Andrew Gross Books In Order

Ty Hauck Books In Publication Order

  1. The Dark Tide (2008)
  2. Don’t Look Twice (2009)
  3. Reckless (2010)
  4. One Mile Under (2015)

Women’s Murder Club Books In Publication Order

  1. 1st to Die (By:James Patterson) (2000)
  2. 2nd Chance (2002)
  3. 3rd Degree (2004)
  4. 4th of July (By:James Patterson,Maxine Paetro) (2005)
  5. The 5th Horseman (By:James Patterson,Maxine Paetro) (2006)
  6. The 6th Target (By:James Patterson,Maxine Paetro) (2007)
  7. 7th Heaven (By:James Patterson,Maxine Paetro) (2008)
  8. The 9th Judgment (By:James Patterson,Maxine Paetro) (2009)
  9. The 8th Confession (By:James Patterson,Maxine Paetro) (2009)
  10. 10th Anniversary (By:James Patterson,Maxine Paetro) (2011)
  11. 11th Hour (By:James Patterson,Maxine Paetro) (2012)
  12. 12th of Never (By:James Patterson,Maxine Paetro) (2013)
  13. Unlucky 13 (By:James Patterson,Maxine Paetro) (2014)
  14. 14th Deadly Sin (By:James Patterson,Maxine Paetro) (2015)
  15. 15th Affair (By:James Patterson,Maxine Paetro) (2016)
  16. 16th Seduction (By:James Patterson,Maxine Paetro) (2017)
  17. The 17th Suspect (By:James Patterson,Maxine Paetro) (2018)
  18. The 18th Abduction (By:James Patterson,Maxine Paetro) (2019)
  19. The 19th Christmas (By:James Patterson,Maxine Paetro) (2019)
  20. The 20th Victim (By:James Patterson,Maxine Paetro) (2020)
  21. 21st Birthday (By:James Patterson,Maxine Paetro) (2021)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. The Jester (With: James Patterson) (2003)
  2. Lifeguard (With: James Patterson) (2005)
  3. Judge & Jury (With: James Patterson) (2006)
  4. The Blue Zone (2007)
  5. Eyes Wide Open (2011)
  6. 15 Seconds (2012)
  7. No Way Back (2013)
  8. Everything to Lose (2014)
  9. The One Man (2016)
  10. The Saboteur (2017)
  11. Button Man / The Last Brother (2018)
  12. The Fifth Column (2019)

Suspense Magazine Books In Publication Order

  1. Suspense Magazine August 2010 (By:) (2010)
  2. Suspense Magazine January 2010 (By:) (2010)
  3. Suspense Magazine February 2010 (By:) (2010)
  4. Suspense Magazine March 2010 (By:) (2010)
  5. Suspense Magazine April 2010 (By:) (2010)
  6. Suspense Magazine May 2010 (By:) (2010)
  7. Suspense Magazine June 2010 (By:) (2010)
  8. Suspense Magazine July 2010 (By:) (2010)
  9. Suspense Magazine September 2010 (By:) (2010)
  10. Suspense Magazine December 2010 (By:) (2010)
  11. Suspense Magazine January 2011 (By:) (2010)
  12. Suspense Magazine February 2011 (By:) (2011)
  13. Suspense Magazine March 2011 (By:) (2011)
  14. Suspense Magazine April 2011 (By:) (2011)
  15. Suspense Magazine May 2011 (By:) (2011)
  16. Suspense Magazine June 2011 (By:) (2011)
  17. Suspense Magazine July 2011 (By:) (2011)
  18. Suspense Magazine August 2011 (By:) (2011)
  19. Suspense Magazine October 2011 (By:) (2011)
  20. Suspense Magazine November 2011 (By:) (2011)
  21. Suspense Magazine October 2012 (By:) (2012)
  22. Suspense Magazine January 2013 (By:) (2013)
  23. Suspense Magazine February 2013 (By:) (2013)
  24. Suspense Magazine March 2013 (By:) (2013)
  25. Suspense Magazine April 2013 (2013)

Anthologies In Publication Order

  1. MatchUp (2017)

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Andrew Gross Books Overview

The Dark Tide

From the New York Times bestselling author of The Blue Zone comes this second mesmerizing thriller about a woman who must unravel the secrets from her dead husband’s past. An explosion rips through New York City’s Grand Central Station, destroying the train Karen Friedman’s husband, a successful hedge fund manager, is riding in to work. On the same day, there’s a suspicious hit and run accident in Karen’s hometown of Greenwich, Connecticut, and Ty Hauck, a detective, finds a clue that shockingly connects the two seemingly unrelated events. Months later, two men show up at Karen’s home digging into Charles’ business dealings. Hundreds of millions of dollars are missing and the trail points squarely to Charles. Suddenly Karen, with Hauck, steps into a widening storm of hedge fund losses, international scams and murder. And as the investigations converge, these two strangers are pulled into a twisted and deadly conspiracy. With its breakneck pacing, plentiful twists, compelling characters, and abundant heart, The Dark Tide confirms Andrew Gross’ place as a master storyteller at the top of his game.

