Amanda Stevens Books In Order

Echo Lake Books In Publication Order

  1. Without a Trace (2020)
  2. A Desperate Search (2020)
  3. Someone Is Watching (2020)

Eden’s Children Books In Publication Order

  1. The Innocent (2001)
  2. The Tempted (2001)
  3. The Forgiven (2001)

Gallagher Justice Books In Publication Order

  1. The Littlest Witness (2000)
  2. Secret Admirer (2000)
  3. Forbidden Lover (2000)
  4. Gallagher Justice (2003)

Graveyard Queen Books In Publication Order

  1. The Restorer (2011)
  2. The Kingdom (2011)
  3. The Abandoned (2011)
  4. The Prophet (2012)
  5. The Visitor (2016)
  6. The Sinner (2016)
  7. The Awakening (2017)

Graveyard Queen Books In Chronological Order

  1. The Abandoned (2011)
  2. The Restorer (2011)
  3. The Kingdom (2011)
  4. The Prophet (2012)
  5. The Visitor (2016)
  6. The Sinner (2016)
  7. The Awakening (2017)

Kingsley Baby Books In Publication Order

  1. The Hero’s Son (1998)
  2. The Brother’s Wife (1998)
  3. The Long-Lost Heir (1998)

Matchmakers Underground Books In Publication Order

  1. Unauthorized Passion (2004)
  2. Just Past Midnight (2004)
  3. Intimate Knowledge (2005)
  4. Matters of Seduction (2005)

Maximum Men Books In Publication Order

  1. Magnum Force Man (2009)

Procedural Crime Books In Publication Order

  1. Little Girl Gone (2021)
  2. John Doe Cold Case (2022)

Quantum Men Books In Publication Order

  1. His Mysterious Ways (2003)
  2. Silent Storm (2004)
  3. Secret Passage (2004)

Twilight’s Children Books In Publication Order

  1. Criminal Behavior (2019)
  2. Incriminating Evidence (2019)
  3. Killer Investigation (2019)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Killing Moon (1986)
  2. The Dreaming (1987)
  3. Love is a Stranger (1991)
  4. Angels Don’t Cry (1993)
  5. Obsessed! (1993)
  6. Fade To Black (1994)
  7. Dark Obsession (1995)
  8. A Baby’s Cry (1996)
  9. Stranger in Paradise (1996)
  10. A Man of Secrets (1996)
  11. The Second Mrs. Malone (1997)
  12. What She Forgot (1997)
  13. Somebody’s Baby (1998)
  14. Lover, Stranger (1999)
  15. The Bodyguard’s Assignment (2000)
  16. Secret Sanctuary (2002)
  17. Confessions of the Heart (2003)
  18. Her Stolen Past (2003)
  19. Whispers in the Night (With: Debra Webb) (2003)
  20. Going to Extremes (2005)
  21. The Edge of Eternity (2005)
  22. Secrets of His Own (2006)
  23. Double Life (2006)
  24. The Dollmaker (2007)
  25. The Devil’s Footprints (2008)
  26. Texas Ransom (2008)
  27. The Whispering Room (2009)
  28. Showdown in West Texas (2009)
  29. Pine Lake (2017)
  30. Bishop’s Rock (2017)
  31. Whispering Springs (2017)
  32. Her Secret Past (2018)

Non-Fiction Books In Publication Order

  1. Britney Spears: The Illustrated Story (2001)

Dreamscapes: Whispers Of Love Books In Publication Order

  1. The Seventh Night (1993)
  2. The Perfect Kiss (1994)

On The Edge Books In Publication Order

  1. Nighttime Guardian (2001)
  2. Woman Most Wanted (By:Harper Allen) (2001)
  3. Private Vows (2001)

Cooper’s Corner Books In Publication Order

  1. My Christmas Cowboy (By:Kate Hoffmann) (2002)
  2. After Darke (By:Heather MacAllister) (2002)
  3. The Search (By:) (2002)
  4. The Legend (By:C.J. Carmichael) (2002)
  5. His Brother’s Bride (By:Tara Taylor Quinn) (2002)
  6. Strangers When We Meet (By:Marisa Carroll) (2002)
  7. Dancing in the Dark (By:Sandra Marton) (2002)
  8. Cradle and All (By:) (2003)
  9. Far From Over (By:Bobby Hutchinson) (2003)
  10. Accidental Family (By:Kristin Gabriel) (2003)
  11. For the Love of Mike! (By:Muriel Jensen) (2003)
  12. For Better or For Worse (By:Debbi Rawlins) (2003)
  13. Her Stolen Past (2003)

