Schwinn Cimarron Bikes Review

Schwinn Cimarron Bike specializes in a wide range of bikes, from cruisers to mountain-climbing journeys. With kids’ models and electric options available, they are sure you’ll find what your heart desires!

The founder of the Schwinn bicycle company, Ignaz Schwinn, worked to make cycling more accessible for African Americans. He founded his business in Chicago and became an instrumental figure during 1896 – when he sponsored Major Taylor, who went on to win world championships, among other things that year!

Who Makes Schwinn Cimarron Bikes

The Paramount factory makes Schwinn Bikes. These bikes were made in Taiwan and were called Paramount Bikes.

Who is this bike for?

These bikes are made for people of all ages. Kids and adults alike will enjoy these bikes for their different styles. Whether you are looking to go on an adventure, ride around town, or hit the roadways of America with friends, there’s a perfect choice waiting just in front!

What to Consider When Buying a Bike

New riders should take the time needed when looking for their first bike. Many factors go into this purchase decision, so it’s essential to find one and buy with confidence in mind!


It is essential to consider your budget when buying a bike. You should make sure that the price of whatever you choose will fit into what little funds are available each month for expenses like transportation, food, and rent/mortgage payments, as well as any other bills. Such as auto insurance or phone plan charges which may come up along with gas prices during those long commutes from work!

Bike Frame size

The size of a bike frame can make or break your riding experience. No matter if you’re an experienced biker, the wrong-sized bike could throw off all kinds of unevenness and discomfort while also limiting what types of features are available to fit correctly with how much weight I want to carry during each trip. So it’s essential not just to look at visuals but also to consider my height!

Bike types and styles

When looking for the perfect bike, there are many different styles to choose from. The type of ride that will be most enjoyable depends on your needs and preferences!

The Schwinn has these bikes:

  • Cruiser Bikes
  • Electric Bikes
  • Hybrid Bikes
  • Kids Bikes

So you should know what suits you best.

Bike Materials

When buying a bike, another thing you should look at is material. Many different materials can make bikes, including aluminum and steel. Still, most people suggest investing in either an alloy frame or carbon fiber one because they’re more durable than their counterparts while also being lighter, which means less effort to get up hills without getting tired as quickly on long rides!

Bike Gears

What you should look out for when buying a bike are its gears. Make sure they are in good condition and change them if necessary before making your purchase!

Are Schwinn Cimarron Bikes Worth Buying?

With an extensive collection of bikes such as Electric, Hybrid, Road bikes, etc., at an affordable price, these bikes are worth it.


The first thing that comes to buying an electronic thing is features. Here you will learn about this bike’s features:

Electric Bikes:

The Schwinn Electric Bike is perfect for adventure junkies. With up to 45 mile range and 20 mph speed, this bike lets you explore new territory without worrying about getting stranded on your last pedal stroke!

Schwinn Cruiser Bikes:

Schwinn cruisers are the perfect choice for riders that want to cruise around on their bikes. These sturdy yet comfortable bicycles have wide tires which provide stability when riding through pavement or dirt roads alike!

Schwinn Hybrid Bikes:

The Schwinn Cruiser is the perfect bike for bikers who want to take on all sorts of terrain. It’s upright, has a medium-width tire that can handle pavement or light trails alike!

Schwinn Mountain Bikes:

Schwinn mountain bikes are a rugged, reliable ride for riders who like to go fast and loose. The wide knobby tires let you build up some serious traction on off-road tracks while the rigid frame holds firm during rough terrain or heavy pack weightings–this bike was designed by bikers just as much as they were!

Schwinn Road Bikes:

Schwinn road bikes are perfect for those who want to fix their riding on pavement. The frame is sturdy and lightweight, making it an ideal choice in rough terrain with its forward-mounted position that keeps you dry from puddles or mudguards when things get wet!

Why is Schwinn Cimarron Bike Good

Here is how this bike is good:

  • Cimarron is Schwinn’s top-of-the-line, lightweight bike. It has been designed with serious athletes in mind who want to go as fast as possible to keep up!
  • The Schwinn Cimarron Performance is a 21-speed mountain bike with shifting made easy by its SRAM grip pods.
  • The lightweight aluminum frame makes this one of the most affordable bikes on our list, but don’t let its affordability fool you – it still performance delivers!
  • The Schwinn Cimarron Performance is equipped with alloy linear-pull brakes, making it easy to stop the bike quickly.
  • The Schwinn Cimarron Performance bike has a seat that can be moved and adjusted for different riders.

Schwinn Warranty

The Schwinn bike company is a world leader in the industry, and they have 30 days parts warranty for all their bikes except one – which has no legal rights whatsoever.

Why are these Inexpensive?

Schwinn Bikes provide a high-quality product at an affordable price. Because Schwins strives for both quality and affordability, their bikes are usually priced lower than other brands in the market.

So, in other words, you can find a Schwinn Cimarron Mountain Bikes for about $249.99 on average, which is lower than most brands.

Different Bikes

Here are a few Schwinn bikes:

Electric Bikes:

Schwinn electric bikes are perfect for anyone who wants to take their adventure up a notch. You’ll be able to pedal along the way while also being supported by an assistant if you need it! These incredible machines come in both step-thru and stand-over frames, so there’s something here just right, no matter what your preferences may be.

Cruiser Bikes:

Schwinn Cruiser Bikes are perfect if you’re looking to cruise around town in style, take a trip down memory lane, or catch some waves without worrying about getting wet. With their padded seats and upright riding positions, these vintage-inspired bikes will have your feet up in no time!

Hybrid Bikes:

The Schwinn Hybrid Bike is a versatile, durable machine that can easily tackle anything from the streets to trails. It features an aluminum frame for durability and lightweight steel components like brakes, gears, etc., so you won’t have any problem riding it around town or taking on new adventurous journeys in nature!

Schwinn Mountain Bikes:

Mountain bikes are the perfect way to get outside and explore nature. These Schwinn mountain bikes have everything you need for an unforgettable ride, from the front or dual suspension, which helps with rough terrain down through tough tires that will grip when it matters most!

Schwinn Road Bikes:

Schwinn’s lightweight road bikes are perfect when you need a bike that can go anywhere, from town to the countryside and back again without breaking down on the way there or after reaching your destination. With their aluminum frames, they’re also easy enough for any fitness-minded person who wants a good round time!


This bike is a Schwinn Cimarron. The frame is made from aluminum.

The fork has a suspension on it.

The crank has three gears on it with a guard over them. There are seven different gear ratios available.

There are also V-brakes, and the wheel size is 26 inches in diameter with alloys wheels and tires that can go fast or slow depending on whether you push or pull the pedals more, respectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions and answers to help you more about these bikes:

Are Schwinn Cimarron Bikes Heavy?

Schwinn Cimarron Bikes are perfect for people who want to cover more ground with less effort. With a lightweight frame and wheels, these bikes make it easy to get from point A through your day without being weighed down or having any trouble reaching places on time!

Are Schwinn Cimarron Bikes Fast?

Being lightweight makes these bikes fast.

Where are Schwinn Cimarron Bikes Made?

These bikes are made in Greenville, Mississippi.


So in this article, you learned about the Schwinn Cimarron Bike warranty, features, and more.

Here are some key takeaways from this article:

  • The Schwinn offers low-cost, lightweight, and good-quality bikes that start from $249.99.
  • The Schwinn has an extensive collection of electric, Cruiser, hybrid, and more bikes.