pen Pal

Incensed by her pen pal Maxie’s lies about herself, Karen begin making things up about her own life, but with Maxie’s class coming to town for a trip, Karen knows that she will have to face her pen pal and tell her the truth.

Karen’s Kittens

A stray cat spells excitement for Karen when she decides to take the pregnant cat in, but she soon learns that caring for a litter of newborn kittens is no picnic.

Karen’s Big Joke

At her worst on April Fools’ Day, Karen concocts the best April Fools’ trick she has ever concocted one that she intends to play on her entire family but this time she may be going too far.

Karen’s Pumpkin Patch

In charge of the family pumpkin patch, Karen finds her job complicated by the mean spirited antics of a neighborhood pumpkin smasher.

Karen’s Secret

When gym class becomes co ed, Mallory cannot decide which she dislikes more: sports, her baggy gym suit, or the boys, who tease her for her underwhelming performance on the volleyball court.

Karen’s Surprise

Karen’s class is putting on a Thanksgiving play. Karen wants to be the star, of course, but she is given the worst part of all the Thanksgiving turkey! All she gets to do is walk across the stage in a fat brown suit. Will everyone laugh at her? Not when they see her big surprise.

Karen’s Snow Day

Karen has been eagerly awaiting a snow day for weeks, but when one finally comes, she is frustrated when she, Hannie, and Nancy must help her brothers shovel snow.

Karen’s New Friend

Feeling sorry for the new girl in her class, Karen decides to become best friends with Addie, a victim of cerebral palsy, but Karen soon discovers that friendship does not mean doing everything for Addie.

Karen’s Tuba

When everyone in her class is given musical instruments, much to Karen’s dismay she receives a big, old tuba instead of the elegant flute she wanted.

Karen’s Wedding

When Ms. Coleman asks Karen to be a flower girl in her wedding, the little girl could not be happier.

Karen’s Newspaper

Karen hatches the idea of starting a neighborhood newspaper just for kids, but when she and her friends print gossip about the neighbors, they get in lots of trouble.

Karen’s Toothache

After hoping in vain that her bad toothache will just go away, Karen finally goes to the dentist where she learns that she will have to have her tooth removed.

Karen’s Brothers

Karen decides not to talk to her three older brothers or any boy and soon realizes her decision was a little hasty.

Karen’s Twin

Audrey decides that she and Karen are going to be twins–they will dress alike, talk alike, and act alike–but after a while, Karen does not think that this is such a neat idea.

Karen’s Mermaid

While visiting Sea City, Karen tries to bring a bossy girl down a peg by bragging that she saw a real live mermaid in the ocean, until a note from a real mermaid arrives, asking Karen to be her friend.

Karen’s Little Witch

If Karen’s next door neighbor Mrs. Porter is really a witch, does that mean Mrs. P’s granddaughter Druscilla is a witch too? Karen’s not taking any chances. She’s made up a good luck spell for witch protection. But can the spell save Karen from the little witch?

Karen’s New Bike

Learning all about bike safety and entering the annual bike a thon with a brand new two wheeler, Karen turns detective when her bike is stolen and has an adventure that ends in an act of charity and a new friend.

Karen’s Toys

Discouraged when her mother will not allow her and her brother, Andrew, to purchase the toy gun accessories that were featured in an exciting new action movie, Karen plots to save up her money to buy the toys on the sly.

Karen’s Monsters

When her brother builds a Frankenstein monster for the forthcoming Halloween school parade, Karen gets the scare of her life and begins to think that the monster may be alive.

Karen’s Island Adventure

Spending spring break at a resort in the Caribbean, Karen explores caves, hunts for seashells, and goes snorkeling until she meets Sandy, a quiet and seemingly standoffish seven year old who has an unhappy secret.

Karen’s Magic Garden

Meeting her cousin Diana for the first time during a Maine family reunion, Karen is delighted by the old house that she and her cousin explore before they discover an abandoned garden that they decide to fix up.

Karen’s School Surprise

School turns into a big adventure for Karen when she and her classmates learn that they will be on a local cable television show competition.

Karen’s Big Fight

Karen’s rivalry with her stepbrother David Michael goes from bad to worse when he switches schools and winds up in her class, but the Thanksgiving season helps Karen put aside her anger and help her stepbrother adjust.

Karen’s Secret Valentine

In Ms. Colman’s Secret Valentine project, the identities of everyone’s secret pal are revealed, but a big and very secret mixup causes mass confusion.

Karen’s Bunny

When their grandmother gives Karen and Andrew pet rabbits in their Easter baskets, their parents are nonplussed, and Karen fears they will not be allowed to keep their new pets when the rabbits begin to chew on things.

