How To Pick the Best Bolt Cutters for Cutting Bike Locks: The Definitive Guide

How To Pick the Best Bolt Cutters for Cutting Bike Locks: The Definitive Guide

Bike locks are important for keeping your bike safe from theft. One good tip for securing your bike is to chain it to a pole. While this is effective, you might need some bolt cutters to cut the chain if it’s too thick. Here’s a guide on which size bolt cutters to use depending on the thickness of the chains that come with your lock.

Choosing the right bolt cutters for your bike lock

Locking a bicycle up to a pole requires the chain to be long enough to fit through the hole in the lock. If your lock has a piece of plastic or metal that acts as an ‘opening’ you can still do this. If your bike doesn’t have a locking device such as a U-lock, you need to get a new bolt cutter.

The word “bolt” in the name comes from the bolts used in mining, which were used to hold iron ore in a shaft. In mining, a bit of a ‘bolt’ can be a lot, so it makes sense to use a bolt cutter that can do a little bit of a job.

Bolt cutters work by cutting the shank off of a bolt to allow it to be removed. The shank is the flat part of a bolt that the pin or nut rides on.

What are the different types of bolt cutters?

Most bolt cutters have one of two head types: open or closed. Many people consider the closed head type to be best because they do not cut much metal; however, it will cost you more to buy one that’s the right size. There are also two styles of closing head bolts: slotted and crosshead.

While they are generally similar, they can handle different materials. Before buying, you need to determine the size of the slotted head bolt you need to cut.

Most all of the cutters listed below are 1.6mm in size; however, make sure that the one you choose has a 1.6mm or 1.75mm bolt tip. A 1.6mm or 1.75mm bolt tip is ideal for cutting steel, which is what most bikes have. To see which bolt cutters are the best, check out our best buy list.

How to use a bolt cutter

There are four main types of bolt cutters that are used to cut bike chains: lever style, ratchet style, Teflon style, and spring style. These cutters vary in quality and make sure you’re using a tool that’s strong and compact enough to use.

Lever style cutters are very strong and usually have a fixed blade, making it easy to push and slide along the chain until it cuts through. One problem with lever cutters is that it is hard to maneuver the cutter, and you must use a lot of force and upper body strength to do this.

Teflon-style cutters can be used with any type of chain, be it flat or round, so they are great for larger chains. They are made of rubber or plastic, which means they are tough and resilient.


While both these are helpful tools, they do require some experience and skills to use effectively. Both have advantages and disadvantages. With each, the trick is to pick a size that’s right for you. It’s often easy to get locked up when going from your place to another. But with a quality lock, you’ll be able to do all your normal tasks without the hassle.

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