Adele Griffin Books In Order

Witch Twins Books In Order

  1. Witch Twins (2001)
  2. Witch Twins at Camp Bliss (2002)
  3. Witch Twins and Melody Malady (2003)
  4. Witch Twins and the Ghost of Glenn Bly (2004)

Vampire Island Books In Order

  1. Vampire Island (2007)
  2. The Knaveheart’s Curse (2008)
  3. V is for . . . Vampire (2009)

Oodlethunks Books In Order

  1. The Oodlethunks (2016)
  2. Steg-O-Normous (2016)
  3. Camp Woggle (2017)

Agnes and Clarabelle Books In Order

  1. Agnes and Clarabelle (2016)
  2. Agnes and Clarabelle Celebrate! (2017)

Blackberry Farm Books In Order

  1. The Becket List (2019)
  2. All Pets Allowed (2021)


  1. Rainy Season (1996)
  2. Split Just Right (1997)
  3. Sons of Liberty (1997)
  4. The Other Shepards (1998)
  5. Dive (1999)
  6. Amandine (2001)
  7. Hannah, Divided (2002)
  8. Overnight (2003)
  9. Where I Want to Be (2005)
  10. My Almost Epic Summer (2006)
  11. Picture the Dead (2010)
  12. The Julian Game (2010)
  13. Tighter (2011)
  14. All You Never Wanted (2012)
  15. Loud Awake and Lost (2013)
  16. The Unfinished Life of Addison Stone (2014)
  17. Be True to Me (2017)
  18. Tell Me No Lies (2018)

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Adele Griffin Books Overview

Witch Twins

Ten year olds Claire and Luna are identical twins and witches. Even though they can cast simple spells with the supervision of their five star witch grandmother, Grandy, and know all sorts of cool magic, unfortunately no special charm can keep their divorced father from deciding to remarry. When he announces his engagement to Fluffy her real name!, the girls are panicked that he’ll move away to Fluffy’s native Texas. Claire and Luna throw the problem into the brewing vats, and hope to come up with a good, smart, and tricky solution before the dreaded wedding…

Witch Twins at Camp Bliss

Although ten year old witch twins Claire and Luna look exactly the same, they are as different as peaches and peanut butter. For example, Claire knows she’ll love love love summer camp, but Luna is simply dreading it! Fortunately, Grandy, their five star witch grandmother, has sent Luna off with some magical marigold powder to give her more zest for camp. But when the powder disappears and strange things begin to happen, Claire and Luna worry that there may be a secret rebel witch at Camp Bliss. But how can they do anything about it, when they promised Grandy ‘no spells’ during camp?

Witch Twins and Melody Malady

One star witches Claire and Luna may be identical twins, but on the inside, the sisters are as different as…
dogs and salamanders! When their five star witch grandmother performs a new spell, the girls are transformed into their animal selves. Luna is delighted to be a puppy; Claire is horrified to discover she’s a reptile! If they learn to use the shape shifting spell to help someone, though, the twins will earn their magical spy globes. The girls nearly forget about the spy globes when their stepmother, Fluffy, introduces them to TV star Melody Malady. Claire is immediately star struck. Luna, on the other hand, is not so terribly impressed with Melody. With a little unsupervised magic and some hair raising animal transformations the girls discover what it really means to be sisters and friends.

Witch Twins and the Ghost of Glenn Bly

Claire and Luna are thrilled to visit an ancient castle in Scotland with their five star witch grandmother, Grandy. But this is no ordinary vacation. The three witches are on a mission: to rid Glenn Bly castle of the terrifying ghost that haunts it. The situation at Glenn Bly is more complicated than the twins had imagined. There’s prickly Daphne, who lives with her grandfather in the castle and seems to be hiding something. There are the awful Shrillingbirds, the absentee landlords who now want to make Glenn Bly their permanent home. Finally, there is the ghost himself. And when Claire and Luna meet him, the real mystery begins The twins turn ghost busters in this fourth magically funny book about these novice witches.