Karen’s Treasure

Stumbling upon an old map that says that there is a hidden treasure in her backyard, Karen follows the clues to find an ancient box filled with old coins.

Karen’s Telephone Trouble

Restricted in her telephone use when she continually ties up the line and forgets to deliver messages, Karen sneaks phone calls to 900 numbers and gets in trouble when the phone bill arrives.’

Karen’s Pony Camp

Anticipating nothing but fun a pony camp, the Three Musketeers are disappointed when Karen is teased by older campers, Nancy struggles with her fears, and Hannie wants to do nothing but ride.’

Karen’s Unicorn

Seeing a circus poster that advertises a genuine unicorn, Karen becomes excited and plans to have the unicorn grant her wishes, but none of her classmates believe that the unicorn is real.’

Karen’s Haunted House

After Karen’s class decorates a haunted house for Halloween, they begin to hear spooky noises.

Karen’s Cooking Contest

Karen’s class is putting together a celebrity family cookbook. Karen enters one of her grandmother’s secret recipes without permission and learns a lesson in truthfulness.

Karen’s Snow Princess

Stoneybrook is preparing for a special lighting ceremony at the winter carnival, and Karen has a plan to be the one chosen to throw the master switch. Digest .

Karen’s Paper Route

Karen wants to buy Moonbeam, a great new video game system. But helping out with a paper route to earn money is a lot more work than she bargained for.

Karen’s Fishing Trip

It’s all girl week at the lake with Karen’s family. Karen, Hannie and Nancy play at their secret clubhouse, learn to fish, tell stories around the campfire, and look for the Shadow Lake Monster! .

Karen’s Big City Mystery

During Karen’s month long stay with her little house family in Chicago, she teams up with a new friend to nab an art thief.

Karen’s President

When her family decides it’s time for a trip to Washington, D.C., Karen gets to see the museums, the monuments, the White House and the president!.

Karen’s Spy Mystery

Karen’s neighbors are on vacation, and their house sitter is acting strange. Using a clever snooping scheme, Karen catches the sitter in a computer crime.

Karen’s Chicken Pox

Halloween is coming and Karen is excited about her costume, the party at school, and trick or treating. But when she catches the chicken pox from her little sister, her plans fade fast.

Karen’s Runaway Turkey

When Karen’s class wins a real live turkey, they plan to make him a star of the school’s Thanksgiving assembly. But when the big bird runs away from Karen’s house, she’s off on a wild turkey chase!

Karen’s Reindeer

When Karen spots a reindeer in her neighborhood, she makes up a special plan to reunite him with Santa.

Karen’s Mistake

Karen is having the time of her life at her family’s New Year’s Eve bash until she sees a gentleman kiss her grandmother on the cheek! Everyone else is happy that Nannie has a love interest, but Karen thinks it spells disaster.

Karen’s Figure Eight

Karen is the most talented student in her ice skating class. Her new friend, the best skater in Stoneybrook, thinks Karen could grow up to be a champ. But it will take hard work…
and Karen is sick of practicing!

Karen’s Yo-Yo

Karen knows she shouldn’t be playing with her yo yo in school. Soon she finds herself in trouble with the substitute teacher but for something that’s not her fault.

Karen’s Easter Parade

Karen is so excited! Her cousin Diana is coming to visit. But Diana has changed since Karen last saw her. Now she’s into breaking rules and pushing limits. She seems to think that the local Easter parade is a contest and she’ll do anything to make her hat the best in town!

Baby-sitters’ Summer Vacation

The Baby sitters are going to Camp Mohawk. That means two weeks full of camp food, homesick campers, poison ivy, and the boys’ camp across the lake!.

Baby-sitters’ Winter Vacation

Their skis, skates and snowsuites are packed and the Baby sitters are headed for the mountains.

Babysitters’ Island Adventure

Dawn and Claudia have been taking sailing lessons and can finally sail without any instructors. Now the girls and three kids they sit for plan to sail to Greenpoint Island for a picnic. But when a storm forces them way off course, they have an adventure they’ll never forget.

California Girls!

When the baby sitters win the lottery, they go to California with Dawn. Jessi lands a part in a television show, Stacey becomes a surfer girl, and the girls still have time for baby sitting, sight seeing, and the beach!

New York, New York!

The Baby sitters have a fun filled vacation in the Big Apple. They shop, have lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe, spot celebrities on the street, and see the sights.

Baby-sitters at Shadow Lake

Invited for a vacation at Kristy’s stepfather’s family cabin on Shadow Lake, the Baby sitters enjoy campfires, storytelling sessions, adventure, and romance.