Anthologies In Publication Order

  1. Witchcraft (1985)
  2. Secrets & Sons (2004)
  3. Dead Ends (2017)

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Amanda Stevens Books Overview

Matters of Seduction

INHIBITED AGENT TURNED WANTON WOMANSpecial Agent Prudence Dunlop was anxious to leave her desk job and get out in the field, but her all too handsome boss, John Cahill, denied each request she made. So when the opportunity to catch a cunning serial killer arose, Pru would do anything to prove herself. She’d even strip off her plain Jane persona and pose as a seductive temptress in the hopes of luring out the murderer. Instead, she unleashed an even more dangerous scenario between her and her boss. Though taking on the elusive killer threatened her life, would falling in love with John be the greatest risk of all?

Magnum Force Man

He had little memory of who he was or where he’d been, but the images that kept flashing through his mind meant computer genius Claudia Reynolds was headed for danger and only Jack Maddox could rescue her. Although they’d technically met before, it wasn’t until the bullets started to fly that the blond beauty was convinced to follow him through the remote South Dakota woods far from the mysterious facility that Jack had once called home. Now, as Jack sensed they were closing in on answers too many people had died covering up, the long forgotten pain buried deep in his past proved their connection was the only thing he could rely on. And the only thing keeping Claudia alive.

Stranger in Paradise

When Emily Townsend planned on hyping her new B and B by re publicizing a fifteen year old unsolved murder, she never dreamed the townspeople would react so bitterly. Or that attempts on her life would be part of the deal…
. Her life in paradise quickly became a living hell. But then Matthew Steele blew into town and everything changed. As Emily sized up the mysterious stranger astride his Harley, she found herself lost in his arresting gray eyes. Was it mere coincidence that he resembled the alleged killer from all those years ago, or could he possibly be her knight in shining black leather?

The Bodyguard’s Assignment

A vicious storm. Trees and power lines are down. A sick, pregnant young woman walks into E.R. alone and about to give birth. Dr. Rachel Browne saves the baby. The mother isn’t so lucky…
E.R. chief Dr. Guy Giroux is shocked. His ex wife’s eighteen year old daughter has died during childbirth in his E.R. He didn’t even know she was pregnant. Guy confronts Dr. Rachel Browne, demanding answers. Rachel could be stubborn, obstinate and downright hardheaded but faced with Guy’s grief and anger she’s disarming calm, compassionate…
even tender. And as Guy and Rachel hunt down the truth, Guy realizes how much he wants to keep the baby…
and how much wants Rachel, too.

Secret Sanctuary

With his darkly handsome looks and edgy attitude, Officer Cullen Ryan could spark a woman’s deepest fantasies. He’d never looked at brainy, virginal Dr. Elizabeth Douglas that way. But when the former town outcast strode into the room where Elizabeth had found a body, her heart beat fast. And when they formed a wary partnership to investigate the murder, Elizabeth discovered something else a dangerous passion that threatened her safe, sheltered world. Then Elizabeth became the target of the ruthless killer and Cullen vowed to do anything to protect her. But could he save himself from the haunting pull of desire in the sanctuary of Elizabeth’s eyes?

Her Stolen Past

Welcome to Twin Oaks the new B and B in Cooper’s Corner. Some come for pleasure, others for passion and one to set things straight…
Check in: Librarian Beth Young was so quiet, she simply blended in to the town of Cooper’s Corner. But Clint Cooper, co owner of Twin Oaks, couldn’t help but notice her as she played piano each evening at the B and B. Her music was haunting…
and to Clint, so was her beauty. But Beth didn’t dare act on the attraction she felt for Clint. Checkout:Beth wasn’t really a mild, retiring librarian she wasn’t even Beth Young. In fact, she had no memory of who she was. But she sensed she was hiding out from a terrible danger, and risking Clint’s love meant risking his life…

Secrets of His Own

Series: Harlequin Intrigue 930Cape Diablo 1Back cover:HARBORING DESIREHaunted by a traumatic past, Carrie Bishop exiled herself on the shadowy Cape Diablo island on search of the truth. She never expected to cross paths with a steely eyed stranger as she combed a crumbling Spanish villa for clues. Nick Draco was a primitive and dangerous as the land he inhabited…
. and yet his magnetic presence awakened a breathless yearning inside her. An intense premonition of evil on the island left her chilled to the bone, but when they unearthed a menacing thirty year old mystery lurking within the estate’s dilapidated walls, it was in Nick’s arms where Carrie sought protection…
and succumbed to seduction. Now, nothing could prepare either of them for the sinister revelations that were about to engulf Cape Diablo…
Cape Diable Lawless and primal…
a place where anything can happen

The Dollmaker

And now a new clue has surfaced…
a doll that is the spitting image of Claire Doucett’s missing child, right down to the tiny birthmark on the girl’s left arm. A chance sighting of the eerily lifelike doll in a French Quarter collectibles shop leaves Claire shaken to her core…
and more determined than ever to find out what happened to her beloved Ruby.

