Who Makes Nishiki Bikes? Are they good?

The Kawamura Cycle Co. makes Nishiki Bikes, marketed and distributed by the West Coast Cycle.

For over 50 years, Nishiki has been the top-selling brand of bicycles in America. From 1965 until 2001, they were known as American Eagle Bicycles.

About Nishiki Bikes

Nishiki is a bicycle manufacturer. West Coast Cycle in the United States produces Nishiki bicycles. In Kobe, Japan, Kawamura Cycle Co. produced the first one, and Giant of Taiwan manufactured them after that. From 1965 to 2001, the bicycles were marketed under the American Eagle and Nishiki brands.

Dick’s Sporting Goods bought the rights to Nishiki in 2010. Dick’s then started marketing bicycles and accessories that are Nishiki-branded.

Is it Worth Buying?

Yes. Because the Nishiki has a large variety of bikes, these are durable and are affordable. These bikes are worth it.

Why are these Expensive / Inexpensive?

These bikes aren’t affordable, and you would find these from $199 to $1k or above.

What to Consider When Buying a Bike

Purchasing a bike can be easy, but you should know a few things about your new Nishiki cycle.

Bike Material:

This one is important because you should know if the bike is durable. Such as steel or other durable metal. This way, you would have peace of mind that some minor accidents wouldn’t break your bike. You should go for top-notch bikes like Nishiki Bikes to avoid such problems.


If you go on the routes with slides, you should go for bikes with more than one brake. Because if suddenly a brake doesn’t work, you would have another break. The most common brake types are caliper and cantilever brakes.


Make sure the handlebars are high rise. This way, you will ride comfortably upright. This position is the correct riding position.

Age Requirements

This one is important. You should know if the bike is suitable for your age.

Where are Nishiki Bikes Made?

This bike is made in Kobe, Japan.


Here you will learn about some of the best bikes with features:

Different Bikes

Here are some different kinds of Nishiki Bikes:

Nishiki Men’s Pueblo 26″ Mountain Bike

Nishiki® Men’s Pueblo 26″ Mountain Bike offers an incredible ride with the help of its durable steel frame and 60mm fork. It can tackle any rugged terrain while making your commute or errands easy when you’re in charge! The Shimano drivetrain is perfect for tackling significant ascents and downhill slopes thanks to its quick response rate that provides excellent performance at speed.


  • Heat-treated Hi-Ten Steel.
  • mountain geometry.
  • 31.8ST/50.0DTOS HT/135mm/TTcbl.
  • 28.6 post

Frame Sizes:

  • 14″.
  • 16″.
  • 18″.
  • 20″.
  • 22″.


  1. Steel crank arm
  2. 42T/34T/24T chainrings

Nishiki Boys’ Pueblo 20″ Mountain Bike

The Nishiki® Boys’ Pueblo 20″ Mountain Bike is a great way to spark his sense of adventure and outdoor fun. This sturdy steel frame bike features front suspension and easy-to-use linear-pull brakes for quick, confident stops in any terrain condition. Its sport saddle makes riding more comfortable on long distances or hillsides!

Nishiki Women’s Tamarack Comfort Bike

Nishiki’s Women’s Tamarack Comfort Bike is a great way to get around town and experience optimum comfort. It has sturdy steel frames, comfortable geometry for an upright posture on your ride, and a 60mm travel fork that will roll down dirt roads or smooth sidewalks with ease while you enjoy super soft gel saddle seats!

Nishiki Boys’ Pueblo 24″ Mountain Bike

A durable, reliable bike that can withstand your little rider’s every adventure. Built with a steel frame and 40mm travel fork, this is the perfect way for him to explore mountain trails or rocky paths while having tons of fun on his ride!

Nishiki Men’s Manitoba Road Bike

The Nishiki Men’s Manitoba Road Bike is excellent for all road biking adventures. Its lightweight aluminum frame makes it super easy to handle and transport, while the Shimano components provide smooth shifting between gears no matter what terrain you are riding on!

Nishiki Women’s Anasazi Hybrid Bike

Nishiki Women’s Anasazi Hybrid Bike: A versatile and affordable dual-sport bike for women on a budget. This bike has 700-c tires and a frame made of aluminum. It can go fast when you need to take a turn. You can change gears when you want to change the speed using the Shimano shifter.


Here are some features of the Nishiki Bikes:

Are Nishiki Bikes Heavy?

Yes. These are 30 pounds on average, so these are heavy for many riders. As these bikes are heavy, you should practice before going on the high traffic roads, to avoid any accidents.

The good thing about their weight is, these are sturdy bikes.

Are Nishiki Bikes Fast?

Nishiki Bikes are fast, but they also have controlled brakes for downhills or curves.

Why is this Bike Good / Bad?

Here is why this bike is good:

Nishiki bicycles are typically designed with beginner-friendly geometry. The bikes are easy to get on and off, allowing the rider to pedal without much strain.

Vintage design and style: Nishiki bicycles, particularly their trekking and comfortable models, offer the classic aesthetic associated with vintage bicycles. They have a wide variety of vintage features, such as a rare rack, chain guards, and dual fenders, among many others.

Here is why it isn’t good:

The bike usually weighs 30 pounds, making it heavy for many users. But if you are concerned about the weight, you can go for some other bikes such as the Nishiki race bike or road cycle.

Many customers figured out that the brakes weren’t that strong.

Nishiki vs. Trek:

  • There is nothing better than the Trek’s frame for durability.
  • Nishiki’s 1986 model is an enjoyable bike to ride.
  • As mentioned by someone, Trek might not be to everyone’s liking, as it is pretty snappy as it is.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions and answers to help you more about these bikes:

When was the Nishiki Bikes founded?

The first Nishiki Bike was started in 1965.

Who owns Nishiki?

The West Coast Cycle owns these bikes.


So in this article, you learned about the Nishiki Bike warranty, features, and more.

Here are some key takeaways from this article:

  • The Nishiki Bikes has a collection of Adult Bikes for Women and Kids.
  • Nishiki Bikes aren’t usually lightweight, so you should know this before purchasing the Nishiki Bikes.