Starring the Baby-sitters Club!

With Kristy in the title role in her school’s production of Peter Pan, the show is certain to be a hit that is, until Dawn interrupts rehearsals with the charge that the play is sexist.

Sea City, Here We Come!

The entire Baby sitters Club goes to Sea City, New Jersey, with the Pikes, and while they enjoy the beach and the sun, a hurricane makes its way up the coast.

Stacey and the Missing Ring

Stacey is accused of stealing a diamond ring. Can her friends solve the mystery of the missing ring and salvage Stacey’s reputation?.

The Mystery at Claudia’s House

When Claudia comes home to find that her room has been ransacked and her sister is acting strangely receiving odd packages in the mail and even lying to their parents she decides to call in the baby sitters.

Kristy and the Haunted Mansion

When their car breaks down in a snowstorm, Kristy and her softball team are forced to stay overnight in a creepy mansion.

Claudia and the Mystery at the Museum

While visiting Stoneybrook’s new museum, Claudia is horrified to learn that someone has stolen some priceless coins and replaced them with forgeries.

Claudia and the Clue in the Photograph

A new passion for photography has Claudia snapping pictures everywhere she goes, including the Stoneybrook Bank, and when it is discovered that a robbery took place at the bank on the very same day, Claudia thinks her photos may contain evidence.

Stacey and the Haunted Masquerade

Learning that a local girl who was humiliated at a prior event is trying to sabotage the Stoneybrook Middle School Mischief Night Dance, the babysitters hope to stop the girl and set things right.

Abby and the Secret Society

While helping restore an abandoned country club, Abby and the Baby sitters Club become involved in a decades old murder mystery involving a secret blackmailing ring that was once based there.

Mary Anne and the Silent Witness

Hoping to overcome the distrust of eight year old Luke, the Baby sitters Club’s newest charge, Mary Anne believes that Luke holds the key to a mysterious fire and a mean developer’s plans to take over Stoneybrook.

Kristy and the Middle School Vandal

Suspecting that Cary and his Mischief Knights are behind recent school vandalism pranks, Kristy and the Baby sitters begin an investigation that challenges them to solve eight puzzles in order to catch the real culprits.

Claudia and the Lighthouse Ghost

When the Hatts, a family that disappeared years earlier under mysterious circumstances from the old Stoneybrook lighthouse, suddenly return and move in with the Kishis, Claudia wonders what secret they are keeping.

Mary Anne and the Music Box Secret

Whiled cleaning up Granny and Pop Pop’s baseme*nt, Mary Anne stumbles upon a tightly wrapped package that contains a surprising secret from the past.’

Kristy and the Cat Burglar

It’s the biggest crime in Stoneybrook history one of the town’s mansions is missing! Kristy & Co. are hot on the trail of the Cat Burglar, who left his sign at the scene of the crime.

Karen’s Plane Trip

Super Special 2 takes Karen on her first plane trip, but this isn’t just any plane trip. Karen is flying alone and she’s going to visit her grandparents’ farm in Nebraska for the first time. Super Special 2 includes 30 pages of games and activities to entertain readers while they travel this summer.

Karen’s Wish

Karen cant’t wait for Christmas. She and Andrew are writing to Santa, baking cookies, and decorating their tree. Karen is even learning about other holidays, like Hanukkah. Then Karen’s grandmother gets sick and has to go to the hospital, and now Karen doesn’t want Christmas to come at all.

Karen’s Campout

When she goes to sleep away camp, Karen thinks she is an expert at camping until her cabin spends a night sleeping in the woods, and she realizes that she has a lot to learn.


Look at those trucks busy at work. The bulldozer pushes away trees. The backhoe digs deep holes. The loader picks up piles of dirt. They are building a new school!.

Teacher’s Pet

In the first in a new series, Nancy Dawes’s second grade search for a best friend happily ends on Ms. Colman’s class Pet Day when she meets a new classmate, who comes to her aid during a stressful moment.

Second Grade Baby

Called a baby by her classmates for her shyness and insecurity, Natalie relinquishes her beloved teddy bear for an around the world school project and realizes that she is stronger that the other kids give her credit for.

Author Day

When his favorite author is invited to visit Ms. Colman’s class, Ricky is the most excited student in school, but a whopper of a mistake makes him want Author Day to never come.

Science Fair

As part of their Science Fair project, Bobby Gianelli and his group are studying a mouse named Harriet, but their project is threatened when Harriet suddenly vanishes, until the mouse turns up with her nine new babies.

Summer School

Looking forward to summer camp and its fun filled days of reading books, writing plays, and having singalongs, Audrey is saddened knowing that her best friend, Sara, will not be with her.’

