Allan Joyal Books In Order

Lost on Jord Books In Order

  1. Lost on Jord (2015)
  2. Journey Across Jord (2015)
  3. Pioneering on Jord (2015)
  4. Homesteading on Jord (2015)
  5. Seafaring on Jord (2018)

Daughter of Mystria Books In Order

  1. Heir to Silence (2016)

Living Dungeon Books In Order

  1. A Living Dungeon (2017)
  2. A Living Dungeon’s Madness (2019)

Life on Paganea Books In Order

  1. From Classroom 2B to King (2020)

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Daughter of Mystria Book Covers

Living Dungeon Book Covers

Life on Paganea Book Covers

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