Does Uber Have Racks For Bikes?

Does Uber Have Racks For Bikes?

As an Uber rider, you might not know that the company has a bike rack option. While this is not something that they advertise, it is an option available to riders. When you request a ride with Uber, you have the option to select whether you would like your driver to bring a bike rack with them.

This will give you a few extra minutes to get your bike on the back of your vehicle and then load it up for transport. Uber will charge drivers $5 more for this service.

Uber Has Racks for Bikes

Of course, not everyone prefers to carry a bike on a ride. If you are an avid biker and need to be in the car with the driver as they ride to pick you up, then it is a logical choice to go this route. Uber does this because they are looking for cars with a large trunk or enough room in the back to fit multiple bikes.

In general, Uber is known for its frequent rider, who can travel with their belongings and luggage with them. If you don’t want to carry a bike with you, Uber’s bike rack is a great option for you. With a few swipes and clicks, a driver can make your next journey a more comfortable one.

The services operate in 34 countries. Currently, Uber drivers have to have a car and a bike rack.

How Much Does Uber Charge for the Bike Rack?

If you use Uber’s bike rack service, you have the option of setting your ride fee up before you request a ride. When you select the bike rack option, you can choose to pay $5 extra. Read more on Uber vs.

Why Are There No Bike Racks on Uber Vehicles?

This is a question that I get quite a bit, and I have looked into the matter quite a bit. The answer is that there is a prohibition on bike racks in the law books of Virginia. It is not only illegal, but it is a Class 1 misdemeanor offense to bring a bike rack to the back of a car or truck while operating a commercial vehicle.

This statute does not seem to be something that Uber is legally in a position to pick up. Because of this, there is a very good chance that you may be a little disappointed if you request a ride with Uber and you don’t have the option of getting a bike rack.

If you do request a ride with Uber and they offer to use the bike rack, you should be wary of accepting the ride. If they use the bike rack, they will be charging you more.


You should note that the bike rack is not available in every city. For instance, here in New York City, there is currently no way to order a bike rack with an Uber. UberX is a rideshare service, which means that the driver only drives the vehicle. Your driver and the UberX bike rack ride together.

The rider and the bike are transported separately. Alternatively, you can opt for the uberXL option. Here, the driver takes both the passenger and the bike. On top of this, the ride will be seven miles longer than the regular uberX, at 23.6 miles.

For an uberXL ride, Uber charges the rider $3.75 per mile, as well as additional surcharges for the use of the bike rack. With a bike rack. Does Uber Care If You Ride Your Own Bike?

What Happens if You Don’t Have a Bike Rack?

Uber has stated that it is still very early in the game for this feature. While it is an option, you will have to weigh whether or not you feel comfortable attaching your bike to the back of an Uber vehicle. Some states, such as California and New York, require drivers to provide their own bike racks when picking up customers.

Other states have no such laws. It is worth noting that you could technically travel to a state that has no bicycle laws in place and Uber would still make you attach a bike rack to the back of their vehicle.

How Do You Use the Uber Bike Rack Service?

Since Uber allows you to request rides to a large portion of the United States, it should not be hard for people to request a bike rack ride from anywhere within the country.


Uber seems to be making progress toward becoming more of a utility in this country. With the introduction of bike racks and electric scooters, it looks like they are working to make the service more sustainable in the years to come. While I don’t use this service, I do believe that it is great that Uber is making some big moves to become more environmentally friendly.

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