The 9 Best Motorcycle Helmet with Bluetooth 2022


Riding a motorcycle is an amazing experience that can be dangerous if you don’t take the necessary precautions. One of the most important precautions you can take, for your safety and the safety of others on the road, is wearing a helmet.

A good helmet not only protects your head from injury in case you are involved in an accident, it also helps to keep your head cooler by drawing heat away from your body. However, there are some helmets that offer more protection than others. For this reason, it’s important for you to do some research before making a purchase.

Today’s age has made it hard for us to keep our hands off our phones. The need to stay connected every second of your life has somewhat become essential. This however, proves to be highly dangerous.

Texting while driving or talking on the phone while riding a bike, both are life-threatening situations that we must not risk experimenting around. Then what to do we about our phone conductivity addiction? Well, Bluetooth helmets were made exactly for this reason.

The need to be connected while riding is very easily catered with the help of the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmets. This article will provide helpful tips about how the best helmet with Bluetooth and how to choose the best helmet for your needs and budget!

Best Motorcycle Helmet with Bluetooth

ILM Modular Bluetooth Integrated More Info
TORC T14B-Blinc More Info
TORC T14B-Flat More Info
ILM Full Face Helmet More Info
FreedConn Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmets More Info 
Gelaten BT-S3 motorcycle helmet for bluetooth headset More Info 
GDM Venom Motorcycle Helmet More Info 
Sena CAVALRY-CL-GB-XL Gloss Black X-Large Bluetooth More Info 
VCOROS X9 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet More Info 

Best Motorcycle Helmet with Bluetooth Reviews

1. ILM Modular Bluetooth Integrated


The number one option in the top five Bluetooth helmets is the ILM modular helmet. It is a full face helmet with a super sleek and stylish design. Not only is it a beauty to look at, it has all the features you would need in a helmet.

The Bluetooth conductivity range is up to 1,000 yards. Easy communication with fellow riders is extremely easy. The new helmet design is a wonder of modern engineering. It combines excellent features and comfort all with a very affordable price tag.

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Aerodynamic and aggressively shaped, this helmet compliments the sharp angles and predator styling of today’s modern sportbikes. The exterior shell is aerodynamically shaped for ease of cutting through the air with less buffeting and wind noise thus lessening the stress on the rider’s neck muscles after a long ride.

Connecting to the MP3 player for a good dose of music is also convenient. GPS navigation, audio connection to FM radio, et cetera, are all available in the helmet. Two built-in speakers offer high-quality sound. On top of that, DSP echo cancellation and noise suppression technology make the sound quality even better.


  • Lightweight.
  • Highly ventilated.
  • Covers all area.
  • GPS navigation.


  • Expensive.


2. TORC T14B-Blinc


TORC is a helmet manufacturing company that makes many different models. Each one has unique features that make it worth the money. However, the T14 Blinc is one that deserves all the praise. It is also called the lucky 13 due to the text was written over the helmet. This particular helmet comes in a matte black color only.

However you have five size options ranging from extra small to two XL. It is certified by Don and DKI, which adds to the user’s satisfaction in terms of its protective features. The helmet comes with built-in Bluetooth. It is factory integrated so you don’t have to go through any extra hassle.

The Bluetooth system is highly efficient. The Bluetooth integrated version of the Mako is the most recent addition to the TORC integrated Bluetooth collection. The Mako is a type of shark. It is the fastest species of shark.

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It is recognized by its spotty lines. It is rounded with a pointed nose. It is because of these identifying traits that the Mako T14 was amply named. The Mako, replaces both the prodigy and blade shells. It is lighterweight that both previous models. It uses a dual density EPS system, and it features laser contoured comfort liner padding.

It is the only helmet in this price class to use an optically correct flat panel shield. It also uses TORC’s new locking drop-down internal sun visor system called smooth lock. Other than that, the inner fabric is removable and washable. Users don’t have to worry about bad odors inside the helmet.

The visor system is of high quality. It smoothly drops down when the user wears the helmet. Once dropped, it locks into place for added security.


  • Comes in different sizesz.
  • Lightweight.
  • Presence of Smooth Lock
  • Washable.


  • None.



3. TORC T14B-Flat


This funky looking helmet is known by the name of Mako nuke. It is a full face helmet with a very funky design. Unlike your traditional helmets, you do have color options as well as sizes to choose from. But in our opinion, the one with the hazardous designs looks the best.

It will make you stand out among all other riders on track. The shell of the helmet is Bluetooth integrated. On top of that, the helmet is shaped a bit differently than the regular helmets. It accommodates all head shapes due to its overall design. This unique design makes it very comfortable to wear.