Don’t Look Twice

In this dramatic new novel following the bestselling The Dark Tide, a drive by shooting rocks the posh suburb of Greenwich, Connecticut, and an innocent bystander is left dead.

Detective Ty Hauck plunges into what seems like a vicious case of retribution and follows the trail to a sinister gambling scheme at an upstate casino. Until Annie Fletcher, a young restaurateur in the midst of rebuilding her life, witnesses something she shouldn’t have and immediately runs to him with what she knows. Suddenly, Hauck is pulled into a rising storm far greater than it first appeared a storm wide enough to encompass corruption inside Greenwich’s circle of wealthy and powerful citizens. And punishing enough to consume Hauck’s own family, and tear brothers apart forever…
if it doesn’t kill them first.

Don’t Look Twice is a gripping story of profiteering on an international scale and an emotionally resonant domestic thriller from one of the hottest new talents in suspense fiction.


Ty Hauck is shattered by the news. A close friend from his past, along with her husband and daughter, has been brutally murdered in her home by vicious intruders. Now he will risk everything he loves to avenge her death…
. A wealthy banker, seeing his world about to crumble around him, knows his family is in unfathomable danger…
. A U.S. government agent watches the sudden bank transfers of millions in cash and suspects that this is the first step in a plot to unleash a wave of global panic…
. Ty Hauck hunts the murderer of a friend and steps into the crosshairs of a sinister conspiracy in this most electrifying novel yet from New York Times bestselling thriller master Andrew Gross Private security investigator Ty Hauck, with Naomi Blum, a tenacious agent from the U.S. Department of Treasury, unravels the evidence that joins these seemingly unrelated events revealing a Reckless scheme that stretches from New York to London to central Europe and gives new meaning to the phrase ‘too big to fail.’ What began with a tragedy that opened a door to Hauck’s past a door that he thought was long closed ends with a frantic race to avert a disaster that could shake the very security of our country and even the world.

1st to Die (By:James Patterson)

The Women’s Murder Club pits four San Francisco women professionalsagainst a serial killer who’s stalking and murdering newlyweds in bestsellingauthor James Patterson’s newest thriller. Lindsay Boxer is a homicide inspectorwho’s just gotten some very bad news. She deals with it by immersing herself inher newest case and soliciting the personal as well as professional support ofher closest friend, who happens to be the city’s medical examiner. The twowomen, along with an ambitious and sympathetic reporter and an assistant DA,form an unlikely alliance, pooling their information and bypassing the chain ofcommand in an engaging, suspenseful story whose gruesome setup is vintagePatterson. ‘What is the worst thing anyone has ever done?’ the killer muses to himselfearly in the narrative. ‘Am I capable of doing it? Do I have what it takes?’Answering his own question, he embarks on a murderous spree that takes him fromthe bridal suite in a Nob Hill hotel to a honeymoon destination in the NapaValley and thence to a wedding reception at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame andMuseum in Cleveland, Ohio. Dispatching his victims on the happiest day of theirlives, he purposefully leaves enough clues for his distaff trackers to discoverhis identity and put him behind bars. But just when the women think they’ve gotthe case all wrapped up, the killer turns the tables on them in a bloodydenouement that even the most discerning reader won’t see coming. Patterson,author of the popular Alex Cross mysteries, promises future adventures for theWomen’s Murder Club, which may give him an opportunity to develop his hero*ines’characters more completely and win new fans among those who prefer theirdetectives in high heels and lipstick. Jane Adams

2nd Chance

2nd Chance reconvenes the Women’s Murder Club, four friends adetective, a reporter, an assistant district attorney, and a medical examinerwho used their networking skills, feminine intuition, and professional wiles tosolve a baffling series of murders in 1st to Die. This time, themurders of two African Americans, a little girl and an old woman, bear all thesigns of a serial killer for Lindsay Boxer, newly promoted to lieutenant of SanFrancisco’s homicide squad. But there’s an odd detail she finds even moredisturbing: both victims were related to city cops. A symbol glimpsed at bothmurder scenes leads to a racist hate group, but the taunting killer strikesagain and again, leaving deliberate clues and eluding the police ever morecleverly. In the meantime, each of the women has a personal stake at risk andthe killer knows who they are. 2nd Chance speeds along at a Formula One pace through many tight curves,but unlike recent entries in theAlex Cross series, itdoesn’t sacrifice good characters to a twisted plot. Lindsay’s the star, butthere’s a fine esprit de corps among the four women, who are even betterdeveloped here than in the first book. What makes them both convincing andinteresting as a criminal justice juggernaut is their willingness to stick theirnecks out, even if they suffer for it. If you haven’t picked up a JamesPatterson novel in a while, this is a great time to start anew. BarrieTrinkle

