AlTonya Washington Books In Order

Ramseys Books In Order

  1. A Lover’s Dream (2005)
  2. A Lover’s Pretense (2006)
  3. A Lover’s Mask (2007)
  4. A Lover’s Regret (2008)
  5. A Lover’s Worth (2008)
  6. A Lover’s Beauty (2009)
  7. A Lover’s Soul (2009)
  8. A Lover’s Allure (2010)
  9. A Ramsey Wedding (2010)
  10. Dream and Pretense (2014)

Ruler of Perfection Books In Order

  1. Ruler of Perfection (2009)
  2. Ravenous (2013)

Ramsey/Tesano Books In Order

  1. A Lover’s Origin (2010)
  2. A Lover’s Shame (2011)
  3. A Lover’s Hate (2012)
  4. A Lover’s Sin (2012)
  5. Lover’s Christmas (2012)
  6. Vestige (2013)
  7. A Lover’s Debt (2013)
  8. A Lover’s Control (2014)
  9. Lover’s Origin: Black Island (2015)
  10. A Lover’s Return (2016)
  11. Lover’s Life (2017)
  12. Book of Scandal (2010)
  13. A Lover’s Redemption (2021)

Lone Star Seduction Books In Order

  1. Texas Love Song (2012)
  2. His Texas Touch (2012)

Provocative Books In Order

  1. Provocative Territory (2013)
  2. Provocative Passion (2013)
  3. Provocative Attraction (2016)

Layers of the Past Books In Order

  1. Layers of the Past (2014)
  2. Layers of the Past: 2 (2014)

Caterer’s Wife Mystery Books In Order

  1. The Caterer’s Wife (2017)
  2. Chef’s Reunion (2018)

Tradition Books In Order

  1. Tradition (2017)
  2. Legacy (2020)

Moonlight and Passion Books In Order

  1. Seductive Memory (2018)
  2. Seductive Moments (2018)

Sleeping Giants Books In Order

  1. Bonded (2021)


  1. Remember Love (2003)
  2. Guarded Love (2003)
  3. Finding Love Again (2004)
  4. Love Scheme (2005)
  5. Wild Ravens (2005)
  6. In the Midst of Passion (2006)
  7. Pride and Consequence (2007)
  8. Rival’s Desire (2008)
  9. Passion’s Furies (2008)
  10. Hudsons Crossing (2009)
  11. Truth In Sensuality (2009)
  12. The Doctor’s Private Visit (2009)
  13. As Good as the First Time (2010)
  14. Expectation of Beauty (2010)
  15. Another Love (2010)
  16. Every Chance I Get (2011)
  17. Dancing With Destiny (2011)
  18. Pleasure’s Powerhouse (2011)
  19. Private Melody (2011)
  20. Taboo Tree (2012)
  21. TimeChange (2013)
  22. When Ice Melts (2014)
  23. Trust In Us (2014)
  24. Embrace My Heart (2015)
  25. Between Love and Hate (2015)
  26. Treasure My Heart (2015)
  27. Eternal (2016)
  28. Secrets In Love (2016)
  29. Silver Screen Romance (2016)
  30. The Warrior’s Gift (2019)


  1. What The Heart Wants (2011)
  2. Harlequin Kimani Romance September 2014 Bundle (2014)
  3. Harlequin Kimani Romance March 2015 Box Set (2015)
  4. Harlequin Kimani Romance May 2016 Box Set (2016)
  5. Harlequin Kimani Romance January 2017 Box Set (2017)
  6. Harlequin Kimani Romance October 2018 Box Set (2018)
  7. Harlequin Kimani Romance November 2018 Box Set (2018)
  8. Italian Playboys: Temptations (2021)
  9. The Italian Playboys Collection (2022)


  1. Destination Romance Series (2009)
  2. Feast of Fantasy (2018)


  1. Through It All (2010)
  2. Layers (2010)
  3. Model Intentions (2012)
  4. Mixed Signals (2012)
  5. Swept: Trinidad & Dominique (2017)
  6. Undoubted (2021)

Non fiction

  1. Crafting Characters (2010)

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AlTonya Washington Books Overview

A Lover’s Pretense

The pain of lost love has shaped Tykira Lowery, and despite the challenges of starting life anew, her savvy business skills and warm spirit guarantee her entrepreneurial success. Now, coming face to face with Quaysar Ramsey each day was overwhelming her nerves and her desires. One dance in this resort developer’s arms led Tykira to believe there may be a chance to start over with the man she’d lost once before . Convinced that a threat still exists on her life, Quaysar Ramsey has kept Tykira at arms length for years. Now seeing her back in Seattle at his brother’s wedding, old embers began to ignite into a flaming passion. Amid surprising revelations, and some hard truths, Tykira and Quaysar might just bridge the gap that has kept them apart for far too long. Will his true feelings for the only woman who has ever held his heart finally bring them together?

