Amelia Grey Books In Order

Rogues’ Dynasty Books In Order

  1. A Duke to Die For (2009)
  2. A Marquis to Marry (2009)
  3. An Earl to Enchant (2010)
  4. A Gentleman Never Tells (2011)
  5. A Gentleman Says ‘I Do’ (2012)
  6. The Rogue Steals a Bride (2013)

Heirs’ Club of Scoundrels Books In Order

  1. The Duke In My Bed (2014)
  2. The Earl Claims a Bride (2015)
  3. Wedding Night With the Earl (2016)
  4. The Duke and Miss Christmas (2015)
  5. Mistletoe, Mischief, and the Marquis (2016)

Rakes of St. James Books In Order

  1. Last Night with the Duke (2017)
  2. To the Duke, With Love (2017)
  3. It’s All About the Duke (2018)

First Comes Love Books In Order

  1. The Earl Next Door (2019)
  2. Gone With the Rogue (2020)
  3. How To Train Your Earl (2021)


  1. Never a Bride (2001)
  2. A Dash of Scandal (2002)
  3. A Little Mischief (2003)
  4. A Hint of Seduction (2004)
  5. A Taste of Temptation (2005)
  6. Bewitching (2013)


  1. A Duke to Die For / A Marquis to Marry / An Earl to Enchant (2013)
  2. Kissing Under the Mistletoe (2021)

Non fiction

  1. Fall in Love Like a Romance Writer (2011)

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Amelia Grey Books Overview

A Duke to Die For

What is a roguish young nobleman supposed to do with a shockingly lovely young ward? The Duke of Blakewell believes he’d better marry her off as soon as possible, before he gives in to temptation himself…
But Henrietta doesn’t want a husband she wants her independence…
Sure that she carries a curse that killed her previous guardians, Henrietta just wants the duke to sign over her inheritance before something terrible befalls him…
In a moment of passion, they become scandalously entangled, and suddenly the duke must take Henrietta’s curse seriously, and she must take drastic measures to save the one man she could love…
Praise for Amelia Grey’s Regency romances: Affaire de Coeur: ‘Each new Amelia Grey tale is a diamond. Ms. Grey…
is a master storyteller.’ Booklist: ‘Witty dialogue and clever schemes Grey’s vivid characters will charm readers.’ Romantic Times: ‘This beguiling romance steals your heart, lifts your spirits, and lights up the pages with humor and passion.’ Library Journal: ‘Readers will be quickly drawn in by the lively pace, the appealing protagonists, and the sexual chemistry that almost visibly shimmers between.’ Rendezvous: ‘Such a tantalizing and funny read, you won’t be able to put it down.’ A Romance Review: ‘If you like Amanda Quick, you will absolutely love Amelia Grey Fun, fast paced, and very sensual.’ 20090116

A Marquis to Marry

Alexander Mitchell Raceworth, the dashing fourth Marquis of Raceworth, is shocked when the alluring young Duchess of Brookfield accuses him of stealing priceless pearls belonging to her family. Susannah Brookfield is the most beautiful, enchanting woman he has ever met, but despite his attraction, he’s not about to hand over the pearls.

Though suspicion and mistrust drive them apart when the pearls are stolen, Race suggests they pool their resources to recover them. If they do find them, will they finally be able to give in to love, or will the truth of the elusive necklace tear them apart once and for all?

An Earl to Enchant

He’s determined not to be a hero…
Lord Morgandale is as notorious as he is dashing, and he’s determined no woman will tie him down. But from the moment Arianna Sweet appears on his doorstep, he cannot resist the lure of her fascinating personality, exotic wardrobe, and tempting green eyes…
She has a deadly secret…
Arianna Sweet never imagined the significance of her father’s research until after his untimely death. Now she is in possession of his groundbreaking discovery, one that someone would kill for. She can’t tell Lord Morgandale her secret, but she knows she needs his help, desperately…
Praise for The Rogues’ Dynasty Series ‘Bewitching, beguiling, and unbelievably funny.’ Fresh Fiction ‘A captivating mix of discreet intrigue and potent passion.’ Booklist ‘A gripping plot, great love scenes, and well drawn characters…
impossible to put down.’ The Romance Studio ‘Amelia Grey grabs you by the heart, draws you in, and does not let go.’ Romance Junkies

