Andrew Neiderman Books In Order


  1. Illusion (1967)
  2. Sisters (1971)
  3. Weekend (1980)
  4. Pin (1981)
  5. Brainchild (1981)
  6. Someone’s Watching (1983)
  7. Tender, Loving Care (1984)
  8. Imp (1985)
  9. Child’s Play (1985)
  10. Night Howl (1986)
  11. Reflection (1986)
  12. Love Child (1986)
  13. Teacher’s Pet (1986)
  14. Sight Unseen (1987)
  15. The Maddening (1987)
  16. Surrogate Child (1988)
  17. Perfect Little Angels (1989)
  18. The Devil’s Advocate (1990)
  19. Bloodchild (1990)
  20. The Immortals (1991)
  21. The Need (1992)
  22. Sister, Sister (1992)
  23. The Solomon Organization (1993)
  24. After Life (1993)
  25. Angel of Mercy (1994)
  26. Duplicates (1994)
  27. The Dark (1997)
  28. In Double Jeopardy (1998)
  29. Neighborhood Watch (2000)
  30. Curse (2000)
  31. Dead Time (2001)
  32. Amnesia (2001)
  33. Under Abduction (2002)
  34. The Baby Squad (2003)
  35. Deficiency (2004)
  36. The Hunted (2005)
  37. Finding Satan (2006)
  38. Unholy Birth (2007)
  39. Life Sentence (2007)
  40. Deadly Verdict (2008)
  41. The Magic Bullet (2008)
  42. Guardian Angel (2009)
  43. Garden of the Dead (2010)
  44. The Terrorist’s Holiday (2014)
  45. Lost in His Eyes (2015)
  46. The Incident (2016)
  47. The Girl in the Painting (2017)

Non fiction

  1. The Woman Beyond the Attic: The V.C. Andrews Story (2022)

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Andrew Neiderman Books Overview


Cynthia Warner is troubled by the increasing fraternity between her husband and her brother, but she is made downright panicky by her discovery of the story of Karla Hoffman, who suffered the same marital dilemma and was murdered fifty years earlier. Originally in paperback.

Surrogate Child

From Andrew Neiderman comes a haunting tale of a son’s terrifying legacy…
. Surrogate Child Fifteen year old Solomon Stern was the perfect teenager: an ideal student, an outstanding athlete, and a valued friend. But when Solomon ended his life with a hangman’s noose, he shattered every dream that Joe and Martha Stern held dear. His legacy: guilt to a father who didn’t know his own son…
despair to a mother who loved him too well. The foster child was a second chance for the Sterns Jonathan, a boy of Solomon’s age, intelligent and charming. But there were other similarities between Jonathan and the dead son. Disturbing similarities. And there was also something different about Jonathan…
something chilling. Something deadly.

Perfect Little Angels

The bestselling author of Playmates and Surrogate Child creates another masterpiece of horror. The teenagers of Elysian Fields are perfect. They don’t drink or smoke, and they are always polite to their elders. The new girl in town hasn’t learned to behave but she will, for there are so many horribly effective ways to turn disobedient children into Perfect Angels.

The Devil’s Advocate

When Kevin Taylor joins the Manhattan criminal law firm of John Milton & Associates, he’s hit the big time. At last, he and his wife can enjoy the luxuries they’ve so desired money, a chauffeur driven limo, and a stunning home in a high rise. Then Milton assigns Kevin one of the most notorious cases of the year, with a file that had been put together prior to the crime. Throwing himself into his work, Kevin begins to see a pattern of evil emerging from behind the firm’s plush facade. Acquittal after acquittal, every criminal client walks free, and Kevin’s suspicions slowly give way to terror. For Kevin has just become The Devil’s Advocate.

The Solomon Organization

His life ruined by an extramarital affair and cocaine abuse, Scott Lester accepts help from a mysterious stranger representing the shadowy Solomon Organization and ends up being accused of attempted murder and kidnapping. By the author of The Need.

