Adam Hall Books In Order

Wumpus Books In Publication Order

  1. Wumpus (1945)
  2. More About Wumpus (1947)
  3. Where’s Wumpus? (1948)

Woodlander Books In Publication Order

  1. Deep Wood (1945)
  2. Badger’s Beech (1948)
  3. Badger’s Moon (1949)
  4. Sweethallow Valley (1951)
  5. Mole’s Castle (1951)
  6. Badger’s Wood (1958)
  7. Green Glade (1959)

Hugo Bishop Books In Publication Order

  1. Knight Sinister (1951)
  2. Queen in Danger (1952)
  3. Bishop in Check (1953)
  4. Pawn in Jeopardy / Dead Silence (1954)
  5. Rook’s Gambit / Dead Circuit (1955)
  6. Dead Sequence, etc (1957)

Quiller Books In Publication Order

  1. The Berlin Memorandum / Quiller Memorandum (1965)
  2. The 9th Directive (1966)
  3. Striker Portfolio (1968)
  4. The Warsaw Document (1971)
  5. The Tango Briefing (1973)
  6. The Mandarin Cypher (1975)
  7. Kobra Manifesto (1976)
  8. The Sinkiang Executive (1978)
  9. The Scorpion Signal (1980)
  10. Peking Target (1981)
  11. Northlight (1985)
  12. Quiller’s Run (1988)
  13. Quiller KGB (1989)
  14. Quiller Barracuda (1990)
  15. Quiller Bamboo (1991)
  16. Quiller Solitaire (1992)
  17. Quiller Meridian (1993)
  18. Quiller Salamander (1994)
  19. Quiller Balalaika (1996)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Into the Happy Glade (1943)
  2. Over the Wall (1943)
  3. By a Silver Stream (1944)
  4. Double Who Double Crossed (1944)
  5. Heather Hill (1946)
  6. The Immortal Error (1946)
  7. The Chipmunks of Willow Wood (1947)
  8. The Island of the Pines (1948)
  9. Now Try the Morgue (1948)
  10. The Secret Travellers (1948)
  11. Ants’ Castle (1949)
  12. A Spy at Monk’s Court (1949)
  13. Chorus of Echoes (1950)
  14. The Mystery of the Missing Book (1950)
  15. Challenge of the Firebrand (1951)
  16. Dead on Course (1951)
  17. Image in the Dust / Co*ckpit (1951)
  18. Redfern’s Miracle (1951)
  19. Secret Arena (1951)
  20. Sinister Cargo (1951)
  21. Tiger Street (1951)
  22. A Blaze of Roses / The Fire-Raiser (1952)
  23. The Domesday Story / Doomsday (1952)
  24. The Passion and the Pity (1953)
  25. Shadow of Evil (1953)
  26. Naked Canvas (1954)
  27. Steps in the Dark (1954)
  28. The Big Pick-Up (1955)
  29. Forbidden Kingdom (1955)
  30. Squadron Airborne (1955)
  31. Gale Force (1956)
  32. Killing Ground (1956)
  33. Heat Wave (1957)
  34. The Pillars of Midnight / 80,000 Suspects (1957)
  35. Dream of Death (1958)
  36. The Crystal City (1959)
  37. Silhouette (1959)
  38. The V.I.P. (1959)
  39. The Billboard Madonna (1960)
  40. The Mind of Max Duvine (1960)
  41. The Burning Shore / The Pasang Run (1961)
  42. The Volcanoes of San Domingo (1963)
  43. Squirrel’s Island (1963)
  44. The Flight of the Phoenix (1964)
  45. Weave a Rope of Sand (1965)
  46. The Shoot (1966)
  47. A Blaze of Arms (1967)
  48. The Freebooters (1968)
  49. A Place for the Wicked (1968)
  50. Bury Him Among Kings (1970)
  51. Expressway (1973)
  52. Paragon / Night Stop (1975)
  53. Blue Jay Summer (1977)
  54. The Theta Syndrome (1977)
  55. The Sibling (1979)
  56. The Damocles Sword (1981)
  57. The Penthouse (1983)
  58. Death Watch (1985)
  59. Siren Song (1985)
  60. Riviera Story (1988)
  61. The Sister (1994)
  62. Flycatcher (1994)
  63. Wrong and Wright (2013)

Short Story Collections In Publication Order

  1. Elleston Trevor Miscellany (2020)

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Adam Hall Books Overview

Badger’s Moon

The Woodlanders make an unexpected trip to the moon in the Brown Wizard’s rocket ship.

