Algis Budrys Books In Order


  1. Man of Earth (1958)
  2. Who? (1958)
  3. The Falling Torch (1959)
  4. Rogue Moon (1960)
  5. Some Will Not Die (1961)
  6. The Amsirs and the Iron Thorn (1967)
  7. Michaelmas (1977)
  8. Hard Landing (1993)
  9. Entertainment (1997)
  10. The Death Machine (2001)


  1. Algis Budrys SF Gateway Omnibus (2014)


  1. The Stoker and the Stars (1959)
  2. The Unexpected Dimension (1960)
  3. Budrys’ Inferno (1963)
  4. Blood and Burning (1979)
  5. Blood On My Jets and Others (2009)
  6. The Barbarians, Citadel, Stoker and The Stars (2010)
  7. Citadel and Other Stories (2011)
  8. Science Fiction Gems, Vol. Three (2012)
  9. Fantastic Stories Presents: Science Fiction Super Pack 2 (2018)
  10. The Science Fiction Collection 3 (2018)


  1. Between the Dark and the Daylight (1958)
  2. The Edge of the Sea (1958)
  3. Wall of Crystal, Eye of Night (1961)
  4. Citadel (2009)
  5. The Barbarians (2011)
  6. Riya’s Foundling (2011)
  7. In Clouds Of Glory (2014)

Non fiction

  1. Non-Literary Influences on Science Fiction (1983)
  2. Benchmarks (1985)
  3. Writing to the Point (1994)
  4. Outposts (1996)

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Algis Budrys Books Overview

The Falling Torch

The earth had been captured by The Invaders. A generation later, Michael Wireman had come back from the Centaurian colony…
and found very little that he expected. For one thing, most Earthmen were perfectly contended. The fighting was between factions of outlaw Earthmen, hidden in the mountains, barely taken note of by the invaders. And Wireman found he didn’t like the outlaws. Could he become assimilated by the tame Earthmen? Could he, in other words, surrender?

Some Will Not Die

The plague struck, and ninety percent of Earth’s population died. Those who survived tried to maintain some sort of civilization…
which meant more killing, as it turned out. But bit by bit, generation by generation, people began to succeed. With occasional setbacks.

Hard Landing

After crashing on Earth, four stranded aliens must try to blend into the primitive society they find, but when one of them sells technological secrets to an influential congressman, they are all suddenly in grave danger.


This volume presents ten examples of Algis Budrys’ shorter fiction highlighting his writing from the middle to late 1950s. These stories include famous ones such as ‘The End of Summer,’ ‘The Burning World,’ ‘Silent Brother,’ and ‘The Executioner’ as well as lesser known gems such as ‘Contact Between Equals,’ ‘Never Meet Again,’ and ‘Go and Behold Them.’ Budrys’ European upbringing gives his stories a viewpoint not often seen in those of American or British SF writers. A bibliography of Budrys’ fiction, non fiction books, and selected non fiction articles is included.


‘He was looking for a privacy his strange personality needed. And never quite seemed to achieve it. All his efforts were, somehow great triumphs of the race, and great failures for him!’


Over the years since 1965, Algis Budrys has emerged as the leading critic of mod ern speculative fiction: insightful, ec lectic, and notoriously uninhibited. Benchmarks collects the material that started it all 54 Galaxy Bookshelf book review columns Budrys created for the now vanished Galaxy Magazine. Writ ten for what was then the world’s leading SF periodical, these legendary summa tions and summary judgments coincided with the period when newsstand borne science fiction and fantasy were evolving from pulp toward literature. Budrys Galaxy reviews trace an incisive, some times wickedly acerb path through that sparsely charted literary territory. Budrys defines his standards and his function in his own words: A book should he good. A bird should fly. Writers of imperfect, tousled books should be made aware that standards of breeding and grooming exist. I strive to fulfill that function.

Writing to the Point

Complete concise guide to writing fiction that sells. Get a master’s competitive edge in the writing business. Bestselling writer, editor and renown writing teacher Algis Budrys has distilled 50 years of success into ‘Writing to the Point.’This is the book you need to be a better, and more successful, author. Write better stories. Fix mistakes in your present stories!Algis Budrys’s Writing to the Point contains all the writing articles that appeared over the first ten issues of tomorrow Magazine, re edited and expanded. It has an introduction by the author, and an appendix containing three separate essays:’Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy’Ideas, How They Work And How To Fix Them’What a Story Is.’In this book you will find, in permanent form, everything an aspiring amateur needs to know in order to become a published author. Algis Budrys has taught hundreds of people at scores of workshops, and edited not only tomorrow Magazine but many books and other magazines. The methods he describes in Writing to the Point are methods that have worked repeatedly.

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