Specialized Crosstrail Bike Review

Specialized Crosstrail Bike

The Crosstrail is a bike that has been designed to offer you the best of both worlds: smooth tarmac roads with off-road capabilities. The Specialized range combines rapid road speed, but it also comes equipped for all types of surfaces from gravel tracks and dirt paths to accommodate your every need! Who Makes Specialized Crosstrail …

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Surly Straggler Bike Review. Who Makes Surly Straggler Bikes?

Surly Straggler Bike

Whether you’re pushing your bike up a mountain or riding it across town, Surly has got the perfect ride for every occasion. With their line of rugged but sweet bicycles, there’s no telling what can happen – as long as it’s not too bad! Who Makes Surly Straggler Bikes QBP (Quality Bicycle Products) makes Surly …

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