The 10 Best GPS Cycle Computer With Maps 2022

GPS Cycle Computer With Maps

Many of us cyclists are obsessed with numbers, which probably goes a long way to explain why so many of us have a major love affair with our cycling computers. Now these essential gadgets can measure all kinds of on-the-bike metrics and can range in price from a very modest $30 right up to a top of the range, one costing several hundred.

Many of these will measure the basic essential metrics such as time, speed and distance. They are wireless, they’re fairly easy to mount. They have a rechargeable battery and they’re easy and straightforward to use you just get on the bike, press start, do your ride and press stop.

They can actually represent the single biggest investment that you will make to your cycling after you’ve actually bought your bike. If you are looking to buy your first bike GPS computer, then you have come to the right place. One of these five might be just what you’re looking for.

Best GPS Cycle Computer With Maps

Planet Bike Protege 9.0 Wireless Bike Computer More Info
Cateye Velo 7 More Info
Lezyne Mega XL More Info
Garmin Edge 1030 More Info
Garmin Edge 830 More Info
Bryton Rider 750 GPS Bike/Cycling Computer More Info 
iGPSPORT GPS Bike Computer Big Screen More Info 
MEILAN Finder GPS Bike Computer More Info 
TomTom Rider 550 Motorcycle GPS More Info 


Best GPS Cycle Computer With Map Reviews

  1. Planet Bike Protege 9.0 Wireless Bike Computer.


The Protege 9.0 Wireless Bike Computer is perfect for beginners. You won’t have to spend a lot of time figuring out how it works and what it can do for you. It’s simple and straightforward. You can maximize all its features and focus on the relevant things that will help you learn everything you need when it comes to cycling

This wireless cycle computer comes with functions that allow writers to measure the right time and their current average and maximum speed. Moreover, it has a clock thermometer and dual odometer for two wheel sizes, so you can measure your trip distance without hassle.

Also, there’s no need to guess the time and temperature when you’re out with your bike. For its design, it has a four line macro mantra LCD that simultaneously shows five data and a 40 millimeter by 55 millimeter case. It also comes with a universal handlebar or a STEM compatible bracket. So if you think your bike has a short STEM and worry that it might not fit, it’s okay.

This cycle computer can suit handlebars that measure 25 to 31.8 millimeters. You can buy this compact cycle computer with all its functions and wireless capabilities at an affordable price. You will have everything you need to know when you ride your bike without worrying about messy wires and breaking your bank.


  • It’s wireless.
  • Two bikes can use it.
  • Radar System support for your safety
  • Powerful LCD.


  • It’s heavy.
  • It has an old design


  1. Cateye Velo 7


The Cateye Velo 7 is another cycle computer that’s ideal for new cyclists. It comes with an odometer, a speedometer and a large screen that shows speed data, trip distance, elapsed time, pace arrow, and clock. Also, it comes with a battery that you can use for up to three years, so there’s no need to worry about your cycle computer suddenly losing power while you’re in the middle of your bike ride.

You can enjoy riding your bike as much as you want. Built with a classic design, the Cateye Velo 7 comes with a wired speed sensor that you place on your bike’s front fork. This allows the cycle computer to know when you have stopped, whether it’s because of traffic or a side trip to the nearest convenience store. The device will automatically stop counting your time and speed. You can be sure that what you’ll have at the end of the day is your accurate ride data.

Also, this cycle computer is immune to the effects of bad weather. It means it’s weatherproof. So rain or shine, you can go on a bike ride anytime you want without worries. All in all this compact and durable cycle computer is something you can keep with you for a long time. What makes the Cateye Velo 7 even better is that you can get it at such an affordable price.


  • It only takes pressing one button to start using it.
  • It is compact.
  • It is lightweight.
  • Online Navigation


  • It has no GPS.


  1. Lezyne Mega XL


Expert riders may need more than just the basics when it comes to cycle computers. If you consider yourself as one, then you may want a device that can do more like the Lezyne Mega XL GPS bicycle computer.

It comes with the usual features that measure speed data, ride time and trip distance. However, this cycle computer also has ANT plus and Bluetooth smart connectivity, full navigation and heart rate monitor.

Moreover, the Lezyne Mega XL is suitable for long bike rides because it has a lithium polymer battery that stores up to 48 hours of battery life. You can challenge yourself to long bike trails without cutting your cycling short, just because you need to charge your battery.

