Alexander C Irvine Books In Order


  1. A Scattering of Jades (2002)
  2. One King, One Soldier (2004)
  3. The Narrows (2005)
  4. Buyout (2009)


  1. Pictures from an Expedition (2006)


  1. Unintended Consequences (2003)
  2. The Life of Riley (2005)

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Alexander C Irvine Books Overview

A Scattering of Jades

The great fire of 1835 burned most of New York City’s wooden downtown. Like many people, Archie Prescott thought he had lost everything. His home was a smoldering ruin, his dead wife’s body at his feet. And next to her is a child’s corpse he assumes was his daughter. It seems like the end of everything. But it is only the beginning. Goaded into action by New York Herald publisher James Gordon Bennett, Archie runs afoul of one of P. T. Barnum’s former sideshow workers, Riley Steen. With the help of an ancient book translated by Aaron Burr, Steen has resurrected a chacmool. This ageless Mesoamerican avatar plans to use the blood of Archie’s still living daughter to bring about the end of humanity. At the same time, Stephen Bishop guides tourists through the Mammoth Cave in Kentucky. Stephen, a slave, wants nothing more than a world where the color of his skin doesn’t deny his humanity. His fateful first meeting with the chacmool leads him to believe that the promise it offers may bring him to such a world. In the midst of ancient magic and murderous conspiracies, Archie finds himself with the power to save the world or drown it in sacrificial blood…
but first he has to stop mourning his daughter and undertake a grim cross country journey to save her.

One King, One Soldier

The story says that one day a Fisher King will rise to heal the land.
In the 1950s, they re still waiting…

At the turn of the twentieth century, a baseball player named George Gibson embarks upon a mystical journey to the Congo. His mission: to shepherd a powerful relic to its home in Abyssinia. But poet turned grail seeker Arthur Rimbaud is after what Gibson possesses as others before him have been for millennia.
A half century later, after receiving an honorable discharge from the Korean War, twenty year old Lance Porter vows to put his civilian life back together which means heading to commie infested Berkeley to see his high school sweetheart, Ellie. But after Lance gets cold feet, he encounters instead a drunk, gay poet named Jack Spicer, who spews crazy stories about Lance being the Fisher King.
It appears that the bearing of the grail has been bequeathed to young Lance, much to his shock and disbelief. Can a legacy born in the deserts of Ethiopia truly be reemerging in the bohemian bars of New York City and San Francisco? And is a vet with a lost soul really worthy of its care?

ALEXANDER C. IRVINE has breathed a refreshing burst of air into the Arthurian legend. In One King, One Soldier, ancient characters and Irvine’s pitch perfect historical accuracy merge with a gritty, dark portrait of America in the Cold war 50s. Here, three stories come brilliantly together in an edgy mix of baseball, imperialism, poetry, and grail mythology.

The Narrows

From award winning author Alexander C. Irvine comes a compelling, fantastical riff on history and World War II. The Narrows takes place in Detroit, where Henry Ford’s factories have been retooled for America s grand war effort. But there are also more clandestine operations under way including a top secret effort to produce golems powerful beings fashioned from the earth to destroy Nazis. Here lurk strange spies in unlikely places and a not so extraordinary man who is inadvertently poised at the bizarre, urgent center of it all…

Spared fighting in Europe because of a bum hand, Jared wishes he could join the cause, instead of mindlessly sifting clay to be made into golems. But there is something that preys on his dreams: the devilish dwarf known as the Nain Rouge. In his youth, Jared once actually saw the Dwarf a chilling creature that shows itself to individuals just before their demise. Now the Nain Rouge appears to be coming back for Jared himself.

Many have a profound interest in Jared s childhood run in with the Dwarf including a German spy, Jared s hateful foreman at the golem factory, and a shape shifting Indian shaman. But what could a simple man who earns a meager living possibly have to do with espionage and dark deeds? While Jared toils invisibly in the bowels of Ford s plant, the answer is about to reveal itself in a cataclysm of mythic and sinister proportions.


From acclaimed author Alexander C. Irvine comes a gritty near future thriller in the paranoid, prophetic vein of Philip K. Dick and Richard K. Morgan.

One hundred years from now, with Americans hooked into an Internet far more expansive and intrusive than today s, the world has become a seamless market driven experience. In this culture of capitalism run amok, entrepreneurs and politicians faced with rampant overcrowding in the nation’s penal system turn to a controversial new method of cutting costs: life term Buyouts. In theory, Buyouts offer convicted murderers the chance to atone for their crimes by voluntarily allowing themselves to be put to death by the state in exchange for a one time cash payment, shared among their heirs and victims, based on a percentage of what it would have cost taxpayers to house and feed them for the rest of their natural lives. It s a win win situation.

At least that s what Martin Kindred believes. And Martin is a man who desperately needs something to believe in, especially with his marriage coming apart and the murder of his brother, an L.A. cop brutally gunned down in the line of duty, unsolved.

As the public face of the Buyout program, Martin is a lightning rod for verbal and physical abuse but he embraces every challenge, knowing his motives are pure. But when evidence comes to light that a felon in line for a Buyout may have been involved with his brother s death, Martin s professional detachment threatens to turn into a personal vendetta that will jeopardize everything and everyone he holds dear. Inspired by today s politics, Buyout is an unforgettable look at an all too believable future…
and one man s struggle to do the right thing.

Pictures from an Expedition

A collection of fantasy and science fiction stories from the award winning author of A Scattering of Jades, One King, One Soldier and The Narrows. Featuring 13 stories, one of them original to this collection.

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