After Life

Years after she loses her eyesight in a car accident, Jessie moves with her husband Lee to the peaceful village of Gardner Town, where Jessie’s blindness only heightens her awareness of strange and terrible goings on.

Angel of Mercy

Whenever one of nurse Faye Sullivan’s patients dies, her twin sister Susie moves in on surviving bereaved spouses who soon afterward die as well, and retired detective Frankie Samuels finds the occurrences suspicious. LJ.

The Dark

From the author of ‘The Devil’s Advocate’ comes a psychological thriller of unimaginable evil. Los Angeles psychiatrist Grant Blaine’s marriage begins to crumble under the vile influence of one of his patients a man who claims to be a master manipulator of evil and death. It’s up to Grant’s beautiful wife, Maggie, to battle the man who seems to want to possess her husband, body and soul.

In Double Jeopardy

Dead Man Stalking Shy and reclusive medical student Elaine Ross is warned she might have trouble dating after her only sister is brutally murdered by her brother in law, Dirk Stoner. Dirk, a handsome golf pro and the son of a billionaire developer, was convicted and executed amid a media frenzy that rivaled the O.J. Simpson trial. So when Elaine is coerced out to a nightclub and is unsettled by the advances of Jonathan Lewis a man whose mannerisms and gestures eerily remind her of Dirk she refuses to succumb to her paranoid fears. But Elaine can’t conceive of the twisted trail of bribes, blackmail, and murder that Dirk’s billionaire father wove in an attempt to save his only son. She isn’t aware that an FBI investigation linking the deaths of Dirk’s prison doctor and a plastic surgeon has been inexplicably dropped. And Elaine has no way of knowing that the face in her nightmares is carrying a very real torch…
for revenge.

Neighborhood Watch

Welcome to Emerald Lake where the security is to die for. From bestselling author Andrew Neiderman comes a chilling tale of the perfect family, the perfect neighborhood, and the perfect nightmare…
Dr. Teddy Morris and his wife, Kristin, are on the verge of having everything they want. Their beautiful daughter is already five, and they expect their second child in a few months. All they need now is a bigger house…
Emerald Lake is a paradise on earth, a gated community built around a glimmering lake in upstate New York. The houses are equally gorgeous individually designed by the community’s founder, Philip Slater. As president of the Homeowners Association, Slater is the watchdog of Emerald Lake, and he makes sure that each resident does their part to keep the neighborhood beautiful. But something isn’t quite right at Emerald Lake something beyond the strict rules and super security. The Morrises begin to ask unwelcome questions. Like what happened to the previous owners of their house? What secret does the Homeowners Association protect? And how far will it go to protect it? Teddy and Kristin Morris get only one disturbing answer: enemies of the neighborhood are likely to be found dead wrong.


Magic or Murder? When miserly landlord Henry Deutch is found dead of an apparent heart attack, no one is happier than Anna Young. It was Henry who evicted Anna’s mother from his Catskill tenement, which eventually led to her death. Anna swore a blood oath of vengence, but her alleged attacks were purely metaphysical. Yet, some claim them mortally effective; those who frequent her tiny shop for love charms and protective amulets attest that Anna Young is a master of black magic. Now a politically ambitious prosecuter has filed first degree murder charges against Anna, contending that her spell casting litteraly frightened old Henry to death. And though the public remains divided among those who believe in Anna’s powers and those who think she’s a murderous fraud, one Del Pearson, her court appointed lawyer, is about to discover the truth: whether Anna Young is a harmless charlatan, a cold blooded killer…
or quite something else indeed.

Dead Time

. For Webster Martin, the mysterious Shelly wasa dream come true: beautiful, energetic, with a bodyto die for. How could he have guessed she wasn’t everything she appeared to be? And why should he doubt her after she had given him the greatest nightof his life? But Webster’s best friend, Carl, wasn’t as fortunate. He went home with Shelly’s equally gorgeous friend and had a bullet in his head by morning. For Shelly, the night was just as unforgettable. Dr. Harrison’s experiments had finally borne fruit and she had recaptured the beauty and youth that left her so long ago. But success often comes with a price. And sacrifices must be made. The experiment must remain a secret no matter what. Dead Time No one has all the time in the world.