The inside of the helmet is lined with a washable material. The visor system is very smooth. It slides down and locks into place to ensure that the helmet doesn’t budge around. The outer shell is very strong as well. The advanced Thermo polymer Alloa shell maintains an optimum temperature inside the helmet.

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It also keeps the user secure against damage that may be caused in an accident. It is a ventilated helmet. The Makoo is one of the most recent addition to the tort brand. Just like its namesake. The fastest species of shark, the Mako has sleek and recognizable body lines.

The Mako replaces both the prodigy and blade shells. It is lighter than both previous models for your comfort. With a dual density EPS system, laser contoured, comfort liner padding, and an optically correct flat panel shield, this helmet is the best in class. As for the Bluetooth, the conductivity is strong. This offers clear communication with people that are in range. You can also connect the helmet with your smartphone


  • Great features.
  • High quality.
  • Comes in different colors.
  • GPS navigation.


  • None.


4. ILM Full Face Helmet


It is a rechargeable helmet that comes with a very strong Bluetooth connection. It has Bluetooth 3.0 technology installed in it. The range for the Intercom connection is 1,000 feet. You can stay in touch with fellow riders or passengers that are within 1,000 feet of your vehicle.

The quality of the Bluetooth sound and the helmet itself is very good. There are two built-in speakers that provide high quality stereo sound. The noise cancellation feature makes it even better.

A lot of users are put off by the thought of charging a helmet. However, this particular one offers 110 hours of battery life on standby. On the other hand, eight hours of talk time battery is available. To make it extremely easy to use, a button has been attached in the interior of the helmet. This allows the user to make one-click calls, receive calls, activate GPS, and make use of the helmet easily even while riding.

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Other than that, the inside of the helmet is lined with a microfiber material. It is washable so you don’t have to worry about unwanted bacteria gathering inside your helmet. The adjustable vents provide sufficient air flow for ventilation.


  • Can connect up to wider range.
  • Extended battery life.
  • Noise cancellation feature.
  • Lightweight.


  • Expensive.


5. FreedConn Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmets


The FreedConn Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet is a great way to start your motorcycle riding experience with a cutting edge technology. It’s equipped with Bluetooth 3.0, which allows you to connect with your cellphone, music player and GPS system at the same time and without any worries.

Not only does this helmet measure up to the standards of both ECE and DOT safety standards, but it also provides a one button control for calling, answering, rejecting incoming calls and redialing. Incoming phone call overrides intercom, music, FM and GPS navigation audio.

With its built-in Bluetooth intercom function, you can now talk with your friends while on the ride or just have some fun chatting away! And even better, this helmet features 2 premium

Ride in style with the FreedConn Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmets, which provide an easy way to communicate and stay entertained on your journey. Equipped with Bluetooth 3.0 version, these helmets are perfect for long rides and allow you to stay connected with your phone, music player and GPS system without any hassle.

With a 9-hour talking time, 12-hour phone time and 120-hour standby time, it is convenient for team communication during motorbike journeys. Available in two colors–black and white–these helmets meet both ECE & DOT safety standards. They can be controlled by one button commands for calling, answering calls and redialing previously called numbers.

The FreedConn Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet is equipped with a one-button control for calling, answering calls, rejecting incoming calls and redialing. Incoming phone call overrides intercom conversations or music playing from your phone


  • Form factor
  • Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Noise cancelation feature.
  • Great brand.


  • Bad battery design.


6. Gelaten BT-S3 motorcycle helmet for bluetooth headset


This sleek and discreet Bluetooth headset will make your ride more exciting while giving you the convenience of wireless communication. With up to 50 mph-75 mph connectivity, you can be on call or listening to music for hours while traveling long distances. And with hands-free calling, GPS navigation, FM radio, and wireless streaming music (A2DP), you’ll never have to worry about missing a call or an important song.

This Bluetooth helmet has a DSP echo cancellation and noise suppression technology which ensures a clear voice quality at high speed. The all-silica gel waterproof is also adopted. It is suitable for any full-face helmets and most half-face helmets which can cover ears.

The bigger push button makes it easy to operate even with gloves on. It adopts the buckle type connection between the headset and the clip, easily assembling or disassembling. Besides, it is equipped with DSP echo cancellation and noise suppression technology that ensures clear voice quality at high speed

Enjoy your music, answer or dial a call, GPS, and FM radio wirelessly while on your bike. And it connects via Bluetooth so you can have a conversation hands free with our clear voice quality at high speeds.


  • Bluetooth chip.
  • Noise cancellation technology.
  • Lightweight.
  • Warranty period.


  • Weak speaker.


