Alastair Reynolds Books In Order

Revelation Space Books In Publication Order

  1. Revelation Space (2000)
  2. Chasm City (2001)
  3. Diamond Dogs (2001)
  4. Redemption Ark (2002)
  5. Diamond Dogs, Turquoise Days (2003)
  6. Absolution Gap (2003)
  7. Galactic North (2006)
  8. Inhibitor Phase (2021)

Inspector Drefus / Prefect Dreyfus Emergency Books In Publication Order

  1. Aurora Rising (2007)
  2. Elysium Fire (2018)

Poseidon’s Children Books In Publication Order

  1. Blue Remembered Earth (2012)
  2. On the Steel Breeze (2012)
  3. Poseidon’s Wake (2015)

Merlin Books In Publication Order

  1. Merlin’s Gun (2000)
  2. The Iron Tactician (2016)

Doctor Who: Third Doctor Books In Publication Order

  1. Harvest of Time (2013)

The Medusa Chronicles Books In Publication Order

  1. The Medusa Chronicles (With: Stephen Baxter) (2016)

Revenger Books In Publication Order

  1. Revenger (2016)
  2. Shadow Captain (2019)
  3. Bone Silence (2020)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Century Rain (2004)
  2. Pushing Ice (2005)
  3. House of Suns (2008)
  4. Terminal World (2010)
  5. Permafrost (2019)

Short Stories/Novellas In Publication Order

  1. The Six Directions of Space (2008)
  2. Zima Blue (2009)
  3. Troika (2011)
  4. Sleepover (2012)
  5. Thousandth Night (2013)
  6. Slow Bullets (2015)

Short Story Collections In Publication Order

  1. Belladonna Nights and Other Stories (2021)

The Year’s Top Ten Tales of Science Fiction Anthology Books In Publication Order

  1. The Year’s Top Ten Tales of Science Fiction 2 (2010)
  2. The Year’s Top Ten Tales of Science Fiction 3 (2011)
  3. The Year’s Top Ten Tales of Science Fiction 4 (2012)
  4. The Year’s Top Ten Tales of Science Fiction 5 (2013)
  5. The Year’s Top Ten Tales of Science Fiction 6 (2014)
  6. The Year’s Top Ten Tales of Science Fiction 7 (2015)
  7. The Year’s Top Ten Tales of Science Fiction 8 (2016)
  8. The Year’s Top Ten Tales of Science Fiction 9 (2017)
  9. The Year’s Top Ten Tales of Science Fiction 10 (2018)

The Year’s Top Hard Science Fiction Stories Books In Publication Order

  1. The Year’s Top Hard Science Fiction Stories (With: ,Gregory Benford,,Allan Kaster,Ken Liu,Ted Kosmatka,,Paul J. McAuley) (2017)
  2. The Year’s Top Hard Science Fiction Stories 2 (By:Allan Kaster) (2018)
  3. The Year’s Top Hard Science Fiction Stories 3 (With: Greg Egan,Peter Watts,Yoon Ha Lee,,Allan Kaster,Ken Liu,S.L. Huang,Paul J. McAuley) (2019)
  4. The Year’s Top Hard Science Fiction Stories 4 (By:Elizabeth Bear,,,,Greg Egan,Peter Watts,Allan Kaster) (2020)

Anthologies In Publication Order

  1. Space Soldiers (2001)
  2. Year’s Best SF 11 (2006)
  3. The Space Opera Renaissance (2006)
  4. The Best of the Best, Vol 2 (2007)
  5. Federations (2009)
  6. Shine: An Anthology of Optimistic Science Fiction (2010)
  7. War and Space (2012)
  8. Memoryville Blues: A Postscripts Anthology 30/31 (2013)
  9. Tales from the Edge: Escalation: A Maelstrom’s Edge Collection (2017)
  10. The Year’s Top Hard Science Fiction Stories (2017)
  11. The Year’s Top Ten Tales of Science Fiction 10 (2018)
  12. Best of British Science Fiction 2018 (2019)
  13. The Year’s Top Hard Science Fiction Stories 3 (2019)

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Alastair Reynolds Books Overview

Revelation Space

Dr Dan Sylveste, an archaeologist who has for years been fascinated with the long dead alien race the Amarantin, is about to discover something that could change the course of mankind. But before he can act on anything his wife is killed and he is captured when a coup sweeps across the planet Resurgam. Meanwhile, an astonishing ship bearing a crew of militaristic cyborgs and a kidnapped Gunnery Officer is bearing down on Resurgam, crossing light years of space to enlist Sylvestes help to save their metamorphosing Captain. Only Sylveste, or, more accurately, the software programme containing his fathers knowledge that he carries in his mind, can save the Captain. None of them can anticipate the cataclysm that will result when they meet, a cataclysm that will sweep through space and could determine the ultimate fate of humanity.