Vampire Island

Life isn t easy for vegetarian vampires trying to blend in with regular people in a new city. The Livingstone kids are fruit bat hybrids who have left Old World dangers, and immortality, behind for a ‘normal’ life in New York City. But normal doesn t necessarily mean easy, especially with lingering vampire traits complicating things. Older sister Lexie’s super speed, amazing strength and knowledge of tragic poets often embarrass her in front of her classmates, and worse her secret crush. Devious Maddy would rather invent ways to spy on her suspicious, possibly blood sucking i.e., rule breaking neighbors than stick to her new vegan diet. Hudson, who can still fly like a bat and talk to animals, is determined to save the planet, but with odd habits and vocabulary from the wrong century, how can he rally his classmates to his cause? In her offbeat portrayal of this not quite normal family, Adele Griffin uses her unique brand of humor to introduce readers to three siblings who face challenges growing up that most ‘normal’ kids couldn t even imagine.

The Knaveheart’s Curse

A family of friendly vegetarian vampires stars in this funny story for middle grade readers. Being vegan vampires in New York City makes life complicated for siblings Maddy, Lexie and Hudson Livingstone. And this summer, things seem to be taking a turn for the worse for Maddy. She’s been having a hard time making friends, and now she might be losing the one she thought was guaranteed her sister. Then her brother hears the scary news that the leader of the Knavehearts the most vicious pureblood vampires is in town seeking an heir. Could the Knave be after one of the Livingstones? And if it is, will unpopular Maddy be able to find anyone willing to help them face it? Adele Griffin s follow up to Vampire Island is a thoroughly entertaining spin on vampire lore that will make readers laugh out loud.

V is for . . . Vampire

Lexie might be the first vampire ever to run for ninth grade class president, but she’s determined to make dreamy Dylan notice her, even if it means running against perfect, popular Mina. And things would be going pretty well, if it weren t for those annoying pixie houseguests! Blix and Mitzi are wreaking backwards speaking, house pinkifying havoc, and now they want Lexie to run a smear campaign against Mina. But how will all this dirty campaigning affect Lexie, when she s trying to shed her evil vampire nature and become human?

Split Just Right

Danny’s mom is a rather flamboyant actress both on and off the stage, but when she blatantly lies about losing her job and other things as well, Danny begins to doubt the highly romantic stories she has been told about her absentee father.

Sons of Liberty

When Rock Kindle’s brother, Cliff, begins to talk about rebelling against their father’s strict and demanding rules, and their mother’s weakness and escape from reality, Rock is forced to take sides and decide whether he is a traitor or a patriot.’

The Other Shepards

Teenage Holland and her younger sister Geneva, having always lived under the shadow of siblings who died before they were born, struggle to establish separate identities and escape from the oppressive weight of their parents’ continuing grief.


Young Ben finds that he is happy in the stable life provided by his stepfather despite his uncertain relationship with his moody and troubled stepbrother and his mother’s growing restlessness in her new marriage.


Amandine is a dancer, an actor, an artist. She is confident and charming and eccentric. Delia is insecure, overweight, the new girl in school. She is grateful to have Amandine as a friend. But Amandine lives in a world of her own imagination a world both fascinating and distrubing. Eventually, Delia discovers that Amandine is always role playing and telling compelling stories it’s not just fun and games. But when Delia tries to break away from Amandine‘s powerful orbit that she realizes just how dangerous these games can be.

Hannah, Divided

Thirteen year old Hannah Bennett loves her life in Chadds Ford. She goes to school, helps out with her family’s dairy farm, jumps rope, and listens to favorite radio programs with her friends. Although she has difficulty reading, she does have one area of special talent: numbers. Her gift for math means that she does all of the invoicing for the farm, and helps out the younger students in their one room schoolhouse. Best of all, Hannah enjoys a special relationship with Granddad McNaughton, who shares her passion for counting and calculating. He thinks of her gift as the key to a greater future elsewhere. ‘You’ll rust here,’ he predicts. But Hannah can’t imagine life anywhere else. Then Hannah is offered a rare opportunity for a country girl in 1934: to test for a scholarship to attend a private school in Philadelphia. Over her parents’ objections, Hannah goes. But life in a big city is harder and lonelier than she’d ever imagined. Just when things seem at their worst, Hannah must somehow find the courage to decide what she values most. Acclaimed author Adele Griffin’s first historical novel is a funny and poignant story of one girl’s journey to her bravest self.


