Angus Wells Books In Order

Breed Books In Order

  1. The Lonely Hunt (1970)
  2. Silent Kill (1977)
  3. Cry for Vengeance (1977)
  4. Death Stage (1977)
  5. Gallows Tree (1978)
  6. Judas Goat (1978)
  7. Time of the Wolf (1978)
  8. Blood Debt (1979)
  9. Blood Stock (1979)
  10. Outlaw Road (1979)
  11. Dying and the Damned (1980)
  12. Killer’s Moon (1980)
  13. Bounty Hunter! (1980)
  14. Spanish Gold (1981)
  15. Slaughter Time (1981)
  16. Bad Habits (1981)
  17. The Day of the Gun (1982)
  18. The Colour of Death (1982)
  19. Blood Valley (1983)
  20. Gundown! (1983)
  21. Blood Hunt (1984)
  22. Apache Blood (1985)

Books In Order

  1. The Massacre Trail (1977)
  2. Golden Gun (1978)
  3. White Apache (1978)
  4. Fifty Calibre Kill (1978)
  5. Arizona Bloodline (1979)
  6. Rebel Vengeance (1979)
  7. Death Canyon (1979)
  8. Peacemaker (1980)
  9. The Russian Lode (1980)
  10. Blood Target (1981)
  11. The Evil Breed (1977)
  12. Kansas Bloody Kansas (1977)
  13. Judgment Day (1978)
  14. Vengeance Trail (1978)
  15. Hanged Man (1979)
  16. One Way to Die (1980)
  17. The Sudden Guns (1979)
  18. Blood Money (1979)
  19. Death’s Bounty (1979)
  20. Killing Time (1980)
  21. Fool’s Gold (1980)
  22. Blood Kin (1980)
  23. Gates of Death (1980)
  24. Desperadoes (1981)
  25. The Widowmaker (1981)
  26. Dead Man’s Hand (1981)
  27. Sierra Gold (1982)
  28. Death and Jack Shade (1982)
  29. Killer’s Breed (1982)
  30. Border War (1983)
  31. Killer! (1983)
  32. Comanche! (1981)
  33. Outlaws (1981)
  34. Whiplash (1981)
  35. Lynch Law (1981)
  36. Bloodrun (1982)
  37. War-party (1983)
  38. One Thousand Dollar Death (1984)
  39. The Lost (1984)
  40. Shoot-out! (1984)
  41. Claw Books In Order

    1. Day of Fury (1983)
    2. Vengeance Road (1983)
    3. Wild Hunt (1983)
    4. Yellow Stripe (1983)
    5. Blood for Blood (1983)
    6. Death in Red (1984)

    Kingdoms Books In Order

    1. Wrath of Ashar (1988)
    2. The Usurper (1989)
    3. The Way Beneath (1990)

    Godwars Books In Order

    1. Forbidden Magic (1991)
    2. Dark Magic (1992)
    3. Wild Magic (1993)

    Exiles Books In Order

    1. Exile’s Children (1995)
    2. Exile’s Challenge (1996)


    1. Return of a Man Called Horse (1976)
    2. Star Maidens (1977)
    3. Brothers McGregor (1985)
    4. Lords of the Sky (1994)
    5. The Guardian (1998)
    6. Yesterday’s Kings (2001)


    1. Widowmaker / Dead Man’s Hand (1984)

    Breed Book Covers

    Book Covers

    • The Massacre Trail
    • Golden Gun
    • White Apache
    • Fifty Calibre Kill
    • Arizona Bloodline
    • Rebel Vengeance
    • Death Canyon
    • Peacemaker
    • The Russian Lode
    • Blood Target
    • The Evil Breed
    • Kansas Bloody Kansas
    • Judgment Day
    • Vengeance Trail
    • Hanged Man
    • One Way to Die
    • The Sudden Guns
    • Blood Money
    • Death
    • Killing Time
    • Fool
    • Blood Kin
    • Gates of Death
    • Desperadoes
    • The Widowmaker
    • Dead Man
    • Sierra Gold
    • Death and Jack Shade
    • Killer
    • Border War
    • Killer!
    • Comanche!
    • Outlaws
    • Whiplash
    • Lynch Law
    • Bloodrun
    • War-party
    • One Thousand Dollar Death
    • The Lost
    • Shoot-out!
    • Claw Book Covers

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      Angus Wells Books Overview

