Alexander Hawke Books In Order

Alexander Hawke Books In Publication Order

  1. Hawke (2003)
  2. Assassin (2004)
  3. Pirate (2005)
  4. Spy (2006)
  5. Tsar (2008)
  6. Warlord (2010)
  7. Crash Dive (2012)
  8. Phantom (2012)
  9. What Comes Around (2013)
  10. Warriors (2014)
  11. White Death (2015)
  12. Patriot (2015)
  13. Overkill (2018)
  14. Dragon Fire (2020)
  15. Sea Hawke (2021)

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Alexander Hawke Books Overview


Hawke is a fast paced adventure…
truly an exciting read,’ says Nelson DeMille. ‘Rich, spellbinding, and absorbing, Hawke is packed with surprises,’ raves Clive Cussler. Readers beware, this stunning, high caliber thriller is not recommended for the faint of heart. Lord Alexander Hawke is a direct descendant of the legendary English pirate BlackHawke and highly skilled in the cutthroat’s deadly ways himself. While still a boy, on a voyage to the Caribbean, Alex Hawke witnesses an act of unspeakable horror. Hidden in a secret compartment on his father’s yacht, Alex sees his parents brutally murdered by three modern day pirates. It is an event that will haunt him for the remainder of his life. Now, fully grown and one of England’s most decorated naval heroes, Hawke is back in the same Caribbean waters on a secret mission for the American government. A highly experimental stealth submarine, built by the Soviets just before the end of the Cold War, is missing. She carries forty nuclear warheads and is believed to be in the hands of a very unstable government just ninety miles from the American mainland. Hawke is in a race against time. His mission: Find the deadly sub before a preemptive strike can be launched against the U.S., and confront the murderous men behind the personal nightmare that haunts him before they find him first. Featuring breathtaking action, international intrigue, and a hero worthy of the very finest adventure fiction, Hawke heralds the exciting debut of a bold new talent.


Alex Hawke is back. In this explosive,jaw tightening follow up to Ted Bell’s ‘rich, spellbinding, and absorbing’ Clive Cussler debut national bestseller, Hawke, fearless intelligence operative Lord Alexander Hawke matches wits with a cunning and bloodthirsty psychopath in a desperate race to avert an American Armageddon. In an elegant palazzo on the Grand Canal, an American ambassador’s tryst turns deadly. In the seamy underbelly of London, a pub crawling killer is on the loose. And in a storybook chapel nestled in the Cotswolds, a marriage made in heaven turns to hell on earth. Isolated incidents? Or links in a chain of events hurtling towards catastrophe? So begins Assassin, the tour de force thriller that heralds the return of every terrorist’s worst nightmare, Alex Hawke. A shadowy figure known as the Dog is believed to be the ruthless terrorist who is systematically and savagely Assassinating American diplomats and their families around the globe. As the deadly toll mounts inexorably, Hawke, along with former NYPD cop and Navy SEAL Stokely Jones, is called upon by the U.S. government to launch a search for the Assassin behind the murders. Hawke, who ‘makes James Bond look like a ‘slovenly, dull witted clockpuncher’ Kirkus Reviews, is soon following a trail that leads back to London in the go go nineties, when Arab oil money fueled lavish, and sometimes fiendish, lifestyles. Other murky clues point to the Florida Keys, where a vicious killer hides behind the gates of a fabled museum. And to a remote Indonesian island where a madman tinkers with strains of a deadly virus and slyly bides his time. Hawke must call upon resources deep within himself. He must enter a race against time to stop a cataclysmic attack on America’s most populous cities and avengethe inexplicable and horrific crime that has left him devastated. Brimming with relentless action and stylish detail, and featuring a hero that readers will stand up and cheer for, Assassin is a gripping adventure. And definitely not recommended for the faint of heart.