Halloween Parade

Excited about dressing up for the Halloween Parade, Ms. Colman’s students are disappointed when the costumes fail to arrive, but they have plenty of fun wearing funny Groucho Marx eyeglas*ses instead.’


Unable to cope with the anger and grief she is experiencing in regard to her mother’s terminal illness, Sunny cuts school, hangs out at the beach, and considers running away.’


Having moved away from California, Dawn Shafer experiences a number of unsettling changes at once, including new relationships with friends, family, and her stepfamily, and she finds herself redefining her identity.’


In this latest installment in the intense, intimate series from the bestselling author of The Baby Sitters Club, Maggie has always had the perfect house, the perfect grades, the perfect looks. But now all that is changing.


With a unique diary page design, the ‘California Diaries’ series is an intimate look at preteen life in the ’90s. Amalia Vargas is the new girl in school, and she’s fitting right in. With a new group of friends, living by a new set of rules, Amalia‘s life is spinning in a whole new direction especially when her boyfriend won’t let her break up with him Ages 11 13. Pub: 12/97. .

Sunny : Diary Two

Major stress at home with mom’s illness. Bug fight with the best friend. Where can a girl go to find peace of mind? This new series has a first person, diary format that draws readers into an intimate look at preteen life in the 1990s. ‘California Diaries’ is supported by ads in ‘The Baby Sitters Club’ books, web site, and fan club.


Ducky‘s best friends used to be Jay and Alex, but now he’s not so sure. Jay is a slave to coolness, and he and Alex are taking paths that Ducky doesn’t want to follow. Digest .

Amalia : Diary Two

In her first California Diary, Amalia revealed the pain of dealing with her boyfriend James, who was abusive and threatening. Now she’s over James. But she still feels the pain.

Sunny : Diary Three

Since the beginning of the series, readers have known that Sunny’s mother is sick. In this deeply heartfelt story, Mrs. Winslow’s struggle against cancer reaches its final chapter, and Sunny is left with many unresolved issues.

Amalia : Diary Three

When Amelia is verbally assaulted in a racist incident, it affects her deeply. Her family, friends, and new boyfriend help heal her self confidence and restore her faith in other people.

Maggie : Diary Three

Maggie’s dad is working on a new movie starring teen idol Tyler Kendall, but Maggie’s not interested. Stars are just self absorbed and shallow, she thinks until she meets Tyler.

P.S. Longer Letter Later

Elizabeth and Tara Starr are totally different. Tara Starr wears glitter and sequins, loves to be the center of attention, and has two parents who won’t grow up. Elizabeth is shy and quiet, hates being the center of attention, and lives in a house where possessions are more important than feelings. Of course, Elizabeth and Tara Starr are best friends. Then Tara Starr moves away, and the two girls must continue their friendship through letters. But then their lives begin to change a lot. Can they stay best friends forever…
or will the distance tear them apart?

Snail Mail, No More

An acclaimed sequel from two of the best selling children’s book authors of all time now with an exciting new cover!Elizabeth and Tara Starr are best friends living in totally different parts of the country. They used to write letters to each other, but now they’re both addicted to e mail. Now they can share their problems instantly…
and lately they’ve needed to do that a lot. Responsible, shy Elizabeth is getting used to her parents’ separation and the way her family is spinning out of control. Loud, melodramatic Tara Starr is dealing with some serious sister issues, as well as the growing differences between her and Elizabeth. Will the distance tear their friendship apart forever?

The Doll People

Read by Lynn RedgraveApprox. 3.5 hours2 cassettesThe 100 year old Doll family beautifully crafted china dolls passed down through four generations of girls in one American family meet their new neighbors, the Funcrafts, a doll family made completely of plastic and delivered straight from the factory shelves. Annabelle Doll is eight years old she has been for over a hundred years. Not a lot has happened to her, cooped up in the dollhouse, with the same doll people, day after day, year after year until the Funcrafts move in. Now Annabelle has a friend. Sure she’s made entirely of plastic and she’s living in the scariest room in the house, but she’s an adventurer, and after a hundred years of boredom, that’s just what Annabelle needs.

The Meanest Doll in the World

Annabelle Doll and Tiffany Funcraft are two dolls who have been best friends since they met in Kate Palmer’s house at 26 Wetherby Lane. In this sequel to The Doll People, they hitch a ride in Kate’s backpack and find themselves in the biggest adventure of their lives, a day at school! But when an attempt to return home lands them in the wrong house, they’re in far deeper trouble than they imagined. Along with a host of new doll friends, they also encounter Mean Mimi, the wickedest doll of all. Mean Mimi is mean really mean and she’s determined to rule all of Dollkind or else destroy it. Will the world ever be safe for dolls again? In this masterfully plotted sequel, Ann M. Martin and Laura Godwin, with the help of Brian Selznick’s ingenious black and white illustrations, take the reader on another nonstop adventure from a doll’s eye view!