Also, you don’t have to worry about getting yourself lost and confused. When taking on new trails, this cycle computer can guide your way with its turn by turn navigation. You can also customize your routes, just mount it on top of your bike, STEM or handlebar using its X lock standard mount and you’re good to go.

Lastly, you can monitor your progress. Since this device can sync all your ride data to several training apps. This cycle computer measures 57.5 millimeters by 78.3 millimeters by 26.6 millimeters. It has a large 2.7 inch screen that allows you to see everything you need. With the Lezyne Mega XL, you can take your bike rides to the next level.


  • It has long battery life.
  • It has a large screen.
  • It comes preloaded with maps.
  • Interactive Graphical User Interface


  • It’s not as compact as other cycle computers.


  1. Garmin Edge 1030.


The Garmin edge 1030 is one of the top of the line cycle computers in the market with features every bike rider will die for. Designed with a 3.5 inch screen display, you can say that it’s as if you’re using a smartphone rather than a cycle computer because of its fantastic display capability.

This screen will allow you to see your right data and navigation maps without hassle even when it’s raining. So you don’t have to worry about hitting your brakes, just to double check your screen. You can enjoy your bike rides as smoothly as you can.

It’s preloaded with the Garmin cycle map that can show you the best on and off roads. It also provides real-time navigation alerts and allows you to create your routes. So now you can explore new trails without the fear of getting lost.

Another feature that will make you think that this cycle computer acts as a smartphone is its messaging feature. It allows you to get in touch with your fellow bike riders, especially if you’re on a bike ride with a group. So say goodbye to wondering about your missing buddies. You can now know where they are.

The Garmin Edge 1030 can also allow you to connect to a third party apps via IQ, enabling you to sync your ride data. All of these features come with a price, but you can rest assured that this cyclic computer is worthwhile.


  • It comes with a large colored screen.
  • It has a 20 hour long battery life.
  • It has advanced features.
  • Provides location and detailed direction data


  • It’s more expensive compared to other cycle computers.


  1. Garmin Edge 830.


The Garmin Edge 830 comes with a truckload of features that every bike enthusiast will be itching to drive. Leading the list is it’s navigation technology, that is the Garmin cycle map. It’s your gateway to various cycling routes. You can take your bike to new places and you don’t have to worry about getting lost when trying their bike trails.

Of course, this cycle computer also allows you to create your own routes, to give yourself a different kind of challenge.  Other exciting features that you may only see with the Garmin Edge 830 are its performance monitoring features that will allow you to monitor your altitude, acclimation, nutrition, and hydration among other things. All you have to do is pair the device with the right sensors.

The same goes for using its safety features. It’s compatible with various rear-view radar and lights, so there’s no need to worry about visibility during nighttime. This device comes with a bike alarm feature too. It also has features to monitor your jumps, tank time and grit.

Moreover, this cycle computer can evaluate the difficulty of your ride. The Garmin Edge 830 also comes with A&T plus and Bluetooth that will allow you to transfer data. You can also enjoy some free apps, widgets and data fields using this device. It seems the Garmin Edge 830 can do everything that every bike rider wants a cycle computer to do mounting it on your ride will help turn cycling into a whole new experience.


  • It comes with a lot of features.
  • It provides a detailed navigation instructions.
  • It has a long battery life.
  • Available in over 100 languages,


  • There are instances where some software versions may not work properly.

  1. Bryton Rider 750 GPS Bike/Cycling Computer


The Bryton Rider 750 GPS Bike Computer is a versatile and advanced cycling computer that will help you track your speed, distance, time, and calories. You can also use voice search to find points of interest (POI) like coffee shops or restaurants along the way without typing in specific destinations.

And for those who want to compete but don’t know how, this bike computer’s Smart Trainer Virtual Track Simulation will give you the competitive edge with simulated races against other riders on virtual courses like Strava segments. One of the lightest and most compact bike computers in the market, Bryton Rider 750 has a sleek and durable designThis bike computer has all you need to make your ride easier, safer, more fun, and longer!

The Bryton Rider 750 is the most technologically advanced cycling computer on the market. The touchscreen display features an interactive Graphical User Interface (GUI) for easy navigation and control of its many innovative functions. Its online navigation with preloaded OSM maps, voice search, and follow track will guide you along your route or show you the nearest points-of-interest (POI) by simply using your voice.