3rd Degree

The 1 bestselling new mystery series of the past decade comes roaring back with 3rd Degree, a shockingly suspenseful thriller featuring the Women’s Murder Club. One of James Patterson’s best loved hero*ines is about to die. Detective Lindsay Boxer is jogging along a beautiful San Francisco street when a fiery explosion rips through the neighborhood. A town house owned by an Internet millionaire is immediately engulfed in flames, and when Lindsay plunges inside to search for survivors, she finds three people dead. An infant who lived in the house cannot be found and a mysterious message at the scene leaves Lindsay and the San Francisco Police Department completely baffled. Then a prominent businessman is found murdered under bizarre circumstances, with another mysterious message left behind by the killer. Lindsay asks her friends Claire Washburn of the medical examiner’s office, Assistant D.A. Jill Bernhardt, and Chronicle reporter Cindy Thomas to help her figure out who is committing these murders and why they are intent on killing someone every three days. Even more terrifying, the killer has targeted one of the four friends who call themselves the Women’s Murder Club. Which one will it be? While the investigation rages furiously, Lindsay works very closely with a federal officer assigned to the case. At the same time, she learns that one member of the Women’s Murder Club is hiding a secret so dangerous and unbelievable that it could destroy them all.

4th of July (By:James Patterson,Maxine Paetro)

After losing one of its own, Lindsay Boxer and the Womens Murder Club make a courageous return for their fourth and most chilling case ever one that could easily be their last. A young girl is killed in crossfire after a routine arrest goes terribly wrong, and Lt. Lindsay Boxer has to defend herself against a charge of police brutality. In a landmark trial that transfixes the nation, Lindsay fights to save her career and her sanity. While awaiting trial, Lindsay escapes to the beautiful town of Half Moon Bay, but the peaceful community there is reeling from a string of unspeakable murders. Working with her friends in the Womens Murder Club, Lindsay finds a link between these killings and a case she worked on years before an unsolved murder that has haunted her ever since. As summer comes into full swing, Lindsay battles for her life on two fronts: before a judge and jury as her trial comes to a climax, and facing unknown adversaries who will do anything to keep her from the truth about the killings including killing again. It all comes to a head before the big annual 4th of July celebration on the waterfront at Half Moon Bay. Patterson fine tunes the tension like never before in this heart racing new novel in the bestselling detective series to debut in years.

The 5th Horseman (By:James Patterson,Maxine Paetro)

Playaway is the simplest way to listen to a book on the go. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, it comes with the audio content already on it and a battery to make it play. No Cassettes. No CDs. No Downloads. Simply plug in the earphones and enjoy. The Women’s Murder Club faces an unspeakable horror in an irresistible hospital and courtroom thriller by 1 bestselling author James Patterson. SOMEBODY DIES. A young mother is recuperating in a San Francisco hospital when she is suddenly gasping for breath. The call button fails to bring help in time. The hospital s doctors, some of the best in the nation, are completely mystified by her death. How did this happen? APOCALYPSE NEARS. This is not the first such case at the hospital. Just as patients are about to be released with a clean bill of health, their conditions take a devastating turn for the worse. Accompanied by the newest member of the Women s Murder Club, Yuki Castellano, Lieutenant Lindsay Boxer probes deeper into the incidents. Could these cases just be appalling coincidences? Or is a maniac playing God with people s lives? When someone close to the Women s Murder Club begins to exhibit the same frightening symptoms, Lindsay fears no one is safe.

The 6th Target (By:James Patterson,Maxine Paetro)

When a horrifying attack leaves one of the four members of the Women’s Murder Club struggling for her life, the others fight to keep a madman behind bars before anyone else is hurt. And Lindsay Boxer and her new partner in the San Francisco police department run flat out to stop a series of kidnappings that has electrified the city: children are being plucked off the streets together with their nannies but the kidnappers aren’t demanding ransom. Amid uncertainty and rising panic, Lindsay juggles the possibility of a new love with an unsolvable investigation, and the knowledge that one member of the club could be on the brink of death. And just when everything appears momentarily under control, the case takes a terrifying turn, putting an entire city in lethal danger. Lindsay must make a choice she never dreamed she’d face with no certainty that either outcome has more than a prayer of success.