Chasm City

Set in the same milieu as REVELATION SPACE, Alastair Reynolds takes the reader on another mind bending ride through his wild universe. Tanner Mirabel was a security specialist who never made a mistake until the day a young woman in his care was blown away during an attack by a vengeful young postmortal. Tanner’s pursuit of the murderer takes him across the universe from his home planet of Sky’s Edge to Chasm City, the domed human settlement on the inhospitable planet of Yellowstone. But Chasm City isn’t what it was: the Melding Plague has turned it into a Gothic nightmare, the inhabitants as corrupted as the buildings and machinery. Before the chase is done, Tanner will have to confront disturbing truths which reach back centuries, towards deep space and an atrocity history barely remembers but which has ramifications echoing down through the years.

Redemption Ark

The Inhibitors are back and Humanity is doomed! Many, many millennia ago, the Inhibitors seeded the universe with machines designed to detect intelligent life and then to suppress it. But after hundreds of millions of years, the machines started to fail and intelligent cultures started to emerge. Then Dr Dan Sylveste and the crew of Infinity discovered what had happened to the long vanished Amarantin race…
and awakened the Inhibitors. On Yellowstone, where no one is quite who they appear, the Inquisitor and the planet’s Most Wanted War Criminal are watching as the Inhibitors turn a small group of planets into raw materials. Whatever they are building with those materials is not going to be good for Humanity. Once again, Al Reynolds has produced a stunning, universe spanning space opera of mind blowing proportions. Big in size, big in concepts, Redemption Ark will leave you gasping at its audacity and breathless at its conclusion. This is British SF at its absolute best.

Diamond Dogs, Turquoise Days

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into interstellar space…
Alastair Reynolds burst onto the SF scene with the Arthur C. Clarke Award shortlisted REVELATION SPACE, British Science Fiction Award winning CHASM CITY, and REDEMPTION ARK. Now experience the phenomenal imagination and breathtaking vision of ‘The most exciting space opera writer working today’ Locus in these two tales of high adventure set in the same universe as his novels. The title story, ‘Diamond Dogs’, tells of a group of mercenaries trying to unravel the mystery of a particularly inhospitable alien tower on a distant world; ‘Turquoise Days’ is about Naqi, who has devoted her life to studying the alien Pattern Jugglers.

Absolution Gap

Mankind has endured centuries of horrific plague and a particularly brutal interstellar war…
but there is still no time for peace and quiet. Stirred from aeons of sleep, the Inhibitors ancient alien killing machines have begun the process of ridding the galaxy of its latest emergent intelligence: mankind. As a ragtag bag of refugees fleeing the first wave of the cull head towards an apparently insignificant moon light years away, they discover an avenging angel, a girl born in ice. She has the power to lead mankind to safety, and the ability to draw down their darkest enemy. And on a planet where vast travelling cathedrals crawl towards the treacherous fissure known as Absolution Gap, an unsettling truth becomes apparent: to beat one enemy, it may be necessary to forge an alliance with something much, much worse…

Galactic North

Centuries from now, the basic right to expand human intelligence beyond its natural limits has become a war worthy cause for the Demarchists and Conjoiners. Only vast lighthugger starships bind these squabbling colonies together, manned by the panicky and paranoid Ultras. And the hyperpigs just try to keep their heads down. The rich get richer. And everyone tries not to think about the worrying number of extinct alien civilizations turning up on the outer reaches of settled space…
because who’s to say that humanity won’t be next?Set in the Revelation Space universe, this is the first short story collection by the author who has been called ‘one of SF’s best and most ambitious novelists.’ The eight stories included in Galactic North are ‘Great Wall of Mars,’ ‘Glacial,’ ‘A Spy in Europa,’ ‘Weather,’ ‘Dilation Sleep,’ ‘Grafenwalder’s Bestiary,’ ‘Nightingale,’ and ‘Galactic North.’

