Ana Leigh Books In Order

Kirkland Chronicles Books In Order

  1. These Hallowed Hills (1986)
  2. A Question of Honor (1986)
  3. Oh, Promised Destiny (1986)
  4. A Kindled Flame (1987)

Mackenzies Books In Order

  1. Luke (1996)
  2. Flint (1996)
  3. Cleve (1997)
  4. David (1998)
  5. Peter (1998)
  6. Jared (1999)
  7. Jake (1999)
  8. Josh (2000)
  9. Zach (2001)
  10. Cole (2002)

Frasers Books In Order

  1. Frasers Clay (2004)
  2. The Lawman Said I Do (2005)
  3. His Boots Under her Bed (2006)
  4. One Night with a Sweet-Talking Man (2008)
  5. Holding Out for a Hero (2009)

Bishop’s Heroes Books In Order

  1. Face of Deception (2004)
  2. Reconcilable Differences (2005)
  3. Heart At Risk (2009)


  1. Love’s Long Journey (1981)
  2. Paradise Redeemed (1989)
  3. Sweet Enemy Mine (1991)
  4. Proud Pillars Rising (1991)
  5. Angel Hunter (1992)
  6. Tender Is the Touch (1994)
  7. The Golden Spike (1994)
  8. Forever, My Love (1995)
  9. The Law and Lady Justice (2003)


  1. Frontier Christmas (2003)
  2. Against the Wall / Face of Deception (2004)
  3. Reconcilable Differences / Swept Away (2005)

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Ana Leigh Books Overview


Hoping to live a life of ease without the burden of marriage, beautiful Honey Behr poses as a mail order bride and enters the life of Sheriff Luke MacKenzie, who was hoping to find a mother for his child but is unprepared for Honey’s spitfire ways.


The lone survivor of a Comanche attack, young widow Garnet Scott finds her only chance of staying alive lies in the hands of rugged Flint MacKenzie, who is furious about having to protect a woman in the wild territory.


Leaving her betrothed husband at the altar, beautiful Adriana Maria Fuente escapes to Fort Worth to search for her brother and enlists the aid of Clint MacKenzie, who must confront an old nemesis and his own passions to protect Adriana.’


The MacKenzie WomenThe MacKenzie sisters are smart, strong, and sassy and it will take strong men to match them! So when free spirited Angeleen MacKenzie is forced to wed ranch foreman Pete Gifford in a marriage of convenience, it’s a battle of wills where mutual surrender is the only way to win!A Marriage in Name Only,Rugged Peter Gifford had always come to Angeleen MacKenzie’s rescue and now, he was getting her out of the biggest trouble of all by protecting her honor with a vow of marriage. The free spirited beauty had strayed far from home, and now Peter was bringing her back…
as his bride. Every toss of Angel’s ebony tresses, every flash of her sapphire eyes, tempts him into waging a passionate seduction of the woman he calls wife yet who refuses to share his bed. Can his kisses tame her wandering spirit and awaken the wild need that will bind her to him forever? Rugged Peter Gifford had always come to Angeleen MacKenzie’s rescue and now, he was getting her out of the biggest trouble of all, by protecting her honor with a vow of marriage. The free spirited beauty had strayed far from home, and now Peter was bringing her back…
as his bride. Can’t his kisses tame her wandering spirit and awaken the wild need that will bind her to him forever?


‘Spirited Kitty MacKenzie gets more than she bargined for with a handsome, stubborn loner and his two mischievous daughters…
‘A helping hand…
and heartIt’s high time Kitty MacKenzie started over, so the pretty, young widow accepts a position as governess to two adorable, is incorrigible, little girls. The real problem, though, is the twins’ father. Tall, dark Jared Fraser is exasperating, demanding and so devilishly good looking that he makes Kitty’s heart pound faster each time he looks her way. Jared could never trust another woman, not after being betrayed by the two timing hussy who bore his children. But there’s something different about Kitty. No female has ever stood up to him the way she does and her fire is heating Jared as well. Still, he determined to resist her. The twins, however, knows a perfect new mama when they see one and they’ll do whatever it takes to hustle Kitty and Jared straight to the altar!


