Types of Bikes Brands

Types of Bikes Brands

The most used vehicles in the world are bicycles. Many people still want to cycle them up-to-date. Besides being the most commonly used vehicles around the globe, they’re user-friendly. Also, they’re somewhat inexpensive as compared to other vehicle types.

You can utilize bikes as a transport means, for leisure trips, and for workouts to keep your body healthy. The market has numerous brands and designs. They come in all cost ranges for all kinds of people.

The most contemporary brands are elegant, trendy, and adorable. To select the best bike brands, you need to consider their elegance, potency, longevity, and aesthetics as far as your flavor and color are concerned.

In this guide, we’ll discuss the best bike brands in the market. Let’s jump right in!

1.      Giant

If you ask a veteran cyclist about the best bike brand, you will certainly hear Giant pop up in the conversation. From mountain bikes to hybrid bikes to road bikes,  Giant has pioneered in making some of the best and versatile bikes equipped with modern features and at a pocket-friendly bike.

This Taiwanese bike producer was the first one to bring the modern road bike in the mid-90s. Did you know that Giant owns Liv, one of the leading women’s specific line of bikes. Bike is leading in the best and advanced technology when it comes to their bikes.

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2.      Kona

When Dan Gethard and Jacob Helibron started the Kona Brand in 1988, little they know it would be a household name to date.  Initially, the brand specialized in making mountain bike parts but they transitioned into commuter bikes, road bikes among others.

One distinguishing feature that makes this brand stands out from the rest is the quality of the bikes they manufacture. They use high end materials to make their bikes and they are known to be durable. You wouldn’t want to miss such bikes from your collection.

3.      Cannondale

If you’re a biker searching for a sleek ride, premium quality build, and coziness, then Cannondale is your best bet. They produce dependable mountain, gravel, fitness, commuter bicycles, and many more.

The firm launched the first touring bicycle in 1983. Numerous riders have won distinguished cycling races using the Cannondale bikes.

In the 1990s, the bike brand established its first double-suspension mountain bike.

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4.      Cervelo

Go for the Canadian brand Cervelo if speed is your thing. They specialize in producing some of the quickest and light triathlon and road bikes in the world. The Cervelo firm was established in 1995 by two engineers.

They worked together to design aerodynamic time-trial bikes. The name “Cervelo” is a combination of an Italian word for brain “Cervello” and “Velo” (a French word for a bike). Many triathletes and racers covet these bikes.

Presently, the firm produces four road bike series (the S series, C versions, P series, and R series).

5.      Specialized

Just like the name suggests, this firm (an American bike brand) fabricates only bikes and bike components. It’s one of the most well-known and best bike brands around the globe. In the sporting industry, this bicycle brand is renowned.

At one point during the Olympics, five Olympians used these specialized bikes. There’s no other bike brand that has ever had a high number of users in the Olympics before and after. Specialized bicycles are easy to ride in mountainous areas.

Also, you’ll relish riding these bikes. Get yourself specialized merchandise at any cost range and begin your bike adventure today riding one of these best bicycle brands.

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6.      GT Bikes

This bike brand was established by Gart Tumer and Richard Long in 1972. In the bike industry, these bikes are also a force to reckon with. The firm is located in Santa Ana, California. It’s well-known for fabricating three bike types (BMX, mountain, and road bikes).

The company is renowned for its triple triangle model that took it to greater heights, and that’s why it became a yardstick. It has super easy suspensions at the front of the bike that makes you feel comfortable as you ride this bike.

Besides functionality, the firm produces beautiful bicycles with unbelievably excellent appearance.

7.      Bianchi

Have you ever wondered what bikes made by some of the oldest brands look like? Well, Bianchi is one of those. It is notably the oldest bike manufacturing brand established in 1885.

Known for its signature color “Celeste” teal color, this Italian-based company still manufactures some of the best bikes from electric bikes, mountain bikes, among others. If you are looking for prestige and amazingly designed bike for your daily commutes or even adventure,  then Bianchi should be on your bucket list of bike choices.

8.      Santa Cruz

Skateboarding legend and a cycling enthusiast, Rob Roskopp started this bike brand in 1994. With the goal of making the fastest bikes ever, this US-based company moved from making single-pivot dual suspension bikes to full suspension bikes.

The brand boasts of quality, reliability and durability. Their commitment to making the best bikes has won them several awards throughout the years. Another notable and lovable feature why many people are option to go to Santa Cruz is their lifetime warranty.

The bikes are made using high quality materials such as carbon fiber and aluminum that makes their bikes durable, you may never see a need for the warranty.

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9.     BMC

Bike Manufacturing Company (BMC) is a bike brand from Switzerland that fabricates bikes for all types of terrains. It mostly concentrates on velocity and endurance.

Bikes from BMC have been used to conquer Tour de France and Ironman Championships. It also provides hybrid and gravel options in addition to triathlon and track bikes.

10. Focus

German vehicles are renowned for quality. Focus bikes are no exception. The firm is located in Stuttgart, Germany, which is also the head office of Porsche and Mercedes-Benz.

Focus is renowned for its high-performance road and mountain bikes manufactured for both experts and unskilled athletes. It also offers a range of electric bikes that allow you to endure everything from alpine trails to commutes.


Because of their operating costs, economical acquisition, and convenience, bikes are the most usual vehicles around the world.

Some of the best bike brands in the shops are the top 10 bikes that we’ve discussed in this article. You can never go wrong if you select one from the brands above. Make your choice!

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