A J Orde Books In Order

Jason Lynx Books In Order

  1. A Little Neighborhood Murder (1989)
  2. Death and the Dog-Walker (1990)
  3. Death for Old Time’s Sake (1992)
  4. Looking for the Aardvark (1993)
  5. A Long Time Dead (1994)
  6. A Death of Innocents (1997)

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A J Orde Books Overview

A Little Neighborhood Murder

When Jason Lynx’s neighbors, George and Betty Whitney, are murdered, Jason discovers the police consider him the number one suspect. But Jason, an addicted puzzle solver, begins to find the case fascinating. Who’d have thought that George Whitney, an employee of a religious radio station, had it in him to attract a killer. Aided by endearing detective Grace Willis, Jason approaches the sinister secret that made the boring Whitneys so deadly dangerous. And if he is not very careful, that terrible secret could coil back and strike him…
.’Orde writes with a firm, precise voice and Lynx is a well drawn and likable characater.’SAN ANTONIO EXPRESS NEWS

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