      Wrath of Ashar

      In the north, a fire rages through the world spanning forest of Beltrevan. Out of the flames is born terrifying being with monstrous powers Taws, messenger of the fire god Ashar. The ancient prophecies say he will raise a great Horde from the warlike tribes of the north to bring destruction to the peaceful Kingdoms of Tamur, Ust Galich, and Kesh. In the south, a young prophetess of the order of the lady forsakes her vows of celibacy to bear a child, for the Book of Kyrie says that a champion will arise from Tamur to meet the challenge of the Usurper. The boy is named Kedyrn. And as he nears manhood it seems that he may indeed be the child of prophecy, for he wields powers that none outside the Sisterhood have ever claimed. He may be the last, desperate hope for the survival of the Kingdoms but the Usurper has learned of Kedryrn as well, and his armies are on the march…

      The Usurper

      Kedryn, the young prince prophesied the sacred Book of Kyrie, has led the Three Kingdoms to victory over the barbaric northern Hordes commanded by the demonic Taws, the fire born Messenger of the war god Ashar. But victory had a terrible price. Kedryn was blinded by an ensorcelled sword in his hour of triumph. Now he must journey into the abode of the dead, accompanied by his beloved Wynett, on a perilous quest to confront the shade of the warrior who wielded the blade. In Kendryn’s absence, Taws the Messenger rises again, using his terrible magic to foment bloodshed and rebellion among the Kingdoms. A vivid and exciting tale of courage, adventure, and dark magic by an exciting new fantasy talent, The Usurper is the second spellbinding novel in The Books of the Kingdoms. From the Paperback edition.

      The Way Beneath

      Years ago, the sacred Book of Kyrie prophesied that a champion would lead the Three Kingdoms in battle against the demonic sorcerer Taws and his barbarian Horde sent by the wrathful war god Ashar to tear the kingdoms apart. When the young prince Kedryn Caitin defeated Taws and his forces, the Three Kingdoms joined in proclaiming him and Wynett begin life together, all are certain that the battle is over at last. But concealed by darkness, Ashar’s anger simmers and he waits. His minion may have failed. But his diabolical cause is not forgotten…
      A thrilling adventure of courage and magic by a remarkable new talent in fantasy, The Books Of The Kingdoms. From the Paperback edition.

      Forbidden Magic

      In the time of the beginning, when the First Gods created all things, they brought forth two children, Tharn and Balatur, lesser gods, to walk upon the new world. But Balatur was arrogant. Tharn was consumed with madness, and the First Gods were forced to condemn them to an eternal, deathlike sleep, lest they destroy creation. Now a mysterious wizard seeks to awaken the mad Tharn and unleash his terrifying power into the world. If he succeeds, the god’s insane fury could rip apart the fabric of existence and give the diabolical magician what he seeks most of all: the scepter of domination over the forces of chaos. Only the young scholar Calandryll has the knowledge and skill to stop the evil wizard s plan. Accompanied by a cynical mercenary, protected by an enigmatic magic, he must journey across a war torn countryside, facing terror and treachery both real and magical, to find the ancient book whose incantations can bring the evil god back to life and destroy it forever. Forbidden Magic is the thrilling beginning of The Godwars, an epic adventure of heroism and sorcery by one of the most exciting new writers of fantasy today.

      Dark Magic

      Ages ago, when the First Gods ruled heaven and earth, they created two lesser deities to reign along with them. But these gods, Tharn and Balatur, were flawed. Their madness threatened creation itself and thus they were condemned to an eternal sleep. Only an ancient book of spells holds the key to their release. Now an evil necromancer has obtained the book and hastens to Tharn’s hidden resting place with a plan as deadly as the god himself. Ancient prophecy points to the exiled prince Calandryll as the only one who can defeat the wizard aided by a beautiful warrior woman, a hard bitten mercenary, and Calandryll s own uncertain powers. But first Calandryll and his companions must travel a kingdom racked by civil war, cross the rolling prairie of the fierce horse clans, and finally venture into the forbidden wastes and uncharted territories beyond. Enemies and foul treachery await, while the mighty Tharn, as if somehow aware of his imminent release, begins to stir begins to dream and all creation begins to quake. Dark Magic is the masterful second chapter of The Godwars, a stirring chronicle of high adventure by one of the most exciting new writers of fantasy.

      Wild Magic

      When the First Gods created all things, they brought forth two lesser gods, Tharn and Balatur, to walk upon the new world. But greed and power twisted their minds and turned their ambition into madness. And so the First Gods condemned them to eternal sleep in order to preserve creation.

