Ideas for Hanging Bike Racks: The Ultimate Guide

One of the most frustrating things for bike commuters is where to store their bike when they get to work. If you’re lucky enough to have a designated area, then you’re set. But what if you don’t? What if your office doesn’t want bikes cluttering up their lobby? Or worse, what if there’s nowhere in the building to store them at all?

Luckily, there are plenty of solutions out there. From cheap and easy improvements like hooks on a wall to more expensive and permanent options like installing racks, there’s a way for every budget. Here are some ideas for hanging bike racks.

Rack height

Although racks can be placed on either side of the door, you should be careful not to put one on the floor, since it can damage hardwood floors. More and more offices are installing bike racks on their interior walls, and depending on their height, they should fit on most doors.

There’s a whole series of options here, so I won’t get into them in detail here, but suffice to say, they range from $10 to $200. Just make sure you know what your local building codes are before you hang one on your office door. If they’re too high, you’re going to have to adjust it later.

For indoor bike racks, you’ll need to go higher on the door than you’d want to if you wanted to hang it outside on the wall.


4.5 Feet (135cm) Hanging Bike Rack with Hook. A simple 4.5 feet (135 cm) rack makes a great addition to any bike-centric office building. Hanging bike racks are great for a little bit of extra storage or extra closet space.

The best part? No installation skills were necessary, which made this rack much more affordable than some other options. The fact that it fits so well in my small space was the best part, too. It fits so well in the space that you wouldn’t know it was there unless you spent an hour trying to figure out where the thing went.

Where to put racks

There are some practical reasons to be extra cautious with your first bike rack. Most people will not be storing their bikes up on the first floor. Many offices put bikes in a garage or car room on the first floor.

And if you’re going to go for a rack, you’re going to want it to be accessible to cyclists, since a majority of the bikes won’t be put back on their stands after their ride. You also want the rack to be close to where the bikes are going to be stored.

Hanging bike racks

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Many people opt for simple, cheap solutions like purchasing an old table and painting it or gluing some hooks to it. There’s also something super easy and fun to do at home, which is just to paint an old car door in whatever color you’d like and decorate it with paint.

But for something a little more durable, you can always build your own bike rack. If you have some space in your garage, this DIY pannier rack is easy to make with some simple materials and a lot of hard work.

Another method for bike racks is to simply build your own. It doesn’t require a car, and it can be done without any specialized tools.

Wall-mounted bike holder

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Simple in design, a wall-mounted bike rack can be installed with minimal fuss and a few supplies. The best part? They are cheap! For as little as $10, you can get a bike rack that will hold two or more bikes. Wall mounting units are extremely durable and can be used year after year.

They are designed to be mounted over just about anything, including bricks and plywood. But don’t feel limited to simply wall-mounted bike holders. This one from Amazon comes in various different styles and designs, depending on your preference and style of bike.

Removable bike racks aren’t new, but they’re becoming increasingly popular as more people consider their options.

Ceiling-mounted bike rack

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On its own, this rack won’t do anything to reduce the clutter of bike racks on building lobbies, but it can provide a quick and easy way to get your bike to the office or to let others know they can take your bike too. The best part? All you have to do is strap the bike rack to the wall with a few clips.

If you don’t have a ceiling, then you could install it on the walls of your garage or shed. Dimensions: 29 x 27 inches Price: $15 To download the guide, click here.

When you see cyclists riding their bikes everywhere, sometimes you think to yourself, “If only we had a bike that could do that.” The Cyclefit cradle and rack help you make that dream a reality. This lightweight system fits most wheels and comes with mounts to either the back or front of a desk.

Floor-mounted bike rack

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This is a pretty obvious and cheap option, but it’s one of the most common: a large stationary bike that people can roll their bikes onto to get them on and off. This can be especially helpful if there are no designated bike racks because you can use them to store your bike whenever you need to — no matter what time of day. DIY wooden rack This is one of the simplest methods for hanging a bike rack.

All you need is a board, screws, and a few simple tools. Cut a piece of wood to size, and attach it to the wall using wood screws. You can choose different styles and colors of wood to suit your space, and add whatever decorations you’d like. Loop or sling system If you’re looking for something a little more permanent, you can try a loop-style or sling-style system.


Parking a bike can be tricky. But with a little creativity, you can find the right spot for your two-wheeler. The best place to put a bike rack is where it will get used. You want to make sure it’s accessible to the people who need it and that it doesn’t get in their way.

The best options are usually uncovered outdoor spaces near entrances, stairwells, or elevators. If there’s no room on the ground, another option is an overhead space like a balcony or even a tree branch!

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