7. GDM Venom Motorcycle Helmet


The GDM Venom Motorcycle Helmet is a DOT-FMVSS-218 Certified, lightweight poly-alloy shell. With an aerodynamic design for increased safety and comfort on the road, this helmet makes a great addition to any biker’s gear.

Offering interchangeable shields and removable/washable liner and cheek pads, this helmet maximizes protection. The Bluetooth motorcycle helmet allows riders to multitask with a single button for hands-free calling, answering phone calls, rejecting incoming phone calls, listening to music (play/pause, previous/next track), and GPS navigation audio.

Built in stereo speakers provide clear sound quality when listening to music or speaking with other riders over the intercom system. The Bluetooth motorcycle helmet also includes a wind resistant.

GDM Venom motorcycle helmet is DOT FMVSS-218 Certified. The Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet’s aerodynamic shell design is constructed using advanced lightweight composite poly-alloy shell, and features interchangeable shields, removable & washable liner and cheek pads.

It maximizes safety and comfort, while riding on the road, street, or highway. GDM HyperSonic’s Bluetooth 5.0 technology offers riders single button control for hands-free calling, answering incoming phone calls, listening to music (play/pause, previous/ next track), GPS navigation audio.


  • Perfect for commuting.
  • Great design.
  • Lightweight.
  • Bluetooth intercom.


  • Weak speaker.


8. Sena CAVALRY-CL-GB-XL Gloss Black X-Large Bluetooth


The CAVALRY-CL-GB-XL is a high performance helmet that is certified in accordance with U.S. Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 218 (FMVSS 218) as a motorcycle helmet. It features a composite fiberglass half shell with an aerodynamic, low profile and removable visor.

The nylon strap retention system is designed to provide a secure and comfortable fit during every ride. The helmet also includes Bluetooth 4.1 technology which allows you to connect your Sena 20S or 10S Bluetooth headset without wires.

Meet the Sena CAVALRY-CL-GB-XL Gloss Black X-Large Bluetooth, a street bike helmet that is DOT FMVSS No. 218 certified, so you can ride on the open road without limitations. This lightweight helmet features composite fiberglass half shell construction and low profile removable visor for optimum protection during your daily commute.

Aerodynamic design ensures reduced wind drag with a sleek, low profile appearance that provides for increased visibility to other drivers on the road. Features include an nylon strap D-ring retention system and Bluetooth 4.1 with hands-free profile (HFP) technology for clear calls and uninterrupted listening to music on your way to work or school.


  • Fiberglass shell.
  • Hands-free profile.
  • Nylon strap.
  • Adjustable design.


  • None at all.


9. VCOROS X9 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet


The VCOROS X9 Full Face Helmet is a professionally designed, high quality helmet with features you need to make your ride as safe and comfortable as possible. The advanced, Lightweight Durable ABS Shell with EPS Impact Absorption Inner Liner keeps your head protected and well ventilated.

The Helmet Liner/Cheek Pads are lightweight and soft for a more comfortable ride; anti-scratch and wide view Clear Visor and black inner sun visor provide excellent eye protection; the inner edge of the helmet has a reflective design for added safety at night; fully Adjustable Flow-through Ventilation to Keep You Cool in the Heat but Allow You to Block the Breeze when It’s Cold.

The VCOROS X9 is a lightweight, durable full-face motorcycle helmet. This helmet features an advanced design for protection. The helmet liner and cheek pads are removable and washable, making it easy to keep your helmet fresh.

The anti-scratch transparent visor and black inner sun visor both meet or exceed DOT standards. Available in multiple colors, the X9 will protect you from the wind and cold weather while keeping you cool on hot days with its fully adjustable flow-through ventilation system.


  • Lightweight
  • Durable.
  • Adjustable.
  • Available in many colors


  • Complaints of getting wrong color.

Things You Should Consdier

You never know when you might need to use a motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth. Whether you’re commuting to work, going on a long bike ride, or taking your Harley for a spin, this guide will give you everything you need to know before making the purchase.

Here are some of the features that are worth considering, as well as some of the models that I found to be best for various needs and budgets. You’ll also find helpful resources like helmet reviews from customers who have already purchased their own.

Bluetooth integration

If you own a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone, chances are that you have the wearable app installed that enables your helmet to be used as a Bluetooth device. A Bluetooth headset is a great option if you’re using it on a bike, but if you want to make calls while you’re out riding, a helmet with Bluetooth integration is a must.

It will allow you to make and receive phone calls from your smartphone. Make sure you install the required app on your smartphone and pair it with the Bluetooth-enabled helmet, so that the functionality is fully enabled.