Aurora Rising

Tom Dreyfus is a Prefect, a policeman of sorts, and one of the best. His force is Panoply, and his beat is the multi faceted utopian society of the Glitter Band, that vast swirl of space habitats orbiting the planet Yellowstone. These days, his job is his life. A murderous attack against a Glitter Band habitat is nasty, but it looks to be an open and shut case until Dreyfus starts looking under some stones that some very powerful people would really rather stayed unturned. What he uncovers is far more serious than mere gruesome murder: a covert takeover bid by a shadowy figure, Aurora who may once have been human but certainly isn’t now, who believes the people of the Glitter Band should no longer be in charge of their own destiny. Dreyfus discovers that to save something precious, you may have to destroy part of it.

Blue Remembered Earth

One hundred and fifty years from now, in a world where Africa is the dominant technological and economic power, and where crime, war, disease and poverty have been banished to history, Geoffrey Akinya wants only one thing: to be left in peace, so that he can continue his studies into the elephants of the Amboseli basin. But Geoffrey’s family, the vast Akinya business empire, has other plans. After the death of Eunice, Geoffrey’s grandmother, erstwhile space explorer and entrepreneur, something awkward has come to light on the Moon, and Geoffrey is tasked well, blackmailed, really to go up there and make sure the family’s name stays suitably unblemished. But little does Geoffrey realise or anyone else in the family, for that matter what he’s about to unravel. Eunice’s ashes have already have been scattered in sight of Kilimanjaro. But the secrets she died with are about to come back out into the open, and they could change everything. Or shatter this near utopia into shards…

Century Rain

Three hundred years in the future, Verity Auger is a specialist in the archaeological exploration of Earth, rendered uninhabitable after the technological catastrophe known as the Nanocaust. After a field trip to goes badly wrong, Verity is forced to redeem herself by participating in a dangerous mission, for which her expertise in invaluable. Using a backdoor into an unstable alien transit system, Auger’s faction has discovered something astonishing at the far end of a wormhole: mid twentieth century Earth, preserved like a fly in amber. Is it a window into the past, a simulation, or something else entirely? Century Rain is not just a time travel story, nor a tale of alternate history. Part hard SF thriller, part interstellar adventure, part noir romance, Century Rain is something altogether stranger.

Pushing Ice

Some centuries from now, the exploration and exploitation of the Solar System is in full swing. On the cold edge of the system, Bella Lind, captain of the huge commercial spacecraft Rockhopper IV, helps fuel this new gold rush by attaching mass driver motors to organic rich water ice comets to move them back to the inner worlds. Her crew are tough, blue collar miners, engineers and demolition experts. Around Saturn, something inexplicable happens: one of the moons leaves its orbit and accelerates out of the Solar System. The icy mantle peels away to reveal that it was never a moon in the first place, just a parked spacecraft, millions of years old, that has now decided to move on. Rockhopper IV, trapped in the pull, is hurled across time and space into the deep, distant future, arriving in a vast, alien constructed chamber. And the crew are not alone, for each chamber contains an alien culture dragged into this cosmic menagerie at the end of time. The crew of the Rockhopper IV know a lot about blowing up comets, but not much about first contact with ultra advanced aliens. They have two things to worry about: can they and their new alien allies negotiate their way through each harrying contact? And can they assimilate the avalanche of knowledge about their own future including all the glittering, dangerous technologies that are now theirs for the taking without destroying themselves in the process?

House of Suns

Six million years ago, at the very dawn of the starfaring era, Abigail Gentian fractured herself into a thousand male and female clones: the shatterlings. Sent out into the galaxy, these shatterlings have stood aloof as they document the rise and fall of countless human empires. They meet every two hundred thousand years, to exchange news and memories of their travels with their siblings. Campion and Purslane are not only late for their thirty second reunion, but they have brought along an amnesiac golden robot for a guest. But the wayward shatterlings get more than the scolding they expect: they face the discovery that someone has a very serious grudge against the Gentian line, and there is a very real possibility of traitors in their midst. The surviving shatterlings have to dodge exotic weapons while they regroup to try to solve the mystery of who is persecuting them, and why before their ancient line is wiped out of existence, for ever.

