Best Folding Bikes Under 300

Folding bikes are an extremely convenient and versatile option that’s been growing in popularity. They’re ideal for anyone who has a studio apartment with limited storage space or those who live upstairs and need to take several flights of steps.

It’s a great solution not just for those with limited storage space, but others who like to commute to work or just loved the fun of cycling. It also mixes transport modes and these compact collapsible bikes make travelling so much easier especially for those who live in urban areas.

Folding Bikes are perfect, if you want a bike that you can pop in the back of your car, under your desk, easily carry on the train or take away your caravan or keeping your house or flat. With that being said, we bring you are top 5 picks of folding bicycle is available in the market. Whether need the best of the best or just the most affordable option, we’ll really all of these items for you.

Best Folding Bikes Under 300

Vilano Urbana Folding Bike More Info
Schwinn Loop Folding Bike More Info


1. Vilano Urbana Folding Bike.


If you’re looking for a comfortable versatile commuter bike, then this is the ride for you. The Vilano Urbana offers a quick release bracket system that allows you to break it down and set it up again in a matter of seconds. Compared to other types of folding bikes, this definitely saves you time and effort when assembling.

It also has a coaster rear brake and single speed system. This means there’s no need for you to manually adjust any brake cables or shifters. It requires little to no maintenance and say goodbye to mechanical problems. The lightweight alloy design of the bike makes it easy for you to carry it around. It weighs only 21 pounds making it one of the lightest bikes available out there.

The Vilano also comes in different colors so you can personalize the bike to your own preference. You can choose from either grey, matte black or white. It has a telescopic seat post here able to adjust it for your comfort level and having a bike that fits can actually give you more efficient pedaling power.

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It doesn’t just provide comfort, but it also helps you go faster. This bike is great for urban commuters who are always in a rush and hate traffic. If you seem to always be in a hurry and are keen to store your ride as fast as possible, you might want to keep an eye on this one.


  • Quick release bracket system.
  • Single speed system.
  • Coaster rear brake.
  • Easy to carry.


2. Schwinn Loop Folding Bike


Schwinn has been known to let people experience the confidence and freedom of riding. If you’re particularly looking for a bike that’s perfect for urban cycling, you’ll definitely enjoy this one.

It features a heavy duty steel frame that not only offers durability, but provides exceptional convenience as well. It boasts its ultra compact storage configuration that easily folds up so you can tuck it away even when you have limited space.

Have the advantage of a smoother gear change with its Cimino seven speed twist shifters. With these, you’ll never get to experience any of those sudden change jumps. The bike also offers front and rear linear pull brakes which provide the needed amount of stopping power in order to be safe and secure out there on the road.

With its 20 inch alloy wheels and fast rolling tires, you’ll be able to cruise around town smoothly with less effort and paddling. You can even accelerate faster compared to larger wheeled bikes.

What’s also convenient with this bike is that it includes a rear carrier that has a detachable heavy gauge nylon bag. It allows for easy storage for whatever you need to bring along when you’re traveling.

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Schwinn loop provides a sleek easy ride for those commuters who love the value of independence and would love to comfortably bring things with them. This folding brake brings the A game for a convenient ride.


  • Heavy duty steel frame.
  • Seven-speed twist shifters.
  • Rear linear-pull wheels.
  • 20-inch alloy wheels.

3. Retrospec Judd Folding Bike.

Enjoy the convenience of taking this bike anywhere you want and being able to store it even in the most cramped places. Convenience isn’t the only thing that this bike can offer. The way it’s constructed and designed, it can give you a smooth ride and provide easy handling when you’re cruising down the street.

It boasts 20 inch wheels size that gives the bike a faster acceleration allowing you to gain more speed in a shorter amount of time with minimal effort. Plus, it has an incredible grip that lets you ride the streets regardless of what the weather is thanks to the Kenda khan tires.

The Retrospec Judd has a lightweight aluminum frame so you can literally carry it anywhere with ease. The bike even has a rear hub coaster brake which basically eliminates any shifting or braking cables usually found on a bike. This makes it a lot easier to fold which is especially useful when you’re in a rush.

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No need to worry about shifters and proper gear arrangement as this is designed for ergonomic folding thanks to its portable handlebar tube, top tube and pedals. If you’re looking for a light bike with less maintenance, then this is going to suit your taste. This bike is great for those looking for a minimalist efficient design.


  • 20-inch wheel size.
  • Kenda khan tires.
  • Lightweight aluminum frame.
  • Designed for ergonomic folding.


  • Costly.

4. Zizzo BY Euromini Campo.

Go ride steep uphill without even breaking a sweat with this compact bicycle. This bike provides an extremely comfortable ride thanks to its telescopic seat post that you can easily adjust to your own setting. It not only let your body be in a relaxed position but allows you to have more power over the pedals.