A Lover’s Regret

Yohan Ramsey and Melina Dan battle private demons and simmering passions, when their paths cross following an eight year separation. The murder of eighteen year old Sera Black has haunted Yohan’s family for decades. What really happened the night she died? Melina knows and it s wreaked chaos in her life ever since. Forced to leave her home and the man she loved, she s now faced with horrors from the past and the darkly seductive Yohan Ramsey back in her life. Melina thought things could get no worse. She then discovers a truth, so devastating it would destroy the only man she d ever loved. Not only was she fearful of how Yohan would accept the news, she was terrified of what he might do once he heard it. Torn apart by anger and regret yet bound by love and desire, Yohan and Melina s lives will collide in another Ramsey explosion.

A Lover’s Worth

Johari Frazier’s life was forever changed when she found the man she adored in the arms of another woman. The scene was staged but the damage had been done. Being betrayed by Moses Ramsey was a thing Johari never thought possible. He was the man she loved beyond reason. The man she planned to marry. The man whose child she carried. Moses knew nothing of the child or the fact that Johari had come to share news of the pregnancy. He’d set in motion, plans to break her heart and it was the very last thing he wanted to do. Still, she was better off away from him away from the sickness that shrouded his family in scandal. Now, years later, a chance to right the wrongs of the past give Moses hope that he could reclaim the woman he loves. Of course, he’ll have to triumph over the fact that she hates him beyond reason. There are also revelations threatening to tear down the criminal fabric shielding certain Ramsey elders.A new stage has been set. Danger is the star and Moses prays all he’s done to protect Johari won’t come undone in the latest act of the Ramsey saga.

A Lover’s Beauty

Taurus Ramsey is a man who harbors his own share of scandal. The son of Houston and Daphne Ramsey; whose recent murders shook the powerful clan, Taurus fears he’s doomed to be the sort of man his father was. He’s about to accept that he’ll never be blessed with family and real happiness when the personification of exquisite walks back into his life after an erotic encounter one year earlier.
Nile Becquois is a woman with her own secrets and an even greater amount of scandal. Of course it’s not a scandal she made. Unfortunately being Cufi Muhammad’s daughter was scandal within itself and the reknown artist wants no one aware of her link to the monster.
Taurus has vowed not to let Nile go without getting answers to his questions. Answers however, are the very things Nile is unprepared to give. Especially when she fears they could cost her the man she loves.

A Lover’s Soul

Quest and Michaela Ramsey are one of Seattle’s most adored couples but when more than a few secrets creep toward the uncovering point, nothing will be the same. Quest is harboring a volatile secret. Every instinct warns him to come clean with his wife yet at the same time those instincts warn that Mick would be shattered once he does. Michaela; having had enough of her husband’s overbearing and ‘protection at all costs’ nature reclaims the part of herself she fears she’s lost. The release of ‘Royal Ramsey’ the revealing biography on Quest’s family has been a sore spot between the couple for years. For Michaela, the book’s publication is as much about proving to Quest that she’s not some helpless soul in need of his exquisite guidance as it is about staying true to the person she had to become to survive the life she was forced to lead. Circumstances however, won’t wait for Mick and Quest to be honest with one another. A sequence of events will collide in a final stormy Ramsey onslaught where Quest’s and Michaela’s marriage could be the casualty.

A Lover’s Allure

Journey to Scotland where Darby Ellis and Kraven DeBurgh embark upon a fiery, erotic romance that sets the stage for the next level of Ramsey mystery, drama and revenge.

A Ramsey Wedding

Chicago sets the scene for a week of Love, romance and drama like only The Ramseys can provide. You’re invited to the wedding of the year as Fernando and Contessa tie the knot!

Ruler of Perfection

Chisulo Nkosi wanted Kam Okonkwo from the day she accepted the project to design the museum that would house the priceless artifacts he’d both collected and oversaw for his family’s estate. Unfortunately for Chisulo, the lovely architect was off limits. For centuries, the Nkosi and Okonkwo fought for dominance among the clans of shifters in which they reigned supreme. Now, a new conflict stands before them. It’s rumored that the Okonkwo are developing a serum that can suppress or in some cases obliterate the shifting phenomena. Only one final addition to the formula and the serum will be complete. The addition rests within Kam-the one person who does not possess the shifting ability. The Nkosi believe that if they can get to Kam, they could be first to create the serum. Chisulo is at first unaware of his family’s true motives. His only intention is to have Kam surrender to him body and soul. She vows to never swoon before the towering dark male whose smoldering midnight looks and blatant sex appeal mesmerize any woman he meets. The silent challenge posed between them only throws into overdrive Chisulo’s determination to have her. But secrets await that will instill hatred over love, vengeance over desire. Secrets, that include the murder of Kam’s brother by one of the Nkosi and the acquisition of the serum-which Kam’s blood must be spilled in order to create.