Terminal World

A brand new novel from ‘the most exciting space opera writer working today’ Locus. In a far distant future, an enforcement agent named Quillon has been living incognito in the last human city of Spearpoint, working as a pathologist in the district morgue. But when a near dead angel drops onto his dissecting table, his world is wrenched apart. For the angel is a winged posthuman from Spearpoint’s Celestial Levels, and with the dying body comes bad news to save the angel’s life, Quillon must leave his home and travel into the cold and hostile lands beyond the city.

The Six Directions of Space

What if Genghis Khan got his wish, and brought the entire planet under the control of the Mongols? Where would he have gone next?

A thousand years after Khan’s death, Yellow Dog is the codename of a female spy working for a vast Mongol dominated galactic empire. When she learns of anomalous events happening on the edge of civilised space phantom ships appearing in the faster than light transit system which binds the empire together Yellow Dog puts herself forward for the most hazardous assignment of her career. In deep cover, she must penetrate the autonomous zone where the anomalies are most frequent, and determine whether the empire is really under attack, and if so by who or what. Yellow Dog’s problems, however, are only just beginning. For the autonomous zone is under the heel of Qilian, a thuggish local tyrant with no love for central government and a reputation for extreme brutality. Qilian already knows more about the anomalies than Yellow Dog does. If she is going to learn more, she will have to earn his confidence even if that means working for him, rather than against him.

So begins a deadly game of subterfuge and double cross while the anomalies increase…

The Year’s Top Ten Tales of Science Fiction 2

An unabridged audio collection of the best of the best science fiction stories published in 2009 by current and emerging masters of the genre, as narrated by top voice talents. In Erosion, by Ian Creasey, A man tests the limits of his exo suit prior to leaving a dying Earth. In As Women Fight, by Sara Genge, a hunter, in a society of body switchers, has no time to train for a fight to inhabit his wife’s body. In A Story, with Beans, by Steven Gould, the role of religion in a dystopian future plagued with metal eating bugs is considered. In Events Preceding the Helvetican Renaissance, by John Kessel, a monk, in the far future, steals the only copy of a set of plays from a repressive regime and uses this loot to free his people. In On the Human Plan, by Jay Lake, a mysterious alien visits a far future, dying Earth in search of the death of Death. Set in the Jackaroo sequence, Crimes and Glory, by Paul McAuley, a detective chases a thief to recover alien technology that both aliens and humanity are desperate to recover. Set in the Lovecraftian Boojum universe, Mongoose by Sarah Monette and Elizabeth Bear, a vermin hunter and his tentacled assistant come on board a space station to hunt toves and raths. In Before My Last Breath, by Robert Reed, a geologist discovers a strange fossil in a coal mine that leads to the discovery of a peculiar graveyard. In The Island, by Peter Watts, a woman on a spaceship must decide whether to place a stargate near an alien society that will ultimately destroy it. Finally, This Peaceable Land; or, The Unbearable Vision of Harriet Beecher Stowe, by Robert Charles Wilson, is an alternate American Civil War history in which the war was never fought, slavery gradually disappeared, and Uncle Tom s Cabin was never published. More than 9.5 hours on 8 CDs, read by Tom Dheere, Vanessa Hart, and J. P. Linton.

Space Soldiers

In this explosive anthology, ten of science fiction’s best new and classic writers imagine the soldiers who will one day fight and die on distant worlds. Featuring stories by: Fritz Leiber Joe Haldeman Paul J. McAuley Alastair Reynolds Stephen Baxter William Barton Tom Purdom Robert Reed Fred Saberhagen

Year’s Best SF 11

This is the best short form science fiction of 2005, selected by David Hartwell and Kathryn Cramer, two of the most respected editors in the field. The short story is one of the most vibrant and exciting areas in science fiction today. It is where the hot new authors emerge and where the beloved giants of the field continue to publish. Now, building on the success of the first nine volumes, Eos will once again present a collection of the best stories of the year in mass market. Here, selected and compiled by David G. Hartwell and Kathryn Cramer, two of the most respected editors in the field, are stories with visions of tomorrow and yesterday, of the strange and the familiar, of the unknown and the unknowable. With stories from an all star team of science fiction authors, ‘Year’s Best SF 11‘ is an indispensable guide for every science fiction fan.