In Ted Bell’s scorching follow up to his New York Times bestseller Assassin, intrepid intelligence operative Alex Hawke must thwart a secret, deadly alliance between China and France before they annihilate everything and everyone in their headlong rush toward world domination. Aboard the Star of Shanghai in the south of France, an American spy is held captive. He possesses vital, explosive intelligence linking two nations and one horrifying plot. If he is not rescued, he faces certain torture and inevitable death. Nearby, in a seaside hotel, a man still haunted by the loss of his wife two years earlier finds comfort in the arms of a beautiful Chinese actress but is she to be trusted? So begins Pirate, an electrifying thriller marking the return of international counterterrorist Alex Hawke. In Paris, a ruthless descendant of Napoleon has risen to power, hell bent on restoring France s former glory. His fiery ambitions are cynically stoked by a coterie of cold blooded Mandarins, plotting behind the gates of Beijing s Forbidden City. Cloaked in secrecy, this unholy alliance devises a twisted global plan, backed by China s growing nuclear arsenal, that will send America and the world to the brink of a gut wrenching showdown. With the aid of his old friend and former Navy SEAL, Stokely Jones, Hawke sets out to investigate the deadly connections that bind the French Chinese axis. Together, they discover that a powerful German industrialist may hold the key, somewhere inside the walls of his Bavarian mountain lair. Meanwhile, clues to an old and gruesome murder in Paris lead to New York City, where horrifying evidence could finally bring a madman to his knees. In the end, as American and British forces prepare to defend a sovereign and oil rich Gulf nation against unwilling occupation, the terror is all too real. The world is once more balanced on the knife edge of a full blown nuclear confrontation. Hawke must once more prepare to hurl himself deep into the nightmare visions of madmen. He must garner every ounce of strength, courage, and useful pain from his past. He must defeat this enemy or else forfeit the lives of untold thousands, including his own, to an axis of evil no historian could have ever predicted. Packed with unrelenting action, glamour, and high style, and featuring the spectacular Alex Hawke, who time and again transports readers to the edge of danger, Pirate is a spellbinding thriller. Be prepared for Alex Hawke s most daunting and heart pounding mission yet. Here is an author who gets you in the palm of his hand…
and then clenches his fist!


A border ain t nothing but a law drawn in the sand. So says a small town Texas sheriff in Ted Bell’s most gripping espionage thriller to date. Things along America s southern border are rapidly reaching the boiling point. American girls are being snatched from their homes, ranches are burning, and the number of deadly confrontations along the Mexican boarder grows daily. At night, armed Mexican troops cross the border at will in support of narcotics smugglers and illegal immigrants. By day, Americans take up arms and plan reprisals. An all out border war is no longer inconceivable. It s happening! On assignment for the British Secret Service, a man leads a mysterious expedition into the heart of darkness. Sailing up the furthest reaches of the Amazon River, he is captured by a brutal tribe of indigenous cannibals. Forced into slave labor, he witnesses the unimaginable. Golden domes and minarets rise beneath the rainforest canopy. Vast terror armies are being recruited and trained in the jungle. Their goal: a vicious jihad that will unite one continent and destroy another. They possess weapons only dreamed of by the Western allies. Somehow he must escape his captors and live to tell his tale. With tensions on its southern border threatening to ignite into war, America must look to the one man who might be able to confront the demons in the jungle and destroy them. Alex Hawke, with the aid of brilliant Scotland Yard Inspector Ambrose Congreve, and an unstoppable force of nature named Stokely Jones, begins a river journey fraught with peril. He must confront all the terrors that man and nature can hurl at him. From black magic, poison tipped arrows, and blowguns to an awesome arsenal of the most advanced military hardware, Hawke must overcome insurmountable odds on his quest for victory. Here is an author who gets you in the palm of his hand and then clenches his fist. And here is a saga loaded to the gunwales with action, glamour, and spellbinding suspense. Alex Hawke once again takes listeners right to that thin border between fear and overwhelming terror. It s merely a line drawn in the sand. Cross it at your peril. Cross it if you dare.


