Ann H Gabhart Books In Order

First Love Books In Publication Order

  1. A Chance Hero (1985)
  2. The Look of Eagles (1986)

Crosswinds Books In Publication Order

  1. Gifting (1987)
  2. A Kindred Spirit (1987)

The Heart of Hollyhill Books In Publication Order

  1. The Scent of Lilacs (2005)
  2. Orchard of Hope (2007)
  3. Summer of Joy (2008)

Shaker Books In Publication Order

  1. The Outsider (2008)
  2. The Believer (2009)
  3. The Seeker (2010)
  4. The Blessed (2011)
  5. The Gifted (2012)
  6. Christmas at Harmony Hill (2013)
  7. The Innocent (2015)

Rosey Corner Books In Publication Order

  1. Angel Sister (2010)
  2. Small Town Girl (2013)
  3. Love Comes Home (2014)

Hidden Springs Mysteries Books In Publication Order

  1. Murder at the Courthouse (2015)
  2. Murder Comes by Mail (2016)
  3. Murder is No Accident (2017)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. A Forbidden Yearning (1978)
  2. A Heart Divided (1980)
  3. Wish Come True (1988)
  4. Only in Sunshine (1989)
  5. For Shelia (1991)
  6. Discovery At Coyote Point (1991)
  7. Two of a Kind (1992)
  8. Bridge to Courage (1993)
  9. Secrets to Tell (1994)
  10. Words Spoken True (2012)
  11. Freak of the Week (2016)
  12. These Healing Hills (2017)
  13. River to Redemption (2018)
  14. Refuge (2019)
  15. An Appalachian Summer (2020)
  16. Along a Storied Trail (2021)

Non-Fiction Books In Publication Order

  1. Angels at the Crossroads (2006)

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Ann H Gabhart Books Overview

The Scent of Lilacs

Jocie Brooke has never wanted for love, despite the fact that she hardly remembers her mother. Jocie’s father, preacher David Brooke, has done his best to be both father and mother to his daughter. Even Jocie’s spinster Great aunt Love, who’s slowly going senile, cares for Jocie in her own stern way. But in their small town of Hollyhill, Kentucky, painful secrets lie just beneath the surface, and inquisitive spirits discover surprising truths. There’s a reason why Aunt Love hides behind black dresses and a stoic countenance. And David takes his morning walks not just for quiet solitude, but to wrestle with the past. Full of stories of lost loves and the trials of small town living, this heartwarming novel explores the journey of faith and family.

Summer of Joy

The summer of 1964 certainly was eventful, but it’s nothing compared to what’s coming to the Brooke family and to Hollyhill, Kentucky. David finally gets up the nerve to pop the question to Leigh and wedding plans are in the making. But the past is coming to call on many in Hollyhill, threatening to destroy the relationships that everyone thought were so strong. Two people one David thought was gone for good and the other no one’s ever heard of are making their way to the small town and promise trouble. This complex and well written story is the perfect conclusion to the Hollyhill story. With true to life family drama, refreshing humor, and lovable characters, Summer of Joy will delight readers.

The Outsider

For as long as she can remember, Gabrielle Hope has had the gift of knowing visions that warn of things to come. When she and her mother joined the Pleasant Hill Shaker community in 1807, the community embraced her gift. But Gabrielle fears this gift, for the visions are often ones of sorrow and tragedy. When one of these visions comes to pass, a local doctor must be brought in to save the life of a young man, setting into motion a chain of events that will challenge Gabrielle’s loyalty to the Shakers. As she falls deeper into a forbidden love for this man of the world, Gabrielle must make a choice. Can she experience true happiness in this simple and chaste community? Or will she abandon her brothers and sisters for a life of the unknown? Soulful and filled with romance, The Outsider lets readers live within a bygone time among a unique and peculiar people. This tender and thought provoking story will leave readers wanting more from this writer.

