Are Bike Racks Universal: The Most Common Types of Bike Racks

Are Bike Racks Universal?

The bike rack is a simple yet highly effective way to store your bicycle when you’re not using it. Bikes can be stored on bike racks in a garage, outside your home, or at the office. However, bike racks are not universal. There are many different types of bike racks, and some may work better for your situation than others.

Here, are some things you need to know about bike racks before buying one.

Types of Bike Racks

Single Bike Rack

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The single bike rack is the simplest type of bike rack, consisting of a single metal bar with hooks on both ends. These are typically used by apartment dwellers or renters with a small amount of outdoor space, rather than by people with larger lots or homes.

Dual Bike Rack

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A dual bike rack consists of two bars, each with several hooks on the ends. This type of bike rack is preferred by professional bike-share programs for storing dozens or even hundreds of bicycles. Unlike single bike racks, duals can support a wider variety of bikes (up to 20 feet in length) at once.

Also, if you can walk, you can likely walk to the location where you will place your bike for storage. Three A three-bar bike rack is usually located in the center of a parking lot.

Wall Mount Rack

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A wall mount rack is an easy way to store a bicycle in the living room, in a bedroom, or anywhere else you have a wall to attach it. All you need is a bike, a bike rack, and a wall. You mount the rack to the wall and then install the chain and crank on the bikes.

These racks usually come with a wheel attachment for added traction. These racks are very portable, but they aren’t very space-efficient, so keep that in mind before you buy one. However, if you don’t have room in your garage or basement to store a bike, this option is a good one to consider. J-Shaped Wall Mount Rack, No Height Adjustment ($89.

Hitch-Mount Rack

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Hitch mount bike racks are best suited for the indoors, like at an office building or shopping center. This type of rack takes up less space and is typically very stable, but it does not have the ease of transporting bikes that a drop-in rack does. Hitch mounts are also not the most effective when it comes to transporting bikes by car.

Upright Bike Rack

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Upright bike racks are best for storing bikes in the yard, or in a parking garage. These are the most compact bike racks and can be set up and taken down quickly. Upright bike racks come in all shapes and sizes, but they are best used when you have a flat yard area to store your bikes.

Tilt Rack

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A tilt bike rack is the next best option if you have lots of space and storage space that a stand-up rack doesn’t have.

Roof Mount Rack

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This is a multi-level type of bike rack, and it attaches to your home or office roof. It provides a wide, stable, and convenient place to store your bicycle. However, the very top of the bike rack is actually a metal pipe with no contact. If a bike is attached to the roof rack at the peak, the chances of it falling are high. Also, it is a very vulnerable place to leave a bike when you’re away.

Tree Mount Rack

A tree mount bike rack is similar to a roof mount bike rack. It also provides a suitable place to store your bicycle, but this one goes higher than the roof rack. The bike itself is positioned inside the tree so it’s more secure, and the height of the bike mounts on the tree. It’s a secure place to leave your bike, especially when you’re not in your home.

With a bike tree, you attach your bike to a tree so it is safe and secure while you are away from it. Bike trees come in many shapes and sizes, and the best ones are made of real trees. Bike trees are ideal for storing small bikes, which makes them great for storing outside the house. Bike trees are generally available in two sizes: small, which is good for small bikes; and large, which is ideal for large bikes.

Rack Rail

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A rack rail is the most common type of bike rack, and it is usually attached to a brick wall. A rack rail is perfect for storing larger bicycles because it is large and sturdy enough to support a bicycle without causing the bike to tip over. The downside of racks is that they are a bit pricey and hard to move around.

Ground Mount Rack

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The ground mount bike rack is probably the most common type of bike rack you will encounter. The bike rack is usually installed on a concrete pad at the bottom of a driveway or on a curb. The pavement or concrete directly under the rack provides a level foundation that is sturdy and strong enough for the rack to stand on.

However, this type of bike rack comes at a cost: Its installation means that you will have to take your bike off your vehicle and set it on the ground every time you want to bring it inside or park it.

While a garage is an excellent option, parking your bike in a garage without a bike rack is not recommended due to the risk of it falling over. In fact, you should only store your bike on the ground while you’re using it for the most part.

Measure Your Bicycle First

Before buying a bike rack, make sure you measure your bike before you buy. Take your bike, fit it in a medium-sized screwdriver’s glove and get a good grip around the wheel. Hold the wheel as firmly as you can and with as much of a downward movement as possible.

Now that you have a good grasp of the wheel, bend your fingers. You should find that you can easily spin the wheel counterclockwise. However, if your hands start to get tired or if the wheel starts to get loose, you will need a good bike rack with a grip hand strap to hold the wheel.

Go to a Reputable Bicycle Warehouse or Rental Shop When looking for a bike rack, you want to make sure that it’s made out of metal, as this will ensure the weight is evenly distributed across the rack.

Consider the Space You Have Available for a Bike Rack

Before you buy a bike rack, determine how much space you need for your bike. If you are a short-termer who owns a bike that is only stored outside of your home for a few weeks at a time, it is best to rent a bicycle rack or borrow one from a neighbor or friend.

However, if you regularly take your bike to work, you will likely need a bike rack in your workplace. Consider the Type of Bike You Need Select a bike rack that fits your style of cycling. For instance, if you prefer to ride more frequently and speedier than other people, you may need a rack that can hold more bikes. If you have small children, you may want a rack that allows children to mount their own bikes.

What Type of Bike Do You Have?

If you only have a bicycle for short trips or commuting, then a classic bike rack is probably the best option. These types of bike racks are often simple plastic racks with bicycle-style wheels that allow you to attach and remove your bike quickly and easily.

However, some bikes require a lot of space, so those types of racks might not be a good fit for you. If your bike is short and sleek, you may find a tandem bike rack is a good choice for your garage. This style of bike rack attaches to two bikes, so you can use your other bicycle as a luggage rack. For those who have larger bikes, there are folding bike racks that you can use to store your bicycle in a tight space.


Using bike racks is a good way to store your bicycle when you’re not using it, but before you buy one, you need to know what kind of bike rack you will need and how it will fit into your setup.

If you’re looking to buy a good bike rack, it’s a good idea to have a professional install it for you. There are plenty of bike racks out there that you can buy on your own. However, it is very likely that the fit and finish will be less than high quality.

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