The Runaway Dolls (With: Brian Selznick)

Best friends Annabelle Doll and Tiffany Funcraft are back, and this time they ve got an unexpected visitor, a new doll named Tilly May. She’s arrived in a mysterious package from London, but her face looks so familiar…
. Could she be Annabelle’s long lost baby sister? Annabelle is convinced it absolutely must be so but her parents refuse to believe her. With time running out before the package is at risk of being sent back to England, Annabelle and Tiffany resort to the only course of action they can think of running away. But life on the road is fraught with its own pitfalls, from a foreboding wooded park to a close call in a department store. How will Annabelle and Tiffany find their way back home and what s going to happen to Tilly May if and when they do?In this masterfully plotted third book in the Doll People series, Ann M. Martin and Laura Godwin, with the help of Brian Selznick s captivating black and white illustrations, take the reader on another exhilarating adventure from a doll s eye view.

Claudia and the Friendship Feud

Claudia and Stacey aren’t speaking to each other. Why should Claudia make up with a ‘friend’ who steals her boyfriend? It’s the biggest feud in BSC history!

Stacey and the Boyfriend Trap

In one of the funniest, most romantic BSC books ever, Stacey must juggle five ex-boyfriends and figure out the truth about her current relationship.

Claudia Gets Her Guy

Claudia and Stacey have been fighting over a boy. Now it’s Claudia’s chance to finally get him and maybe save her friendship with Stacey.

Kristy and the Kidnapper

When Kristy and her friends head to the nation’s capitol for a debate trip, they expect to see some great sites. What they don’t expect is to be part of a big mystery involving a kidnapping attempt.

Stacey’s Problem

Big changes are on the horizon. Stacey’s Dad is getting remarried, and her mom is not taking the news very well at all.

Welcome To Camden Falls

Flora and Ruby do not want to move to Camden Falls. But they don’t really have a choice — their parents are dead and their grandmother, Min, is taking them in. It’s strange to be in a new place. But luckily, it’s a very welcoming place.

Min runs a sewing store, Needle & Thread, at the heart of Main Street in Camden Falls. There, Flora and Ruby become friends with Olivia, who likes to organize things, and Nikki, who lives on the wrong side of the tracks. Even if Flora and Ruby never expected it to, Camden Falls becomes their home…
and its stories become a part of their stories.

Needle and Thread

Autumn comes to Camden Falls bringing new friends, new teachers, new worries, and new challenges. It’s autumn in Camden Falls, and Flora and Ruby are just starting to settle into the town. Flora is worried about spending the first Thanksgiving without their parents. Ruby is worried about getting a part in her school musical. And their new friends, Olivia and Nikki, are facing problems of their own. But the friendship that ties them together will also give them the strength to work things out one stitch at a time.

‘Tis the Season

It’s looking to be a hard holiday season for the girls of Main Street. For Flora and Ruby, it’s the first Christmas without their parents around. For Olivia, gift giving and tree decorating must be balanced with the fact that both of her parents need jobs. And for Nikki, there’s the presence of her mean, angry father to reckon with. Luckily, the girls have each other and the community around them. As Camden Falls prepares for its annual festivities, Flora, Ruby, Olivia, and Nikki all find that the hard things become easier when there are family, friends, and neighbors to share things with.


Ariadne Meyers is an accomplished actress, author and award winning audiobook narrator who also conducts storytelling workshops for children. Ms. Meyers’ own play, The Spinning Room, premiered at the Verbier Arts Festival in Switzerland.

Best Friends

Friendship is forever in the fourth book of Ann M. Martin’s heartwarming new series, Main StreetSpring has arrived in Camden Falls, and with it have come many joys and challenges. As Flora and Ruby near the first anniversary of their arrival in town, Flora prepares for a visit from her old best friend. She’s excited…
but her new best friend, Olivia, isn’t. Olivia’s afraid she won’t measure up, and that Flora will regret ever coming to Camden Falls. It’s a very big reunion set for a very big day Camden Falls’s 350th birthday celebration. Does one best friend truly have to be the best…
or can they find a way to get along?

