Who Makes Northrock Bikes? Are They Good?

The Northrock Bikes are sold at Costco. But do you know who makes it? Giant makes the Northrock Bikes. Northrock bikes are the best in town. They have the latest bike engineering technology that guarantees durable, high-performing, and comfortable bicycles for riders of all levels to enjoy their time on two wheels!

About Northrock Bikes

Northrock bikes are made from high-quality materials to guarantee hard-wearing, durability, and comfortable. They are stylish and can fit into any budget as these bikes are designed for casual riders. It is also worth noting that Northrock sells a wide selection of specialty bikes that are just as cool as those sold by other top brands.

Is it Worth Buying?

Yes, because of its features like lightweight, high speed, and affordability, it is worth buying. Northrock Bikes are designed for people who love cycling for leisure or transportation. They are also perfect for those looking for an affordable entry-level mountain bike and of good quality. With a wide variety of bikes to choose from, Northrock has something for everyone.

Are these bikes expensive?

These aren’t that expensive, and you can find these start from around $250 to $500. So these aren’t as expensive as many other bikes. In fact, for the quality and features you get with a Northrock bike, they are an excellent value for the money. You really can’t go wrong with a Northrock!


Northrock Bicycle, Inc. will fix your bike if it has a frame or rigid fork defect for five years after you buy it.

Northrock Paint Finish is suitable for one year.

But you should make sure that the paint does not break or the paint will come off.

What to Consider When Buying a Bike

Even it isn’t difficult to buy a bike, here are some things you need to consider:

Are Northrock Bikes Heavy?

Yes and No. The Northrock Bikes are heavier for adults and lightweight for teens.

The bikes are lightweight because the rims are made of aluminum.

Are Northrock Bikes Fast?

The Northrock bike is perfect for climbing hills and features reliable components such as Shimano Altus 21 speed drivetrain.

Age Requirements

When buying a Northrock bike, one crucial thing is the age requirements. Some of the bikes are designed for adults, while others are designed for teens. Be sure to choose the right bike for you to ensure a good fit and enjoyable experience!

Where are Northrock Bikes Made?

Northrock Bikes is based in Philadelphia, and they make bikes exclusively for Costco. This means that you can only buy Northrock bikes at Costco. They are a relatively new company, but their bikes quickly become very popular due to their high quality and low price.


Here you will learn about different bikes and their features:

Different Bikes

Here are some different Northstar Bikes:

  • Mountain
  • Fat Tire
  • Comfort
  • Hybrid
  • Road
  • Kids

Mountain Bike

Mountain biking is a fun and exciting sport that requires the rider to be in top physical condition. The most important thing about mountain bikes is their durability because you will often find yourself going off the road where everything from rocks pedaling over roots can take its toll on your tires.

Mountain Bikes also have wide handlebars for stability when riding up hills or steep slopes, making it easier to control how fast I go downhill and what angle at which direction my front wheel points to!

XC29 – 29″ Wheel

This press-formed aluminum alloy 6061 frames is lightweight and responsive. It consists of a 21-speed Shimano Altus drivetrain that is precise and consistent in shifting. Further, it is equipped with Tektro disc brakes, which provide improved stopping and braking performance. Tires are 73.6 cm x 5.6 cm (29 in. x 2.2 in.) wide and fast-rolling, able to scarf through obstacles and enhance trail control. This bike is equipped with SR Suntour XCT with a front suspension measuring 73.6 cm (29 in.) in width, 80 mm travel, and preload to control any rough terrain.

XC27 – 27″ Wheel

The XC27 is a 27″ wheel that features hand-built, all-aluminum 6061 frames with internal cable routing. Shimano ALTUS 21 speed drivetrain for precise and consistent shifting performance from Tektro mechanical disc brakes which offer control regardless of conditions; fast-rolling tires on 69mm diameter rims makes it great in rugged terrains like hills or mountainsides to improve trail control while lightweight design means better handling no matter what kind you’re throwing at them!

Fat Tire

A fat bike (or fat-tire bike) has oversized tires, typically 3.8 inches (97 mm) or extensive, and wider rims. It is designed to be low-pressure and ridden on forested, mud, sand, and snowy terrain.

XCF – 26″ x 4.0 Wheel

It comes with a 10-speed SHIMANO DEORE transmission and a lot of features. These include a DEORE cassette and DEORE shifters and a KMC X10 chain. This is incredibly versatile and is on the cutting edge of technology.

Experience XC00

It comes with a 10-speed SHIMANO DEORE transmission and a lot of features. KMC X10 chain is used for the transmission, and DEORE cassettes and shifters are used for the chain.

These features make it versatile and ideal for riding for a more extended period.

Comfort Bike

The Comfort Bike is the perfect way to get outdoors and stay active in an easy, low-impact workout. It can be used by anyone who might find running or similar exercises too difficult – even if you have special needs such as joint pain!

CL5 – 700 X 40C Wheel

A lightweight aluminum frame with a step-through design allows easy mounting and dismounting. It also features SR NEX suspension for smooth ride quality. An adjustable stem ensures a comfortable riding position. With 21-speed Shimano Altus shifters, easy-riding is guaranteed.

KMC chains are lightweight and durable. An adjustable seat post suspension is available on the Velo ergonomic comfort saddle, ensuring long, comfortable rides. Velo ergonomic comfort saddle with adjustable seat post suspension makes long riding enjoyable.

Experience SC7

The frame is designed to provide riders with a comfortable upright riding position that can be adjusted. The Shimano Altus features a 21-speed drivetrain, suspension fork, and paved road tires on a paved surface.

Hybrid Bikes

A “hybrid” bike is a general-purpose bicycle that can tolerate most types of riding conditions and applications. The characteristics from specialized road bikes, touring bikes, mountain biking make up for its versatility in any situation to get you where you are going!

Experience CTM

The Speedix PL18 provides the speed of a road bike, and the ruggedness of a mountain bike is a lightweight, all-aluminum frame with 700x38C wheels designed for versatility and performance to suit your needs. An excellent fitness bike or an all-around ride.

Experience XCW

A lightweight press-formed aluminum frame with a unique geometry brings both performance and function together for a versatile on-and-off-road riding experience. The bike is ideal for fitness or just about any other type of riding.


Experience GS24

Experience the best-quality girls’ bikes from Globe City Cycles and be inspired to ride more often! These 24 “x1.95 wheeled models have front suspension forks for a smooth, comfortable commute on paved surfaces or paths alike.

Why is this Bike Good?

Northrock bike is a lightweight, solid and durable bicycle that can go anywhere. The tires roll over any terrain with ease as they don’t get clogged by dirt or potholes like other bikes do- there’s no need to worry about your ride not taking you where you want it too!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions and answers to help you more about these bikes:

What is so good about the Northrock Bikes?

The Northrock Bikes are lightweight and affordable.

Is this bike only for men?

No, Northrock has different bikes for men, women, and kids.


So in this article, you learned about the Northrock Bike warranty, features, and more.

Here are some key takeaways from this article:

  • The Northrock has bikes for almost all ages except little children.
  • The Northrock has a 5-year warranty for its bikes and one year for the paint.
  • By taking care of your bike you can keep the bike lasting longer, such as by regularly getting the bike checked up can do the thing.