Accessories While riding, you may need to access the controls of your phone, or turn on your navigation system, for example, so it’s important that the helmet has an extra feature that makes it easier to do this.


When you’re choosing a helmet for motorcycle riding, price is one of the most important factors to consider. There are a number of different motorcycle helmets out there with various features. This is the best motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth, and the price reflects this.

Size and Fit

Get the right size when you buy your motorcycle helmet. You’ll find it’s a simple matter of measuring your head to the nearest inch, as long as you don’t mind paying an extra $15 or so. You want the helmet to fit snugly, but not too tightly, to avoid pressure points that could cause headaches.

Choosing Your Style Choosing a helmet that fits is also key. In most cases, you can take an old style helmet you already have and replace the liner with a new one for a few dollars. This will ensure that you’ll still get good protection in the event of an accident.

The liner is usually held in place by two strips of Velcro that are tucked inside the helmet. If you already have a helmet, you can usually just remove the liner and replace it with a new one.

Noise Reduction

Many people don’t realize that their helmet’s noise-reduction rating may be inaccurate. Bluetooth helmets can reduce sound by as much as 50 to 70 percent and most of the time it’s because of increased acoustic energy from the helmet, not Bluetooth.

So don’t expect to cut the wind or hear your phone ring with a Bluetooth helmet. Thermoelectric Cooling A Bluetooth headset needs to be housed in the helmet to be effective. But too much heat can damage the microprocessor and the microphone.

Another problem is that the ear-pieces and microphone can run down the back of the helmet and drop onto the road. Some helmets use a venting system which helps with overheating, but the overall cooling effect can be decreased.


When it comes to visibility, quality matters. Check out the features of any helmet you’re considering, and compare them to the standard options. No headlamp is safe to be worn by anyone, whether or not you’re under the age of 16.

If you live in an area that doesn’t have abundant street lighting, or you frequently ride at night, you’ll want to invest in a helmet with bright lights. Some helmets are designed to be worn in temperatures below freezing and may have a built-in battery to keep your lights on even during the harshest conditions.

If you only plan to wear your helmet for riding, you won’t need as much visibility protection, but you may want to consider protective crash suits or full body suits.

Air Flow

Choosing a helmet that will help you stay cool is a major decision. For warmer months, you may want to look for a helmet that has vents. If you’re going for a motorcycle ride, then you may also want to choose a helmet that has quick release features for an easy fit. If you’ve got a big bike, you’ll want a helmet with plenty of ventilation.

One of the best features of a helmet that has vents is that they can keep you cool during the day as well as keep you comfortable on longer rides. This is where you’ll get your big cool breeze in all directions. Gunsight Protection You should look for a helmet with gunsight protection, which is the most expensive feature of all but also one of the most important.

Durability and Design

Safety first: you should always buy a helmet with a reinforced foam liner to reduce the risk of impact injury. At the same time, a good helmet will also look good with all its add-ons.

Some helmets have flashy features like LED lights and a built-in camera, which helps make it safer for riders, but also adds unnecessary weight. In general, high-end helmets usually have better-looking designs and more flexible fabrics, which makes them easier to wear.

Weight and Comfort

Although most helmets are constructed to accommodate a range of head sizes, this is not always enough for adults or riders with larger heads. It is well worth visiting a local shop to try on a variety of helmets. Helmets typically come with a plastic guard, but you may need to adjust its position if you need a more comfortable fit.

The original weight of this model is 420 grams, which is more than average, but this is balanced with the comfort of an incredibly light, thin, breathable helmet. The helmet is also rated for a force of 3G, which is two times the force of gravity. The term G is defined as the force of gravity or acceleration relative to a reference gravity.

Ease of Adjustment

Hood and cowl vents, nose pieces and face shield fit best on the head. To make sure you get the best fit, try on various sizes, adjust on the spot, and let it out with a more narrow opening or one that’s wider. Comfort The core of the helmet should be loose fitting, but snug enough to take the weight.

I recommend adding a poncho liner to the core of the helmet. The liner will keep moisture out while keeping the air out. Not to mention, the liner will keep your head warm and comfortable. Warmth Keeping the core warm is of the utmost importance, but make sure the liner and the outer shell are also warm.

The liner also acts as a shock absorber to prevent the core from sweating through and becoming too hot.

Advanced Features

Helmets with Bluetooth Have Most of the Features You’ll Want in a Helmet Comprehensive safety features are important for any motorcycle helmet. But some of the safety features are particularly important for those who plan on taking their bikes off the road. These are features that will help you stay safe when you’re riding without a helmet.