      Now, the exiled prince Calandryll, the mercenary Bracht, and the warrior woman Katya pursue Rhythamun, a powerful wizard who would wake one of the mad gods and provoke apocalypse. He carries with him the Arcanum, an ancient book of power that – simply by virtue of having been discovered – already stirs the god from his slumber.

      But Calandryll and his companions are chased by another vengeful mage, whose dark magics created Cennaire, an undead murderess, to thwart their efforts. And as they face the perils of civil war, magical assaults, and the ever-present threat of Cennaire’s treachery to reach Rhythamun before he wakes the god, they live with the knowledge that the fate of the world rests solely in their hands.

      Wild Magic is the dazzling conclusion to The Godwars, an epic quest of daring heroism and startling magic by one of the rising stars in the fantasy firmament.

      Exile’s Children

      Part One Of The Exiles SagaIn the peaceful land of Ket Ta Witko, the People have lived for generations in harmony, kept from trouble by their Seers’ guiding dreams. But not even those talents are proof against the powers of love and love thwarted. When a blood feud escalates into violence, the People find themselves beset by a race of implacable demons, intent on destroying everything they hold dear. And their one chance at redemption lies worlds away, in the harsh and dismal prison colony of Salvation, where a tavern girl, a gambler, and a young boy with the forbidden talent for True Dreaming have been unjustly accused and bound into a lifetime of servitude. Individually, they are helpless. Together, they may alter the future forever. From the Paperback edition.

      Exile’s Challenge

      A reluctant Major journeys to the land of Salvation to defeat a scourge of demon warriors, while a jealous young dreamer seeks to stir his people to violence, and the dreaded Akratil rises to disturbing levels of power.

      Lords of the Sky

      Angus Wells carved a place for himself on the shelves of hundreds of thousands of fantasy readers. Now, with Lords of the Sky, it is clear that he has saved his most sweeping and imaginative tale for an epic more powerful than anything he has written before. For centuries, the Dhar have had to face the Ahn, fierce warriors who would lay claim to Dharbek, the land they call their ancestral home. Now, in fantastic airships powered by magic, the Ahn have begun their greatest campaign yet. In preparation for the coming onslaught, Storymen like Daviot travel the land collecting tales and sharing the history it’s their responsibility to safeguard. But Daviot’s travels show him the dark side of Dharbek, and inspire him to be a catalyst for change, to overcome doubt and fear, and pursue the one dream that has eluded Dharbek. Using his special gifts for storytelling and world building, Angus Wells reaches new heights with a story as ambitious as it is broad in scope. Lords of the Sky has all the action, adventure and magic a fantasy lover could desire, and tackles social change, prejudice, the value of genuine friendship and the power of enduring love. From the Paperback edition.

      The Guardian

      Angus Wells has imagined a magnificent new novel of vengeance, courage, and adventure an electrifying tale of a noble warrior willing to lay down his life in the name of honor…
      . Aided by the dark magic of an evil sorcerer, a merciless army seeks to conquer the peaceful province of Chaldor. After Chaldor’s king meets his death in battle, his queen urges the region’s fiercest warrior, Gailard the Highlander, to carry out one final mission. She asks and Gailard consents to protect the royal daughter, Princess Ellyn, until she is old enough to gain her hereditary powers and win back her father’s kingdom. But Gailard knows the enemy is closing in. In desperation, he turns to Shara, an enigmatic sorceress and the only one with the power to help the pair survive. Shara vows to lead Gailard and Ellyn to their destiny. But will it be one of triumph…
      or destruction?From the Paperback edition.

      Yesterday’s Kings

      From Angus Wells comes a stirring tale of magic, adventure, and passion as only he could imagine it the saga of two ancient peoples, long divided by a bloody past, and the courageous young man who must save them both or die with the woman he loves…
      . Long ago the Kandarians seized the border forests, driving the native Durrym into a land of powerful magic that protects the Durrym from further invasion. But Kandarian priests have now mastered their own form of magic a magic that can overcome the Durrym’s protective spells and open their land to conquest. For Cullyn, a young and innocent Kandarian woodsman, it means the end to a life of idyllic solitude, as Kandarian troops, Durrym spies, a noble lady, and a cruel priest all force him to choose sides in the impending conflagration. Cullyn soon comes to realize that through fate’s design, he alone can stop the war. But it will mean betraying his own people, earning the trust of his Durrym enemies, and winning the heart of the woman he loves before the coming clash of magic and mayhem destroys them all.

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