Adolfo Bioy-Casares Books In Order


  1. The Invention of Morel (1940)
  2. The Dream of the Heroes (1954)
  3. Diary of the War of the Pig (1972)
  4. Asleep in the Sun (1973)
  5. A Plan for Escape (1975)
  6. The Adventures of a Photographer in La Plata (1985)


  1. The Invention of Morel and Other Stories (1964)
  2. Chronicles of Bustos Domecq (1967)
  3. Extraordinary Tales (1967)
  4. A Russian Doll (1992)
  5. Selected Stories (1994)
  6. Where There’s Love, There’s Hate (2013)

Anthologies edited

  1. The Book of Fantasy (1988)

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Adolfo Bioy-Casares Books Overview

The Invention of Morel

The Island of Doctor Moreau inspired this 1940 novella. Set on a mysterious island, The Invention of Morel is a story of suspense and exploration as well as an unlikely romance, where every detail is both crystal clear and deeply mysterious. Susan Jill Levine’s revision of Ruth Simm’s translation offers a new experience of an uncanny work of genius.

Asleep in the Sun

Lucio, a normal man in a normal nosy city neighborhood with normal problems with his wife not the easiest person to get along with and family and job he lost it, finds he has a much bigger problem: his wife is a dog. At first, it doesn’t seem like such a problem, because the German shepherd inhabiting his wife’s body is actually a good deal more agreeable than his wife herself, now occupying the body of the same German shepherd in a mental hospital run by a cabal of scientists who, as it happens, have designs on the whole neighborhood. But then Lucio gains a sense, however confused, of what’s right, which is an even bigger problem yet. Bioy Casares’s strange, sly novel may be read as a fable of modern politics or as a meditation on the elusive parameters of the self. Above all, it is an almost scarily perfect comic turn, as well as a pure delight.

A Plan for Escape

a novel, Argentina, tr Suzanne Jill Levine

The Adventures of a Photographer in La Plata

A week of adventures in the provincial capital of La Plata takes the small town photographer Almanza to many places: to a set of stained glass windows that will haunt him; into the arms and machinations of the slippery Don Juan Lombardo; and to the beds of Don Juan’s daughters.

Selected Stories

The first paperback edition of the Selected Stories of this great Argentine writer.

The Book of Fantasy

A collection of fantasy stories which includes stories by James Joyce, Lewis Carroll, Ursula Leguin, Ray Bradbury, Oscar Wilde J.G Ballard, Franz Kafka…

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