Thanks to a 7 speed gear shift in capability, you can ride very steep climbs with ease and go the distance as fast as possible. Its grip shifters also provide smooth and accurate shifting making sure you won’t have any problem while riding. The versatile bike is equipped with a front and rear v-brake which can give you the optimal stopping power needed.

It also gives you decent modulation to regulate your speed while riding on downhill slopes. It’s designed with foldable handlebars and a magnetic frame that lets you safe storage space so you can place your bike even in the tightest areas. Pressing through heavy traffic can become a breeze with its 20 inch wheels.

The versatility of these smaller wheels helps you create tighter turns when a car is filling the road and decreases the time you need to reach your destination. With this, there’s no way that you’re going to end up late to any event.

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Overall, this is a great bike for people who are looking for a folding bike that can give them a good amount of speed and convenience to ride around both in tight spaces and steeper slopes.


  • 20 inch wheels.
  • Seven speed gear.
  • Telescopic seatpost.
  • Front and rear v-brake.


5. Ibiky Flex Mountain Bike.

This versatile bike can take you off roading or just around the block without having to worry one bit about where to store it. With its durable full suspension frame packed with comfort shock absorption, you can ride tough terrains with ease.

It also as a lightweight aluminum frame making it easier to carry whenever you need. The Ibiky Flex Bike has 21 speed shifting system that provides enough options for you to properly gear up when tackling different terrain. Whether it’s mud, creeks sand or just the road, this bike has it all.

It also has front and rear disc braking system which provides added safety. This is great for when you need to make a sudden stop or if you want to modulate your speed while going on descents. It’s also fitted with a quick release clamp that allows easy and quick falling. It enables you to stow it in a corner or even in your car and bring it anywhere you want.

Equipped with unique 26 inch wheels, you’ll be sure this bike can handle even rocky terrains with ease due to the larger surface area. These tires also provide better grip and can take on different types of landscape. This folding mountain bike is perfect for those who like to go on rough roads and explore nature, yet would also like to use the same ride when hitting the road. It’s a powerful bike that’s also convenient to store even in the small spaces.

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  • 21-speed shifting system.
  • 26-inch wheels.
  • Quick-release clamps.
  • Lightweight aluminum frame.


  • A bit heavy.


Best Folding Bikes Under 300 Buying Guide

Folding bikes are fully functional bikes, so they’ve got everything you find on a non folding bike, but they fold down to make easier to carry and store.  So when you’re choosing the right folding bike for you, here’s a few things to consider.


To keep them compact, these bikes have much smaller wheels, and there’s generally two wheel sizes, 16 inch or 20. If you want to ride closer to your normal bike than 20 inch wheels are the better choice, but they obviously don’t fall down as small. A 16 inch wheel bike is smaller and may be lighter, but might be less stable and doesn’t cruise as fast when you are riding it.


These bikes have extended seat posts and stare at tubes. These longer tubes mean they are adjustable to suit all sizes, but the amount of adjustment does vary from bike to bike. Don’t for a second think that these dimensions make them awkward. They’re really easy to maneuver and to get on and off.


You’re going to be buying this bike because you regularly want to fold it away. So make sure the way it folds works for you. You’ll want to look at how small it is when it is folded. Is it small enough to fit under your desk or in your boots?

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Oily part

Another thing to think about is the oily paths are the gears and chain on the inside of the bike when it’s folded or even covered by a chain guard, both of these features keep the dirty parts out of the way, which is perfect for commuting.


Check if you can wheel the bike along when it’s folded, this tends to be easier than carrying the bike, but with some models, it isn’t possible. Some riders find it useful to have a bike back, to help keep things clean when carrying their bikes and subtype of public transport only allow folded bikes in bags.


The weight is a big thing. You’re more likely to be carrying a folding bike. So make sure it’s light enough for you to lift. Bikes with hub gears are worth investing in with these. The gears are hidden inside the wheel. That means less maintenance and oily parts to get you dirty as well as more reliability.

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Gearing is also key as the wheels are so small. If you live somewhere where you will be paddling up and down and lots of hills, then you will want a larger spread of gears than someone who lives in a flatter area.

If you’re commuting monk, guards and luggage tracks are also important. You’ll want to keep your work clothes clean and space to carry your lunch is a big bonus too.

Electric folding bike

Finally, if you’re going to be tackling a few bigger hills on your bike, or if you simply want a little extra assistance, a folding electric bike is a great option. This electric bike will give you the power assistance and speeds up to 15.5 miles an hour perfect for taking some of the strain out of the journey.


As a general rule with folding bikes, it’s worth spending a little more to get a bike that’s made of higher quality components, unlicensed materials. This will make them easier to use every day are more durable. And there you have it, the top five folding bike out there. Whichever one you choose to get based on your needs and preferences, we hope you found our list helpful if you can something you like.

Best Lightweight Folding Bikes: Reviews & Ultimate Buyer Guide


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