Can You Open Your Trunk With a Bike Rack on it?

If you want to go on holiday but don’t want to give up your bike, you quickly get the idea to buy a bike rack carrier, and then just as quickly, the question is which model it should be. Again and again, you put yourselves in danger if you have not secured the bike rack inyour car sufficiently.

Even small items can become dangerous projectiles if they are unprotected when attached to the trunk. Of course, this is primarily about your safety. For example, if you want to transport your bicycle with your car using a trunk bike rack, it is also essential that your trunk is immune to wear and tear and is easily accessible. The bike rack movement can damage your box if you do not strap it correctly.

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Here are some bike racks models and how they affect the opening of your trunk.


  1. Tailgate bike racks

With different mounts and other accessories, you can transport your bikes on a protective pad over the tailgate, upright in the truck box, or with bike forks secured on a bar on the other side of the bed, on the ground, or on the side rail of the truck.Some tailgate pads can handle up to seven bikes.

A tailgate bike rack is easy and fast to load.Tailgate carriers can be mounted so that the attachment obscures neither the lighting nor the car sign. As a rule, therefore, there is no need for retrofitting. The bike racks attached to the tailgate are usually much cheaper than the other bike racks.

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High-quality bicycle Tailgate rear racks are made of aluminum and thus bring lightweight and robust and durable material. The bike racks for the tailgate provide a secure grip. Depending on the manufacturer and the type of construction, the bike racks have different accessories.
These include complimentary fabric safety straps mounted on the rails to secure the bike in an additional way.

A similar function also has a shell holder. The lock secures the bike to the holder in a durable way. The locking shell holder is also an additional anti-theft device. To load and unload the bike rack offers the market loading lanes from different manufacturers. You can easily climb and lower the bikes from the bike rack for the trunk and the tow hitch with them. Additional taillights offer more protection and safety in road traffic. Installation of Equipment with luminous elements is complete.

Depending on the model, opening the trunk will be difficult and even impossible.


  1. Trunk bike racks

They are more robust than those placed on the ceiling and offer more essential support functions. Therefore, they are also suitable for transporting heavier bikes. Ideally, bike racks are ideal for the trunk that has folding support. Thus the car can be shortened again when no bicycles are on board.

Often buyers resort to a bicycle carrier for your rear trunk because this bike carrier is usable without a tow bar. However, the fact that the acquisition costs are much lower here and that the handling is always as very simple often leads to the purchase of these bicycle racks.

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The maximum carrying capacity is two bikes. This frame is aluminum. It has straps to secure your bike, is very strong and safe, and very easy to install.

A bike rack for the trunk limits the rearview, but the driving mode hardly changes. Most bike racks of the chest are easy to assemble and do not cover the rear headlights or license plate, but opening the trunk door can be a problem when the bike rack is loaded—however, you have to do the mounting carefully to avoid scratching the varnish.


  1. The ladder mount bike racks

A ladder mount bike rack can suspend your bike vertically or horizontally in the ladder attached to your vehicle. Most ladder bike racks are produced mainly for SUVs, motor vans, and travel trailers. The easy and quick to hang on the ladder bike rack.They are durable and sturdy with accessories to modify your bike rack.

A ladder mount bike rack must fit well. In case the mounting is not proper, it can cause massive damage to your car, bike, and other motorists.

If the ladder is attached to the trunk of the vehicle, the opening may be difficult.

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  1. Hitch bike racks

All current bike carriers for the trailer coupling can be tilted with the mounted bikes and have a standard inclination angle of 50°C. Therefore, most vehicles can access the trunk. The Bike rack has an adjustable inclination angle and can be increased from 50°C to 70°C for easier access to the box of vehicles with more massive tailgates.

Access to the trunk cannot be guaranteed and tested on every car model, as the trailer hitches and their positions can be very different. The exact model of the trailer hitch and its work on the vehicle is decisive for whether the tailgate can be opened or not. We, therefore, recommend that you carry out a trial assembly at your local dealer.

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Hitch bike rack’s benefits are having a low dead weight, optional accessories, proximity sensor, and are well tradable. The shortcoming is the high purchase price, and the distance between individual rails is relatively small. The main advantage is that they do not affect aerodynamics.

  1. Rooftop bike racks

They can quickly load and unload the have a suitable frame bracket and choose from a wide variety. The significant reasons for buying rooftop bike racks is because of the following reasons.

  • Allows access to the trunk
  • They are cheaper compared to the other models.
  • Have access to the rear view of the vehicle

Ceiling bars are the right choice if you don’t mind lifting your bike to the roof and low-rise garages or ceilings aren’t a problem. Some luggage racks allow you to secure bikes while keeping both wheels on, while others require you to remove the front wheel and secure the fork. The roof to bike racks does allow the opening to the trunk.

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Whether on the roof, trunk, or towing hitch, the bike rack must always be mounted as indicated by the manufacturer. The ability to open your vehicle’s box depends on the model and type of bike rack used to transport the bike.

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