The Secret Book Club

Flora, Ruby, Olivia, and Nikki start their own summer book club when well loved books start appearing on their doorsteps in the fifth of Ann Martin’s wonderful Main Street books. Flora and Ruby are about to start their second summer in Camden Falls. An element of mystery is instantly added when someone the girls don’t know who leaves copies of a very special book on their doorstop, with instructions to read and discuss it. Olivia and Nikki also get books, and soon the girls are starting their own book club with some very interesting ties between the books they’re reading and the things they’re facing over the summer. But who’s their literary benefactor? The girls don’t need to read Nancy Drew to track down the answer…

September Surprises

It’s September in Camden Falls…
and it’s time for Flora, Nikki, and Olivia to move up to the Central School from their old elementary school. As seventh graders, they’ll be sharing the halls with kids from other towns and from grades as high as twelfth. Flora and Nikki are excited…
but Olivia isn’t at all. She’s always been the youngest girl in her class. Now she’s the youngest girl in the whole school and plenty of kids, both friends and bullies, are noticing. When Olivia runs afoul of a popular girl, she realizes she has to grow up fast…
or get left behind.

Keeping Secrets

Flora, Ruby, Olivia, and Nikki are sad that the Willets have moved out of the Row Houses but they re excited when they hear the new neighbors will have kids nearly their age. One of them, Willow, seems like a natural fit for their group of friends. The only problem? Willow doesn t seem eager to be a part of life on Main Street.

Evenutally, Flora discovers that Willow has a secret a secret tied to the often erratic behavior of her mother. What’s a good neighbor and a new friend to do?

Special Delivery

There’s a new member of the family in this touching new Main Street story…
Flora and Ruby’s Aunt Allie has always wanted to have a baby…
and now, suddenly, it’s happening! Allie’s adopting and the baby is on its way. Suddenly, a quiet neighborhood Thanksgiving has turned into a huge event and Flora and Ruby are about to get their first cousin!

Coming Apart

When Nikki’s father left her family, she thought all the trouble would be over. No more screaming. No more fighting. No more rages. But now he’s coming back one last time, and Nikki isn’t sure what’s going to happen. Luckily, she has good friends like Flora, Ruby, and Olivia to stand behind her and a mom who cares about her kids enough to pull them through a hard time.

Staying Together

After a big fight, sisters Flora and Ruby must come together in this stirring installment of Main Street Flora and Ruby have always gotten along as sisters, but now they’re coming apart. They’re starting to fight all the time and nobody not their friends, not their grandmother knows what to do. It’s all a part of growing up, but it’s not an easy part. And Flora and Ruby are going to have to learn how to stay together…
with a little help from their friends.

Ten Rules for Living with My Sister

Pearl’s older sister Lexie is in eighth grade and has a boyfriend. Pearl s only boyfriend is the family s crabby cat, Bitey. Lexie is popular. Pearl is not, mostly because of the embarrassing Three Bad Things that happened in school and which no one has forgotten. Everything Pearl does seems to drive Lexie crazy. On top of that, their grandfather is moving into their family s apartment and taking over Pearl s room. How will these sisters share without driving one another crazy? Pearl is good at making lists of rules, but sometimes, life doesn t play by the rules!

A Dog’s Life

Newbery Honor author Ann Martin’s ‘heartwrenching and heartwarming’ Kirkus dog story, now in paperback, with After Words bonus material. Squirrel and her brother Bone begin their lives in a toolshed behind someone’s summer house. Their mother nurtures them and teaches them the many skills they will need to survive as stray dogs. But when their mother is taken from them suddenly and too soon, the puppies are forced to make their own way in the world, facing humans both gentle and brutal, busy highways, other animals, and the changing seasons. When Bone and Squirrel become separated, Squirrel must fend for herself, and in the process makes two friends who in very different ways define her fate.

Everything for a Dog

In this companion to her acclaimed 2005 novel, A Dog’s Life, Ann M. Martin tells the parallel stories of a stray dog the brother of the dog featured in A Dog s Life, a boy dealing with unspeakable loss, and a boy whose most ardent wish is to own a dog and Everything for a Dog. Bone and his sister, Squirrel, are stray dogs born in a shed. Left motherless as puppies, the two dogs survive together for a while, but are soon wrenched apart. Bone doesn t know if his sister is still alive, and must now go on, alone. Charlie is a boy who has suffered a terrible loss. And, as he s healing with the help of his dog, another tragedy occurs. Henry s best friend has moved away. All Henry has wanted is a dog of his own. But his parents won t let him. Bone, Charlie, and Henry live very different lives, but they are fated to intersect in surprising ways. Award winning author Ann M. Martin has written a powerful, heartfelt novel that s perfect for anyone who has ever longed for a dog, or loved one.

