The 10 Best Bike Mirrors of 2022

Cycling is a fantastically eco-friendly way to travel while getting exercise and fresh air. However, when you’re out riding on busy roads, it’s not wise to gamble that others will see you. So don’t leave your safety up to chance and ensure that you have excellent visibility of all the traffic around you with a bike mirror.

Bike mirrors are vital in keeping tabs on any moving vehicles behind you is possible with minimal head movement or eye strain on your part thanks to the wide field of vision it provides.  This valuable accessory improves your safety in city streets, highways, and mountain trails.

The safe zone of a bicycle rear view mirror is large enough to uncover any blind spots and sturdy enough for a daily smooth riding experience at all times. We have reviewed five best bike mirrors to know details about them.

Best Bike Mirrors

Bike Peddler Take A Look More Info
SmartView 300 More Info
Mirrycle MTB Bar End More Info
Selle Italia Eyelink More Info
Hafny NEW Handlebar Bike Mirror More Info


Best Bike Mirror Reviews

1. Bike Peddler Take A Look


You can attach it to your eyeglasses and rotate it using the multiple pivot points easily while cycling. The durable stainless steel and brass frame were built for regular use and will not rust or lose their sturdiness with time. It is frameless and as a great alternative to traditional handlebar mirrors.

The Bike Peddler Take a Look has three pivot points for total adjustment. It offers a fully adjustable, lightweight rear view mirror can be fitted to either eyeglasses or a helmet visor.

The mirror face is adjusted by rotating at a 90 degree angle from the wire and turns for an app for the fine angle, adjustments. It as a full field of vision, it can be attached to either your eyeglasses or helmet visor.

Also it has a frameless acrylic mirror that provides full uninterrupted field of view and three point attachment system adjust for its secure fit without vibration. Besides it’s an ideal tool to keep an eye on traffic approaching from behind and the frameless acrylic mirror provides a full uninterrupted field of vision.


  • Durable stainless steel and brass sprain.
  • Can be easily adjusted using three pivot points.
  • It is lightweight with rotatable prong.
  • Frameless.


  • Image can appear distorted.


2. SmartView 300


The SmartView 300 is a durable mirror, which gives you a broad angle view so you can change lanes, turn and stop with greater peace of mind. The design is ideal for city, cyclists and mounts easily to most handlebars.

It offers a hook and loop strap that provides easy on off attachment. The rear reflective tape increases rider visibility and it’s shatter resistant. Also it has an extra full slightly comebacks mirror for a bright, accurate view of traffic.

The mirror comes in a black finish that matches most bicycles and includes a reflective tape that increases your visibility for added safety.

This bike mirror offers you the best of both worlds in terms of durability and features. The frame on this model is made of an environmentally friendly combo of nylon and fiber with an aluminum clamp that prevents scratches on the handle bars.


  • Blast resistant with a 360 degrees adjustment angle.
  • Eco-friendly nylon frame with 180 degrees rotation ball.
  • It is suitable for flat bars with diameter size 21 millimeters to 26 millimeters.
  • Durable and not easily scratched.


  • Hard to install.


3. Mirrycle MTB Bar End


The Mirrycle cycle MTB bar end mountain minutes with the wrench that is included. This mirror is a three inch round convex glass mirror with a full field of view. The mirror is adjustable to any viewing angle. It fits inside handlebars with 13.75 to 22.5 inside diameters.

Also, it is designed to provide mountain bike style handlebars and the three inch round mirror mounts on your handlebars bar end in minutes with the included wrench. Besides it’s convex glass and pivoting design, the mirror offers a full field of view to any viewing angle of the road behind you so you can remain focused on the way ahead.

The blue lens mirror is originally used in cars and reduces glare by 60%. This feature alone can come in handy during summer when the sun becomes a nuisance, especially when going on long rides during the day.

The convex surface also gives you a wider field of view while cycling the flexible rotation ball connected to the mirror allows you to control the angle and position of the lens. This means you can position it under our parallel to the handle bars.


  • Sturdy.
  • Stainless mirror.
  • It is lightweight. and compact.
  • Easy to adjust.


  • None.


4. Selle Italia Eyelink


The Selle Italia Eyelink can be installed easily with Velcros and as suitable for use on all Shimano S road bike, STI levers. It does nylon body that can be adapted to the lever structure by tightening the Velcro. The hinge can be adjusted horizontally depending on the desired angle and the mirror can be rotated through 360 degrees. Also the gripping surface is comfortable to grip and has anti-slip properties.

It features a unique curvature radius, which provides a broad and clear viewing angle. Besides, the most advanced cycling mirror designed for safety with a wide viewing angle and safety reflector. It was also designed with bumpy roads in mind and can be easily stored and transported when not in use.