When the doll is snatched and the store’s owner turns up dead, Claire knows the only person she can turn to is ex husband Dave Creasy, a former cop who has spent the past seven years imprisoned by his own guilt and despair. He let Claire down once when she needed him the most. Can she make him believe the doll really exists? She’ll have to if they’re to survive an encounter with a brutal psychopath The Dollmaker who stole their future to feed an obsession that will never die.

The Devil’s Footprints

The footprints were etched in the snow for miles, passing through walls and crossing rivers appearing on the other side as though no barrier could stop them.

In 1922 a farmer in Adamant, Arkansas, awakes to a noise on his roof and finds his snow blanketed yard marked with thousands of cloven footprints. The prints vanish with the melting snow only to reappear seventy years later near the gruesome killing of Rachel DeLaune.

Years after her sister’s unsolved murder, New Orleans tattoo artist Sarah DeLaune is haunted by the mysteries of her past. Sarah has always believed that her sister was killed by a man named Ashe Cain. But no one else had ever seen Ashe. He had ‘appeared’ to Sarah when she needed a friend the most, only to vanish on the night of her sister’s murder. The past bleeds into the present when two mutilated bodies are found near Sarah’s home, the crime scene desecrated by cloven footprints.

Texas Ransom

He was a man with connections…
Wealth, power and the perfect life. That’s what Graham Hollister thought he had with his beautiful wife, Kendall. He’d almost lost her in a deadly car crash, but since then he’d reveled in their renewed marriage. Until one Texas night changed everything.

She was a woman with a past…
A brutal crime cartel came to abduct Kendall. Only the kidnappers didn’t want just ransom–they were out for revenge. But as Graham raced against time and all odds to rescue his wife, everything he thought he once knew about her was now in question. Would the dark, dangerous secrets she harbored destroy them both?

The Whispering Room

Work is a welcome refuge for New Orleans homicide detective Evangeline Theroux. Feeling suffocated by her new baby, in whose eyes she sees only her dead husband, she throws herself into a high profile murder case.

Reclusive writer Lena Saunders offers Evangeline a provocative theory about the crime: it is the work of a lunatic vigilante. Lena spins the sordid story of Ruth and Rebecca Lemay, whose mother brutally murdered her male children in an insane effort to root out an ‘evil’ gene. The girls survived and grew to adulthood but one is carrying on her mother’s grisly work.

When the case takes a terrifyingly personal turn, Evangeline’s whole life will depend on a crucial, impossible choice: the lesser of two evils.

Showdown in West Texas

Cochise County needed a new deputy and Cage Nichols needed a cover pronto. Unfortunately, Cage unknowingly assumed the identity of an undercover hit man who’d marked stand in Sheriff Grace Steele to be murdered.

He was an ex cop sidelined by a bullet. Now, Cage was embedded in the dusty West Texas border town with no choice but to assume the role of a double agent in order to expose a conspiracy and to protect his own hide. That was the plan. Until he met Grace.

Whether it was the isolation of the no man’s land town of Jericho Pass or the intense desert heat, he couldn’t say, but Cage was fast falling for Grace. He only hoped she wouldn’t lock him up after he saved her.

The Perfect Kiss

The eternal woman…
She was everything a woman could be. And Zach Christopher wanted her timeless beauty as the symbol of his family’s cosmetics firm. But she lived in seclusion, and nothing could draw her into the light not even the stunning passion that flared between them the instant they met…
The eternal hunger…
The forbidden desire for a mortal man had shaken Anya Valorian to the depths of her tortured soul. But she was determined not to give in to the neverending hunger that kept her forever in the shadows. For this man could know nothing of the terrible price to be paid for loving one such as she…

After Darke (By:Heather MacAllister)

Welcome to Twin Oaks the new B and B in Cooper’s Corner. Bed and breakfast will never be the same! Check in: When small town plumber Bonnie Cooper visited New York in search of vintage bath fixtures for the Twin Oaks B and B, her reputation as the Berkshire’s Blind Date Queen followed her. But an arranged dinner with city bred columnist Jaron Darke went from bad to worse when they witnessed a mob hit outside the restaurant. They had no choice but to hide out at Twin Oaks. Their cover? They’re engaged! Checkout: To Jaron, she was Bonnie the Bumpkin; to Bonnie he was pretentious, pretentious, pretentious. But forced together, they did find one thing in common: passion. And as it turned out, their lives depended on it.