7th Heaven (By:James Patterson,Maxine Paetro)

The Women’s Murder Club is back in action in an electrifying new thriller chasing a killer with a taste for fire.

Two cases have pushed San Francisco detective Lindsay Boxer beyond her limits. In the first, a terrible fire in a wealthy home left a married couple dead and Lindsay and her partner Rich Conklin searching for clues. At the same time, Michael Campion, the son of California’s ex governor, with a reputation for partying, has been missing for a month. When there finally seems to be a lead in his case, it is a devastating one. And the combined pressure from the press and the brass is overwhelming.

Assistant District attorney Yuki Castellano plunges into the biggest case of her life to get to the bottom of Michael Campion’s disappearance. As fire after fire consumes couples in expensive neighborhoods, Lindsay and her friends in the Women’s Murder Club race to find the arsonists responsible. But suddenly the fires are raging too close to home. Frightened for her life and torn between two men, Lindsay confronts the most daunting dilemmas she’s ever faced in a thriller with unexpected twists and emotional extremes of the kind only James Patterson can deliver

The 9th Judgment (By:James Patterson,Maxine Paetro)

The most personalA young mother and her infant child are ruthlessly gunned down while returning to their car in the garage of a shopping mall. There are no witnesses, and Detective Lindsay Boxer is left with only one shred of evidence: a cryptic message scrawled across the windshield in bloodred lipstick. The most dangerousThe same night, the wife of A list actor Marcus Dowling is woken by a cat burglar who is about to steal millions of dollars’ worth of precious jewels. In just seconds there is a nearly empty safe, a lifeless body, and another mystery that throws San Francisco into hysteria. The most exciting Women’s Murder Club novel everLindsay spends every waking hour working with her partner, Rich and her desire for him threatens to tear apart both her engagement and the Women’s Murder Club. Before Lindsay and her friends can piece together either case, one of the killers forces Lindsay to put her own life on the line but is it enough to save the city? With unparalleled danger and explosive action, The 9th Judgment is James Patterson at his compelling, unstoppable best!

The 8th Confession (By:James Patterson,Maxine Paetro)

As San Francisco’s most glamorous millionaires mingle at the party of the year, someone is watching waiting for a chance to take vengeance on Isa and Ethan Bailey, the city’s most celebrated couple. Finally, the killer pinpoints the ideal moment, and it’s the perfect murder. Not a trace of evidence is left behind in their glamorous home.

As Detective Lindsay Boxer investigates the high profile murder, someone else is found brutally executed a preacher with a message of hope for the homeless. His death nearly falls through the cracks, but when reporter Cindy Thomas hears about it, she knows the story could be huge. Probing deeper into the victim’s history, she discovers he may not have been quite as saintly as everyone thought.

As the hunt for two criminals tests the limits of the Women’s Murder Club, Lindsay sees sparks fly between Cindy and her partner, Detective Rich Conklin. The Women’s Murder Club now faces its toughest challenge: will love destroy all that four friends have built? The exhilarating new chapter in the Women’s Murder Club series, The 8th Confession serves up a double dose of speed charged twists and shocking revelations as only James Patterson can. And remember, this is the only Murder Club episode of the year. 2009

10th Anniversary (By:James Patterson,Maxine Paetro)

For every secretDetective Lindsay Boxer’s long awaited wedding celebration becomes a distant memory when she is called to investigate a horrendous crime: a badly injured teenage girl is left for dead, and her newborn baby is nowhere to be found. Lindsay discovers that not only is there no trace of the criminals but that the victim may be keeping secrets as well. For every lieAt the same time, Assistant District Attorney Yuki Castellano is prosecuting the biggest case of her life a woman who has been accused of murdering her husband in front of her two young children. Yuki’s career rests on a guilty verdict, so when Lindsay finds evidence that could save the defendant, she is forced to choose. Should she trust her best friend or follow her instinct?There’s a different way to dieLindsay’s every move is watched by her new boss, Lieutenant Jackson Brady, and when the pressure to find the baby begins interfering with her new marriage to Joe, she wonders if she’ll ever be able to start a family. With James Patterson’s white hot speed and unquenchable action, 10th Anniversary is the most deliciously chilling Women’s Murder Club book ever.