This accessory can be mounted in minutes and features around three inch lens with a durable black arm. You can easily adjust the mirror to better suit your writing needs. This is an ideal feature for people who prefer placing the mirror below the handle bars.  The large mirror surface rewards you with a better rearward view while speeding down your favorite bike lane.

The mirror can also be rotated at a 360 degree angle giving you full control over its position. Plus you can easily attach it to any kind of bike, be it a mountain city or road bike in just a few easy steps.


  • Durable.
  • Offers a generous field of view.
  • It is lightweight.
  • Easy to install.


  • None.


5. Hafny NEW Handlebar Bike Mirror


It uses stainless steel lenses. The rider can look at the view from behind clearly, and even if you crash it, it will not break. Also, the frame is made by high impact nylon plus fiber, which is durable and decreases the mere shake by the bike.

The open system of the clamp causes the mirror assembly to your lovely motorcycle easily. The base has been made from an eco-friendly high-impact nylon fiber that can withstand everyday knocks and bumps. It is designed to be fitted to a road handlebar clamp diameter range from 16 to 21 millimeters.

This is great accessory that allows you to keep an eye on the road behind you, especially when cycling down busy streets with intersections. It is easy to install and as designed by a company with 20 years of experience in designing and building bicycle repair tools.

It is eco-friendly for riders who want to reduce their carbon footprint and spend their money on durable non-plastic bite accessories. Stainless steel mirrors are recyclable and their lens is unbreakable. These two qualities are accompanied by a high impact frame that can be folded whenever the bike is not in use.


  • Recyclable stainless steel mirror.
  • Built for drop bars and flat handle bars.
  • The frame can be easily folded.
  • Adjustable.


  • Arms can block back view.

Things You Should Consider

Bike mirrors are a must-have for any cyclist. A mirror will let you see what is happening behind you, which can help prevent accidents, and help you stay safe on the road. Bike mirrors are not just about safety; they also make cycling more enjoyable by giving you a better view of the world around you.

Here are some things to know before purchasing a bike mirror to help make your buying decision easier!


Buying a bike mirror is a huge step for any rider as it will make them more visible and more safe. Make sure you choose a quality bike mirror which meets the ISO crash test requirements so it can stand up to crashes.

The best bike mirrors come with high-quality, removable and washable lenses, so the bike you want to buy can last you for years. Maintenance It is important to know that mirrors need regular maintenance to work properly.

Before buying, make sure you find out whether the mirror can be cleaned easily or not, so you do not need to invest in replacement parts when the lenses get scratched or dirty. Invest in a mirror with anti-fog coating so you are sure of full visibility. A good bike mirror can accommodate up to 16 people.

Field of View

Before you buy a bike mirror, you need to know how much of the road ahead you will be able to see. There are lots of different types of mirrors, but the most popular type is the twin-glass twin-swing mirror, which has a full field of view.

By rotating the mirror into its swing position, you will get a full view of the road directly in front of you. Twin-glass mirrors will not protect you from car mirrors, but they will let you know what is happening behind you so you don’t have to constantly look behind you to see what’s happening.

The mirror will add weight to your bike. However, most mirrors are made from durable plastics and cost less than $10 per side, so they are a great purchase.


Choosing a bike mirror with a good quality frame is essential for you to get a long life out of it. If the bike mirror is made of plastic, the performance will eventually degrade due to the damage it may sustain. However, the frames of high-quality mirrors are made of aluminium, which is more durable than plastic, and also has a higher tensile strength.

Moreover, they are also lightweight and flexible. Harmful components If you buy a bike mirror that contains brass and titanium alloys, it can be extremely harmful for your skin. Therefore, it is better to choose a bicycle mirror with plastic frames. Size Having a bike mirror that is too large may cover your entire handlebar.


It is important to pick out a mirror that fits your bike well. Mirror dimensions differ according to the size of your bike. The best mirror for your bike will be one that is compatible with your bike. Mirrors for adult-sized bikes should measure 60 centimeters by 60 centimeters, while mirrors for children’s bikes are longer.

You will want a mirror that will be large enough to fit both your and your bike’s head. The best time to buy a bike mirror is during the spring and summer time, when road cycling season is at its peak. Some people prefer using carbon fiber mirror covers instead of the standard wirecover.

These covers are much more durable than the regular wire covers. However, they are quite expensive and won’t come cheap.


Whether you are using a standard mirror or an optional attachment, the installation process is similar. Usually, the installation takes a few minutes, and is pretty simple. It takes a bit of practice to do it right, but once you are an expert, you will be happy you did. If your frame is damaged or not designed to mount a bike mirror to, you can always buy a replacement from us.

However, in the event you are looking to replace a mirror on a damaged frame, we recommend you get professional help. The use of a bike mirror On a regular day, you will only use the mirror if you ride in a group of friends or you plan to start a club. If your ride is on a busy road, and you don’t want to get run over by a car, a bike mirror could be a very useful investment.


