How Much Does a Bike Lock Cost: The Cheapest And Most Expensive Brands

how much does a bike lock cost?

If you want to buy a bike, you’ll need to buy a bike lock too. A good bike lock is not only safe for your bike, it’s also a deterrent against thieves. However, there are many types of bike locks available. How do you know which one is best for your situation? And how much should you pay for it? Here are some tips on choosing the right type of lock and getting the best deal possible.

What to consider when buying a bike lock

First and foremost, make sure that your bike lock is sufficiently powerful and secure. Some of the best-selling bike locks also contain anti-theft sensors, which help prevent your bike from being stolen when you’re not around. Another key point to consider is how far away the lock is from your bike.

If the lock is too close to your bike, it may be easy to pick and will probably require a hammer to get it open. But if it’s too far away from your bike, you can’t keep an eye on it, and it’s unlikely to be attacked. Another factor to consider is how many keys it takes to open the lock.

Most locks are designed to store a single, key, which would be needed to make it safe to leave the bike outside your house.

The Cost of Bike Locks

There are two different types of bike locks: with a cable or cable-free. This refers to the fact that you’re tethered to a cable when your bike is locked up. On the other hand, there are “cableless” locks, which require a key to lock up your bike.

If you’re thinking of getting a cable-free lock, make sure you check out the pros and cons, as there are risks to using a cable-free bike lock.

Cable-Free Lock-It Can Be Safer and Easier to Get Into Your Bike In general, it’s recommended that you buy a cable-free lock if you want to be able to stop thieves from stealing your bike. With a cable-free lock, you’re free to ride on the street without fear of being attacked, as the thieves won’t be able to cut the cable to take your bike.

The Cheapest Bike Locks

A generic-looking bike lock is available for a very low price. This is the type of lock that you’ll find used in many bike lock shops. A second option is a strip lock, which is made from a single strip of metal and sometimes a steel rope. They are the cheapest and often very easy to break.

You could get a number of bike locks for around $10. But what sort of potential issues is that cycle lock leaving you vulnerable to? What else could be done to increase its security? Will you still be able to secure your bike against theft?

To find out what your potential bike lock is lacking, buy it and ride it around for a bit, before trying to secure it with another, better type of lock.

The Most Expensive Bike Locks

It is possible to get a high-end lock that looks almost like a chic watch. However, it costs as much as a designer watch and it doesn’t offer any real protection for your bike. Bike chains with locks should be more difficult to remove than a standard bike lock, but if it is harder to remove, you run the risk of having it come off in a bad situation.

Some lock models are easy to remove but also difficult to re-attach and some lock types are designed so they are impossible to remove with tools. The most expensive brands of bike locks aren’t necessarily the best options.

Some of the more expensive bike locks cost between $30 and $200. However, some expensive bike locks are also dangerous and require advanced features. These locks require more technical expertise to use.


Bikes are an excellent way to stay active, save money, and reduce your environmental impact. But there’s a major downside: theft. With so many bikes being stolen every year, it is essential to have a bike lock. You never know when you might be out on a ride and need a spare.

If you’ve been looking for the perfect bike lock but don’t know where to start, read on for our guide to finding the best bike lock for you, from installing locks correctly to picking the right keyless option.

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