How Effective Are Motorcycle Airbag Vests: A Comprehensive Guide

How Effective Are Motorcycle Airbag Vests?

The motorcycle airbag vest is a relatively new safety device designed to provide more protection for motorcyclists. It consists of an inflatable bladder worn on the rider’s back, which deploys in a crash with the help of a gas cartridge.

The gas canister is triggered when sensors in the car detect that the vehicle has been involved in an accident. These smart airbags are designed to work on motorcycles, cars, buses, and trucks. They can also be useful for children who ride in the back seat of cars too. This article will cover how effective these motorcycle airbag vests are and what you need to

What Are Airbag Vests?

A motorcycle airbag vest is a type of safety device designed to protect motorcyclists from serious injuries or death caused by crashes. They can be worn on the rider’s back and release air cushions to absorb the impact of a crash.

The contents of these airbags are designed to inflate rapidly when they detect the collision and inflates the bag quickly. This protection can increase the chances of surviving an accident and allowing the injured to be rescued from the car or the road.

How Airbag Vests Work

There are two types of airbag vests: bag and soft-shell. The bag vest protects the rider from the impact of a crash. The vest is inflated by the gas cartridge. When the vest is in the bag, the gas is stored and can be used to protect the rider.

The bag must be inflated before the motorcycle is hit. When the motorcycle hits the brakes, the gas will be released and protects the rider. Soft-shell airbag vests have a similar construction, but they inflate more slowly.

The gas is stored until the bike starts moving. Once the motorcycle starts moving, the bag inflates. When the motorcycle hits the brakes, the gas will be released and the bag will expand to protect the rider from serious injuries.

Motorcycle Airbag Vest Types

There are three main types of airbag vests that exist today. They are the ISOFIX and SFI, which are connected via cables to the car seat, and the Mesh-based Impact Resistant System, which is fitted to the seatbelt.

All three are different, but they are generally the same concept, with only minor design changes to the components of each vest. ISOFIX and SFI Inflatable Motorcycle Airbag Vests are the two types of vest are relatively cheap and simple to put on.

The difference between them is the number of attachments the user needs to use. In a case of a collision, the user will need to connect an airbag jacket to the car seat, the driver’s seat belt, the side mirrors, and the seat buckle.

The Effectiveness of Motorcycle Airbag Vests

The primary reason why the motorcycle airbag vest is effective is that it offers not only the amount of protection needed by motorcyclists in a collision with a car, but also decreases the risk of injuries to both the rider and others in the same vehicle.

The first benefit comes from the airbag inflating to its full size at the moment of impact, preventing many injuries by compressing the rider’s chest and abdomen, and applying pressure to the center of the chest.

The second benefit comes from the vest deploying into the proper shape, providing even pressure on the chest and abdomen. Motorcycle airbag vests work for all types of vehicles that are designed to be driven at high speeds.

Should You Buy a Motorcycle Airbag Vest?

First, let’s get one thing straight: they won’t save you from a head on collision. An airbag will, however, reduce the impact of a side-impact collision. So while they won’t prevent injuries like whiplash, these vests will help protect the spine, neck, and back.

Also, unlike car airbags, they won’t just blow out air, they contain a compressed gas with a sharp chemical odor which will reportedly help to lessen the injury. The fabric used is light, light weight and flexible, so it conforms to the shape of your body.

Most vest manufacturers believe that the heavier you are, the stronger the vest will be, as it will take more weight to lift the vest off of the body. This makes the vest ideal for any rider who is going over 35 lbs.


Although motorcycle airbag vests do provide better protection than the standard motorcycle airbag vest, they are not as effective as many of them claim. Motorcyclists should always ride with a bike helmet that is certified to protect against a serious injury if they crash, because wearing an airbag vest is not much better than doing nothing.

If you are considering buying an airbag vest for your motorcycle, make sure it has a secure fit and is properly sized.

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