A Lover’s Origin

Treat yourself to this novella and catch a glimpse of the Ramsey and Tesano couples when their love first began…
and ended.

A Lover’s Shame

When Sabella Tesano walked away from her husband Isak, their lives headed down twin paths of darkness. Sabella’s shame over a horrific discovery wreaked havoc on her mind and body. The darkness in Isak s life had manifested in a more sinister fashion. He was no longer the even tempered peacemaker of his volatile family. While Sabella blamed herself for his brutal transformation, she believed he was better off away from her maybe hating her. Isak however, harbored no such feelings. In his mind, Sabella was still his wife and he had every intention of getting her back. Explanations would be required and Belle knew she could never share what she d learned about herself and the ugly truth of her existence.

A Lover’s Hate

Smoak Tesano and Sabra Ramsey have tried to avoid one another since that fateful afternoon when their relationship when their love was shattered by an unforgivable act. Smoak vowed to maintain his distance but has come to realize that Sabra’s in too much trouble to allow for that. The mere thought of Smoak rattles Sabra far more than she ll ever admit. She knows that his presence will stir cravings that will pose dangers to her very sanity. Avoidance is not an option. Family responsibilities make that impossible. Meanwhile, forgotten demons threaten the new rays of happiness and contentment the Ramseys and Tesanos now enjoy. These demons are hungry. They are restless. They seek vengeance, mean to have it and will use the innocent to lure the guilty.

Book of Scandal

Book of Scandal promises just what its title implies. Discover where the treachery, passion and mysteries all began for the Ramseys. Die hard fans of the series already know how much the current generation has suffered due to the actions of the Ramsey Elders discover why. Forget what you think you know. Uncover the truth in a pre quel which can only be described as…

Wild Ravens

Dominica 1860 Phaedra Toussaint will never claim her inheritance if her cousins, Marquis, Carlos and Dante have their way. Zephir Mfume will never acquire a very valuable piece of Toussaint property, unless he agrees to the cousins’ scandalous conditon for the sale: Take Phaedra away from Toussaints! To claim her inheritance she must be on the property by the stroke of midnight on her twentieth birthday.

Zephir can’t deny his interest in the fiery, outspoken beauty. He’s no gentleman, but finds it disgraceful that three men entrusted with the welfare of their own exquisite female cousin, would practically sell her.

What begins as a swindle, quickly transforms into something far more dangerous. Phaedra discovers she must protect not only her land, but also her heart from the darkly seductive Mfume.

Pride and Consequence

Could they begin again? Zakira loves her man, Malik, more than life itself. His prowess in the bedroom is rivaled only by his talent in the kitchen. The successful restaurant they run is as satisfying as their passionate marriage. But when devastating illness strikes Malik, his stubborn pride becomes their undoing. He leaves her…
Devastated, Zakira dedicates herself to Malik’s legacy, the restaurant. But when he returns, fully recovered…
and ready to reclaim her and their business, Zakira is stunned. The desire still burns hot between them, but there’s anger, too. Now Malik will need more than soul searing kisses to win her trust and her wounded heart. He will have to make her believe in them…

Rival’s Desire

Sultry singer Vivian Desmond would do anything for her grandmother anything but work with her childhood enemy, Caesar Morrison. He’s all grown up, but the famous pro athlete still enjoys getting under her skin. Now their matchmaking grandmothers think handing over the family business will turn spitfire rivals into lovebirds, but the man makes Vivian’s blood boil. Okay, there was definitely something hot under all the years of feuding, and maybe it’s time Caesar did something about it. Vivian always made him lose control, and now he knows why. She doesn’t care about his fame, fortune or fine looks. She just knows him too well. Now all he wants is to know her every inch of her for a lifetime.

