Alison Fell Books In Order


  1. The Grey Dancer (1981)
  2. Every Move You Make (1984)
  3. Kisses for Mayakovsky (1984)
  4. The Bad Box (1987)
  5. The Crystal Owl (1988)
  6. Mer de Glace (1991)
  7. The Pillow Boy of the Lady Onogoro (1994)
  8. The Mistress of Lilliput (1999)
  9. Tricks of the Light (2003)
  10. The Element -inth in Greek (2012)


Anthologies edited

  1. Hard Feelings (1979)
  2. The Seven Deadly Sins (1988)
  3. The Seven Cardinal Virtues (1990)
  4. Serious Hysterics (1992)

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Alison Fell Books Overview

Mer de Glace

At 30, Will is the epitome of the New Man: successful, a skilled mountaineer, happy in his ‘equal and open’ marriage. Then he falls in love with Kathleen, and his charmed life begins to fall apart as he discovers the strength of their passion and his inability to control it.

The Pillow Boy of the Lady Onogoro

This exquisite, exuberant, X rated novel Mirabella, set in feudal Japan, tells the story of a concubine who hires a stable boy to whisper erotic stories from behind a screen while she entertains her master, a samurai general.

The Seven Cardinal Virtues

This sequel to ‘The Seven Deadly Sins’ features a collection of short stories from such writers as Kathy Acker, Leslie Dick, Zoe Fairbairns, Alison Fell, Sara Maitland, Agnes Owens and Michele Roberts.

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