Are Bluetooth Helmets Worth It? We Analyzed the Data

Are Bluetooth Helmets Worth It?

There are many discussions about whether or not a Bluetooth helmet is worth it. Some say that they are due to the convenience of having your cell phone in your pocket while you’re riding, and some say that they can be dangerous if you get hit in the head by a bug and are wearing a helmet.

In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits and drawbacks of Bluetooth helmets and also give examples of each side of the argument.

Are Bluetooth helmets worth it?

The benefits of a Bluetooth helmet are often stated in its name. A Bluetooth helmet allows you to listen to music, read your text messages, and get turn by turn directions while you’re riding. Now you don’t have to take your eyes off the road or your hands off the bars for a text message!

We agree that having your phone within reach while you’re on a bike is beneficial and that having this information from your ears would be helpful. Although there are reports that there are risks involved, we will say that it can be difficult to determine how well you would be protected and how much that is worth.

It is unlikely that you’d be riding your bike in the dark on a dark country road, and there is no way to prevent you from getting hit in the head with a bug while you’re wearing a helmet.

The Benefits of Bluetooth Helmets

High Quality Headphones: With a Bluetooth headset, you’re going to get a much better quality of headphones than if you were to use the phone via the traditional headset cord. Some Bluetooth headphones have a range of over 100 feet and some have a range of up to a mile.

This is very important for safety reasons. There are also situations where you want to hear the phone’s communication, such as when you’re in a group, climbing a difficult climb or when you’re stopped and waiting for a friend or co-worker.

With a Bluetooth headset, you’re going to get a much better quality of headphones than if you were to use the phone via the traditional headset cord. Some Bluetooth headphones have a range of over 100 feet and some have a range of up to a mile. This is very important for safety reasons.


One reason why people may consider using a Bluetooth helmet is the ease of access. You won’t have to take off your helmet to get your phone out of your pocket or to activate your Bluetooth, as you would with other helmets. Some people also prefer the convenience of having your phone and head phone in one place and say that it’s easier to keep your head phone on.

A Bluetooth headset can be paired to a Bluetooth head phone, which will show up in your smart watch. This gives you the ability to answer your phone while you are riding, get incoming calls, and receive text messages.


First, the obvious safety benefits of Bluetooth helmets. They let you ride without having to take your phone out of your pocket. This will save you time, but you also might get distracted. In addition to having your phone in your pocket, if you wear a Bluetooth helmet you have the ability to get texts and emails, so you don’t have to get your phone out of your pocket to respond.

Most of the Bluetooth helmets on the market today offer this feature. Another safety advantage is the power to make calls when you ride. Some offer a second to second battery monitoring so that if you start to go into the red zone, your phone will send a message to your device, so that you will know. A lot of people hate this feature, but it will allow you to call for help if you need to.

The Drawbacks of Bluetooth Helmets

Before we talk about the advantages, let’s look at the disadvantages of Bluetooth helmets. Bluetooth headphones can be hit or miss, and they aren’t 100% reliable. The reason being is that a lot of Bluetooth devices can get disconnected.

With a Bluetooth helmet, there is no convenient way to simply disconnect your device, which means you have to make sure it’s turned on and your head is covered. Another drawback of Bluetooth helmets is the lack of an “out” button. This means that if your cell phone battery dies, you have to make sure your Bluetooth helmet is still on, and your Bluetooth helmet will be off until your cell phone battery is back up.

Bug hazards

This is probably the biggest concern about a Bluetooth helmet: falling insects, bugs, or other insects in your face can put you in danger. While your Bluetooth helmet does have a built-in repelling system to protect you from flying insects, that protection does not protect you from being in the way of insects as they are buzzing around you.

Bug repelling systems often work by using specialized activated carbon mesh which makes it difficult for insects to fly through the mesh. By giving you that protection, you might be better off riding without a Bluetooth helmet. Other Bluetooth systems allow you to attach the antenna to the top of your helmet and even power it off with a button, which would essentially defeat the purpose of having it on your head.

Battery life

The one great benefit that I’ve heard of is being able to make and receive calls and listen to music while you’re riding. Of course, this is all dependent on how much power your Bluetooth helmet has. The newer Bluetooth helmets typically have between six and ten hours of battery life.

Some are also able to charge their own devices when they are low on juice. Drinking and being dehydrated It is important to keep hydrated when you ride your motorcycle. The Bluetooth helmet manufacturers all state that their helmets are able to safely share your phone’s phone number.

This is a safety feature that comes in handy when you need to contact a loved one and do not have access to your phone. You can even choose how long you want the helmet to keep the phone connected for.


As an avid cyclist, I have to say that having a Bluetooth helmet is definitely worth it. I’ve been biking for a long time and haven’t been hit in the head. I’ve almost been hit by a speeding car, but I was wearing my helmet. I’ve been yelled at by angry motorists because I’m in the way, and I’ve almost gotten hit by a lawn mower, but I was wearing a helmet.

I’ve also crashed in the rain, snow, and the heat, but I was wearing a helmet. All of these things have helped me not get badly injured and have kept me from further injury. In addition to the safety benefits, the Bluetooth function allows me to communicate with my family on my rides. This is especially important when you are out riding in the wilds of the woods.

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