The Berlin Memorandum / Quiller Memorandum

You are a secret agent working for the British in Berlin. You are due to go home on leave, but you are being followed by your own people, or by the enemy. A man meets you in the theater and briefs you on a plot to revive the power of Na*zi Germany. You do not believe him, but you remember that one of the suspects mentioned was a senior SS officer you met with in the days when you were working as a spy in Na*zi Germany. The next day you make contact with a beautiful girl who may know something. Someone tries to kill both of you. Your name is Quiller. You are the hero of an extraordinary novel which shows how a spy works, how messages are coded and decoded, how contacts are made, how a man reacts under the influence of truth drugs and which traces the story of a vastly complex, entertaining, convincing, and sinister plot.

The 9th Directive

In Bangkok on assignment, Quiller must assassinate a visitor so important he is only called ”The Person,” but before he can, he realizes that he is merely the bait in an elaborate scheme. NYT.

Striker Portfolio

The latest British super fighter has killed thirty six pilots in high impact crashes, and Quiller is determined to solve the mystery. NYT.

The Warsaw Document

As the Cold War winds down, Quiller is forced into a partnership with a representative of a rebel group that plans to seize power from the communists in Poland.

The Tango Briefing

Quiller, the Bureau’s top intelligence agent, faces the toughest assignment of his career a job that takes him to the Sahara Desert to locate a downed plane, photograph its crew, and identify its cargo. NYT.

The Mandarin Cypher

Quiller, the Bureau’s top intelligence agent, prowls the streets of Hong Kong, trailing his prey to the opulent Oriental Club and to an oil rig on the South China Seas.

Kobra Manifesto

When four top operatives die mysterious deaths, Quiller, the Bureau’s top intelligence agent, follows the world’s five deadliest men from the French Riviera, to Rome, to Cambodia, to New York, and to Brazil. NYT. PW.

The Sinkiang Executive

When satellite cameras pick up a strange new missile complex in Yelingrad, a frozen city on the Russo Chinese border, Quiller, the Bureau’s top intelligence agent, is sent to investigate. NYT.

The Scorpion Signal

Quiller, the Bureau’s top intelligence agent, travels from a clinic in Berlin to the heart of Lubyanka Prison to track down the British agent who has vanished from Moscow. NYT.

Peking Target

After two statesmen are assassinated and two top agents murdered, Quiller, the Bureau’s number one agent, travels from Tian’anmen Square, to Seoul, to the Korean mountains on the trail of justice.


Secret agent Quiller is back in this heart stopping spy thriller. Quiller must work against his own instincts to save a world on the verge of disaster. From behind the Iron Curtain, in a city where he has no place to hide, he must trust a woman who cannot be trusted and rescue a man he would rather kill to complete a mission that will affect relations between the United States and the Soviet Union forever. But the stakes are higher than Quiller realizes as he faces a threat more treacherous than he imagines.

Quiller’s Run

After quitting the Bureau and undertaking a dangerous freelance mission, Quiller heads for a lethal showdown with Mariko, a delicate Cambodian beauty who possesses a deadly embrace.

Quiller Bamboo

Encouraged by the West to spearhead a pro democracy movement, an outspoken refugee from the Tiananmen Square massacre finds help with his efforts in Quiller, a Western agent ordered to lead the rebel to safety. NYT. PW. K.

Quiller Solitaire

Never have Quiller’s survival skills been so crucial as in the eerily prophetic mission code named Solitaire. When the body of the agent he was supposed to protect is discovered in the burnt wreck of a car, Quiller must unveil the truth behind rumors of a bomb threat somewhere in Europe. Posing as an international arms dealer, he infiltrates Nemesis, a group of deeply religious Euroterrorist fanatics who follow a psychopathic and extremely intelligent leader. Quiller s final meeting with Nemesis transpires on Pan Am Flight 907, which carries twenty thousand pounds of explosives and forty cylinders of nerve gas and has disappeared from the radar screens. Quiller alone must stop the plane and its suicidal terrorist crew from reaching their unknown destination.