11th Hour (By:James Patterson,Maxine Paetro)

Your best friendLindsay Boxer is pregnant at last! But her work doesn’t slow for a second. When millionaire Chaz Smith is mercilessly gunned down, she discovers that the murder weapon is linked to the deaths of four of San Francisco’s most untouchable criminals. And it was taken from her own department’s evidence locker. Anyone could be the killer even her closest friends. Or a vicious killer?Lindsay is called next to the most bizarre crime scene she’s ever seen: two bodiless heads elaborately displayed in the garden of a world famous actor. Another head is unearthed in the garden, and Lindsay realizes that the ground could hide hundreds of victims. You won’t know until the 11th hourA reporter launches a series of vicious articles about the cases and Lindsay’s personal life is laid bare. But this time she has no one to turn to especially not Joe. 11TH HOUR is the most shocking, most emotional, and most thrilling Women’s Murder Club novel ever.

The Jester (With: James Patterson)

1 New York Times bestselling author James Patterson brings his masterful powers of suspense to a historical thriller set amidst the life or death drama of the Crusades. Hugh, a poor French innkeeper, leaves home and family to join an army of peasants bent on reclaiming the Holy Land. In a horrifying battle, Hugh is about to be slain when, with his last breath, he takes refuge in humor and it saves his life. Arriving home, Hugh discovers his village has been ransacked and his wife abducted by a ruthless Duke. Only by taking on the role of a jester is Hugh able to take the first step in a battle that leads him to places he never imagined with results more majestic than he ever dreamed. With the unstoppable pace and breathtaking plot of an Alex Cross novel, THE JESTER is a whole new world one that could only be conjured by the mind of James Patterson.

Lifeguard (With: James Patterson)

Working as a lifeguard in a posh Florida resort, Ned Kelley finds the woman of his dreams. The only thing he needs is money. So when his friends offer to cut him into a deal that promises $1,000,000 each, how can he turn it down? The plan is simplea fast break and enter to grab paintings from a rich collector. But on the night of the heist, theyre double crossed. Worse, Neds friends are brutally executed. Now hes the prime target of both the FBI and the killers. With no one to trust, Ned must dodge the authorities and the vicious killers in a desperate effort to avenge his friends and clear his name. Written with the astonishing velocity and hairs breadth plotting that only James Patterson can master, Lifeguard is the wildest thriller yet from one of Americas most influential authors New York Times. With twenty New York Times bestsellers, over eighty million books in print and translated into nearly forty languages throughout the world, James Patterson is one of the top selling writers of all time. He is the only novelist to have 1 bestsellers in the categories of suspense, fantasy, and romance. James Patterson has spent more than 150 straight weeks on the USA Today 150 list of overall top selling bookslonger than Tom Clancy, Stephen King, Danielle Steel, or John Grisham.

Judge & Jury (With: James Patterson)

Andie DeGrasse, an aspiring actress and single mom, is not your typical juror. Hoping to get dismissed from the pool, she tells the judge that most of her legal knowledge comes from a bit part curling around a stripper’s pole in The Sopranos. But she still ends up as juror 11 in a landmark trial against a notorious mob boss. The case quickly becomes the new Trial of the Century. Mafia don Dominic Cavello, known as the Electrician, is linked to hundreds of gruesome, unspeakable crimes. Senior FBI agent Nick Pellisante has been tracking him for years. He knows Cavello’s power reaches far beyond the courtroom, but the FBI’s evidence against the ruthless killer is iron clad. Conviction is a sure thing. As the jury is about to reach a verdict, the Electrician makes one devastating move that no one could have predicted. The entire nation is reeling, and Andie’s world is shattered. For her, the hunt for the Electrician becomes personal, and she and Pellisante come together in an unbreakable bond: they will exact justice at any cost. James Patterson spins an all out heart pounding legal thriller that pits two people against the most vicious and powerful mobster since John Gotti. Judge & Jury is a stunning feat by ‘one of America’s most influential authors’ New York Times.

The Blue Zone

From the number one New York Times bestselling coauthor of Judge & Jury and Lifeguard comes this electrifying solo debut, The Blue Zone.

Kate Raab’s life seems almost perfect: her boyfriend, her job, her family…
until her father runs into trouble with the law. His only recourse is to testify against his former accomplices in exchange for his family’s placement in the Witness Protection Program. But one of them gets cold feet. In a flash, everything Kate can count on is gone.

Now, a year later, her worst fears have happened: Her father has disappeared into what the WITSEC agency calls ‘The Blue Zone‘ and someone close to him is found brutally murdered. With her family under surveillance, the FBI untrustworthy, and her father’s menacing ‘friends’ circling with increasing intensity, Kate sets off to find her father and uncover the secrets someone will kill to keep buried.

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