Bike handlebar height has a huge impact on the comfort of the rider. It’s important to consider your body position, as you need to find a balance between your comfort level and the comfort of the rest of the people around you. It’s also important to pick the right handlebar height that will enable you to move with ease.

Different studies have shown that the best position for a cyclist’s handlebar is an optimum 28 inches from the ground. But if you’re unsure about what handlebar height suits your needs, there are ways of finding the most suitable bike handlebar for you.


The bike mirror is an important and often-overlooked safety feature that can protect you from getting hit by a car. But, while most people know they should use a bike mirror, they may not know how to choose the best one for their needs.

Here, are some helpful questions and answers about bike mirrors to help you make the right decision when it comes time to buy one.

What’s the difference between bike mirrors and bike lights?

Both reflect the headlights of oncoming cars and make your bike more visible to drivers. However, because bike lights are designed to be bright and visible from far away, they also create a glare that is distracting to drivers.

The bike mirror, on the other hand, is only meant to be used when you are stopped at an intersection or facing the direction of travel, since it provides a point of reference for other cars. The main difference between a bike mirror and bike light is how the reflective properties work.

A bike light uses LEDs to flash bright, flashing dots of light, while a mirror uses mirrors to reflect the light of the oncoming headlights back onto the cyclist.

Why should I use a mirror?

A mirror can be an invaluable part of the safety system of your bike, but you have to use it in a smart way. The most important thing is to use it correctly. If you use your mirror improperly, it won’t help at all and could even make the situation worse.

A mirror is most useful when you have to brake suddenly and an approaching vehicle appears in your rearview mirror. The driver of that car may not be able to see you, and they may think you have something to hide or are moving too slowly.

A good rule of thumb is that if you need to slow down more than you can while riding, or if you need to make a sudden movement while on the bike, you should use your mirror. If you’re going fast enough to hit a certain speed and make yourself visible, a mirror isn’t going to give you much benefit.

How do bike mirrors work?

The way a bike mirror works is fairly simple. It is mounted inside a part of the front bike frame, and it is meant to come in contact with the driver’s windshield. If the mirror is not positioned properly, however, you can easily get a look into your bike.

How do I use a bike mirror?

Just because you have a bike mirror doesn’t mean you can use it. You’ll still have to watch your surroundings and be attentive to your speed when on a bike, so you should avoid just relying on mirrors. Instead, you can use a bike bell or a rearview mirror to keep a watchful eye out.

As with any other bike accessory, you’ll need to make sure the mirror is in good condition. For example, it shouldn’t have loose fasteners or rust spots.

Are there any risks or disadvantages to using a bike mirror?

No matter how you’re using it, a bike mirror can be somewhat dangerous. First, they present an opportunity for vehicles to collide with the bike and rider. Of course, most accidents are minor and don’t result in major injuries, so it’s unlikely that a simple item like a mirror will cause serious harm if it does happen. I

n fact, more people have been injured while using a bicycle helmet than using a bike mirror. But it’s a good idea to be cautious when you’re riding with the mirror on. Second, you can run into problems if you have an accident while using the mirror.

If you’re driving, for example, you may not see the bike, and the mirror can become an obstacle for the cyclist. If a collision does happen, it can be hard to see if the bike is still moving or if the rider is injured.

Do I need to wear glasses with my mirror?

Your sunglasses or prescription lenses don’t usually work very well with bicycle mirrors. Most sunglasses provide little to no magnification at all, so when you ride at a high rate of speed and glance down to read your smartphone, you’re putting your life and your bike in danger.

That’s because your eyes won’t be focused in the direction of travel. If you have poor vision or you need to wear prescription sunglasses, you can use a second mirror for reading other things or even to see your hand signals.

Is my bike safe without a mirror?

It is very difficult to avoid being hit by a car with only the rearview mirror to keep an eye on you. A rearview mirror is a simple system, meaning the mirror is designed to give you a view of the road behind you.

Some people have an issue viewing their side view in the mirror, does this happen to everyone who wears glasses?

What are some good models of bike mirrors? What features should I look for when choosing a bike mirror? When choosing a bike mirror, consider the following features: Side mirror: Depending on your riding situation, a side mirror may be the best option, particularly for mountain biking or riding in tricky terrain.

Make sure that a side mirror will let you view all four directions (up, down, left, and right) from a non-constant angle. Side mirrors that have markings on them are better for low-level visibility (and sometimes provide a dimmer effect) than reflectors that aren’t as bright


As you can see, bike mirrors come in a range of styles and sizes, depending on the rider’s needs. While some mirrors are used for overtaking and others are used to assist in parking, all should make it easier for you to see what’s happening around you when riding.

And it’s important that you choose a mirror that is safe to use, because your safety is just as important as your visibility, in case you’re riding with children or other passengers.

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