Pinkerton agent Josh MacKenzie always getshis man…
but he’s never been up against a woman like runaway heiress Emily Lawrence!She Was Trouble…
and TemptationEmily had fled her wealthy home and the boring society men who courted her, looking for adventure in the wild West but the new fledged Harvey girl gets more than she bargained for when she meets Josh MacKenzie. At first she thinks the tall, handsome Texan just may be the man of her dreams…
until he snaps handcuffs on her wrists to take her home! Naturally, the beautiful spitfire fights Josh at every turn and as he manfully tries to resist her impossibly irresistible charms, Josh wonders which is in greater danger: his job…
or his heart?


Rugged Zach MacKenzie has a dangerous secret thatcould cost him his one chance to win the woman he wants…
Rose Dubois became a Harvey Girl and came West looking for a new life and a husband preferably a wealthy rancher. She certainly knows better than to get involved with a no account cowboy like Zach MacKenzie. He’s strong and good looking enough to stop a girl’s breath but the dangerous ruffians he runs with are surely heading for bad ends. So why can’t Rose calm her pounding heart whenever he’s nearby?But Zach’s only pretending to be no good in order to infiltrate an outlaw gang. If he tells Rose he’s really a Texas Ranger, not only is his mission in jeopardy, but both of their lives as well! Yet this spirited filly is everything he ever dreamed of. Her lips are downright irresistible, and her passionate fire burns hot enough to make a smart man do something real stupid…
like fall in love.


The last time Cole MacKenzie saw Maggie O’Shea, the daughter of his gold hunting partner, Pop, she was a scruffy kid with dirt on her cheeks. Now the tomboy is all grown up and how! and she’s Cole’s sworn responsibility, since the suspicious passing of his dear old friend. But being Maggie’s new legal guardian may be more than the footloose loner can handle especially since he’s been aching of late to hold her close and tight. How dare Cole MacKenzie think he can run her life! True, she’s had a crush on him since forever, but Maggie won’t be treated like a child especially not by a powerfully good looking wanderer who makes her flush with wanting him. Cole says he’s not ready to stay put, yet he’s not going anywhere until he’s satisfied Pop’s death was a natural one. But will that leave Maggie enough time to prove to the man how much of a woman she’s become?

Frasers Clay

From bestselling author Ana Leigh comes the first in a dazzling new series, as the rugged Fraser men find love and passion in the Wild West.

When Yankee beauty Rebecca Elliot discovers that single women aren’t allowed on the wagon train bound for California, she takes desperate measures. Spying handsome Clay Fraser, she puts her flirty plan into action and wakes, the next morning, with a wedding band on her finger.

Clay Fraser, a former Confederate soldier, is horrified to discover that he somehow got married last night and worse, to a Yankee. Worst of all, his new wife refuses to share his bed! Sparks fly and attraction burns as the wagon train heads west, but it will take a love as expansive as the Western sky to show Rebecca and Clay how to claim the passionate new life that is their destiny…

The Lawman Said I Do

Bestselling author Ana Leigh continues her exciting series featuring the sexy Fraser men and the love they discover in the heart of the Wild West.

The Lawman Said ‘I Do’

When outlaws attack Cassie Braden’s stagecoach, she’s grateful to Colt Fraser for saving her. But she’s certainly not attracted to the rugged, handsome stranger after all, he’s just passing through, and she’s turned down plenty of traveling cowboys before. So why do sparks fly every time they’re together?

Colt is on his way to California to seek his fortune, but his bravery wins him the post of deputy sheriff in Cassie’s sleepy town. Though he’s not interested in settling down, he needs the cash and why not indulge a harmless flirtation with the sheriff’s firecracker of a daughter before continuing westward?

Yet when new dangers threaten, the forces keeping Cassie and Colt apart begin to lose their battle against desire too powerful to resist…
and a love too big to ignore.

His Boots Under her Bed

Bestselling author Ana Leigh presents a splendid new novel in her thrilling series featuring the Frasers brothers who are rugged, sexy, and as untamed as the Wild West!