Hudsons Crossing

One couple, two coasts it may be unconventional, but Riley and Asher make it work. Riley’s fierce New York career and Asher’s lucrative Phoenix sports agency are the perfect balance to their sexy, satisfying marriage. Which is what makes Asher’s sudden ultimatum to Riley leave New York or leave him so shocking. And Riley has an even bigger surprise in store, forcing her to decide where her heart and future really lie…
. Brokering million dollar deals is easy for Asher; living apart from his wife isn’t. But can Asher walk away from everything he’s worked for? Or will ambition and drive the things they love most about each other tear Riley and Asher apart?Perhaps changing priorities will make this couple fly even higher…

Truth In Sensuality

Lucilla Fairchild and Ryken Gabrielle are the stars of one of Europe’s most popular no real romantic relationship exists outside their work on the show. When Ryken is involved in a serious motorcycle accident following a holiday get together, it’s Lucilla who steps in to nurse him back to health. During this time, Ryken realizes that his friendship with Lucilla is in jeopardy. He sees her as far more than a friend and confidant he always had. Her highly publicized involvement with a successful doctor didn’t help matters much either. That is, until that involvement turned rocky. Soon, Ryken and Lucilla’s platonic relationship takes on new meaning. Events travel a road Lucilla reminds her co star they’d decided would never be breached. Ryken tells her he can’t handle that and soon all of Sensuality’s vast viewing public becomes aware of the true sensuality brewing beneath the steamy couple they adore.

The Doctor’s Private Visit

When Capri Timmons trades her chaotic Miami life for suburbia, the reserved photographer doesn’t realize her fantastic new house comes with a gorgeous doctor next door! Sexy, way too easy on the eyes Tiberius Evans is just the kind of man Capri has vowed to steer clear of at all costs. Except the more she resists, the more Tiberius wants her…
. With Tiberius, women usually check their inhibitions at the door. But his luscious, one step at a time neighbor isn’t like anyone the devout bachelor has ever known. And his protective instinct isn’t the only thing aroused. A dose of seduction is just what the doctor ordered. But Capri is making Tiberius rethink his just for one night past and his unclaimed future. Tiberius is happy to act the perfect gentleman…
if it lands him the woman he loves in the end!

As Good as the First Time

From the moment Julia Kelly fell in love with Cortez Wallace, she knew her life would never be the same. Their passion was hot, tempestuous, explosive. And to her surprise, it didn’t last forever. To escape the pain of yet another breakup, Julia moved to L.A. But now, when she hears startling news about her ex lover, the successful TV producer comes home to Detroit for one final encounter with the man she simply can’t get out of her heart…
. Popular television anchor Cortez has loved Julia since high school. Except Julia’s the one who walked out. Cortez’s mind remembers betrayal. His heart tells him to win his woman back. But love is never As Good as the First Time
is it?

Another Love

A woman’s loveless marriage tempts her to accept an all-too provocative friendship with a man as dangerous as he is alluring…

Destination Romance Series

We wish to thank you for purchasing this book, as all of the proceeds go to South Side Help Center. As a Whisper by AlTonya Washington Izaya Charles’ & Gunther Datari’s love affair ended horribly & unexpectedly but when they meet during a literary cruise on one of Gunther’s ships, they realize the affair may have ended but the love remained. Show Me! By Barbara Keaton Cammie’s life would never be the same following a chance meeting or so she thought with Jacques, a man many years her junior who would grant her unselfish, unbridled passion! Trapped in Paradise by Deatri King Bey After escaping an abusive marriage, Saundra Write swore never to allow anyone to trap her again. Then comes along Jeremy King, the kind of man any woman would beg to be trapped in paradise with. Seaside Seduction By A.C. Author Mac should be the last person to teach his best friend to love and trust when he’s been lying to her for years. And now that his game is up, he can only hope the beautiful Caribbean days and sensual seaside nights will be enough to make CJ dismiss the mistakes of the past to sail towards a brighter future? On My Knees By Dyanne Davis Carmen placed everything before love until love was nothing more than the stories told in romance novels. Aaron is an accomplished romance author, but wants the real thing. A cruise brings the two together. Renewed love, with a healthy dose of lust, works to keep them together. More and More By Niobia Byrant Mocha Nivens enjoys the casual nature of her long term, long distance relationship with businessman Dean Kincaid, but she ends it when he moves back to town wanting more. When Dean dates other women, Mocha realizes what she’s lost, but is it too late to claim the love she deserves?


Kamari Grade was a well known troubleshooter for the most discerning clients. But when called to investigate one of the most powerful men in financing, she’s thrown into the world of Huron Base. Financiers were usually polished in word and deed, but there was a sexy arrogance to Huron that blared former thug and it wasn’t an image he wanted to forget. When the lovely troubleshooter crossed his path she was everything he loved about his life challenge, drive, determination, strength, success, beauty…
For a man who could acquire anything, the allure of such a conquest was irresistible.

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