Amy Myers Books In Order

Auguste Didier Books In Order

  1. Murder in Pug’s Parlour (1986)
  2. Murder in the Limelight (1987)
  3. Murder at Plum’s (1989)
  4. Murder at the Masque (1991)
  5. Murder Makes an Entree (1992)
  6. Murder Under the Kissing Bough (1992)
  7. Murder in the Smokehouse (1994)
  8. Murder at the Music Hall (1995)
  9. Murder in the Motor Stable (1994)
  10. Murder with Majesty (1999)
  11. Murder in the Queen’s Boudoir (2000)

Seasons of War Books In Order

  1. Summer’s End (2015)
  2. Dark Harvest (2015)
  3. Winter Roses (1999)
  4. Songs of Spring (2000)

Marsh and Daughter Books In Order

  1. The Wickenham Murders (2004)
  2. Murder in Friday Street (2005)
  3. Murder in Hell’s Corner (2006)
  4. Murder and the Golden Goblet (2007)
  5. Murder in the Mist (2008)
  6. Murder Takes the Stage (2009)
  7. Murder on the Old Road (2010)
  8. Murder in Abbot’s Folly (2011)

Tom Wasp Books In Order

  1. Tom Wasp and the Murdered Stunner (2007)
  2. Tom Wasp and the Newgate Knocker (2010)
  3. Tom Wasp and the Seven Deadly Sins (2019)

Car Detective Books In Order

  1. Classic in the Barn (2011)
  2. Classic Calls the Shots (2012)
  3. Classic in the Clouds (2012)
  4. Classic Mistake (2013)
  5. Classic in the Pits (2013)
  6. Classic Cashes in (2014)
  7. Classic in the Dock (2015)
  8. Classic at Bay (2016)

Nell Drury Books In Order

  1. Dancing with Death (2017)
  2. Death at the Wychbourne Follies (2018)
  3. Death and the Singing Birds (2020)


  1. Look for Me by Moonlight (1989)
  2. When Nightingales Sang (1990)
  3. The Sun in Glory (1991)
  4. Wooing of Katie May (1992)
  5. Girl from Gadsby’s (1993)
  6. Into the Sunlight (1996)
  7. Not in Our Stars (1998)
  8. To My Own Desire (2000)
  9. Quinn (2001)
  10. Tomorrow’s Garden (2002)
  11. Catching the Sunlight (2003)
  12. The Windy Hill (2004)
  13. The Stationmaster’s Daughter (2005)
  14. Applemere Summer (2005)
  15. The Man Who Came Back (2009)
  16. The Adventure of the Faithful Retainer (2012)
  17. Into The Sunlight (2016)
  18. Catching the Sunlight (2017)


  1. That’s the way he did it (2011)
  2. Georgian Villainies (2013)
  3. Silver Bullets (2019)

Anthologies edited

  1. After Midnight Stories (1985)
  2. Second Book of After Midnight Stories (1986)
  3. The Third Book of After Midnight Stories (1987)
  4. The Fourth Book of After Midnight Stories (1990)
  5. After Midnight Stories V (1991)
  6. Four Middle English Romances (1996)

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Amy Myers Books Overview

Murder in the Limelight

Hired to cook for London’s high society when they convene at the Galaxy Theater in London’s West End, master chef Auguste Didier is once again drawn into a murder investigation.

Murder at the Music Hall

Victorian whodunnit featuring Auguste Didier.

Murder with Majesty

Employed as chef for the forthcoming wedding of Arthur, Lord Montfoy and an American heiress, Auguste Didier finds himself thoroughly enjoying the peace and tranquillity of Farthing Court estate in Kent, with its impeccably run kitchens and rolling pastoral landscape. Even King Edward VII’s unpublicised attendance seems troublefree, coinciding as it does with Frimhurst village’s elaborate though not altogether traditional preparations for May Day.

