Cable Bike Locks: Is It Worth Spending the Extra Money for a Cable?

Cable Bike Locks: Is It Worth Spending the Extra Money for a Cable?

Bike locks are one of the most important bike accessories for both safety and convenience. Bike locks are a necessary investment to protect your bike from theft, as well as provide you with peace of mind. But there’s not much variety when it comes to bike locks. In fact, the majority of bike locks are chains or U-locks.

These types of locks can be heavy, awkward to use, and not very convenient for the modern commuter. So is there a cheaper alternative? Yes! Cable locks offer all the same benefits as traditional locks without the inconvenience or weight. Here, is everything you need to know about cable bike locks and why they’re worth investing in

Traditional Bike Locks

Chains Hook Chain Chain locks are one of the most popular forms of bike locks. You attach the chain to a frame or the top of the frame on your bike, and the chain is then looped or twisted to the bike wheel to prevent your bike from being stolen. Chain locks work best when securing a high-performance bike like a mountain bike.

However, for bikes like BMX bikes, racing bikes, or cruisers, chain locks just won’t cut it. Chain locks are heavy, bulky, and inconvenient. And, you have to chain the lock to your bike frame. And, most cable locks can be stolen easily using a pair of bolt cutters.

U-Lock U-locks are another popular form of bike lock. They are especially popular with commuters as they keep your bike safe in bike lanes and other bike paths.

The Benefits of Cable Locks

When shopping for a cable bike lock, there are a few things to consider when choosing the best locks for you: Ease of use: A cable lock is one of the simplest and most convenient lock methods, making it well suited for anyone that wants to simply lock up their bike.

A cable lock is one of the simplest and most convenient lock methods, making it well suited for anyone that wants to simply lock up their bike.

Durability: In addition to being easier to use, a cable lock is also extremely durable. In fact, cable locks are made of a material that is more resistant to damage than traditional locks, which makes them well-suited for larger bikes that are susceptible to damage and theft. In addition to being easier to use, a cable lock is also extremely durable.

Why Are Cable Locks Better

Cable locks offer several advantages over traditional locks and vice versa. They’re lighter than locks, so it’s easier to carry them when you’re out and about with your bike. Cable locks can also be locked with ease and they’re also cheaper than chain locks.

If a cable isn’t long enough to adequately secure your bike, you can attach the chain. Cable locks also come in different sizes and shapes, so you can choose the lock that’s best for your bike and for your lifestyle.

How to Choose the Best Cable Lock

There are two types of cable locks: single lock, and hybrid lock. Hybrid locks combine the advantages of both types of locks. They often include a chain, which can be used to secure a cable to your bike, as well as a cable or chain that secures to a bike rack or gate.

Most of the cable locks we feature include a built-in lock, which you can use to secure your bike while you ride, as well as a bike bell or light that you can attach to your bike to alert passing motorists to your presence.

Sometimes, the most convenient bike lock is also the most expensive one. A double cable lock offers two layers of security: a secure layer and an audible alarm layer.

Consider your bike lock budget

The cost of a bike lock might be a bit overwhelming if you have very little bike experience. As an experienced rider, you probably already know the value of a good lock. So, if you’re on a budget, a cheap U-lock or chain may suffice for most situations.

However, if you’re just getting started on the road, and need a secure bike lock right away, then consider investing in a cable lock. A cable lock will cut down on the weight of your lock and will also be able to resist deformation from chain loops and loop clips.

The best part about cable locks is that you don’t need a key to secure your bike to a cable — the cables act as a key in and of themselves. For this reason, a cable lock is one of the most economical bike security options available.

Check the cable’s flexibility and length

There are three main parts to the cable: The cable, the cable drive, and the cable housing. The cable drive is what you screw on to your bike frame. The housing is where the cable is attached to. The cable housing also has holes that go through the bike frame, allowing the cable to grip onto the frame.

Make sure the cable housing has holes big enough for the cable to wrap around your bike’s frame. Check the thickness of the cable The cable should be thick enough that it won’t break while you’re riding.

Check the cable for a few places where the cable splits apart when you tighten it. If the cable split becomes larger or becomes more of a string that you have to constantly push down to keep it attached to the bike, this means you have too thin of a cable.

Consider if it is a keyed or combination lock

With a keyed lock, the lock cylinder needs to be removed and the key inserted to gain access to your bike. On the other hand, a combination lock uses a combination key to open the lock. There are two main types of locks, the combination lock and the keyed lock. The keyed lock is often associated with the security sector due to its ease of use and access. However, these locks are often more expensive and also harder to access. Keyed locks are relatively more expensive than combination locks and are smaller, which makes them difficult to get into. Are there any difference between good quality U-locks and cable locks U-locks are popular and effective. However, they can be problematic because they can be difficult to remove.


Do you think the prices are too high for cable bike locks? If yes, what else do you think you need instead? Did you find a lower price by comparing the bike locks? Share with us what you think in the comment section below.

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