A Gentleman Never Tells

Charming Viscount Brentwood’s trip to London to find a bride plunges him into one scandal after another, culminating in an honor bound betrothal to a lady who doesn’t want to marry him at all…
‘Grey’s Rogues’ Dynasty mixes romance with…
lively characters and a strong hero and hero*ine, and the result is one delightful novel.’ RT Book Reviews ‘Full of intrigue…
and a wonderful romance…
Ms. Grey is a wonderful storyteller.’ Anna’s Book Blog ‘Grey’s elegantly written Rogues’ Dynasty delivers a captivating mix of discreet intrigue and potent passion.’ Booklist

Never a Bride

‘Charming and delightful a must read!’ Joan Johnston, New York Times bestselling author of A Stranger’s Game ‘Witty dialogue and clever schemes…
Grey’s vivid characters will charm readers.’ Booklist Her name is on everyone’s lips…
When he left for America six years ago, the handsome Viscount Stonehurst never suspected that he would return home to England to find his lovely fianc e embroiled in the scandal of the decade. The woman he planned on making his wife has been kissing every man in London…
except him! But scandal doesn’t matter in search of the truth…
Engaged and then abandoned, Mirabella Wittingham is determined to find the man who drove her cousin to suicide, even if it means ruining her reputation and disgracing herself in the process…
When her plans go awry, Mirabella has no choice but to turn to her long lost fianc for help. But can she trust the man who deserted her so many years ago, or is he destined to fail her yet again? ‘Readers will be quickly drawn in by the lively pace, the appealing protagonists, and the sexual chemistry that almost visibly shimmers between them in this charming, light hearted, and well done Regency.’ Library Journal ‘An uplifting, wonderfully sensual story. I hated for it to end.’ Meryl Sawyer, New York Times bestselling author of Play Dead 20100726

A Dash of Scandal

Take one small town girl turned high society columnist. Add one aristocrat who plans to expose her. Stir in one mysterious thief. And you have…
The most delicious Regency romp of the year!

A Little Mischief

An earl is at his wit’s end when his marriageable sister joins Miss Winslowe’s Wallflower Society and winds up accused of killing London’s most eligible bachelor.

A Hint of Seduction

Everyone thinks Catherine Reynolds has come to London to make a match. But she’s actually trying to find out which of three men mentioned in her mother’s journal is really her father. However, the truth may be her undoing after Catherine takes a spill from her horse in Hyde Park, and a handsome stranger is there to rescue her. For the man she has just fallen in love at first sight with may also be her half brother.

A Taste of Temptation

A moment of temptation sends a notorious rogue and a darling of the ton unwillingly to the altar. But just as their marriage is becoming a true romance, a mysterious presence raises mischief in their home.

Fall in Love Like a Romance Writer

Such are the pearls of insight generously dispensed with wisdom, wit, and emotional resonance from the bestselling authors who write all about it in Fall in Love Like a Romance Writer: The Secret Keys to a Long and Lasting Love. Award winning novelist Amelia Grey takes us on a journey with more than sixty five of the romance world’s most beloved storytellers whose personal experiences with that old black magic reveal a wealth of knowledge about the language of love and what makes it work or not. At turns entertaining, thought provoking, poignant, and unexpected, Fall in Love Like a Romance Writer is far more than a collection of essays. It is a collection of secrets that contain the keys to a love that will endure. As critically acclaimed author Jean Brashear advises, ‘A long love affair needs a special, private, safe place to grow and blossom. Creating that space is, I believe with all my heart, both the joy and the most sacred duty of a marriage.’Fall in love and bloom.

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