But behind the smiling pageantry lurks a much more sinister force. For several people are not who they appear Arthur is no longer the true Lord Montfoy, having sold his birthright years earlier; the villagers have ulterior motives for dressing up as creatures of folklore; and, most disturbing of all, the real Lord Montfoy who has been living abroad under the name Thomas Entwhistle turns out to be none other than Pyotr Gregorin, a prominent member of the Tsar’s secret service and now Didier’s uncle by marriage. A man who has sworn many times to murder him…

Songs of Spring

Volume 4 in a heart warming First World War family saga begins at Christmas, 1917 in the Rectory in the Sussex village of Ashden. It follows the lives and loves, joys and tragedies of the Rectory inhabitants.

The Wickenham Murders

Introducing a new mystery series from a popular library authorPeter Marsh a former policeman invalided out of the force and his daughter, Georgia, set out to solve a murder mystery from the past. In 1929 Davy Todd was charged with murdering Ada Proctor in the Kent village of Wickenham, and as Marsh & Daughter begin their investigation a skeleton is found in the woods nearby. Is there a link between these two seemingly unconnected events?

Murder in Friday Street

The second novel in the Peter and Georgia Marsh mystery series When young Alice Winters is found murdered close to a ruined medieval tower just outside the remote village of Friday Street, her boyfriend Jake is charged. That evening a haunting melody is heard which, according to village myth, is played after a miscarriage of justice. The case arouses the interest of investigators Peter and Georgia Marsh, who discover that Friday Street was the scene of another notorious murder in 1968…

Murder in Hell’s Corner

The third in a popular new series starring Georgia and Peter Marsh Veterans of the Battle of Britain gather in a Kentish country hotel ? the site of a murder in the 1970s, where a popular war hero met an unexplained death. Convinced there is a story here, Georgia and Peter investigate, and find a train of events that will lead to a second murder, as the passion of the past and present boil over.

Murder and the Golden Goblet

The latest in the Marsh & Daughter mystery series Who was Lance Venyon? Curiosity over a memorial plaque in an old Kentish church sets wheelchair bound ex cop Peter Marsh and his daughter Georgia on a long and dangerous trail that will lead them not only into the world of art fakes in 1950s Paris, but further back still to the legends of King Arthur, Sir Gawain and their connections with Dover Castle…

Murder in the Mist

A Peter and Georgia Marsh Mystery. With Fernbourne Manor to be opened as an arts centre, ex cop Peter Marsh and his daughter Georgia are making enquiries about the Fernbourne Five, who came to fame in the late 1930s, famous for their artistic work and for the doomed love affair between Elfie Lane and Alwyn Field and the tragic death of the brilliant poet Roy Sandford. But when Peter and Georgia begin to make enquiries about Alwyn Field, they are met with inexplicable hostility…

Murder Takes the Stage

A new investigation for family duo Peter and Georgia Marsh Peter and Georgia Marsh are in the Kentish seaside resort of Broadgate, on the trail of Georgia’s missing brother Rick when they come across the strange tale of a haunted fish and chip shop. They pursue both mysteries but the journey to discovery is a dangerous one. There is much at risk.

Murder in Abbot’s Folly

A Marsh and Daughter Mystery Curiosity about a murder that took place in an eighteenth century folly draws father and daughter team Peter and Georgia Marsh to a Jane Austen themed summer gala at Stourdens, a fast decaying Georgian mansion in Kent. But instead of enjoying a literary day out, they are thrust into a tense situation, with a collection of Jane’s letters thought to contain thrilling secrets about her love life at its heart. Should they be published? Peter and Georgia are inadvertently caught up in the battle which soon turns deadly .

Not in Our Stars

Gabriel and Daffodil could not forget their forbidden childhood encounter. Fourteen years later, Gabriel comes home determined to follow his heart, but Daffodil recognizes the impossibility of a future with him just as her seductive sister believes she can trap his brother into marriage.


