Salsa Vaya Bike Review

Salsa Vaya Bikes

Salsa bikes are some of the best you can buy. These high-end roads and mountain bicycles come with quality parts like Shimano, SRAM, or RaceFace components for a durable frame that will take abuse in harsh offroad conditions. Who is this Bike for? Salsa’s line of bikes is perfect for any adult looking to get …

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Marin Nicasio Bike Review

Marin Nicasio Bike

The Marin Nicasio Bike is for those who want to stand out from the crowd and be different. With its classic steel construction, this bike has a look that cannot be matched by anything else on wheels! The geometry allows riders of all sizes or abilities to ride whatever they encounter easily, thanks in part …

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Who Makes Vilano Bikes? Vilano Diverse 3.0 Bike Review

Vilano Diverse 3.0 Bike

The Vilano Hybrid Road Bike offers a robust and lightweight aluminum frame that can be used for both durability and speed. In addition, the powerful braking system ensures you have the stopping power to keep up with your cycling routine! You get what you pay for, don’t expect top-of-the-line for a mid-level priced bike. The …

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Redline MX 24 Race Bike Review

Redline MX 24 Race Bike

Redline Bicycles is the original BMX bicycle manufacturer, innovating many revolutionary components for a sport that it helped create. Nowadays, Redlines bicycles can be found in any terrain from dirt tracks to mountain passes with their long heritage as both racers and riders alike know them well by now! Who Makes Redline MX 24 Race …

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Diamondback Axis XE – A Budget Bike Review

Diamondback Axis XE

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, the Diamondback Axis XE Bike is perfect for your next mountain biking excursion. This durable and reliable bicycle comes equipped with all of today’s high-quality gear at an affordable price so that anyone can enjoy this adventurous sport! About Diamondback Axis XE Bikes Diamondback is a famous brand …

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Trek Navigator Bikes Review

Trek Navigator

The Trek Navigator Bike is an excellent choice for people looking to commute and enjoy outdoor activities like mountain biking or road cycling. The Alpha White Aluminium frame of the Navigator bike is a sleek, modern design that will have you feeling like an expert on the trail. The smooth-rolling tires provide superior traction, so …

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Schwinn Cimarron Bikes Review

Schwinn Cimarron Review

Schwinn Cimarron Bike specializes in a wide range of bikes, from cruisers to mountain-climbing journeys. With kids’ models and electric options available, they are sure you’ll find what your heart desires! The founder of the Schwinn bicycle company, Ignaz Schwinn, worked to make cycling more accessible for African Americans. He founded his business in Chicago …

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Specialized Crosstrail Bike Review

Specialized Crosstrail Bike

The Crosstrail is a bike that has been designed to offer you the best of both worlds: smooth tarmac roads with off-road capabilities. The Specialized range combines rapid road speed, but it also comes equipped for all types of surfaces from gravel tracks and dirt paths to accommodate your every need! Who Makes Specialized Crosstrail …

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Surly Straggler Bike Review. Who Makes Surly Straggler Bikes?

Surly Straggler Bike

Whether you’re pushing your bike up a mountain or riding it across town, Surly has got the perfect ride for every occasion. With their line of rugged but sweet bicycles, there’s no telling what can happen – as long as it’s not too bad! Who Makes Surly Straggler Bikes QBP (Quality Bicycle Products) makes Surly …

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