The Bryton 750 also supports online navigation with preloaded OSM maps, voice search, and follow track with POI/peak info. It has an ANT+ FE-C support with Smart Trainer Virtual Track Simulation & Smart Trainer Workout features, E-Bike ANT+ LEV incl. Shimano Steps, assist mode/level, shifting, batt., range & rear gear position which are all critical for electric bikes.

The battery life lasts up to 20 hours when in use without backlight settings on which is more than enough for extended rides. The radar system will help keep you safe while using this device!


  • Advanced Follow-Track
  • Supports Electronic Shifting System
  • Color touchscreen
  • Charges faster.


  • Quite pricey.


8. iGPSPORT GPS Bike Computer Big Screen


Sometimes you just need to know where the nearest coffee shop is. Other times, you want to track how far, how fast, and where you’re riding your bike for various reasons. That’s why the iGPSPORT GPS Bike Computer Big Screen is such a great investment! It has everything you need to be on top of your cycling game. And best of all? It’s easy on the wallet.

The iGPSPORT is the perfect GPS Bike Computer to track your speed, distance traveled, distance to go, time elapsed, average speed, max speed, and current location. The large 2.2″ anti-dazzle screen displays all of this information in a clear and easy-to-read format that’s visible in direct sunlight.

This bike computer also features an ANT+ sensor that supports all brands of ANT+ sensors including Heart Rate Monitor, Speed Sensor, and Cadence Sensor. It comes with a 1200mAh battery that lasts up to 40 hours on low power mode with constant use.

The iGPSPORT also has a built-in USB port so you can upload your ride data with ease directly to the internet via PC or Mac without having to take your memory card out of the device. With it’s 1 year warranty and lifetime support from iGPSPORT you’ll never have to worry about your bike computer not tracking properly again!


  • Large screen and durable battery
  • Support all brands
  • Super cheap.
  • High-sensitivity GPS.


  • Poor control quality.


9.  MEILAN Finder GPS Bike Computer


The Meilan M1 is the first high-end GPS bike computer with a built-in navigation system that can be paired with Komoot to help you plan your route. You can use the M1 to track your speed, distance, elevation, and more on your cycling adventures.

This device also has an anti-glare 2.6-inch screen for easy viewing in direct sunlight. Its waterproof design means it’s safe for all types of weather conditions. Plus, its custom data display options let you choose what information is most important to you.

We all know how hard it is to find your bike in a crowded parking lot after a long ride. The MEILAN Finder GPS Bike Computer is the perfect solution! This state-of-the-art device will help you find your bike quickly and easily.

It includes a built-in GPS chip that supports 3 worldwide systems: BEIDOU, GPS, GLONASS. Just connect your Finder to Komoot and plan rides on the app, and the app will connect with the navigation services for real-time navigation.  Just press “Find” on the screen of the Finder, and it will start mapping out your location and automatically guide you back to where you parked your bike.

With its large LCD display (2.6 inches), this smart device can be seen from all angles, even in direct sunlight! It also has waterproof IPX5 capabilities and an M1 App that supports data exchange with third party apps like Strava and Komoot for detailed analysis of riding records

Do you need to up your game with an increasingly tech-savvy customer base? As long as you’ve got a smart phone, the Meilan Finder GPS Bike Computer will help you navigate like never before. This GPS bike computer is designed to provide you with an easy-to-use interface, global navigation, and connectivity options.


  • GPS Real-time Navigation
  • Large Screen Display
  • Customize Data Displa
  • Wireless Connection


  • Difficult to use.


  1. TomTom Rider 550 Motorcycle GPS


TomTom Rider 550 Motorcycle GPS The TomTom Rider 550 Motorcycle GPS has a high-brightness 4.3″ display that switches smoothly between portrait and landscape modes, making it easy to see the road ahead. It features a rugged, waterproof design, so you can rely on your TomTom rider motorcycle GPS when you’re out in any weather conditions.

The quad-core processor makes the TomTom’s navigation software run commands simultaneously, doubling your overall processing speed and increasing your GPS’s start up speed fivefold. The TomTom rider motorcycle GPS is the only motorcycle navigation device with worldwide maps built in–no need for an internet connection or to download additional maps.

Riding a motorcycle can be an exhilarating experience for some, but it also means dealing with some troublesome obstacles. In addition to dodging cars and staying away from situations that could land you in jail, you have to deal with hills and curves. And the higher the hill the more difficult it is to navigate at a speed that is safe for your bike and you.