Ten Kids, No Pets

There are ten siblings in the Rosso family. Ten individuals with ten different ways of looking at things. But they all have one thing in common: Each of them wants a pet. The only problem is that their mom does not: ‘No pets,’ she has always said. ‘Ten kids is enough.’But now that the Rosso family is moving from the big city to the country, there are big changes ahead, including a new farmhouse and lots of nature. But the Rosso kids will still need to figure out a plan to change mom’s mind…

Eleven Kids, One Summer

The huge Rosso family eleven family members in all decides to take a vacation, and what follows is a chaotic and loving adventure.

Kristy’s Great Idea (By:Raina Telgemeier)

Based on Ann M. Martin’s bestselling series, America’s favorite baby sitters are back this time, in a heart warming and hilarious graphic novel. In this new graphic novel edition of the very first BABY SITTERS CLUB book, Raina Telgemeier captures all the drama of the original in warm, spunky illustrations. Witness Kristy’s eureka moment, when she gets the idea for a ‘baby sitters club’ and enlists her best friends, shy Mary Anne and artistic Claudia, in an exciting new venture. But the baby sitting business isn’t the only thing absorbing their attention: Kristy is having a hard time accepting her stepdad to be, and the newest member of the gang, Stacey, seems to be hiding a secret.

The Truth About Stacey (By:Raina Telgemeier)

America’s favorite baby sitters come to life in a new graphic novel series!Poor Stacey. She’s moved to a new town. She’s still coming to terms with her diabetes. She’s facing baby sitting problems left and right. And her parents are no help. Luckily, Stacey has three new, true friends Kristy, Claudia, and Mary Anne. Together they’re the BSC and they will deal with whatever’s thrown their way…
even if it’s a rival baby sitting club!

Mary Anne Saves the Day (By:Raina Telgemeier)

When a terrible fight breaks out among the four BABY SITTERS CLUB friends, Mary Anne is left to her own devices. She has to sit by herself at lunch, make new friends, and deal with her overprotective father without advice from the BSC gang. But the worst part is when she faces a terrible baby sitting predicament, and she can’t find any help. Luckily, Mary Anne rises to the occasion. Not only does she handle all her problems with aplomb, she also manages to get the BSC back together again.

Logan Likes Mary Anne!

Mary Anne’s budding new relationship with adorable boy baby sitter Logan is complicated when she recommends him to the other members of the Baby sitters club for extraneous jobs. Reissue.

Good-bye Stacey, Good-bye (With: )

Devastated by the news that Stacey will be leaving Stoneybrook and the Baby sitters Club to move back to New York, Claudia and the other club members plan a going away party and wonder how they will fill their friend’s position. Reissue.

Bummer Summer

When twelve year old Kammy has difficulty accepting her new family after her father’s remarriage, a summer at Camp Arrowhead helps her to put her home life in perspective.

Stage Fright

Shy Sara panics when her fourth grade teacher announces that her class is to perform a play before the entire school, but eventually learns that Stage Fright can sometimes be healthy.

Missing Since Monday

Kids just can’t get enough of Martin’s books, and they won’t want to put down this superbly crafted mystery about a girl’s little sister who disappears without a clue. Here, Martin realistically addresses important issues facing every child in contemporary society. ‘Tense, gripping fare right up to the finale.’ Pubishers Weekly. HC: Holiday House.

Ma and Pa Dracula

Jonathan Primave usually sleeps during the day and stays awake all night. One day he goes outdoors in the middle of the afternoon, meets a girl named Tobi, and discovers that the life he has been leading is far from normal. Jonathan confronts his parents and learns their terrible secret they’re vampires!

Rachel Parker, Kindergarten Show Off

Rachel Parker, Kindergarten Show Off. Paperback. Text copyright 1992 by Ann M. Martin. Illustrated copyright 1992 Nancy Poydar. First Scholastic printing, September 1993. ISBN 0 590 47347 6. ‘Olivia loves kindergarten. She can read and write. No one else in her class can. Then Rachel Elizabeth Parker moves next door, and she can read and write too! Olivia thinks that Rachel Parker is the world’s biggest show off. Can Olivia and Rachel learn to be friends? from backcover’

Chain Letter

A collection of correspondence between the baby sitters while they are on vacation features authentically stamped and postmarked postcards, letters, and greeting cards, all written in the girls’ actual handwriting.

Belle Teale

Ten year old Belle Teal Harper lives with her mother and grandmother in a small rural town in the early 1960s. Though they don’t have much, Belle Teal feels rich with love and loyalty to her family and best friends, Clarice and Little Boss. As a new school year begins, Belle Teal faces unexpected challenges, including her grandmother’s memory fading, her mother working longer hours to support the family, the bruises inflicted upon Little Boss by his father, and the two new students at her school: a shy African American boy caught in the center of rampant prejudice and a girl who seems determined to taunt Belle Teal.