There dwells, somewhere in Russia, a man so powerful that no one even knows his name. His existence is only speculated upon, only whispered about, in American corridors of power and CIA strategy meetings. Though he is all but invisible, he is pulling strings and pulling them hard. For suddenly, Russia is a far, far more ominous threat than even the most hardened cold warriors ever thought possible.
The Russians have their finger on the fuel switch to the European economy and an eye on the American jugular. And, most important, they want to be made whole again. Should America interfere with Russia’s plans to reintegrate her rogue states, well then, America will pay in blood.
In Ted Bell s latest pulse pounding and action packed tour de force, Alex Hawke must face an insidious global nightmare of epic proportions. As this political crisis plays out, Russia gains a new leader. Not just a president, but a new Tsar, a signal to the world that the old, imperial Russia is back and is hellbent on global dominance. And in America, a mysterious killer, known only as Happy the Baker, brutally murders Americans on instructions from the Kremlin. Just a taste, according to the new Tsar, of what will happen if America does not back down. Onto this treacherous stage must step Alex Hawke, the only counter terror agent, both the Americans and the Brits agree, who can stop the absolute madness born and bred inside the modern police state of Vladimir Putin s New Russia.
Listeners will race through the action at breakneck speed as Ted Bell s larger than life hero Publishers Weekly crosses international borders to stop the Russians from executing the most devastating attack our world has ever seen. Gripping, thrilling, and impossible to put down, Tsar is the ultimate adventure ride from an author in a class of his own.


Counterspy Alexander Hawke races to stop a madman hell bent on murdering the British royal family in this latest spellbinding action thriller in Ted Bell’s New York Times bestselling series. Alex Hawke has all but given up on life. The British American MI6 counterterrorism operative lost the woman he loved almost a year ago and has sought refuge at the bottom of a rum bottle ever since. But late one night at his home on Bermuda, he receives a wake up call…
literally. His Royal Highness Prince Charles, an old friend, desperately needs his help. The prince has discovered a not so subtle threat directed toward the British royal family. What s more, the evidence reveals an ominous connection to Charles s god father, Lord Mountbatten the beloved family patriarch assassinated by an ingeniously designed bomb thirty years before. A shadowy figure from the past has the British crown in his sights, and has proven once before that his warnings are not to be taken lightly. Several clues point to IRA involvement, but the authorities have little to go on and answers are scarce. This is just the call to duty Hawke needs to get back into action if the madman doesn t strike first. Alex Hawke, one of the most dashing and compelling action heroes in all of thriller fiction, faces his most formidable challenge yet in Warlord, a gripping, white knuckled adventure told with verve and swashbuckling panache by a master of the art.


Counterspy Alex Hawke must catch a villainous megalomaniac a man obsessed with horrifying experiments in cyberwarfare in this mesmerizing new espionage thriller in Ted Bell’s New York Times bestselling series The first and most bizarre event nearly becomes a monumental catastrophe when something goes awry at an American theme park, wreaking havoc on visitors looking for nothing more than a sun splashed holiday. In a different part of the country, a USAF F 15 pilot, escorting another jet in the skies over the Midwest, inexplicably loses control of his plane, endangering the lives of several people and deeply puzzling those following his mission on the ground. Then, in the misty calm of a coastal California evening, the world’s premier scientist on the subject of artificial intelligence gets a strange phone call. When he hangs up, he quietly grabs his coat and leaves for an after dinner stroll from which he never returns. It’s up to Hawke and the brilliant former inspector Ambrose Congreve to find out what could possibly be happening. But how does one identify and fight an enemy one can’t see, a real Phantom? Even these seasoned operatives are mystified. Is there really such a thing as an ultra intelligent machine, a cyberweapon that can shift the geopolitical balance of power? In a hunt that takes him from Palo Alto, California, to the Russian frontier, to Cambridge University and the glistening Mediterranean aboard his newly christened and armed super yacht Blackhawke, Alex Hawke is joined by the unstoppable Stokely Jones and his ex CIA buddy Harry Brock as he moves closer to unmasking the scientist behind these extraordinary events, going nose to nose with an enemy unlike any he’s fought before and may never again.

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