Quiller Meridian

Following the trail of a missing Russian spy, Quiller travels into the heart of post Cold War Russia, seeking allies among his former adversaries, in order to solve the violent death of a British agent. NYT. PW.

Quiller Salamander

In this 18th adventure in Adam Hall’s epic series, Quiller is sent to Phnom Penh, Cambodia, where chaos abounds as the deadline for the United Nations supervised elections approaches. There is fear that Pol Pot, creator of the infamous ‘killing fields,’ will fight to return the murderous Communist party, known as the Khmer Rouge, to power. Quiller’s only ally is Gabrielle Bouchard, a photojournalist who is waging her own personal war against the Khmer Rouge. Though Pol Pot is deathly ill, Quiller learns that he has carefully chosen a successor who plans to direct the next Cambodian bloodbath. Quiller’s mission, code named ‘Salamander,’ leads him deep into the perilous jungles of Phnom Penh, where he must protect not only his own life but also the future of Cambodia.

Quiller Balalaika

It’s Quiller s most dangerous mission yet, and is also his last for the British intelligence agency so secret that it has no name. No matter that its orders originate at the Prime Minister level; if detected, it would be denied at that and every other level of the government. Quiller s orders this time take the pseudonymous operative to post Cold War Russia to infiltrate the powerful and omnipresent mafiya that controls every sector and ruble of the country s fragile economy. More ruthless than the Sicilian brotherhood and as conscienceless as the Colombian drug cartels, the mafiya owns top politicians, judges, generals, bankers, and the police. Those it doesn t own it can buy, and those it doesn t choose to buy, it eliminates. Chief among the lawless mafiya lords stands a criminally brilliant British national, whom the agency wants taken out of play. Quiller learns that the one man who can help him achieve his goal is impounded in Gulank, the most infamous of all the gulags. Quiller must sneak his way into Gulank, and from a gulag that no prisoner has ever escaped, rescue the only person who can save his last, internationally vital mission.

The Flight of the Phoenix

Winner of the AudioFile Earphones Award They are twelve men who shouldn’t be alive. They have survived the sudden blinding sandstorm that crippled their air freighter. Survived a desperate crash landing in the Sahara of Central Libya. Survived to face the slow, dry, agonizing death of the desert. Twelve men with one hope: to build a new plane from the wreckage of their Skytruck and make a flight out of hell. Only one man could build such a plane: Stringer, the brilliant and obsessed engineer. Only one man could fly it: Towns, the arrogant and tormented pilot. Both had been aboard the Skytruck, but both are mortal enemies whose consuming hatred for each other is a danger greater than the desert itself. This All Time Classic Thriller was twice made into a major motion picture in 1965 & in 2004

The Damocles Sword

In the darkest days of WW II British Intelligence concocted a plan that would stymie the Germans. But it required a very brave man to carry it out, one who could infiltrate the elite SS corps. Martin Benedict was the man, and all went well until his cover got blown. Remarkably, success was still possible but at an increased risk. Could he bring it off? The answer reveals itself in an agony of suspense, which is no surprise, for Elleston Trevor is a master of the genre.

The Penthouse

At nine o’clock on a mild October night two men are shot in the lobby of Manhattan’s luxury Park Tower. Minutes later, a police chief listens to a voice on the telephone from The Penthouse. ‘I’ve jammed the elevators and stacked 40 pounds of nitro against the stairway door. Break it open and you’ll blow this building right across Central Park.’ Tina St. Clair, beautiful and rich, hears the same words…
but she is only inches away from the speaker, trapped in her apartment by this crazy who wants to love her. She has never had to fight for anything in her life…
but she had better fight now! ‘Trevor is greatly talented. One never doubts the absolute reality of every page he writes.’ The Times, London

The Sister

Finding a genuine haunted house for a movie set sounds like fun and a great way to generate publicity for the Three Investigators’ new detective agency. But when the boys arrive for an overnight visit at Terror Castle home of a deceased horror movie actor they soon find out how the place got its name!

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