What would you do if you couldn’t remember…
who you were? where you lived? or what you might have done? Rush hour, Grand Central Station. Aaron Clifford stops dead in his tracks, commuters swirling around him but he doesn’t know he’s Aaron Clifford. He doesn’t know who he is at all. No matter how hard he tries, he has no memory of why he is there, where he came from, or where he’s going. It’s impossible…
but its true. The clues came slowly: from his surroundings, from his wallet, from the taste of dry martini still on his lips. Soon Aaron Clifford will piece together the keys to his life. With that relief will come cold blooded fear as he learns more than he ever knew before. Things he shouldn’t know. Things he doesn’t want to know. Things that could get him killed…



In the rugged mountains of upstate New York, a predator unlike any other is stalking and seducing his prey. Endowed with abilities and instincts far more advanced than any man, he is guided only by the desire to survive, and to feed. Dr. Terri Barnard knows something is wrong. Young women are being found abandoned, barely alive only to then die from diseases so rare that they should be an impossibility. In each case, the victims are completely devoid of a single vital nutrient, as if they were literally stolen from their bodies. For while the killer appears as a model of physical perfection, his mind and body are tortured by the truth. With no identity and no past, all he knows is that he needs. He is a monstrous miracle of modern science set loose upon the world, and with him comes a hunger that will never be sated…


Finding Satan

Parapsychologist Dr Christopher Drew and his research team identify and track the movement of evil energy ‘storms’ across the country using weather satellite photography and then intervene to prevent deadly events. They discover an area in Arizona that is mysteriously resistant to the presence of evil auras. The inexplicable phenomenon attracts the interest of both a Satanic cult and the Vatican culminating in the ultimate showdown between good and evil.

Unholy Birth

Congratulations, it’s a boy…
Now it’s time to pray.

Kate Dobson and her girlfriend run a successful California catering business and share a beautiful home in the Indian Canyons of Palm Springs. They aresecure in their relationship and more than comfortable financially. But Katewants something more…
a child. Her longing has invaded her dreams, turning them to nightmares, but it’s a need that won’t be ignored. So it seems like a miracle when Kate is contacted by Genitor, a cutting edge in vitro fertilizationclinic. Dr. Lois Matthews, the head of Genitor, will personally handle Kate’s case, and everything is in place for Kate’s pregnancy: an ideal donor, a live innanny. But before any test shows she is pregnant, Kate experiences unnervingsymptoms in full force, pushing her body and soon her sanity to the brink. How can she feel a child quickening inside her? Why is she being pursued by aterrorizing radical group or is she? Paranoia is taking over her mind, but aforce of evil is taking over her body. And soon that evil will be delivered…

Life Sentence

The chilling new thriller from a bestselling author When a clandestine corporate organization employs Dr Simon Oakland, a research scientist known for his work on ageing, to come up with a medical solution to alleviate prison overcrowding, they unleash more evil than they had ever dreamed existed…
Detectives Palmer Dorian and Tucker Browning, called in to investigate a series of mysterious deaths involving the elderly, are caught up in a sinister and deadly conspiracy . .

Deadly Verdict

Imagine the United States legal system built upon a pool of professional jurors trained to judge evidence objectively…
When a professional jury foreman goes missing and Holland Byron is put on the case with lead agent Wyatt Ert, Holland suspects shes the victim of an in joke. By turns brilliant and surprisingly innocent, Holland soon wonders who and what Ert is…
Then other jurors turn up dead. Is the entire program under attack or is it just vengeful guilty defendants?

Guardian Angel

After a one-night stand with Steve, Megan is content to leave it at that, but Steve isn’t, and he’ll stop at nothing-even kidnapping Megan’s young daughter-to make Megan part of his ‘perfect family.’

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