California dancehall girl Rory O’Grady dreams of buying a home of her own, but she can’t help feeling guilty when her con artist father steals the map to a gold mine from a handsome stranger. And when Garth Fraser discovers the theft and follows Rory and her father to the mine, he makes it plain that he’s not the type of man to give up on anything he wants whether it’s a windfall or a woman.

The last thing Garth wants to do is team up with the spirited beauty who duped him, but it’s the only chance either has to strike gold. Their differences prove no match for the heated desire drawing them together, but neither dares to trust in their passion. Only with a menacing enemy poised to strike will Garth discover how far he’s willing to go to protect a love more precious than all the gold in California…

One Night with a Sweet-Talking Man

The Frasers are back! Bestselling author Ana Leigh continues her stirring series with brother Jed who’s been taming the high seas aboard a China clipper.

Briefly ashore in San Francisco to visit his family, Jed meets Caroline Collins and her eight year old son. Beautiful Caroline doesn’t have a husband in sight and she seems surprisingly hostile toward Jed, who is used to being though of as quite a catch. But there’s something intriguing about her and the boy, something that convinces Jed he should stay awhile.

Caroline has never revealed the identity of her son’s father, not even to her own family. As independent in spirit as she is beautiful, all she wants is to continue running the family’s lumber mill and raising her son herself. But if handsome, devil may care Jed Fraser ever takes a good hard look at her son, everything she’s struggled for could be ruined. She’s convinced that the best thing she could do is stay far, far away from the sexy Jed but her body is singing a different song…

Holding Out for a Hero

Bestselling author Ana Leigh continues the popular Fraser series with their cousin Rico an expert scout determined to settle a score against the most merciless outlaw in all Arizona.

Rico Fraser would love to return to the Fraser clan’s California home, find a good woman, and start a family of his own. But first he must deal out some frontier justice to Ben Slatter, who brutally murdered Rico’s mother three years earlier. So when Slatter and his gang abduct a young ranch heiress, Rico seizes his chance to bring his adversary in dead or alive.

Breathtakingly lovely Jenny Burke was born into privilege, and sentenced to a life devoid of excitement…
until she is kidnapped. When Rico Fraser courageously saves her from Slatter, Jenny is indebted to the tough, rugged hero but also very curious about the arrogant bounty hunter with revenge in his eyes. And as her innocent awareness grows into passion, she realizes Rico Fraser has changed her life forever. But can a man determined to fulfill a brutal vow at all costs find room in his heart for love?

Reconcilable Differences

Six years vanished in heartbeat…
as Dave gazed down at the unconscious Patricia Manning. But the squad commander of the Special Ops unit had to steel himself against this irresistible woman who’d walked out on him…
and was now up to her beautiful neck in a deadly game of international terror.

Heart At Risk

Ex-SEAL Kurt Bolen was planning only a quick visit to his hometown until gorgeous Maddie Bennett, a blast from his past, hit him with shocking news.

Maddie had worshipped Kurt since high school. She had no regrets about their one night together because it left her with a precious gift–their son. And yet, she had no doubt Kurt would leave her again. As father and son started to bond, they were all threatened by an unexpected danger–someone thought they knew too much. Though uncertain about their future, would Maddie realize just how far Kurt would go to protect those he loved…

Forever, My Love

Laura Randolph believes her first love betrayed her when she was pregnant with his child, unaware that he was forced away by her malicious aunt, until they meet again years later and rekindle their passion in spite of old resentments.

Frontier Christmas

Cozy up with three brand new festive tales guaranteed to keep you warm all winter long! The MacKenzies: Lily by extended New York Times bestselling author Ana Leigh Just when Lily MacKenzie had given up hope of ever being married, she met Grady Delaney and his three matchmaking children! And soon Grady discovered that it wasn’t just his children who wanted her to be part of their family…
A Time for Angels by USA TODAY bestselling author Carolyn Davidson Though Honey Bell Morris claimed she was simply caring for the old man she’d found lost in a snowstorm, Zachary Bennett was sure she was after his grandfather’s money. But Honey Bell had a nurturing warmth that could melt even the most hardened of hearts. The Long Journey Home by talented newcomer Kate Bridges After two years of being thought dead, lawman Logan Sutcliffe had finally made it home only to discover that the wife he’d left behind on their wedding night was engaged to another man!

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