Here are the features that most motorcycle helmets include. Advanced Air Suspension Another safety feature of an advanced motorcycle helmet is the Advanced Air Suspension (AAS). You might not know what it means, but you’ll definitely know what you’re missing without it. I’ve owned my own motorcycle helmets, and they all have a basic air-sprung design.


A motorcycle helmet is an essential piece of gear for any biker. With so many different helmet styles and features, it can be difficult to get the right one that will protect you on your ride. Here are some frequently asked questions about wearing a helmet while riding.

1. What helmets do I need to wear on a motorcycle?

The basic rule of thumb is always to wear your helmet in the same way you would in a car or SUV. This means buckling it up and securing the visor. And always take your helmet off in the same way you would when you get out of the car.

A general rule of thumb is to wear the helmet the same way you would while riding in a car, but never assume that everyone knows what to do. Riding a motorcycle is a sport, not a method of transportation. When you’re on the road, you should always be focused on your surroundings.

Put on your full-face helmet when your head and neck are under a significant amount of impact from a crash. Wear it in any and all types of weather. Wear it in places where you’d be exposed to open flames, heat, and/or sharp objects. Wear it at night when visibility is limited.

2. How do I know which helmet is right for me?

There are many styles and options of helmets out there. The ideal helmet should be fitted to your head in a series of steps to ensure it fits properly. When your helmet fits, it does a great job of keeping your head safe. If your helmet does not fit properly, it will not do its job.

3. Should I use a helmet with a visor?

A visor is essentially a screen that allows you to see and keep the wind out of your helmet. You should use a visor if you find that you have difficulty hearing. You should not use a visor if you find that you have difficulty seeing because there could be light reflected off the surface of your visor, making it difficult to see what is going on around you.

4. What are the benefits of wearing a motorcycle helmet?

A properly fitted motorcycle helmet is a vital piece of protective gear that can help protect your skull and brain in the event of an accident. In some cases, a driver can experience post-traumatic stress symptoms after a motorcycle accident.

Even with protection, motorcycle helmet use is always a good idea for a motorcycle rider because of the risk of brain injury. Not only are head injuries more serious for a biker, it can be easier to get confused and lose focus when wearing a helmet.

The faster a motorcycle goes, the more critical the threat of a head injury. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recommends that motorcyclists and riders who will be in accidents wear a helmet. It is recommended that drivers wear a safety belt.

5. Is it safe to wear headphones while riding my motorcycle?

Yes. In fact, it is encouraged. Does wearing a headset with Bluetooth technology do anything to improve my protection? No. It doesn’t affect safety, and it won’t make you look any more badass (although you’ll look cooler riding with your smartphone).

6. Can I wear earbuds or headphones?

You may wear earbuds or headphones as long as they have an adjustable or detachable cord that you can keep tucked away inside your helmet. Be sure to keep your phone cord (or headphones’) away from loose strands of the helmet, so that it doesn’t come loose while you’re riding. If it’s really important to listen to your tunes, consider buying a dedicated motorcycle helmet speaker.

7. Can I drink water while wearing my motorcycle helmet?

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) says that the only beverages you can consume while riding a motorcycle are “carbonated and non-carbonated, and any container with a limited or no-spill design.” Even though you can drink from a bottle while wearing your helmet, some states still limit you to a single can of light beer, according to NHTSA’s website.

8. How do I carry my motorcycle helmet?

According to the DOT, motorcycle helmets are considered to be personal property and you may not bring it on board a commercial aircraft or ship. They suggest that you travel with a hard hat, as a helmet can be “worn as a flotation device in the case of an aircraft emergency.” A motorcycle helmet may be placed on a luggage carrier or roll-aboard bag.

9. Why should I invest in a Bluetooth-compatible helmet?

When you’re on the road, safety is everything. The worst thing that can happen is that your helmet gets damaged when someone runs into you while you’re moving. Not only is that annoying and scary, but it can also be costly if you have to replace the helmet.

Some brands of helmets come with a number of safety features. For example, the DT Swiss RideControl, which costs $150, is one of the best helmets for mountain biking, as it comes with two airbags to keep your head safe. You need to check the safety features of your helmet before you get on the bike, as these may be part of the cost of the helmet. If you don’t feel safe wearing it, you should hold off.


These are just some of the many helmet features that we find useful, and here at our store, we’ve had the opportunity to carry a lot of helmets in stock so we’ve had the opportunity to try a lot of different styles and features to recommend the best helmet for your riding needs.

We hope our motorcycle helmet reviews help you in your decision about what helmet is right for you. If you’ve found any other great motorcycle helmet products, make sure to share them in the comments below.


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