The TomTom Rider 550 Motorcycle GPS is a GPS device that will help bridge that tricky gap between safety and fun on your next ride. With routs designed for riders who want hills and thrills, this GPS tracks your path of travel to make sure you don’t miss any turns.

You’ll never again have to worry about not making it up a challenging hill or getting lost on an unfamiliar street because this GPS points out all of the turns before they come, as well as the slopes of hills ahead of time so you can adjust your speed accordingly.

The TomTom Rider 550 Motorcycle GPS is a motorcycle-ready GPS that has all the features you need to take your ride out in style. With a quad-core processor and a high brightness, sunlight-readable 4.3″ touchscreen, you can easily see more of the road ahead while navigating with maps that have more hills and more thrills.

GPS is designed with an intuitive interface and easy-to-use features that will help you plan out your route ahead of time. With the ability to customize it to your specific needs, this motorcycle GPS is perfect for those who want more thrills and excitement on their next ride.


  • Weatherproof build.
  • Quad-core processor
  • Smart screen.
  • Mounting system


  • None.

Things You Should Consider

A GPS cycle computer with maps is a great tool for any cyclist looking to improve their performance. This device will track your speed, distance, time, and even your heart rate. It can also show you where you are on a map so you know how far you have traveled.

The best GPS cycle computers have features that go beyond basic tracking. Here are some things to look for when shopping for one.


We all know how important knowing where you are is in cycling. This should be as simple as finding your home address or a destination on a map. A GPS cycle computer with maps will allow you to download them directly onto your device. GPS cycling computers will also send you text messages, e-mails, or Facebook notifications, depending on which manufacturer you use.

Remote Maps and Navigation

If you need directions to where you are going, then you want a computer with maps. These maps can come directly on the device or be purchased online for download. GPS cycling computers often offer a remote map feature so you can view it while you are riding.

Heart rate monitor

Heart rate monitoring is an important feature on a GPS cycle computer because it will help to make sure you are training in the right areas to reach your fitness goals. Some have the option to set target zones that you can work to meet in order to avoid resting too long in one place.

Having a heart rate monitor helps you know when to push the pace and when to slow down to avoid fatigue. You can use it to monitor your recovery, too, so you can know when it is time to get back out on the road.

Battery Life

As technology continues to improve, the life of a GPS cycle computer has increased dramatically. Some now last for several weeks. A few devices even have an optional extra battery you can swap in when you know you will need it for a longer period of time.

Larger screens and more features

It is important that your GPS cycle computer has a large enough screen to view important information. The screen must also be easy to read. For instance, if you are using it in a race, it is nice to know that your heart rate is in the acceptable zone, rather than staring at the display thinking you have gone too high.

Look for a computer that comes with free maps that you can download. Most GPS cycle computers can automatically show you your route on a map, even if you don’t purchase it. That will make it easy to keep track of where you have been.

No built-in GPS

If you are still riding with an integrated GPS system, you can usually buy a new computer without the built-in GPS. An integrated GPS may not be the best choice if you want to travel long distances.

A little extra money

You might be wondering, “Should I spend more money to get the best GPS cycle computer?” The answer to that question is a definite yes. Most GPS cycle computers come with maps and elevation, and you can look at course maps online.

If you need that information real-time, you will be hard pressed to find a better, cheaper alternative. Should you spend a little extra money? If you’re willing to spend a little extra money, you should definitely go for the best cycling computer. However, if you are not a person that spends a lot of money on cycling gadgets, you might be able to find a quality product for a reasonable price.

All things considered, you’re going to want a good cycle computer and that doesn’t come cheap. The right cycling computer Most cycling computers are easy to set up.

Customizable data fields

Many GPS cycle computers come with a limited amount of data fields. It might be only a few select calories burned or heart rate data. It may be a limited ride data field and it may be a limited course map data field.

This is where a cycling computer that comes with a large customizability software package can really separate itself. One of the big drawbacks to GPS cycle computers with fewer data fields is that you will lose some important data.

For instance, if you forget to record calories burned at a particular time, the cycle computer will not have any information for that ride. A good cycling computer will allow you to make a few changes and have a new ride appear in the activity summary, route map, or clock.


There are multiple companies making GPS cycle computers. Some GPS cycle computers have navigation, some have maps, some have both navigation and maps. There are devices that have data stored on them that is not transferable to a computer. But the very best GPS cycle computers will have both maps and navigation.


