Redline MX 24 Race Bike Review

Redline Bicycles is the original BMX bicycle manufacturer, innovating many revolutionary components for a sport that it helped create. Nowadays, Redlines bicycles can be found in any terrain from dirt tracks to mountain passes with their long heritage as both racers and riders alike know them well by now!

Who Makes Redline MX 24 Race Bikes

The original BMX bicycle manufacturer, Redline, was a significant innovator in cycling. They created many revolutionary components for this sport, such as tubular Chromoly forks and cranks, which are still used today by many competitors across all levels!


The warranty is given to the original purchaser. Here is how their warranty works:

  • Rigid bike frames: For Life.
  • Forks, Redline branded: 1 Year.
  • Components, Redline branded: 1 Year from the date of purchase.

Who is this bike for?

This bike is for adults such as men and women. These are not for kids.

What to Consider When Buying a Bike

Here are some things to consider when you are buying a new bike:


If you’re looking for a new bike, make sure to budget for more than just the purchase price. You’ll need to consider things like where in town the bike will easily fit all your gear, how much time it’ll take out of your day to run errands, and how much exercise you’ll get in return.

Bike Frame size

When choosing a bike, it is essential to consider the frame size. You want to ensure that you have enough room for your feet and any baggage or cargo you might need.

Bike types and styles

When looking for a new bike, it’s essential to figure out the types and styles available. There are mountain bikes, road bikes, and even triathlon bikes! Make sure to choose the one that’s best for your cycling needs. Additionally, it’s essential to have the proper clothes for cycling.

This includes a good helmet, tight-fitting clothes to avoid getting caught in the chain or gears, and sunscreen for those long rides. Ride safe and have fun!

Bike Materials

Remember that a bike is only as good-looking and functional on the day of purchase if it’s made from quality materials. Pay attention to what kind, how they’re packaged for shipping/delivery, etc., their warranty policy – this will save you time later down the line when something goes wrong!

Bike Gears

The gear system on your bike can make or break the experience. The more gears you have, the easier it is to change up what’s going on with how things work so that everything runs smoothly for everyone involved!

Are Redline MX 24 Race Bikes Worth Buying?

Yes. These bikes are worth buying with a large variety and a mid-range price.


  • The Redline MX 24 Race is a high-quality, low-cost bike that will bring you back to your roots as soon it’s released.
  • The Redline MX 24 Race is the perfect bike for racing. The aluminum frame keeps it low in weight, ensuring you have the edge over your competition!
  • The Redline MX 24 features a specially designed tire called the Vee Speedster, which will provide excellent traction on all types of terrain.

Redline MX 24 Race Bike Performance

The Redline MX 24 Race Performance is an aluminum frame that can last. The addition of a 3-piece crankset and steel-inforced fork increases its strength, making it perfect for racers or people who only plan on using their bike for short rides–the seat won’t bother you at all!

Are these Expensive?

No. These are mid-range bikes. The average price of these bikes is from $500 to $1,000.

Different Bikes

Here are some Redline Bikes:

Big Bikes

RL 275

The Redline RL-275 is a BMX bike for adults that looks like the classic cruisers you know and love until you take notice of those Tektro mechanical disc brakes. With ultra-fat 3 inch wide tires mounted on 27 5 Plus size rims, plus vintage graphics to go along with its new school specifications, this adult-sized version gives riders old-fashioned style without sacrificing modern-day features!


The Redline PL 26 is a new take on an old classic. Built to be ridden, this bike features updated geometry with retro styling that does not go unnoticed in the streets or at your local track! A full Chromoly steel frame and fork make for lightweight durability, while double-wall rims provide stability when things get tough, coupled with aluminum hubs which give you wheels worthy of any ride – day long!


The Monocog is an old-school single-speed 29er with simple, durable parts that give you the smooth ride quality of steel. The Chromoly frame and fork are made for those who want a little more character than plastic can offer but don’t have room in their garage or pockets to lug around something heavier when on vacation. Durable double-wall wheels help roll over obstacles whether you’re riding off the road or just rolling along at pace. At the same time, 740mm handlebars provide great control, so even beginners will feel comfortable taking this bike out!



The RIVAL is an excellent choice for smaller riders. This entry-level 20-inch freestyle BMX bike features a shorter 19″ top tube, 8″ handlebars with a big box bendy mount stem, and grip tape finish that will give your little one the confidence they need to put their all. Into every turn!


The Redline Roam is the perfect bike for kids who want to get out and enjoy themselves. With its Race-inspired geometry, high tensile steel frame construction & reliable coaster brakes, all in a 20-inch wheel size that will last through anything from riding on sidewalks or paths as well as at parks, this one’s got it going on!


Asset 24

The Redline Asset 24 embodies what it means to be a shredder. This bike features 7-inch handlebars with front-end lift-off assistance from its sturdy frame, built for the trails and streets. That’s made out of 100% Chromoly steel 3-piece cranks matched up against an aluminum sealed micro gear rear hub as well Vee VTC Speedster 24 × two tires mounted on Monster fat padded pivotal saddle seats!.


The Redline Romp is an excellent option for your first time out on the trails or drop-in at an indoor skatepark. This entry-level BMX bike features proven freestyle geometry, 25/9 gearing, and Chromoly steel three-piece cranks that will allow you to experience many “firsts” in fun ways!


The Redline Random is a lightweight, durable and attractive bike perfect for any adventure. With fully sealed hubs to last the test of time as well as 10-speed gears with an easy clutch shifter system – this bad boy has got your back whatever terrain you may encounter!


Proline Pro XL

The Proline XL is a bike designed for getting serious about racing. It featured an exclusive Redline-formed 6061-T6 alloy frame and sealed hub, which gives it top-of-class performance at a price that’s sure not to be beaten by anyone else on the market!


The frame is made out of 6061 alloys with an integrated headtube. The fork has tapered legs, and the crankset is a racing chromo 175mm 3pc crank. The bottom bracket is euro, and there are 18 gears on the bike. There is a Tektro BX310 linear brake that handles the stopping of the cycle, and the wheel size is 24 x 1.75 inches with a 36-hole alloy rim. The tires are Vee Speedster 24 X 1.75,” and this bike comes with a Pivotal Race seat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions and answers to help you more about these bikes:

Are Redline MX 24 Race Bikes Heavy?

The Redline MX 24 Race Bike is lightweight.

Are Redline MX 24 Race Bikes Fast?

Because of its lightweight frame, the bike is much faster.

Where are Redline MX 24 Race Bikes Made?

Kastan makes the Redline Bikes at his factory in Mexico.


So in this article, you learned about the Redline MX 24 Race Bikes warranty, features, and more.

Here are some key takeaways from this article:

  • The Redline Bikes are mid-range bikes that average $500 to $1,000.
  • The Redline has bikes for men and women but not for kids.