The 5 Best Bike Lock to Prevent Theft 2022

Bike theft is a serious problem. In the United States, around one-third of all bikes are stolen each year. Sometimes, thieves can even take your bike without you noticing it. This buyer’s guide will walk you through everything you need to know about bike locks and how to choose the right one for you.

We’ll cover things like protection levels, lock types, and features that make locks more secure. You’ll also learn how to recognize different security markings on bike locks and what they mean in terms of effectiveness against theft. Plus, we’ll give you some tips on how to avoid bike thieves in the first place!

While, no lock can completely prevent, determine thieves with the right tools, the best locks can make it not worth the considerable effort. There are many different styles of bike locks available, so choose the lock that’s both secure enough to protect your bike and comfortable enough do use daily.

The following are some of the best bike lock that have been tested and highly recommended by cyclists around the word with great reviews and some of the highest ratings online. So if you are looking for one, then one of these five bike locks would just be what you need.

Best Bike Locks

Kryptonite KryptoLoc 12.7 Bike Lock. More Info
KryptoLok 995 Chain More Info
Kryptonite New York Noose 1275. More Info
Foldylock Compact Bike Lock More Info
ABUS Bordo Granit XPlus 6500 More Info

Best Bike Lock Reviews

1. Kryptonite KryptoLoc 12.7 Bike Lock.

It offers a 12.7 millimeter performance steel shackle with new hardened double deadbolts to engage both ends increasing holding power. Also, it includes two stainless steel keys with ergonomic design to reduce the amount of torque and keep them from bending or breaking.

With the new pass through crossbar design, this lock includes enhanced anti-rotation features providing advanced protection against twist and single cut style attacks. This lock is comprised of a high security disc style cylinder that is pick and drill resistant.

You can register your product online to activate the optional anti theft protection and register your keys online. Kryptonite will ship you two keys globally. In the event you lose them.

The shackle, case and supporting elements of the lock mechanism are all made of special temper hardened steel that provides the highest protection against picking. Plus two keys are supplied with the lock one with LED light and the automatic key hole cover protects it against dirt and corrosion.

Regarding the weight, this bike lock is lighter than most models making it seamless to take it with you wherever you are riding. It is also relatively small and securing your bike anywhere will be a walk in the park.


  • Offers maximum security
  • It is lightweight.
  • Hard to break.
  • Suitable for commuters.


  • None.


2. KryptoLok 995 Chain.


This bike lock has a patent pending end N-design that secures chain to harden to deadbolt eliminating critical vulnerability. Its seasoned deadbolt design provides additional protection and the high security disc style cylinder is pick and drill resistant.

While larger than a U-lock of comparable security, this one is still light and short enough to easily carry wrapped around your seat post. With nine millimeter links, it’s not the most secure bike lock, but it is rated sold, secure gold, and it offers far more protection than any cable lock.

So if you’re looking for something easy to carry and prefer the extra locking options of a chain lock, as long as your circumstances, aren’t high risk, this is a cheap and reliable option.

One unique feature of this chain is that you carrying it around while riding to make it easier while securing your bike anywhere you go. This is because you can simply wear them around your waist just a like best. And it is not ugly either, so you will be good to go.


  • It has high security
  • It is easy to carry around.
  • It is sturdy.
  • Comes with a mounting bracket.


  • The bracket is flimsy.


3. Kryptonite New York Noose 1275.


It comes with 12 millimeter, six sided chain links made of 3T hardened manganese steel for maximum strength and has essential loop for effective lockups using less chain. Also it includes evolution series four disc lock with 14 millimeter max performance steel shackle.

Its hardened double deadbolt design gives additional protection against twist attacks and the hardened oval crossbar design is stronger than a typical round tube. On the other hand, it has a sliding dust cover that protects and extends cylinder life.

This bike lock features patented 13 millimeter temper, hardened steel square parabolic shackle, and a double bolting shackle/lock body. The patented a bus power cell technology offers the highest protection against hitting and pulling attacks while the X plus key cylinder offers extremely high protection from picking.

When it comes to elegance, this bike lock has it all. You can safely wear it on your waist and it will blend with your outfit contributing to your elegance while making it easier to transport from one point to the next. This golden New York Noose is made of Boaflexicore, a tough material that can deter any thief from trying to steal your bike.


  • It offers maximum security
  • It is not heavy
  • It is compact.
  • It is Affordable.


  • None.


4. Foldylock Compact Bike Lock.


This bike lock is one of the lightest bike locks that still offers a reasonable level of protection. It is 85 centimeters long, which means it has around the same internal locking space as a standard sized U-lock.

The rivets used in this lock have been designed with VSR technology to stand against sign and cutting for added protection. You can secure your bike to a post or bike stand safe in the knowledge it is locked well. Its cylinder and other components incorporated in this compact bike lock design are drill resistant to prevent thieves from stealing your bike.