The best GPS cycle computers are the smallest devices that they can be. You will see GPS cycle computers that are the size of an accessory that is usually worn on your handlebars. Some GPS cycles are as small as a pocket watch. Make sure you are comfortable carrying a small GPS cycle computer in your pocket.


The first thing you will look at is the speedometer. Some GPS cycle computers have a speedometer. A speedometer shows you your speed.


Cyclists are always looking for ways to improve their performance. One of the most important pieces of equipment many cyclists invest in is a bike computer with GPS. Bike computers with GPS offer cyclists the ability to track their speed, distance, altitude, and progress on routes, among other things.

They’re also helpful for understanding their cycling habits and improving their performance over time. Here, are some FAQs about bike computer with GPS that should answer any questions you may have.

What are the benefits of a bike computer with GPS

A bike computer with GPS allows cyclists to better understand their own cycling habits and improve their performance. The GPS features in many bike computers with GPS can be used to record speed, distance, and elevation, among other metrics.

These statistics can be helpful to cyclists as they compare their performance to others and attempt to improve. Some bike computers with GPS are also able to send data to apps like Strava, which can help athletes compete against others in a healthy way.

As an added benefit, some bike computers with GPS also include a heart rate monitor. This feature can also be helpful to cyclists in understanding their health, and it can help them track their heart rate during exercise.

How do bike computers with GPS work?

The first question most people have about bike computers with GPS is, “How do they work?” The short answer is, “They count your miles.” A lot of people mistakenly believe that bike computers with GPS track the speed of your bicycle, but this is far from the case.

As a cyclist, you don’t have to pedal the entire time you’re riding. As the bike computer shows you in the majority of the images, you can simply coast, as long as you don’t stop pedaling. The most important part of the bike computer is the “speed sensor” that measures the distance traveled.

The data from your speed sensor is translated into distance traveled by a GPS that tracks the route you’re on and the speed you’re traveling.

Which bike computer with GPS should I choose?

Cycle computers come in all shapes and sizes, but one of the main features cyclists look for is GPS. As GPS features become more available, cyclists are able to use them for a number of different functions, including:

– Tracking distances. GPS trackers make it possible for cyclists to see the exact length of their commute or their everyday run and see how fast they’re going, too.

– Tracking routes. GPS can also be used to determine the distance, time, and route of a route. This allows cyclists to calculate exactly how much time they spent riding their bike versus how long they spent walking, driving, and everything else they did.

– Saving and retrieving data. Cycling computer with GPS can save your data on a digital display and load it onto a computer or smartphone for later review.

Does a bike computer with GPS need to be connected to a phone or other device?

No. A bike computer with GPS can be used without a cell phone or other device. The device simply plugs into the bike’s interface and has a data connector that connects to a phone or other device. Typically, a smartphone is the device of choice.

How much does a bike computer with GPS cost?

A lot of people don’t think of this as an expensive piece of technology, but we are talking about a $70 piece of hardware here. They are not cheap, but they also are not wildly expensive. As with other products for cyclists, the more technology you use, the better your performance, the better the experience, and the higher the probability that you will buy another item from us.

What can you track on a bike computer with GPS?

Many bike computers with GPS track elevation, speed, distance, speed-related data, and more. It’s up to you how much you want to track on the bike computer with GPS you choose to buy. You can choose to customize your bike computer with GPS by adding more GPS-related data to the bike computer itself or by getting a second-hand bike computer with GPS and then entering the information on a separate spreadsheet.

Alternatively, you could decide to focus on just a few different metrics, like distance, speed, elevation, and heart rate, on a computer with GPS. Do all bikes with a GPS have the same features? There are a number of different types of GPS systems on the market, but there’s typically one type that’s common to most bikes.

How do cycling computers calculate calories burned?

While some cyclists use a cycling computer to display information on road, mountain, or training, most also use it to calculate calories burned. In short, a cycling computer measures your speed (via the chip in the computer), and then calculates the total distance you covered based on how fast you rode that distance.

You can see the calories you burned by opening a certain application on the cycling computer. This application offers a menu of functions, including calorie estimates. The most popular application on many computer is called Strava, which allows riders to track their heart rate and distance traveled. How do cycling computers with GPS measure speed?


Cycling computers with GPS are an invaluable tool for any cyclist, and the performance and data they collect can have a major impact on your cycling results. For more info, see a section on what to consider when purchasing a cycling computer.

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