Ellie, just married to Quinn Peters, is set to live happily ever after. She has not bargained, however, for the intervention of her flamboyant Aunt Columba of the famous theatrical Flowerdew family. A casual remark of Columba’s about the similarity that Quinn bears to Ellie’s mother’s first husband, sixties pop star the Mighty Rich of the Coinmakers, sets in train a frantic hunt into the past. Ellie has been told that her half brother Marcus, whose photograph sits by her mother’s bed, had died as a child. Now she is faced with the possibility that this might not be true and that she has married her missing half brother…

Tomorrow’s Garden

Anna Fontenay returns to Fontenay Castle to fulfil the last wishes of her husband David; to restore the gardens round the ruins of the old castle and make them a paying concern. There is one exception the former rose garden that was obliterated by a flying bomb in WWII. She hires Joss Foxley, the enigmatic landscape gardener to help restore the gardens, but she hasn’t foreseen the problems this causes with Hugo Brooks, who rents Fontenay Place, the 18th century house built to replace the old castle. A skeleton is unearthed in the ruins of the gardens, and in discovering the truth about how it came to be there, Anna is drawn not only into a rivalry between the two men unable to be certain whether it is over herself or Fontenay but back into the age old feud between the Fontenay and Sinclair families. Anna believes that this feud belongs only to history, but she is to find that it is still relevant today in her search for the truth.

Catching the Sunlight

When Lucia first meets David Fraser, trustee of an art foundation dedicated to the work of the American sculptor Charles Carr, she falls irrevocably in love. But there are problems in store: Lucia, fascinated by Carr’s work especially his monumental The Happening is determined to write his biography. David, however, is irrationally opposed to this, and their mutual attraction seems doomed. As Lucia delves deeper into the life and work of Carr, she is drawn into the world of World War II Budapest, and into the mysterious story behind the legend of the Mathias fountain. A visit to modern day Budapest, with David in tow, raises more questions than it answers and threatens to divide her from David forever.

The Windy Hill

A tale of intrigue and spanning a centuryWhen Rachel French finds an unpublished cookery manuscript written by her great aunt, she sets out to do some research into her aunt’s life. She ends up starting a cookery business based on the recipes and publishing an accompanying book. Through her work she soon meets two intriguing men who seem to be interested in her, but she also unearths some secrets that perhaps should have been left buried.

The Stationmaster’s Daughter

Jennie Trent has three loves in her life: her family at the Station House, deep in the Kent countryside; Applemere, the mysterious great house nearby, to which so many important visitors come; and Jack Colby, her father’s porter. Applemere guards its privacy, for the Fokingham family is closely connected to the royal family of Montevanya, a small but strategically important kingdom in the Balkans. When Jennie makes friends with Anna, the Fokinghams’ wayward daughter, she soon finds herself caught between her love for her home and Jack and the beckoning exciting world beyond them a world that includes kings, princes and her own mysterious Aunt Eileen. When war breaks out in 1914, however, Jennie finds her own path through her dilemma a path that leads her to love through challenges that she must force herself to overcome.

Applemere Summer

A heart warming story about an innovative idea to save one family’s business What more could she want? Jennie Pencarek is living next to her beloved Applemere House with her bookseller husband Richard and their children. But Jennie’s life is turned upside down when she hears that Pencarek Books is in trouble. Bankruptcy looms until Jennie has a brilliant new idea ? a steam powered travelling bookshop bus, which ploughs its way down the Kentish lanes to bring romance, mystery and the classics to people’s doorsteps.

The Man Who Came Back

Can you trust a man who has secrets he wont share? Its been seven years since the brutal murder of Emma Cardales best friend, Laura, and Emmas only just managed to pick up the pieces. She has a job she enjoys, and a wonderful man in Jack Scarlet, whose dancing eyes and quicksilver moods make her heart sing. But one day she returns home with bad news from work to find an unwelcome ghost from the past on her doorstep…

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