It has beautiful compact design and it is small enough to carry it around. So if you are looking for a portable folding bike lock, then this is among the best ones. It also comes equipped with three sidewinder keys that can never be replicated by thieves.

With its stylish design, safety ratings and also unique bike lock, the Foldylock secured Sold Secure Silver rating. It has everything you would need in a bike lock. Actually, to date, there is not reported incidents of thieves even trying to manipulate this bike lock. It is the best of its kind and it is highly recommended.


  • It comes with Sidewinder keys.
  • Compact.
  • it is lightweight.
  • No noise.


  • Can dent the bike.


5. ABUS Bordo Granit XPlus 6500.


This bike lock is the ideal combination of resistibility, weight and compact size. It offers maximum strength for maximum security and is capable of withstanding even the most determined of attacks.

It comes with 5.5 millimeter bars that are manufactured from specially hardened steel and connected with special rivets, which offer protection against even the most determined of attacks. The ABUS link protection shield on the lock ensures that these rivets are not only flexible, but also extremely resistant to attacks involving sighing.

This lock is 85 centimeters long, which should give you loads of places to lock your bike. And at 3.48 pounds, it’s heavy, but not too heavy for daily use. So if you’re looking for a very high security bike lock that doesn’t weigh a ton, but still gives you plenty of places to lock your bike up.

Perhaps one of the best feature of this bike lock is the alarm mechanism. If someone tries to touch your bike while it is locked using this bike lock, the alarm would go off, deterring the thief. And touching it slightly will trigger the pre-alarm, just a small sound. In case a thief assumes the first sound and tries to break into it, then the full alarm will go off alerting many people.


  • It has a wider locking area.
  • Equipped with an alarm
  • It is lightweight.
  • Hard


  • Can rattle.


Thing You Should Consider

The best bicycle lock can be the difference between keeping your bike safe and having it stolen. Whether you’re looking for a lightweight, portable lock or a heavy-duty cable lock, this buyer’s guide will help you get the right product. You may have heard this before: “you can never be too safe.”

We believe that to be true for your bike as well! After all, your bike is one of your most valuable possessions. So if buying the best bike lock isn’t enough to keep it safe, what is? Here are some best practices that will help keep your bike from being stolen.


Obviously the bigger your bike, the more likely it is to be stolen. Large wheeled bikes are ideal targets for thieves. This is why we advocate for using a lock with a thick cable. A bike lock that is as strong and effective as it is light can be your best ally.

The fewer parts you have to carry, the more likely you are to ride safely and securely. Chrome If you don’t want your lock to get stolen, pick something with chrome. Generally people keep their bike lock in plain sight, so a lock that looks like a regular part of your bike can be more difficult to steal.

Chrome looks both stronger and shinier than a standard bike lock. Plus, it’s important to keep your lock looking new.


When you’re shopping for a bike lock, compare the prices of similar products. You can also take the time to study the strengths and weaknesses of different products and their associated brands. The best bicycle lock with the lowest price and a warranty is going to be the most likely to stay secure.

You’re going to be carrying your bike around for a very long time, and therefore you need a lock that will do the best job. You can check out the weight of your lock by looking at the manufacturer’s website.


Bike security, especially when used correctly, can reduce the risk of theft. It’s critical to make sure that you purchase a lock that has a reliable and secure lock setup. This will give you enough protection to be sure that if your lock is cut, the thief can’t easily steal your bike.

This is a really difficult quality to find in a lock, so you can trust that we researched and chose to recommend only the best bike locks.

We’re also going to walk you through a few of the best locks in the market. There are a lot of options out there, so this guide isn’t meant to be a comprehensive list. Instead, we’re just focusing on the best options for the average, everyday person.

Anti-theft guarantee

No good bike lock is truly safe unless you have a great anti-theft guarantee, which is a guarantee that the lock you bought will prevent the bike from being stolen and be reasonably effective if it does get stolen. You should always read the fine print on any anti-theft warranty, because the wording can differ by manufacturer and what “reasonably effective” means.

For example, some locks have no limitation on how long the guarantee is valid, so long as the lock itself is of adequate quality. However, these locks can often be tampered with or picked. The best anti-theft warranties are for at least 1 year, or when it’s within a reasonable distance of being able to replace the lock with a new one, or have it replaced with a different lock.

Form factor

You’ll want to consider the size of the bike lock that will fit comfortably on your bike. The same laws of physics apply here as with cars. The smaller the bike, the more space you need to secure it. Weight Since a bike lock is a potential barrier to getting the bike out of the ground if someone throws it off or chases you, you want a lock that will be able to deter theft.