The Seeker

Charlotte Vance is a young woman who knows what she wants. But when the man she planned to marry joins the Shakers a religious group that does not marry she is left dumbfounded. And when her father brings home a new wife who is young enough to be Charlotte’s sister, it is more than she can bear. With the country and her own household on the brink of civil war, this pampered gentlewoman hatches a plan to avoid her new stepmother and win back her man by joining the Shaker community at Harmony Hill. Little does she know that this decision will lead her down a road toward unforeseen peace and a very unexpected love. Ann H. Gabhart brings alive the strikingly different worlds of the Southern gentry, the simple Shakers, and the ravages of war to weave a touching story of love, freedom, and forgiveness that sticks with readers long after they have turned the last page.

The Blessed

It is 1844 and Lacey Bishop’s life is a tangled mess. Estranged from her own family, at age 16 she went to work for a preacher and his wife. When his wife died, the preacher convinced Lacey that the only decent thing to do was to marry him. That way she could continue to act as mother to the little girl who was left on his doorstop. But Lacey never expected he would decide to take them all off to a Shaker village. There she’s still married but living in a community that believes marriage is a sin. And to make matters worse, she finds herself drawn to Isaac Kingston, a man who came to the Shakers after his young bride died. But of course any notion of love between them is only a forbidden dream. How will Lacey ever find true happiness?Readers will find themselves engrossed in this heartrending tale of commitment and forgiveness, the latest from popular author Ann H. Gabhart.

The Gifted

By 1849, Jessamine Brady has been in the Shaker Village for half her life, but in spite of how she loves her sisters there, she struggles to conform to the strict rules. Instead she entertains dreams of the world outside. When Tristan Cooper seems to step out of those dreams to entice her into the forbidden realm beyond the Shaker Village, her life turns upside down. Will Jessamine be able to survive the storms of the world? Or will she retreat back to the peace of Harmony Hill?The thousands of loyal fans of Gabhart’s Shaker novels will love this entrancing story of learning to trust the gifts God gives us and let him guide us through life.

Angel Sister

It is 1936 and Kate Merritt works hard to keep her family together. Her father has slipped into alcoholism, her mother is trying to come to grips with their dire financial situation, and her sisters seem to remain blissfully oblivious to all of it. Kate could never have imagined that a dirty, abandoned little girl named Lorena Birdsong would be just what her family needs. In this richly textured audio book, award winning author Ann H. Gabhart reveals the power of true love, the freedom of forgiveness, and the strength to persevere through troubled times, all against the backdrop of a sultry Kentucky summer.

Words Spoken True

Adriane Darcy was practically raised in her father’s newspaper offices. She can’t imagine life without the clatter of the press and the push to be first to write the news that matters. Their Tribune is the leading paper in Louisville in 1855. Then Blake Garrett, a brash young editor from the North with a controversial new style of reporting, takes over failing competitor the Herald, and the battle for readers gets fierce. When Adriane and Blake meet at a benefit tea, their surprising mutual attraction is hard to ignore. Still, Blake is the enemy, and Adriane is engaged to the son of a powerful businessman who holds the keys to the Tribune’s future. Blake will stop at almost nothing to get the story and the girl. Can he do both before it’s too late?Set against the volatile backdrop of political and civil unrest in 1850s Louisville, this exciting story of love and loyalty will hold readers in its grip until the very last page. Bestselling author Ann H. Gabhart once again delivers an enthralling and enduring tale for her loyal and ever expanding fan base.

Angels at the Crossroads

The chase is over. In April 1969, nineteen year old Jerry Shepherd stares in his rearview mirror at the two policemen approaching his car. He wants to run, make his escape, perhaps his final escape from life. Then he curls his fingers around the small Bible in his back pocket as the words Peace be still whisper through his head. He holds to those words as he steps from the car to be handcuffed and arrested. Angels at the Crossroads is the compelling true story of Shepherd’s amazing journey from wrongdoing to redemption. Convicted of a crime he can hardly believe he could have committed, Shepherd faces life in prison and fears not only that he won t survive behind bars, but also that he has stepped beyond the hope of prayer or forgiveness. His parents say no as they cover him with fervent prayers, but Shepherd must find his own way through the jungle of prison life to the angels who can help him discover God s love knows no limits. On this introspective pilgrimage to self acceptance, Shepherd learns to forgive the past and completely and unconditionally love again. If you face a crossroads in your life, Shepherd s inspirational journey may help lead you down a new pathway to a life filled with compassion and love. Visit author Ann H. Gabhart online at www. annhgabhart. com.

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