The Space Opera Renaissance

‘Space opera’, once a derisive term for cheap pulp adventure, has come to mean something more in modern SF: compelling adventure stories told against a broad canvas, and written to the highest level of skill. Indeed, it can be argued that the ‘new space opera’ is one of the defining streams of modern SF. Now, World Fantasy Award winning anthologists David G. Hartwell and Kathryn Cramer have compiled a definitive overview of this subgenre, both as it was in the days of the pulp magazines, and as it has become in 2005. Included are major works from genre progenitors like Jack Williamson and Leigh Brackett, stylish midcentury voices like Cordwainer Smith and Samuel R. Delany, popular favorites like David Drake, Lois McMaster Bujold, and Ursula K. Le Guin, and modern day pioneers such as Iain M. Banks, Steven Baxter, Scott Westerfeld, and Charles Stross.

The Best of the Best, Vol 2

For more than twenty years The Year’s Best Science Fiction has been recognized as the best collection of short science fiction writing in the universe and an essential resource for every science fiction fan. In 2005 the original Best of the Best collected the finest short stories from that series and became a benchmark in the SF field. Now, for the first time ever, Hugo Award winning editor Gardner Dozios sifts through hundreds of stories and dozens of authors who have gone on to become some of the most esteemed practitioners of the form, to bring readers the ultimate anthology of short science fiction novels from his legendary series. Included are such notable short novels as: Sailing to Byzantium by Robert SilverbergIn the fiftieth century, people of Earth are able to create entire cities on a whim, including those of mythology and legend. When twentieth century traveler Charles Philip accidentally lands in this aberrant time period, he is simultaneously obsessed with discovering more about this alluring world and getting back home. But in a world made entirely of man’s creation, things are not always as they seem on the surface. Forgiveness Day by Ursula K. Le GuinLe Guin returns to her Hainish settled interstellar community, the Edumen, to tell the tale of two star crossed lovers who are literally worlds apart in this story of politics, violence, religion, and cultural disparity. Turquoise Days by Alastair ReynoldsOn a sea wold planet covered with idyllic tropical oceans, peace seems pervasive. Beneath the placid water lurks an ominous force that has the potential to destroy all tranquility. Contributors include: Greg Egan; Joe Haldeman; James Patrick Kelly; Nancy Kress; Ursula K. Le Guin; Ian R. MacLeod; Ian McDonald; Maureen F. McHugh; Frederick Pohl; Alastair Reynolds; Robert Silverberg; Michael Swanwick; Walter Jon Williams With work spanning two decades, The Best of the Best, Volume 2 stands as the ultimate anthology of short science fiction novels ever published in the world.


Edited by John Joseph Adams, editor of Wastelands and The Living Dead. From Star Trek to Star Wars, from Dune to Foundation, science fiction has a rich history of exploring the idea of vast intergalactic societies, and the challenges facing those living in or trying to manage such societies. The stories in Federations will continue that tradition, and herein you will find a mix of all new, original fiction, alongside selected reprints from authors whose work exemplifies what interstellar SF is capable of, including Lois McMaster Bujold, Orson Scott Card, Anne McCaffrey, George R.R. Martin, L.E. Modesitt, Jr., Alastair Reynolds, Robert J. Sawyer, Robert Silverberg and Harry Turtledove. Additional authors: Alan Dean Foster, Kevin J. Anderson, Doug Beason, John C. Wright, Allen Steele, James Alan Gardner, Catherynne M. Valente

Shine: An Anthology of Optimistic Science Fiction

Shine: a collection of gems that throw light on a brighter future. Some of the world’s most talented SF writers including Alastair Reynolds, Kay Keyon and Jason Stoddard show how things can change for the better. From gritty polyannas to workable futures, from hard fought progress to a better tomorrow; heart warming and mind expanding stories that will re awaken the optimist in you!

War and Space

The history of the world is the history of war. From feats of valor and loyalty to hideous violence and carnage, the human species has always been its own best rival and worst enemy. But out beyond the stars, the ultimate enemy awaits. The world’s future the future of the universe itself lies in the hands of the warriors who must use the weapons, take on the missions, make the decisions, assume the risk, and defeat the menaces, alien or otherwise, who would dare try to conquer!

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