Where To Buy Bike Helmets: Where to Find the Best Deals

Where To Buy Bike Helmets

You’ve probably seen all the news about bike safety and how important it is to wear a helmet. But where do you even buy a bike helmet? You can find them in your local Wal-Mart, Target, or Toys R Us, but these stores don’t always have the best prices.

And if you want something more specific than “bike helmet”, like a helmet that is compatible with prescription glasses, then you might run into trouble. Check out this list of places to buy bike helmets near you

Why You Need A Bike Helmet

There are a few obvious reasons why you need a bike helmet. The first is to protect your head from traffic. In the United States, collisions between bikes and vehicles account for 3,750 deaths each year. A lot of crashes happen in parking lots because people driving a car or truck may not see you, and you may not be able to see them either because of your sunglasses or bike helmet.

A helmet will cut down on your chances of serious injury. Another reason for using a helmet is to make you more visible to drivers. Even though drivers can legally hit cyclists, some drivers don’t look for them because they don’t realize there is a cyclist on the road. A helmet gives drivers a quick glance at the cyclist before they hit them.

Where To Find Bike Helmets

Amazon has hundreds of bike helmet options, but you’re likely to spend about half the price on helmets from Amazon than you will in the bike shop down the road. The selection is still pretty limited, but the helmet selection is well-known and they have all of the main manufacturers, including Bell, Specialized, Schuberth, and more.

BikeBuy.com is a great resource for new riders and for families shopping for a new bike. The helmets are all clearly categorized, making it easy to find the right one for your riding style. There are many recommended options for running, commuting, and safety, including kids, kids activewear, and more. Kmart Kmart’s cycling section has many very affordable bike helmets, including Bell and Schuberth, all of which are recommended by Safety.com.

The Best Places To Buy Bike Helmets

If you need an answer now, you have to go to a specialty retailer. In fact, if you are in the Bay Area, try a store like REI, Moosejaw, or Bike Source. These places stock a larger variety of bike helmets, often at a better price.

Plus, most of these stores have free repair service, so they are going to help you out if anything goes wrong. Plus, a big benefit is that these stores are typically local and run by cycling enthusiasts. However, there are some chain bike stores that have a high-quality selection.

For example, REI and Target also carry cycling gear, so if you are on a tight budget, you can always shop at their stores for good prices. The only downside is that these stores don’t always have a great selection, but if you just need one bike helmet, it will usually be there.


Helmets aren’t just about keeping you safe when you ride your bike. They also provide protection when you’re on the road and other road users pass you. So go ahead and protect your skull. If you already have a helmet, you can easily start looking for more ways to keep it safer.

And if you’re new to cycling, the best way to learn is by riding. Check out our how to buy a bike guide for beginners and our best tips for riding in the rain guide.

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