Do you Need a Hitch for a Bike Rack?

Cycling is a fun and very healthy pastime that all generations can enjoy. In some areas, you can’t just go out and start walking, or maybe you’ll go on a trip and want to take it, but you have no way to transport it due to the lack of space in your car.  A bike rack for your vehicle is handy. Bike racks allow you to take it anywhere without damaging your car and bike.

When deciding on the number of bikes you intend to transport in your vehicle, it is then up to you to determine the convenient way.  Choosing the best method and style to load the bike should be considered depending on the size, make of the car, attachment, benefits, and features of each bike rack.

Vehicles with a hitch receiver are easy to attach and load bikes. The hitch bike racks carry bikes with different frame designs, carry many bikes, have added security, and provide more aerodynamic than bikes racks mounted on the roof and eliminate overhead clearance problems, despite the many advantages of a hitch bike rack.

How much Weight can a Bike Rack Hold?Do you Need a Hitch for a Bike Rack?

Check out on the alternative bike racks to transport your bike even without the need for a hitch.

  1. Ladder-mounted racks

Do you Need a Hitch for a Bike Rack?

The other option for carrying your bikes on your vehicle is the ladder-mounted bike rack. These bike racks attach to the vehicle’s rear ladder. The front tire is closer to the ground as the frame is secured vertically.

These are ideal for transporting lightweight bikes. When your vehicle does not have a hitch and bumper receiver, this is a great option. They are easy to rotate and remove incase you may need to access the roof of your vehicle. They also do not obstruct the tailgate lights and the plates.

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  1. Bumper-Mounted Racks

Do you Need a Hitch for a Bike Rack?

A bumper-mounted bike rack is an ideal option, but you have to ensure that the bumper is made of steel and has continuous welding. The racks mounted at the bumper can carry two or more bikes without the need for a hitch. It allows for easy access to the roof as there is enough space for the rear ladder. They are suitable for long-distance driving so long as they have fastened well.

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  1. Trunk mounted racks

Do you Need a Hitch for a Bike Rack?

The frame has straps attached to the rear bumper, trunk, or tailgate of the vehicle. These are inexpensive, durable, and easy to install and store. They are very portable and are usable in any car. On the other hand, they can easily damage the vehicle, as the bike and luggage rack’s weight rests on the vehicle. The straps wear out, loosen, and can snap-in. Thieves can also cut them easily. Your trunk can’t open when the rack is in place, and straps can obstruct your rear lights, license plate, and rear window.

The bike carrier is suitable even for long-distance driving. You have a chance to get a cheaper bike rack, which is a well-known, expensive brand because you don’t have that much money. You will be so happy. Not only will your bike be extremely stable on the rack with the help of locks and bungee cords, and the luggage compartment will be extremely safe in your car.

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You can drive up Pikes Peak, through the wet plains, over the Rocky Mountains, in insanely hot temperatures, in cold temperatures, in dry and moist climates, at all inclines, at 90 km/h on highways, on bumpy, crazy park roads and more. You will be glad your bike will be safe. It folds nicely when not in use for easy storage. You will Love it!

  1. Roof-mounted bike racks

A technical device with two rails mounted on the vehicle’s roof as a basic structure used as a basis for a roof rack. Mounting rods, holding devices mounted to transport bikes, on which the bicycle placed or in some variations also laid and is secure for transport on the roof of a car. Many of them have extra lights and indicators.

The roof bike racks are becoming more and more popular because they cost little and are easy to assemble. Tours by bike are excellent, keep fit and above all, make you a lot of fun! During the planning, anticipation arises, whether alone or in a group with other athletes or as a family outing.

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The advantages are apparent in large numbers. The car manufacturer already equips vehicles with stops for roof racks.  Breakpoints are for the installation of the necessary scaffolding on the roof. It saves the vehicle roof, paints on the roof edges, and makes costly preparations unnecessary for using a bicycle carrier at the rear or on the trailer coupling. They are available and far much cheaper than those with a hitch.

  1. Spare tire mounted Bike racks

Do you Need a Hitch for a Bike Rack?

To keep your vehicle and bike scratch free when moving, the most effective way of doing it is using a spare tire bike rack. These work on the spare tire fastened on your vehicle’s rear door. These are common in most off-road cars and SUVs.

The structure carries the bike high enough to ensure it is far from the hot exhaust and far from the road. It has a metal frame and straps to secure your bike. The latest designs can lift the bicycle from the ground with its set of arms. It can rotate, making it suitable for carrying different bike sizes.

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A bike rack mounted on a hitch has numerous advantages, easy to build, and some shortcomings like they are a bit expensive. They are not favorable to small vehicles with low ground clearance, and most cars do not come with a hitch receiver. Cars with front hitch receivers are advantageous since the bike rack does not affect the vehicle’s torque, and the driver can check on his bike.

The good news is that you do not need a hitch to transport your bike in a rack; several alternative ways are far cheaper and do not take much space.

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