His Brother’s Bride (By:Tara Taylor Quinn)

Welcome to Twin Oaks the new B and B in Cooper’s Corner, Bed and breakfast will never be the same! Check In: TV news reporter Laurel London has booked a room at the new Twin Oaks B and B, and so has noted travel writer William Byrd, Owners Clint and Maureen Cooper are hoping for a great review! Checkout: Then suddenly, William Byrd vanishes. Policeman Scott Hunter is on the case and Laurel is determined to be in on the action. But Scott and Laurel share a painful history. His brother her fiance died tragically. Can cop and reporter mend their heartbreak, join their hearts…
and get to the bottom of Byrd’s disappearance?

Strangers When We Meet (By:Marisa Carroll)

Welcome to Twin Oaks the new B and B in Cooper’s Corner. Bed and breakfast will never be the same! Check in: Radio talk show host Emma Hart thought Twin Oaks was supposed to be a friendly inn, but fellow guest Blake Weston sure was grumpy! Blake had planned to buy an old farmhouse just outside Cooper’s Corner flee the rat race and propose to his girlfriend…
until he’d caught her in bed with the real estate agent. Checkout: That real estate agent was none other than Emma’s soon to be fiance! Blake and Emma turned to each other for support and comforting hugs quickly turned to passionate embrace. But fate wasn’t through with them yet. A shocking turn of events was about to deepen their newfound love…

Dancing in the Dark (By:Sandra Marton)

Welcome to Twin Oaks the new B and B in Cooper’s Corner. Some come for pleasure, others for passion and one to set things straight…
Check in: When Wendy Monroe had left Cooper’s Corner she’d been an Olympic hopeful in skiing…
and madly in love with Seth Castleman. But an accident on the slopes had shattered her dreams and her heart. She’d fled from Seth rather than tell him the painful secret behind her injuries. Now Wendy had returned home with just one desire. She wanted to be whole again. Checkout: A renowned surgeon staying at the Twin Oaks B and B could mend her leg. But only facing Seth again and the truth could mend her broken heart. Now, more than ever, she needed Seth’s strength and passion…
and the healing power of his love.

For Better or For Worse (By:Debbi Rawlins)

Welcome to Twin Oaks the new B and B in Cooper’s Corner. Some come for pleasure, others for passion and one to set things straight…
Check in: Veterinarian Alex McAlester is the man to go to in Cooper’s Corner for sound advice and a shoulder to lean on. But don’t ask him to get emotionally involved. Since his wife’s death eight years ago, his closest relationship has been with his dog, Bagel until he insists on ‘helping out’ Jenny Taylor…
by marrying her! Checkout: Jenny has been diagnosed with a rare illness, and if she were Alex’s spouse, his insurance would cover her mounting medical costs. But Jenny doesn’t want a marriage based on gratitude. She wants those strong shoulders! And she wants Alex’s love…


Love isn’t always what it seems…
Witchcraft A NOVEL OF ELECTRIFYING MYSTERY AND ROMANCE BY NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR JAYNE ANN KRENTZ Mystery writer Kimberly Sawyer received a single blood red rose with a needle thrust into its heart and she was terrified. Then, just as she remembered Darius Cavenaugh’s promise to help her anytime, anywhere, he appeared at her door. How had he known she needed him? Was it the deep, intuitive intimacy of a soul mate…
or Witchcraft? Plus two suspense filled romantic stories AMANDA STEVENS Last Chance Caf Leni Crowe ‘knew’ the stranger the moment he walked into her west Texas caf . Cade Walker had her husband’s eyes. But her husband was dead, killed in a fiery car crash while investigating a local drug cartel, and Cade was very, very alive…
REBECCA YORK Bayou Reunion When Chase Melancon inherited the crumbling Belle Vista plantation, he was shocked to find Julienne Rousseau waiting for him. Theirs was a haunted past, and she could be there only because she loved him…
or to lure him to his death.

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