Your lock must be able to survive the wear and tear of regular use. In other words, it should be tough enough to withstand hits and knock-downs. Portability If you’re a commuter, you’ll need a lock that is easy to carry and be able to fit easily inside your backpack or other bags.


In order to prevent theft, the most important thing is to make sure that the bike lock you choose is in good condition and the bike is secure. Ideally, you want to choose a lock that is ideally simple to use and well-designed to fit your bike.

The best bike lock has a highly-engineered design that fits your bike perfectly. You should also look for a lock that is certified for any vehicle – including bicycles. A bike lock that does not meet the standards set out by ABLE (which stands for The Alliance for Bicyclists in Oregon) can be sold to anyone without a proper safety inspection.

The Rules for Belonging If the lock does not work with the bike you are trying to secure, you’ll want to replace it, which means spending a good amount of money to replace your lock.


A bike lock is used to secure a bicycle to an immovable object. It is common for people to use a bike lock to protect their bike from theft. A bike thief will usually keep the stolen bike hidden in order to avoid being caught. This is why it’s important for you to have a reliable bike lock that can’t be cut through. Here, are some of the most frequently asked questions about bicycle locks and how they work.

1. How do bike locks work?

A bike lock is a device that can be used to secure a bike to an immovable object. If a bike thief tries to remove a bike lock by removing the bike or a bike frame, they may fail since it’s impossible for a bike thief to remove the bike without breaking it.

If the bike is locked to an immovable object, the bike thief will have a hard time taking it away, especially if they know that there is a bike lock on it.

2. Which kind of locks work best for bicycles?

A bike lock can be categorized as either partial or full cut-proof. Partial cut proof locks are generally the cheaper option because they only prevent the thieves from removing the bike. It also doesn’t provide complete security. The bike thief can still remove the bicycle frame and wheels.

3. What kind of lock should I buy?

Bike locks are available in a number of different forms, including allen keys and U-shaped tumblers. Each type of lock has its pros and cons, and it’s crucial to understand the differences between them. The following list outlines the differences between different lock types: —Allen key locks are attached to the bike frame by long, narrow metal pieces, usually an allen key.

The bicycle frame is protected from being knocked or jimmied open. —U-shaped tumblers are plastic devices that hold the bike frame in place.

4. If I lock my bike up to a lamppost or telephone pole, what should I use?

Locking your bike to a phone pole or lamppost will not protect you from thieves. Only have your bike locked to something that cannot be easily damaged or moved by the thief.

5. What are some common bike lock misconceptions?

One of the most common misconceptions about bicycle locks is that they have the ability to cut through them. While this is true, it is mostly applied to cheap locks. However, it’s not true for the best bike locks. The only reason this myth has been spread is because there aren’t many trustworthy bike locks on the market.

Most of the new bikes don’t come with strong security features, so people often don’t take precautions when securing their bike. Another commonly known misconception is that if you put your lock in the frame or on the wheels, it is much safer than it actually is.

Bicycle thieves prefer to lock the wheels up, so they can use the frame to carry the stolen bike and get away as fast as possible. You should always follow the recommendations to secure your bike.

6. Can you use a cable to secure your bike?

Yes. Using a cable or chain is the most commonly used bicycle lock because it can withstand the most amount of damage. A bicycle thief will often cut a bike lock to break it so that they can steal your bike. If a bike thief finds that a bike lock can’t be cut, then they will probably try to take your bike by any means. How can a bike lock prevent your bike from being stolen? A bike lock must be locked when it’s not in use. As stated above, a bike thief will most likely take your bike if it’s not secured in some way. Bike locks should always be locked when you’re not using them. In addition, if you keep your bike in a garage, you will be safe from theft. If the bicycle is not in use, it cannot be stolen. How long does it take for a bike lock to break?

7. What is the best way to store your bike when not in use?

If you plan to store your bike outside, it’s important that you leave it unlocked to prevent theft. If your bike is locked, you may not have enough time to stop a bike thief. Some people also store their bikes on the roof, which also makes it a prime location for theft.

8. What kind of lock should you use?

When choosing a bike lock, consider several factors. For instance, a bicycle lock may not be an option if you live in a well-lit neighborhood. You’ll also need to consider the type of bike you have and your purpose for using a bike lock.

If you’re going to use your bike for a recreational activity, you may want to use a soft lock. If you’re going to use your bike for commuting or racing, you may want to use a heavy-duty lock. Also, make sure the lock is compatible with your bike.


So, now you know how a bicycle lock works. There are many factors that you should consider when choosing a bike lock. It’s a good idea to make sure that the lock you choose can be broken in such a way that it doesn’t take you a lot of effort to break in. You should avoid buying a cheap bike lock, because these locks are unreliable and easy to break.


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