Everyone expects Caitlin’s sleepover birthday party to be perfect. She is one of the Lucky Seven, the group every sixth grade girl wants to belong to. But those inside this enchanted circle know it’s often less about feeling accepted and more about watching your step. Of the Seven, Gray is the easiest target for the others, and tonight she disappears. As the girls search for Gray, some of them worry. Others have secrets they’re not telling, even to the police. And as the truth gets harder to hide, new emotions erupt, friendships become shaky, and a power struggle ensues. The Lucky Seven is in danger of falling apart. And as for Gray, she’ll need to call on all of her wavering courage just to survive this turbulent night.

Where I Want to Be

Once, Jane was the big sister, teaching Lily to play make believe and protecting her from thunderstorms. But then Lily grew up. She started making friends and dating boys, while Jane wanted to go on playing make believe forever. For Jane, the line between fantasy and reality had always blurred, whereas Lily lived for a future bright with expectation and change. Inevitably, the sisters found a gulf widening between them- Lily reveling in her newfound love, while Jane could only watch, frustrated, from the sidelines. How had her little sister managed to eclipse her?

Then tragedy struck. But the story was not over…

Adele Griffin has crafted a spellbinding book, told in the alternating voices of two very different sisters dwelling on opposite sides of life and death, who are bravely trying to overcome the void and bring light to each other.

My Almost Epic Summer

Irene’s got big dreams someday she ll own a sun kissed salon in L.A. where her specialty will be recreating the hairstyles of famous literary hero*ines. And it s a good thing she has dreams, since reality is harsh. She s just been fired from her mom s beauty salon for her tear jerking shampooing technique, and is forced to take the only other job she can find babysitting. Now she s stuck at the beach entertaining kids while everyone else is having a glamorous summer. Will she ever get a life? Then she meets Starla, a mind bogglingly beautiful lifeguard whose diva attitude, dangerous obsessions, male admirers and cringe worthy blog supply Irene with enough real life drama and romance to fill a book. Amidst the complicated friendships, inconvenient crushes and occupational mishaps that seem to define this summer, Irene suddenly and unexpectedly finds that the countdown to real life is over and her fate is in her hands.

Picture the Dead

A ghost will find his way home. Jennie Lovell’s life is the very picture of love and loss. First she is orphaned and forced to live at the mercy of her stingy, indifferent relatives. Then her fianc falls on the battlefield, leaving her heartbroken and alone. Jennie struggles to pick up the pieces of her shattered life, but is haunted by a mysterious figure that refuses to let her bury the past. When Jennie forms an unlikely alliance with a spirit photographer, she begins to uncover secrets about the man she thought she loved. With her sanity on edge and her life in the balance, can Jennie expose the chilling truth before someone or something stops her? Against the brutal, vivid backdrop of the American Civil War, Adele Griffin and Lisa Brown have created a spellbinding mystery where the living cannot always be trusted and death is not always the end. Praise for Picture the Dead ‘A tour de force, a remarkable feat of visual and verbal storytelling, as playful as it is serious, as haunting as it is delightful.’ Michael Chabon, Pulitzer Prize winning novelist ‘Love story, mystery, ghost story…
Picture the Dead is a gripping, gorgeously graphic novel about a girl who risks everything…
Jennie’s voice and the pictures she shows us bring this swift, wonderfully chilling story to life.’ Kit Reed, author of The Night Children ‘I loved Picture the Dead. Eerie, romantic, moody, and immersive. A beautifully illustrated gothic delight!’ Holly Black, New York Times bestselling author of Tithe: A Modern Faerie Tale 20100409

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