A Corner of the Universe

On the heels of her acclaimed novel BELLE TEAL, bestselling and beloved author Ann M. Martin presents a searing story about family ties and how they bind us. The summer Hattie turns 12, her predictable smalltown life is turned on end when her uncle Adam returns home for the first time in over ten years. Hattie has never met him, never known about him. He’s been institutionalized; his condition invovles schizophrenia and autism. Hattie, a shy girl who prefers the company of adults, takes immediately to her excitable uncle, even when the rest of the family her parents and grandparents have trouble dealing with his intense way of seeing the world. And Adam, too, sees that Hattie is special, that her quiet, shy ways are not a disability,

Here Today

Newbery Honor medalist Ann M. Martin explores the fragile bonds of family and once again proves to be one of our strongest literary voices.’In 1963, Ellie’s mother, Doris Day Dingman, was crowned the Bosetti Beauty at Mr. Bosetti’s supermarket, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated, and the Dingmans began to fall apart.’ So begins 11 yr old Eleanor Roosevelt Dingman’s story. Ellie, who is about to start 6th grade in the small town of Spectacle, NY, is the oldest child in her off center family. Her father works construction jobs, while her mother, Doris, has only one dream to become a rich and famous actress. But when that dream leads to Doris’s abandonment of the family, it is Ellie who is called upon to take charge

On Christmas Eve

A heartfelt gift for every family, sure to be shared over and over each year. Eight year old Tess is convinced this is the year she will finally meet Santa and experience the ‘Christmas magic.’ She also wishes with all her heart that her best friend’s ill father will recover. Tess’s faith in the season results in a Christmas Eve so wondrous, so sparkling, readers won’t be able to help but feel transformed. Like trim*ming the tree and ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’; baking cookies and ‘White Christmas’; On Christmas Eve is sure to bring new holiday magic to readers’ lives.

Leo The Magnificat

One Sunday, a cat wanders into a church garden. The children name him Leo The Magnificat, and for many happy years he makes the church his home. When the time comes to say good bye, everyone gathers to remember their magnificent friend.

Seven Steps to an Award-Winning School Library Program

In 1998 the American Association of School Librarians AASL published its current guidelines, Information Power: Building Partnerships for Learning as a vision for school library media programs. The AASL National School Library Media Program of the Year NSLMPY Award application is based on criteria delineated in those guidelines. This book is an in depth look at providing a framework for program implementation that can lead to national award winning recognition. The book is based on the author’s experience as a winner of the 2002 AASL NSLMPY Award, and its recommended processes, guidelines, and advice are a blueprint to construct an award winning program that will enhance your students’ learning experience whether or not you choose to apply for the AASL award. Chapters include information on team building, collaboration with faculty and staff, building a needs as*sessment, and analyzing results, problem solving, training modules for staff development, and application procedures for the NSLMPY award. A helpful bibliography and extensive appendix of helpful and necessary documents and forms are also included.


Stories of Friendship from some of the most acclaimed and dynamic writers in children’s books today, edited by Ann M. Martin and David Levithan, with all proceeds going to The Lisa Libraries. The friend can be the girl next door…
or a faithful dog…
or a teacher…
or just plain invisible. But in every life, there’s at least one friend who changes your life. In this collection, writers including Virginia Euwer Wolff, Ann M. Martin, Pam Munoz Ryan, Tanuja Desai Hidier, Walter Dean Myers, Rachel Cohn, Meg Cabot, Jennifer L. Holm, Patty McCormick, David Levithan, and Patrick Jennings present stories about Friendship and all of its reverberations. All proceeds go to The Lisa Libraries, which provides small libraries for children in need.

What You Wish For: A Book for Darfur

A stellar collection from Newbery medalists and bestselling authors written to benefit Darfuri refugeesWith contributions from some of the best talent writing for children today, What You Wish For is a compelling collection of affecting, inspiring, creepy, and oft times funny short stories and poems all linked by the universal power of a wish the abstract things we all wish for home, family, safety and love. From the exchange of letters between two girls who have never met but are both struggling with the unexpected curves of life, to the stunning sacrifice one dying girl makes for another, to the mermaid who trades her tail for legs, to the boy who unwittingly steals an imp’s house, and to the chilling retelling of Cinderella, What You Wish For brings together a potent international roster of authors of note to remember and celebrate the Darfuri refugees and their incredible story of survival and hope.

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