Are Dirt Bike Helmets Street Legal?

Are Dirt Bike Helmets Street Legal?

If you’re wondering whether dirt bike helmets street legal, the answer is yes. The type of helmet you wear depends on the kind of motorcycle you’re riding. If you’re riding a dirt bike, then it’s safe to assume that your helmet meets the requirements of highway safety and will not violate any state laws.

A helmet should always be worn while in an area where motorized vehicles are present. Dirt bike helmets street legal for riders of all ages. The most important thing to remember is that your motorcycle helmet should fit securely and comfortably so it can be ready when you need it most.

The Purpose of Dirt Bike Helmets

Dirt bike helmets are designed to protect your head from injuries and to be comfortable and provide air flow when you need it most. Your body is much heavier than your head, so you want to make sure that your helmet is made of sturdy material and sits properly on your head. A flat style with a brim is a good choice as it provides a protective rim when you’re in a crash.

A street legal dirt bike helmet with a flexible nose guard and adjustable vents is a better choice for safety. Dirt Bike Helmet Brands If you’re looking for a dirt bike helmet for your children, then a few popular brands include Bell Helmets, Fox Helmets, and XS Helmets. All three of these companies make a variety of helmets to fit all children and are relatively inexpensive.

Where Can You Ride a Dirt Bike?

Most of us dream of having a motorcycle, especially if we’re young and most importantly, interested in riding. There are some things to consider before you decide that it’s time to buy your first dirt bike and its a good idea to know the answers to these two questions: where you can ride a dirt bike and where you can’t.

Where can you ride a dirt bike? How far will it go? This is probably one of the biggest questions we get asked when we’re talking about riding a dirt bike. You may get some questions about which motorcycle engine size you can use for riding, however the real question is the range of the machine you have and how far it will take you. You have a full motorized dirt bike that can carry a passenger or cargo.

What’s the Difference Between Street Legal and Off-Road Motorcycle Helmets?

When buying your new dirt bike helmet, there are a few things to consider: Street legal: Many dirt bike helmets are street legal. The type of dirt bike helmet you buy should fit the type of motorcycle you’re riding. It’s not unusual for dirt bikes to have an open face or be seen from above. If the helmet doesn’t fit this way, it may be a street legal helmet but a dirt bike won’t be legal.

When you take a street motorcycle test and you meet the requirements for a motorcycle helmet, you are considered to be “on the road” and the helmet you are wearing does not need to meet the stringent requirements. For off-road helmets, you must meet the specific certification criteria for the location you’re riding.

Dirt Bike Helmet Laws

If you’re riding a dirt bike, this means it’s legal to ride on both public roads and private property. There is a list of 25 states in which dirt bikes are illegal, however if you get caught in a state where you’re not allowed to ride, it is quite obvious what to do.

If you’re riding on a public road, you need to stick to certain rules:

No more than 15 miles per hour

No driving over 35 mph

No driving on roads with any signs or signals

Motorcycle road racing is also legal and you’ll need to abide by the rules, but in most states you’re allowed to keep the style of dirt bike.

If you’re planning to race in the dirt track, then you have to buy a dirt bike track license that’s expensive and has to be renewed annually.


The main objective is to make sure you’re as safe as possible while enjoying your motorcycle or dirt bike adventures. If you have other questions about your helmet or motorcycle safety, you may find the answer you’re looking for here.

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